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Top 6 Email Marketing Techniques You Should Follow in 2024

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28th Jun, 2023
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Top 6 Email Marketing Techniques You Should Follow in 2024

Is email marketing dead?

The answer is a BIG NO. If you think email marketing techniques are a deadlock, you are missing out on its real metrics. Even if with the ever-increasing craze of video, AI, chatbots, virtual reality, and social media, email marketing seems to be a talk of the past. But it does not mean that email marketing techniques are dead.

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Email marketing skill is still alive and standing strong even today. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for your brand promotion in 2022, beating out SEO, SMO, and affiliate marketing.

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Since the people use emails more than the other digital channels, email marketing technique prevails to be the leading marketing strategy even today.  Experimental studies prove that people use emails more than social media.

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Therefore, building a strong email marketing campaign is essential for all the businesses out there. But there is a problem. Most of the email marketers don’t possess the essential email marketing skills to do it right.

Worry not!

Here we have talked about the top six email marketing skills. These skills will help you succeed in your next campaign, and reap all the rewards this channel can bring in 2022.

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Top 6 Email Marketing Techniques

1. Write Professional Emails

How would you perceive an email filled with grammatical errors and typos? What kind of image will you make about the sender’s company?

Such errors can easily tarnish the brand image.

Hence, always take out time to plan and draft content strategy for your email marketing. Writing professional emails is a cardinal skill that every marketer should have, and email marketing is no exception to it. If you want your email marketing campaign to be successful, you need to provide engaging and informative content to your consumers.

Every day tons of emails are struggling to gain subscribers’ attention – and good content is the weapon to win their attention. If you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful and entice more consumers to your business, you have to entertain them with useful and relevant content.

  •       Use eye-popping subject lines and catchy content to entice the audience and increase click rates.
  •       Make sure your email contains no typo and grammatical errors.

2. Create Personalized Content

Personalization is the cornerstone of all email marketing techniques.


Subscribers have got tired of receiving irrelevant emails that don’t cater to their needs. They like receiving and opening personalized content. No matter how big your audience is, personalization will help you maintain a personal connection with the viewers.

As per recent research, a personalized email has a 17% increase in open rate and a 29.6% increase in click rate.

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How to draft personalized mails?

It’s simple.

  •   Figure out, “What appeals to your audience the most?” “How do they define good customer service?” “What do they look for when browsing for something?” “What made them visit your website and subscribe to your emails?” and so on.
  •   Supplying them the emails that feature their names, buying and browsing habits, and other personal data will be the good email marketing skills to entice the readers.
  •   Use Artificial Intelligence. AI will help you comprehend what kinds of content your subscribers consume, their past behaviour, headline suggestions, segmentation options, and a lot more. 

Some other valuable email personalization techniques are as follows:

  • Use your authentic email signature: You will be able to personalize your emails by adding your real contact information in the email signature field. It is a great opportunity for your customers to reach out to you and build a relationship with your brand. 
  • Add a real reply-to email address: If your customers are unable to reply to your emails, it removes the authenticity of the message. Enabling your customers to engage with your campaigns will improve your credibility and add a personal touch.

By sending personalized content, you can make your subscribers feel that you care about their needs. As a result, you will experience a better retention rate.

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3. Draft Mobile-Friendly Emails

As per recent research done in July 2020, the number of active internet users worldwide is 4.57 billion, and mobile Internet users are 4.17 billion.


It simply means that people often use their handheld devices to browse the web, check their emails, and scroll through social media feeds. Therefore, every marketer needs to make sure that their emails are mobile-friendly.

  •       Test your emails to make them look good on all mobile devices.
  •       Consider the length and downloading speed of visuals and texts to create mobile-optimized emails.

4. Make It Easy to Sign Up

It is one of the most cardinal email marketing skills that no marketer should overlook. Make it easy for your audience to subscribe to your emails. Don’t hamper prospective sign-ups by asking for too much information like age, gender, sex, nationality, etc.

  •       Add an email sign-up option on every piece of content you publish – blogs, emails, web pages, and so on.
  •       Streamline the process by just asking for a name and email address.
  •       Make it a “one-click” registration so that the subscribers can easily consent to your emails in one fell swoop.

5. Limit Your Email Blasts

Remember, you are just a guest in their inbox, and no one likes the frequent visit of a guest.

Do you know an average corporate professional receives 121 emails daily? Unsurprisingly, it is a little too much. Don’t bother them with too many email blasts. People have subscribed to your emails because they are somehow interested in your offerings. Don’t turn their interest into irritation by flooding their inbox with your frequent emails.

  • Consider limiting your emails once a week.

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6. State a Call-to-Action

So, you have finally earned the email marketing skills to catch your subscribers’ attention and drive clicks. Right?

Now what?

Do you want your subscribers to sign up for your newsletter or visit your website? Do you want them to like your social media profiles or buy your online offerings? Whatever your goal is, lead them to it with a Call-to-action.

  •       Create a clear purpose and a call-to-action in each of your emails.
  •       Depending on your goal, you can add, ‘Shop Now’, ‘Avail the offer today, ‘Get 50% off now’, ‘Rush, stocks are running fast’, ‘Plan for your future now’, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, and so on.

7. Categorize Your Target Customers

Dividing your target customers into different segments is quite beneficial for sending more targeted emails. Customer segmentation should be one of your key email marketing techniques to make all KPIs bring positive results. You can categorize your email subscribers on the basis of the following factors:

  • Industry: If you sell your products or services to businesses, you can segment them according to their industry. A business that sells software solutions will engage more in emails about software products than a business selling car parts. 
  • Company Size: The process of segmenting your email subscribers according to their company size is called account-based marketing. Designing email campaigns according to the annual revenue or size of a company will significantly affect your response rates. A small business with only five employees might not be as interested in an industry conference as a large business with over 500 people. 
  • Sales Cycle: You can also segment your email list according to a buyer’s customer journey level. Early-stage buyers will be more interested in getting industry research white papers. They are less likely to prefer one-to-one demos or aggressive sales presentations. But buyers who have progressed more into the cycle will respond better to free trial offers and product webinars. 

8. Leverage the Power of Automation Whenever Possible

If you are looking for one of the best techniques of e-marketing with examples, trigger-based emails are a great option. Trigger-based emails are sent out automatically according to user behavior. Some of the most common types of trigger emails include welcome emails, transactional emails, and thank you emails. 

Some of the best types of trigger emails that you can send are as follows:

  • Activation: New users create their account but might not use your products or services within the first 7 days. You can set up an activation campaign that sends an automated email to the users with their login information, steps to get started, and a video demonstration for additional support. You can also invite them to one-on-one sessions to answer their questions related to your products and services.
  • Surprise: Generating customer loyalty is crucial for succeeding in the competitive industry. Rewarding your loyal customers from time to time will work in your favor. You can set up a surprise email campaign that sends an automated email with something free for your best customers. It can be anything from an extended period of free membership to a coupon code to claim discounts. 

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Hopefully, these email marketing techniques will help you reap all the gains this channel can bring in 2022. Do you want some more insight to sharpen your email marketing skills? Then get in touch with UpGrad

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are mobile-optimised emails?

With some manipulation of CSS coding and HTML, it is possible to create emails that are mobile optimised. This means that they can be read with ease on a handheld device.
With the help of mobile optimised emails, it is possible to interact with and scan the content of an email in a hassle-free fashion. The user experiences more engagement with the communication.
This also results in higher click-through and open rates for email campaigns.

2What is content marketing?

Content marketing is one form of marketing strategy. It involves the creation and distribution of consistent, relevant, and valuable content to acquire new customers and to engage the established consumer base.
Content marketing is different from sales pitches or marketing spiel. Unlike the promotion of products and services, it offers useful information to the target audience on how to address their pain points and adds value to their lives.
Content marketing is an integral element of marketing across some of the largest corporations in the world. Well-known brands that practice content marketing as a business strategy include John Deere, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and P&G.

3What is an email blast?

An email blast is a type of broadcast. It is the practice of sending an email message to innumerable subscribers who are a part of a mailing list.
Bloggers regularly use email blasts to drive more traffic to their sites. Businesses also send out email blasts to boost sales.
Email blasts enjoy a wide reach since they are pushed to targets generated from an email list. Email blasts are also referred to as email campaigns, e-blasts, bulk emails, mass emails, and broadcast emails.
Newsletters and promotional content are the 2 most common forms of marketing communication sent via email blasts.

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