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Journalism and Mass Communication Salary in India in 2024 [Average to Highest]

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11th Sep, 2023
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Journalism and Mass Communication Salary in India in 2024 [Average to Highest]

Everyone is linked by a network of various modes of communication. We tend to learn about the most recent developments from across the world, even something as casual as cricket scores, via the power of the mass media and technology. If mass communication involves the distribution of current events then journalism is the gathering and broadcast of news via electronic and print media. This includes writing, editing, reporting, broadcasting, cable casting the news articles, photographing, and so on.  Journalism entails analyzing, investigating, and reporting on local and global events, trends, current affairs, and more.

Journalism and mass communication is a broad industry, and it attracts a lot of talent. This article will look at the financial aspect of this industry. You’ll find out how much you can expect to earn in this field as we’ll cover the average journalism and mass communication salary in India. 

Why Pursue a Career in the Sector of Mass Communication and Journalism?

A college degree in the course of Journalism and Mass Communication allows you to pursue a career under/with innovative, well-informed people who motivate you to succeed. The range of the sector of mass media is expanding, therefore there is seldom a shortage of career prospects. While being employed, one gets an understanding of name, celebrity, and money, as well as the opportunity to travel. Some of the perks of entering into a profession related to mass communication and journalism are as follows:

  • A rewarding profession
  • Increased networking
  • Higher social standing
  • Travel and broadening of horizons
  • Wide range of career opportunities
  • Glamour
  • Social networking
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Developing skills
  • Freelancing

Given the expanding popularity of mass communication channels, there is a constantly growing opportunity for applicants in the areas of public communication and journalism. Its reach across India is broad; if you excel in your profession, you may find employment at some of the nation’s greatest production houses, publishing houses, news networks, public relations agencies, or radio stations.

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What is the Average Journalism and Mass Communication Salary in India?

The average journalism and mass communication salary in India is INR 4.02 lakh per annum. With this qualification, you can apply for many jobs such as copywriter, journalist, editor, etc. Also, keep in mind that the figure we shared is based on the average income of all the journalism and mass communication professions in India.

Many factors affect journalism and mass communication salary in India. For example, your industry experience has a significant impact on how much you can make as a professional. Other factors that affect your journalism and mass communication salary are your skills, location, and the employer you work for. 

So, make sure to keep these factors in mind while making a career choice. 

Jobs that Offer The Best Journalism and Mass Communication Salary in India

In light of technological advancements and the proliferation of broadcasting channels such as radio stations, television sets, news channels, and social media, an intended viewership has been brought together, opening up vast possibilities and alternatives for applicants who are skilled in public writing, speaking, and reporting. A degree in the course of Mass Communications and Journalism opens several doors to individuals who desire to work in communications, radio, television, journalism, advertising, and related other fields. Both streams are quite important and offer several chances in the actual world.

Now that we have discussed the average journalism and mass communication salary, let’s discuss some of the roles that offer the highest salaries in this field:

1. Public Relations Specialist 

The average pay of a public relations specialist in India is INR 6 lakh per annum. Their income starts from INR 1.5 lakh per annum and goes up to INR 10 lakh per annum. 

What Does a Public Relations Specialist Do?

A public relations specialist (PR specialist in short) is responsible for promoting and enhancing awareness about a company or brand. They ensure that the brand image remains positive in the public eye and work with multiple media to achieve this goal. Their chosen media can include web-based outlets such as YouTube or a blog and traditional media outlets such as radio, newspapers, or TV. 

They manage spokespeople and designate the required spokesperson. They have to lead community marketing efforts and ensure that the strategies are correctly implemented. 

PR specialists work with content creators and influencers to promote their brand. That’s why they are responsible for finding the right influencers for their brand and interacting with them. They also collaborate with local media to promote their company’s events and ensure that the local audience is aware of that brand. 

2. Journalist

The average salary of a journalist in India is INR 3.86 lakh per annum. It ranges from INR 1.7 lakh per annum to INR 9.91 lakh per annum, including shared profits and bonuses. 

Freshers in this field with less than a year’s experience make INR 3 lakh per annum on average. Those with one to four years of experience in this field make INR 3.5 lakh per annum on average, while those with 10 to 19 years of experience get INR 4.8 lakh per annum. 

What Does a Journalist Do? 

A journalist researches and writes news articles and reports. These articles might belong to a newspaper, magazine, or online blog. They usually work with print, TV, and radio media channels. 

They work with news editors and reporters to generate content and are responsible for reviewing and editing the copy. Journalists have to stay on the lookout for new stories and tips constantly. They may have to meet people and conduct interviews to make the stories more relevant. This means they will have to look for people related to the story, such as witnesses and the parties involved. This role requires them to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. 

3. Reporter

The average pay of a reporter in India is INR 3.19 lakh per annum. Their salary ranges from INR 1 lakh per annum and can go up to 10 lakh per annum. 

Experience plays a vital role in this field as freshers with less than a year’s experience make around INR 3.4 lakh per annum, while those with 10 to 19 years of experience earn around INR 4 lakh per annum on average. 

Some skills that offer higher pay than average in this profession are Online Research and Writing Procedures.

What Does a Reporter Do? 

Reporters are responsible for investigating and writing stories about different events and happenings in the world. While they usually work for news organisations, they might also work with companies that create in-house stories. Reporters might also work as freelance professionals. 

Reports have to discover, research and follow up on their leads. Their daily tasks depend on the kind of media they work in. For example, a reporter in print media would spend most of their time researching and writing reports and working with editors. On the other hand, those in television media would be responsible for researching stories and filming them along with other tasks. 

4. Newspaper Editor

Newspaper editors earn an average compensation of INR 3.91 lakh per annum in India. Their pay ranges from INR 1.49 lakh per year to INR 9.79 lakh per year, depending on their experience and expertise. 

What Does a Newspaper Editor Do? 

Newspaper editors are responsible for assigning, reviewing, editing, rewriting, and laying out all copy in a newspaper apart from the advertisements. They have to work with journalists and writers to meet the newspaper’s deadlines. 

They might write stories or editorials for the newspaper to give opinions on different issues. Newspaper editors are responsible for reviewing the editorial page and the columnists’ copy to ensure they are of top-notch quality. 

The work environment of a newspaper editor depends heavily on the size of their establishment. Prominent newspapers employ multiple editors to manage the workload efficiently. On the other hand, a smaller newspaper might only have one or two newspaper editors to review and edit the submitted copies. 

5. Media Manager 

A media manager in India earns an average salary of INR 6.18 lakh per annum. Their pay ranges from INR 2.2 lakh per annum to INR 20 lakh per annum, including the shared profits and bonuses. 

Like most careers we discussed, your pay in this field depends heavily on your level of experience. A media manager with one to four years of experience earns an average salary of INR 5.86 lakh per annum, whereas those with five to nine years of experience earns INR 9 lakh per annum on average.  

What Does a Media Manager Do?

A media manager is responsible for creating a marketing message to enhance customer recognition of a particular brand. They have to oversee interactions with the media and increase the effectiveness of publicity and press functions.

They have to ensure their company’s brand is consistent and positive and gather and disseminate information to the staff and the press. Media managers have to work with the organisation’s primary departments to create and implement media activities and strategies. 

They work with social media managers to develop social media strategies to enhance the brand’s online reach and engagement. They are responsible for planning the promotion schedules and making sure that the related departments meet the deadlines. 

6. Social Media Manager

The median salary of a social media manager in India is INR 3.25 lakh per annum. Professionals in this field can expect to earn anywhere between INR 1.5 lakh per annum to INR 7 lakh per annum, depending on their experience and skills. 

Social media managers with less than a year’s experience earn around INR 2.5 lakh per annum.  On the contrary, those with one to four years of experience make an average compensation of INR 3.19 lakh per annum. 

Similarly, those with five to nine years of experience earn INR 6.96 lakh per annum on average. Professionals having more than ten years of experience earn INR 10 lakh per year. 

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

A social media manager is responsible for managing the social media presence of their organisation. They look after their organisation’s social media accounts, communicate with the customers, and manage their online reputation. 

They are responsible for generating and managing content for their organisation’s social media profiles and pages. Social media managers must have strong communication skills as they have to lead a team of media professionals for generating the required content. 

They also interact with the organisation’s customers, answer their questions, and focus on generating sales through social media engagement. 

How to Enter this Field?

Journalism is certainly one of the most lucrative and challenging industries a person can enter. There are many careers you can pursue in this field, and they all have their unique highlights. 

However, to enter this industry, you must have the necessary qualifications. Recruiters always look for skilled and qualified professionals in this sector. Thus, it is great to have both the necessary skills and certifications to show your expertise and competency. 

At upGrad, we offer the following three courses in journalism and mass communication. All of the following programs teach you in-demand skills and make you familiar with the ins and outs of the industry.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication

This is a 3-year course, and it’s perfect for students who want to earn a handsome journalism and mass communication salary in India. You will learn the fundamentals of public relations, creative advertising, reputation management, PR agency management, and much more during this program. We offer this BA course in association with Chandigarh University. 

Master of Arts in Communication & Journalism

This 2-year MA program is offered in partnership with the University of Mumbai. Some of the prominent subjects you will learn in this course are reporting and writing features, end-to-end scriptwriting, producing digital content, writing and editing original content, and researching. This course also offers a 6-month internship. 

Master of Arts – Journalism & Mass Communication

In our Master of Arts – Journalism and Mass Communication program, you will learn the fundamental and advanced concepts of this field directly from top instructors and faculty. You get over 300 hours of content and 60+ live sessions during this program. 


The media is regarded as the 4th pillar of democracy. Ideas and thoughts spread by mass media possess the capacity to influence the general population and society as a whole bringing about change. Furthermore, there is a lot of room for innovation in this subject. Due to these factors, any occupation in this industry is extremely gratifying.

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The average journalism and mass communication salary in India is quite impressive. It shows there’s a lot of demand for skilled professionals in this industry, and now is the perfect time to enter this sector. 

What are your thoughts on journalism and mass communication? Which job would you prefer in this field? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Siddhant Khanvilkar is an experienced Content Marketer with a high degree of expertise in SEO and Web Analytics. Siddhant has a Degree in Mass Media with a Specialization in Advertising.
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