Are you in the Social Media Game or left behind?

Becoming the most talked about organization, unit, industry, product or service means relying on the most dynamic and conversation-oriented marketing platform today: you are guessing right and that is Social Media. There are many kinds of social media, but they are all characterized by a shift from traditional, broadcast-style marketing to a collaborative, engaging format. Marketing communications are no longer meant to be passively consumed. Instead, the target demographic takes part in creating the conversation, participating in it and giving their voices out for good or bad.
social media game
Marketing must adapt to these new realities to succeed within the social media space. This blog tries to outline what it takes to succeed in this frontier.

Making social media work

Marketing industry publications are full of examples of B2C firms that are highly successful using social media to promote their products, but what we must aim for is a social media strategy that supports throughout the entire sales cycle, not just at the point of sale.
Just like all marketing communications, the point of social media is not to directly generate leads, but the strategy must not exclude that possibility.  Social media strategy must continue through the final stages of marketing, and aid in maintaining previous clients as well as procuring new ones.
Learning to use social media effectively can be a lengthy process.
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Social Media is a Conversation

The specific details of each social media platform vary, but the goal of marketing on social media remains the same regardless of which tool is used. Successful marketers should obtain influence over the conversations that occur on social media, and the influence should be used to push the conversation in directions that highlight the strengths of the company. This kind of influence is the social media equivalent of thought leadership.
The first step to gaining such influence is to identify the trending conversations that are occurring within the social media platform. This is done by looking for current influencers and seeing which topics inspire the most fervent debate.
Once the conversations have been identified, you have to engage with your influencers. Befriend them, take their views and add yours if it makes a difference. Respond to other contributors and link to content that is applicable to the discussion. Proprietary content is a pool that marketing can draw on when necessary, but the point of social media marketing is not to disseminate content but to enter into a discourse. By entering into trending conversations and contributing useful, interesting content, you can become an influencer too.

Use your time wisely

While it is so easy to just be a bystander or a passing audience in this space, try and use your time wisely to make an impact. Just like any other law that exists in the universe, there are laws in this space too. The law of listening, the low of focus, the law of qualitative connections, the law of patience in building a successful business, the law of compounding, the law of acknowledgement, the law of value, the law of accessibility, and the law of reciprocity are some of them. 
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