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Career in PPC: Ultimate Guide [2024]

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1st Oct, 2022
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Career in PPC: Ultimate Guide [2024]

The digital marketing industry does not comply with just one or two specific skill sets in the market. Instead, it needs to be an amalgamation of industry-acquired insights, understanding the principles of strategy-making, implementation, SEO, web development, and being analytically creative. Yes, it was a mouthful, and you may have realized that having a career in PPC isn’t what other ‘standard’ jobs mean in the market. 

Global PPC is expanding and the demand is growing with the advent of digital media. The market for PPC is expected to reach  USD 28.62 billion by 2027 (Source). 

The young professionals having the doubt “Is PPC a good career?” should be well assured that yes, it is a very good career. Organizations are turning their focus on having a strong digital presence. The field is expected to grow and is here to stay.

PPC is a highly beneficial tool that helps marketers. PPC marketing helps boost the traffic to the website where you only pay for the clicks. Moreover, the sales increase and the performance can be analyzed instantly. This helps organizations to make better strategies to increase revenue growth.

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What is the Career in PPC Looks Like?

  • Researching keywords relevant to the company’s industry and businesses
  • Selecting the highest-ranking keywords, and creating ad campaigns around it
  • Optimizing landing pages 
  • Tracking SEO trends according to the dynamic search-engine algorithms
  • A/B Testing
  • Identifying the target audience

Apart from this, PPC advertising also lets companies advertise in prominent positions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) based on the bidding results. These advertisements drive traffic to the company website and pay every time someone clicks on these ads; therefore, the name.

Overall, there are many elements in the work of PPC specialists that hold significant value for companies – be it in terms of higher ROI and conversions. For example, PPC specialists can contribute to establishing better user engagement with their skills in keyword research, compelling Call-To-Actions, and testing. If you want to upskill yourself and climb up the corporate ladder, check out our digital marketing courses.

The PPC career path is such that the professionals start as PPC executives, digital marketing executives or SEM executives. Later on with gained experience and higher skill sets, they climb up their way to becoming PPC Experts or Digital Marketing Managers, SEM Managers, etc.

The average salary of a PPC specialist is 5.7 lakhs per annum. The average salary ranges from 3.0 lakhs per annum to 9.3 lakhs per annum (Source).

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Why PPC Experts Are Needed?

  • A PPC specialist with significant industry experience may help in enhancing brand visibility and generating new leads crucial to scaling a business. Companies often entrust PPC professionals with the ever-changing Google algorithm, tools, and techniques in PPC campaigns
  • Since PPC specialists come with compelling tools for conducting timely keyword research, data collection, and report creation, brands can have their focus areas monitored every day and see results in their everyday conversions.
  • A PPC analyst  analyses the growth of the ad performance and accordingly strategise, design and implement the forward ongoing campaigns.

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How Does PPC Work?

Before deciding on how to become a PPC specialist, you need first to make up your mind on the network – like Google Ads, Bing, Facebook ads, etc. While all of them may seem similar, it is essential for a PPC specialist to have expertise in one network since they are distinct from each other in a lot of ways and may work best when learned one at a time. 

There are several metrics or standards that all networks adhere to; rise and fall in these figures help you determine the effectiveness of your PPC campaign since there’s no uniform rule or technique that works in the same way across all networks. These metrics are:

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1. CTR (Click Through Rate)

The click-through rate helps in understanding the rate at which the PPC ads in a campaign are clicked. The higher CTR, the higher percentage of viewers, which means the higher relevance of the advertisement to the customers. It is calculated as:
Total Ad ClicksTotal Impressions= CTR

The CTR helps organisations in understanding their customers better. It allows the organisations to measure and understand what they require which helps in reaching the target audience better.

A good CTR rating tells that the users like what they see and find it helpful whereas a low CTR rating tells that either you are not reaching the right target audience or you are not speaking their language.

2. Total Clicks on Ad

It is merely a count of the frequency of online visitors clicking on your ad to visit your website. 

3. Cost Per Click (CPC)

Refers to the exact price you can pay for each click in your pay-per-click campaign. For an advertiser, the CPC you offer would always be less than or equal to your maximum bid. It is calculated as an average of a series of bids in a period. Your actual CPC can be influenced by the competitor’s ad rank, maximum bid, and Quality Score in terms of Google AdWords. It is calculated as:

Competitor’s Ad RankingYour Quality Score+ 0.01 = Actual CPC

4. Cost Per Conversion(CPA)

 Also known as the Cost-Per-Action, this is used to estimate the real cost involved in getting an actual customer to your website and making successful conversions in terms of buying, subscribing to the newsletter, watching the product video, etc. Metrics, as such, help in achieving the real target of the advertisement. It can be calculated as:
Total Cost of Generating TrafficTotal Conversion Numbers= CPA

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5. Return on Investment (ROI)

Inferred by the name, it refers to the maximum profits generated from your ads in terms of revenue invested and revenue yielded. It can be calculated as:
(Revenue invested – Cost of goods sold)Cost of goods sold= ROI

6. Quality Score

 It is an estimate of your ad’s overall quality based on its keyword relevancy, and corresponding landing pages, and is directly dependent on the advertisement positions. Often, ads with higher quality scores are cost-effective; however, it isn’t used for knowing the ad rank during an auction.

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Skills Required

  • Analytical mind: Since a lot of estimation goes into figuring out the numbers and statistics, you need to be comfortable in continuous analysis of your campaigns, learn from your competitor’s campaigns and draw actionable insights. 

Having an analytical bent of mind is helpful in business. The professionals can work with the data and draw logical conclusions. 

Analytical skills are highly helpful in utilising various methods to find solutions to various problems. Thus helping in coming to data-backed decisions.

  • Managing Time and Tasks: One of the prerequisites to being a PPC specialist is to be apt in managing a bunch of long, crucial tasks at the same time, without missing out on anything. 

There would be times when the professionals would be required to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. They should be highly efficient in managing these campaigns as each one of them could be important and crucial for business success. The professionals cannot afford to miss any details while managing. 

  • Technical Skills: Apart from just understanding the metrics in digital marketing, you’d also need to have a more in-depth knowledge of platforms like HTML, JavaScript. You also need to have a flair in deciphering, tracking, analyzing, retargeting codes, and usage of tags in terms of the recent technology across several devices, browsers, etc. As an aspiring PPC specialist, managing thousands of rows and columns on Excel sheets should come as a breeze. Knowing the right shortcuts, formulas, and tabs can help you keep up with hundreds of functions, campaigns, and metrics.
  • Creative Skills: PPC specialists also need to produce compelling ad copies, complete with intriguing visuals and relevant text to stimulate the emotions of the customers, and increase the chances of higher CTRs.
  • Understanding Customer Intent: The products you sell should resonate with your customer’s needs uniquely for them to convert quickly and to keep you ahead of your competitors. Similarly, the ads you generate need to be productive and relevant in the context of your brand and the customer’s preferences. 

In-demand Digital Marketing Skills

If the ads are not speaking the language the customers understand, then it is a big miss! PPC specialists must understand their customers and identify the correct target audience in order to achieve their goals.

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  • Communication: You need to channel the importance of making all of the ad elements work in-sync for that powerful-in-entirety effect for your ads to compel your customers to make the purchase. This can be done through effective communication with your team members, your brand, and your customers. 

The PPC specialists should be having excellent verbal and written communication in order to communicate well with their users as well as the teams they are working with.

  • Quick Adaptation: There’s no other dynamic field than digital marketing that is changing every minute, in terms of trends, figures, and algorithms. Formulating new strategies, adopting new methodologies and setting up new campaigns comes as an everyday task that you need to keep in mind as you plan and act. 

A fixed mindset is not suitable for this industry, a professional needs to be constantly evolving their approach and learn new methods that help in better performance.

  • Always Learning: The research and learning of a PPC specialist never end, even when the campaigns go right. Therefore, you’d need a constant appetite, patience, and determination to acquire daily goals, and take it to the memory bank.
  • Curiosity and Experiments: With research comes experiments and trials that can help you figure out new, effective ways of completing your everyday job. 

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Employers seek experienced, skilled PPC experts who are also certified in their network, be it on Google Ads or Bing Ads Accredited Professional. Experience brings value, and certification builds trust.  

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A career in PPC advertising can be overwhelming, but filled with pleasant surprises and learning along the way, mainly because of the unique amalgamation of skills and grounds it covers. It is similar to the constant trial and errors that researchers have to reach the correct answer in an experiment. The trick lies when juggling numbers, producing quirky and intriguing ad copies and figuring out wholesome campaigns become second nature for any successful, adventurous PPC specialist.

If you wish to explore and become an expert in Digital Marketing, check out MICA and upGrad’s Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Communication. Become an expert in social media marketing, content marketing, branding, marketing analysis, and PR.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Is a career in PPC a good option in 2024?

1. Impact of Your Efforts Are Measurable: Unlike other advertising streams, defining success for your PPC campaigns is much easier and straightforward. You can precisely chart out your goals as your forecasts and requirements and measure the impact in quantifiable results.
2. It Is an Evolving Field: PPC has come a long way over the years. Even though the pressures in this segment are great, the constant development of bidding strategies, campaigns and results will keep you engaged and occupied.
3. Get to Know Your Audience: PPC can be really fun as you align your campaigns with various target audience segments. Demographics like age, location, interests keep changing which means you are constantly having to fine tune your PPC ads to match them with the right audience.

2How can you become a successful PPC specialist?

PPC specialists are in huge demand. However, in addition to the must have skills you need to have something more to be really successful in this space. These include:
1. Know your Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing ads in and out but remember to develop your expertise in a single domain
2. You may know how to track your clicks and conversions, but you must be well versed in reporting these metrics and findings that make sense to your stakeholders
3. Understand the importance of Google Analytics and how it plays a critical role in getting insights into your PPC campaigns.
4. Keep evolving and keep learning so that you can keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry

3What are the best practices for PPC campaigns?

PPC campaigns is one of the most effective digital marketing tools available today. Follow these best practices to ensure that you get the most out of your PPC strategies to optimize conversions.
1. Go for Long (Tail Keywords).
2. Keep pruning negative keywords.
3. Reward your top performers
4. Focus on your ad content.
5. Bid right and align it with the right end goals.
6. Timing is everything

4What does a PPC Specialist do?

Some of the job responsibilities of a PPC specialist include: 1) Planning and designing PPC Campaigns 2) Working with the stakeholders to strategise 3) Implementation of the SEO strategy 4) Analyse the campaign 5) Making relevant changes to the campaign post trend analysis

5What are the three R’s of PPC?

The three R’s of PPC are Reach, Relevance and Response.

6How can PPC increase sales?

Each click is a new visitor to the website that generates leads. These leads are a prospect and potential customers. Having a higher number of clicks means a higher number of leads thus more chances of conversions.

7What are the types of PPC?

Some of the types of PPC are- a) Social media advertising b) Paid Search Marketing c) Display Advertising d) Affiliate Marketing

8How can I learn PPC?

In order to learn PPC marketing, first of all, build your foundations and invest time in learning the basics of the domain. Begin by enrolling yourself in a course that helps you in delivering knowledge using practical and theoretical tools. Next, focus on practising your skills and polishing them in order to gain better job opportunities.

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