Top Business Analytics Courses In India [2021]

Should You Take Up Business Analytics Courses in India?  


As per a leadership-column from Forbes CMO network, “analytics is probably the most important tool a company has today to gain customer insights.” The article also emphasises on the fact that companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, and many others are heavily investing in data collection and data analysis for building a future-ready business model. 

With the development of AI and machine learning, businesses are becoming more and more data-driven. Beyond descriptive analysis, they now focus on the predictive and prescriptive analysis of data. Even in the Indian market, as data is becoming more valuable for a business, parallelly, the prospect of business analytics as a career option has also shot up. 

Currently, a career in advanced business analytics is like an early bird opportunity, which is to grow by many folds in the coming future. With the aid of top business analytics courses in India, working professionals from different backgrounds can break into the field of business analytics and achieve new growth-milestones in their careers.

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What Are The Prerequisites For Building A Career In Business Analytics?

Career choices are driven by an individual’s technical knowledge, aptitude, and personal skills. Is business analytics the right career choice for me? Will I enjoy working with data? Will I be able to adapt to the fast-changing dynamics of data science? These are the common dilemmas of professionals who are sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether to take up business analytics as a career option or not. Introspection is good and necessary!

Suppose you are also planning to join business analytics courses to enhance your professional skills and learnings for a better career prospect. In that case, it might be the case that before going ahead, you are willing to know if your candidature will fit the role of a business analyst. 

1. Technical Knowledge

The technical knowledge and training required to handle the job responsibilities of a business analyst can be garnered from a relevant online course or program. The wireframe of such courses will be discussed later in this article.

2. Experience 

For a business analyst, in general, there are comparatively fewer job opportunities at entry-level, as the job responsibilities majorly comply with analytics-oriented leadership roles. Thus, an experienced professional is more preferred for these job roles. However, experience need not be specific to the data science field.

Working professionals from any domain, be it IT, sales, marketing, HR, finance, operations, business development, customer care, etc. can pursue this career after learning the intricacies, techniques, and tools of data analytics. However, it is not to be perceived that only working professionals can be a business analyst. Even fresh graduates with analytical skills and attributes can prepare themselves for these job roles by enrolling in business analytics courses.

3. In-general Attributes and Aptitude 

It would be best if you also examined your aptitude before you decide to go ahead. Here is a checklist of the personal skills or attributes that makes a successful business analyst:  

• Good at logical problem solving such as probabilities and statistics

• Doesn’t mind handling unstructured problems

• Comfortable with research and data dicing

• Critical about people’s assumption

If you relate to these attributes, then you can be positive about achieving good growth in your career as a business analyst. 

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What Is The Job Responsibility Of A Business Analyst?

In the future, similar to today, a business analyst will play a crucial role in defining a business’s growth and strategic decisions. He/She will be assigned with the responsibility to conduct market analyses by examining data to identify trends and overall profitability of the business. Besides, he/she will also be responsible for developing and monitoring data quality metrics for predicting business performance or prescribing innovations or resolutions.  

Precisely, he/she is supposed to use technology, his/her analytical and communication skills to study and analyse data to draw meaningful insights regarding the following key aspects:

  • Business problems and opportunities 
  • Business requirements
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial modelling
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Pricing
  • Reporting

Top Business Analytics Courses From upGrad

upGrad is one of India’s leading online higher education companies that is offering fresh graduates and working professionals the opportunity to learn from top universities at the comfort of their own space and time. It also offers placement support and 1-on-1 monitoring from industry experts. 

Along with many other courses, upGrad is also offering top business analytics courses in India. Over upGrad online learning platform, you can go for a full-fledged detailed course like Executive MBA with specialization in Business analytics. 

The objective of these courses is to train professionals to use statistical tools to interpret data sets and effectively solve business problems. Anyone looking for an analytics-oriented leadership role, be it IT professionals, engineers, managers, sales and marketing professionals, HR, or finance professionals, now has the privilege of studying from online courses. From the comfort of their own space and at the convenience of their own time, they can easily enrol themselves in these courses to enhance their professional skills and learning. 

1. An Overview of upGrad – Executive MBA with Specialization in Business Analytics

One of the popular MBA programs of upGrad is the Executive MBA with a specialization in Business Analytics, pursued by those who are aiming for a career with analytics-oriented leadership roles. It is an AICTE approved degree from NMIMS Global Access, ranked with NAAC A+ Grade. UGC has awarded the program category 1 autonomy. The duration of the program is 18 months, and the students need to devote 15-18 hrs/week.

Executive MBA with specialization in business analytics is all about learning the application of analytics, machine learning, and Big Data Technologies for handling the core managerial responsibilities related to finance, marketing, human resources, risk and fraud, operations and supply chain, etc.

Companies prefer an MBA professional, specialized in business analytics for roles like Management Consulting, Business Consultant, Growth Manager, and other leadership roles in data-driven business activities related to Sales, HR, Marketing and Finance, Growth and Strategy, Risk and Fraud. Like other Executive MBA programs, the eligibility criteria for MBA Business analytics courses is a bachelor’s degree with 2 years of professional experience. 

Learnings From The Program: 

The program will enable you to learn the core management skills such as: 

o Business communication

o Business problem solving

o Managerial economics

o Marketing management

o Information systems

o Financial accounting

o Operations & supply chain management

o Corporate finance

o Organisational Behaviour and HRM Strategy, etc. 

Along with that, you will be trained on analytics tools such as python, tableau, excel, Mysql, etc. 

For specialized knowledge, the program offers hands-on experience on Big Data technologies, Model Selection and Machine Learning, and data analysis of Marketing, Web and Social Media, Fraud and Risk, Supply Chain and Logistics, human resources, etc. 

upGrad’s Business Analytics-Executive MBA program is designed for the holistic career growth of the aspirants. It is featured with new-age facilities like 200+ hours of live faculty interaction, one-on-one interaction with industry mentors, and a 3-month industry-driven capstone project. 

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2. An Overview of upGrad – Business Analytics Certification Programmes

Business analytics certification program from upGrad is popular among professionals who are already MBA or working as managers, engineers, marketers, salesmen, IT experts, etc. but want to enhance their skills in the field of data science to take up business analytics roles. However, the program can be pursued by any analytics aspirants, as one with a bachelor’s degree is eligible for this course. It is a comprehensive 3 months program.

This certification program primarily focuses on educating the core business analytical skills such as business problem solving, exploratory data analysis and statistics and optimisation, predictive analytics, etc.  

upGrad’s business analytics certification program has received industry recognition as it thoroughly enriches a candidate’s data analytics skills by giving them hands-on experience of real-life industry projects. 

Is it Right to Enrol for Business Analytics Courses Online?

Although enrolling in an online program is a matter of extreme convenience for working professionals, yet many are apprehensive about the quality of digital learning and training over classroom learning. Interested professionals will be delighted to know that upGrad’s online courses and programs are highly structured and it offers only certified and approved courses. Many renowned universities have collaborated with upGrad to offer their courses in an online format.  

The MBA(X)-BA by NMIMS Global Access, made available through upGrad, is at par with the best on-campus executive MBA programs. Moreover, to make learning an encouraging experience, upGrad facilitates interactive learning, and its evaluation system enables the students/working professionals to maintain the right balance between studies, office work, and life. 

Not only will upGrad allow you to continue learning without putting your work-life on hold, but it also comes with the added advantage of networking, as enrolled professionals can connect with faculty, industry experts and peers. Provisions like a one-on-one interaction with industry mentors, learning through real-world projects, personalized feedback are also made available through business analytics courses online. 

The Final Words

If you love numbers, statistics, and problem solving, then you can have a bright career as a business analyst. With this career choice, you can lend on crucial leadership roles, where you will be relied upon as a business problem solver. To be in this career, you need a comprehensive understanding of the industry, expertise in using statistical tools, knowledge of big data, and machine learning.

You can also check out IIT Delhi Program in Business Analytics. IIT Delhi is one of the top institutes in India and also one of the oldest IIT’s and is always excelled in giving highly industry-relevant courses, Now IIT Delhi has partnered with upGrad to get these top IIT Delhi courses online. They have a variety of other programs like Machine Learning, Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics etc.

You can gain expertise in all the necessary technical aspects, simply by signing in to business analytics courses online. upGrad is offering top business analytics courses in India. If you have comprehended the idea of building a career as business analytics, then check out upGrad to find the right course for your interests.

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