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Fractal Analytics Salary in India in 2024 [Average to Highest]

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25th Oct, 2022
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Fractal Analytics Salary in India in 2024 [Average to Highest]

Fractal Analytics is an artificial intelligence company based in New York and founded in 2000 by Srikanth Velamakanni and Pranay Agrawal. It established its base in the US in 2005 and opened its office in Bengaluru in 2015. 

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They are one of the most reputed AI service providers in retail, life sciences, healthcare, packaged goods, and the financial sector. They operate in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. 

If you’re looking for a career in data science, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, pursuing a Fractal Analytics career would be the right choice for you. They offer some of the most lucrative tech careers in India, making them a sought-after employer. 

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This article will help you figure out how much is the average Fractal Analytics salary in India. You’ll discover the average salaries of various roles available in Fractal Analytics so you can make a better-informed career choice.

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Average Fractal Analytics Salary in India

Being a multinational artificial intelligence company, Fractal Analytics has an excellent reputation among professionals. The average Fractal Analytics salary in India is INR 9.62 lakh per annum. Similarly, the average bonus paid in this company is INR 96,000. 

Remember that the figure we shared above consists of multiple roles with different experiences, such as data scientist, analytics consultant, and many others. However, for a company with thousands of employees, Fractal Analytics offers handsome salaries as its overall average is higher than many other employers.

However, what if you’re a data scientist and want to know how much Fractal Analytics pays its data scientists? Or maybe you want to know how much they pay their software engineers?

In the next section, we’ll cover the average Fractal Analytics salary for different roles in India. They will give you a better idea of how much you can earn with this employer. 

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Fractal Analytics Salary for Different Roles

Following are the most prominent roles you can get in Fractal Analytics with their average salaries: 

Analytics Consultant

An analytics consultant in Fractal Analytics makes INR 10.05 lakh per annum including bonus. The pay for analytics consultants in this company starts from INR 6.15 lakh per annum and goes up to INR 20 lakh per annum. 

Experience is a crucial factor because early-career analytics consultants in this firm make around INR 8 lakh per annum, while mid-career analytics consultants earn INR 10 lakh per annum. Some of the popular skills among analytics consultants in Fractal Analytics are SQL, Data Modelling, and R programming. 

What Does an Analytics Consultant Do? 

An analytics consultant is responsible for examining systems and suggesting methodologies to improve data usage. They develop and implement analytics solutions for their company and create data mining projects. 

As an analytics consultant, you’d have to execute data auditing plans, evaluate them, and present your findings. Another primary responsibility of analytics consultants is to create reports for business users. They must be well versed in programming to go through large amounts of information and complete the analytics process. 

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Analytics consultants must interview users to find data needs and delivery mechanisms. They also design metrics and reports, document process flows and fulfil the business needs. They usually work under an analytics supervisor or administrator. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists in Fractal Analytics earn an average pay of INR 11.4 lakh per annum, including base salary and bonuses. The salary scale of data scientists in this firm starts from INR 4.5 lakh per annum and goes up to INR 20 lakh per annum. 

Skills in this field matter a lot as data scientists with Machine Learning and Python skills reported earning more than average with this firm. Also, the pay scale for data scientists in Fractal Analytics is considerably higher than many other employers such as Mu Sigma and Tata Consultancy Services. 

What Does a Data Scientist Do? 

Data scientists turn raw data into useful and valuable insights their organisation can use to grow and compete. They analyse data from various sources and use their expertise to devise solutions for different business problems. 

Data scientists design data modelling processes to create predictive models and algorithms. They must also be experts in data storytelling to be able to communicate their insights easily with a non-technical audience (such as stakeholders). They use their knowledge of machine learning, statistical analysis, and computer science to generate valuable insights. 

Business Consultant 

A business consultant’s pay in Fractal Analytics ranges from INR 4.2 lakh per annum to INR 20 lakh per annum, including bonuses. The average pay of a business consultant in this firm is INR 7.18 lakh per year.


Keep in mind that business consultants at Frantic Analytics with the Client Interaction skill earn 25% more than the average. Another skill worth having for these professionals is Data Analysis, as it offers 4% higher pay than the median. 

What Does a Business Consultant Do? 

Business consultants are responsible for coordinating with partners to find, develop, and develop solutions for business challenges. They build rapport with external vendors and balance customer requirements with technical constraints. 

A business consultant might have to handle a specific section of an organisation and optimise it according to its requirements. Due to this role’s unique nature, they are required to have strong leadership and problem-solving skills. As a business consultant, you might have to train employees and teach them how to use specific skills to help the organisation. 

This job requires a lot of experience and expertise in management. In Fractal Analytics, you would need expertise in data science and business analysis to be a skilled business consultant. 

Data Engineer

The average pay of a data engineer working at Fractal Analytics is INR 8.75 lakh per annum. With sufficient experience, you can pursue higher roles as a data engineer, such as data architect, lead data scientist, etc. 

A crucial skill you can have as a data engineer at Fractal Analytics is Python. That’s because data engineers with expertise in Python reported earning 51% more than the average. 

What Does a Data Engineer Do? 

Data engineers are tasked with developing and translating computer algorithms into prototype code. They are responsible for maintaining, organising, and identifying patterns in large data sets. Data engineers have to develop solutions to enhance access to data and the organisation’s data storage solutions. 

They must understand the requirements of their company and devise solutions accordingly. Data engineers are responsible for aggregating and analysing multiple data sets to generate actionable insights. 

They usually work in teams, so strong communication skills are a must-have for this profession. They must also be familiar with multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, and databases. 

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

The average pay of a business intelligence developer at Fractal Analytics is INR 6.2 lakh per annum. It ranges from INR 5.2 lakh per annum to INR 7.38 lakh per annum. 

In this case, the average Fractal Analytics salary is quite similar to other employers. For example, Tata Consultancy Services offers an average pay of INR 4.44 lakh per annum to BI developers,

whereas Cognizant offers 6.06 lakh per annum. 

What Does a Business Intelligence Developer Do? 

A business intelligence developer is responsible for creating BI tools and reports such as dimensional analyses and physical data models. They work with databases and related software to help their business utilise data. 

Business intelligence developers create technical documents to document database concepts, contents, and mapping between them. They develop and optimise their organisation’s IT solutions. 

They work with both kinds of databases, relational and multidimensional. They also build OLAP, online analytical processing for their organisation. This role requires one to be an expert in data handling and analytics. BI developers participate in the development and analysis of their organisation’s warehousing approaches and data architectures. 

How to Get the Top Fractal Analytics Salary in India

Fractal Analytics is one of the top employers for data science and artificial intelligence professionals in India. Bagging a job in this company is certainly a step-up for any tech professional. 

One of the best ways to pursue a tech career at Fractal Analytics is by taking a data science or artificial intelligence course. Taking a professional course will give you the necessary skills required for pursuing such roles in this firm. 

It will also give you the guidance and structure you need to properly learn all the technical and soft skills. 

Depending on your career aspirations and skills, you can pick a career in data science or AI. At upGrad, we offer courses in both of these sectors. Some of the popular courses available at upGrad are:

There’s plenty of other data science and AI courses available on our website. These courses allow you to study from industry experts through live sessions, video lectures, and assignments. 

Through these courses, not only will you become an expert in your domain, but you will also get to network and become an all-rounder in your field. 

With these courses, you get access to our Student Success Corner, where you enjoy personalised resume feedback, career counselling, dedicated mentorship and placement support. 

Moreover, we offer company-specific interview preparation, so you would have the highest chance of getting a lucrative Fractal Analytics salary. You will get access to our well-curated collection of interview preparation resources along with participation in mock interviews. 

Do check out the courses if you’re interested. 

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Fractal Analytics is indeed one of the most successful data science and AI companies out there.

Bagging a role at Fractal Analytics can be a lot easier if you have the right preparation and qualifications. So be sure to check out the data science and artificial intelligence courses we have shared. They will help you kickstart your career. 

If you are curious to learn Fractal Analytics and master Machine learning and AI, boost your career with a Masters course of Machine Learning and AI with IIIT-B & Liverpool John Moores University.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Does Fractal Analytics pay well?

The top ten percent of the employees who work in Fractal Analysis get paid more than INR 24 LPA. If you work hard and have a good career trajectory, it definitely pays well. There are a lot of folks who are very satisfied with their careers with Fractal Analytics. They have room for growth and plenty of opportunity for advancement. The industry itself is also expanding rapidly, so if you find yourself in the right position with the right education and background, you have a lot to look forward to. Fractal Analytics pays better than most companies in the industry. You can easily make a 6-figure salary starting at the entry level.

2How do you prepare for Fractal Analytics?

To pass GA you need to be very good in numbers. For a quantitative section, you need to solve at least 75-80% questions in 28-30 minutes. You will never be able to solve all the questions so you need to identify the easiest questions and try to solve them first. You should make sure you revise at least once a week before the exam to make sure that you have revised the material properly. To chunk the time better, you should solve all the questions in the same section. This is because you know the same concept will appear again and again.

3How to get a job as a data analyst fresher?

Data Analyst is a hot IT job that has a great future in it. Here are some tips for getting into this profession: - Go through the recent job postings for data analysts. Check the details about the jobs - who are the employers? Do you know or have worked with any of them? Try to promote yourself as a data analyst. Emphasize your ability to use relevant tools to solve data problems. Do a short internship at an organization that has similar data analysis goals as the one you want to work with after graduation.

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