Top 10 DJango Project Ideas & Topics

What is the Django Project?

Django is a popular Python-based, free, and open-source web framework. It follows an MTV (model–template–views) pattern in architecture and is handled by the Django Software Foundation established in the US.

Django primarily focuses on the efficient facilitation of complex data-driven websites and emphasizes using less code, rapid development, low coupling, pluggability of components, and avoiding repetition. Django widely uses Python for its files, settings, and data models. Django additionally provides an executive create, read, update and delete interface that is optional and dynamically generated via introspection and configured through admin models.

Many sites utilize Django, such as Mozilla, Instagram, Bitbucket, Disqus, Clubhouse, and Nextdoor.

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Django Projects Ideas for Beginners

Django beginners are mainly involved in learning about the Python framework’s tools and libraries. Below is a list of some of the best Django project ideas to explore how the Model-Template-View architecture functions and to create Django projects:-

1. Weather App

An interesting Django project where you can build a weather app showing local weather conditions. The framework can also implement features like checking the weather status of selected locations.

Even if you lack the required equipment to calculate the stats, you can implement open-source weather APIs to achieve real-time data and display it on the web application. You must have some knowledge about web-scraping and REST APIs.

2. To-Do App 

To-Do is a relatively simple app that only performs CRUD (Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete) operations and enables only four tasks to build applications. It has a straightforward backend, which restricts logic in 20 to 30 code lines in a Django class-based application. The framework allows front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript’s use and utilizes the Flask framework since it is comparatively smaller in scale.

3. Poll App 

Poll apps are popularly used on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, assisting in-house poll applications where users can create a poll and other users cast votes. You need to build a multi-user app for logging in, creating, and voting for the polls. Ensure that users can cast only one vote for each survey. The app can be more interactive with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

4. Quiz App 

A quiz app is similar to a poll app. However, the only difference is that the user must select the correct answer from the ones provided. This application can also have features like a 50-50 option or a hint. The app should contain multiple questions displaying the player’s score at the end. 

Intermediate Django Projects Ideas  

For intermediate Django projects, you need to have a holistic understanding of the Django basics. Below are some excellent examples of moderately easy Django projects:-

5. Django Chat App

The powerful application requires more than just Django. As an intermediate developer, you must know how Django functions with databases and users. Users can implement chat features using Django user models and built-in databases. With some logic, the chat messages can be stored in the database, while you can create a view where only specific messages will appear in user interaction.

6. School Management System

One of the most popular projects in Django is a school management system. These systems mainly focus on creating the perfect database schema. Django’s ORM feature makes it user-friendly and enables users to make an optimized schema quickly and efficiently. You will additionally need database designing knowledge to build a multi-user app where all teachers, staff members, and students can register and log in. The system can also make similar Django management projects like hotel, library, or hospital management systems. 

7. Resume App 

Resume-making can be cumbersome for many students. To provide an easier solution, you can quickly build a resume app. These are simple Django apps that generate resumes depending on manually added information on the app. The concept of this app can be made more interactive with the help of front-end technologies. Make it look as simple as possible, enabling the user to choose resume formats, such as pdf, jpeg, etc.

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8. A Blog Website 

Django was primarily created to make magazines and websites akin to books. Therefore, it can build simple blogs in the shortest period. Django comes with multiple modules that enable users to write the logic for blog applications. Django can create all forms of blogs like text blogs, e-magazines, video blogs, or image blogs. A blog might seem like a beginner-level Django project. Still, it can be more impressive if you make a multi-user blog that enables users to log in and register via Google or other social media platforms. 

Advanced Django Projects Ideas

Since Django is a full-stack web framework, you need to use multiple as an advanced developer. Here are a few cutting-edge Django project ideas you might like:-

9. Clone Projects 

As an advanced Django developer, you can easily make clone projects that look and function similar to popular web applications. YouTube can be easily cloned where users can log in via Google, upload videos, and like and dislike videos. With a thorough understanding of front-end technologies, Django can also clone other popular platforms like Instagram.

10. An eCommerce Application 

eCommerce applications are pretty popular among entrepreneurs today. They can collaborate with several organizations to sell goods via embedding. You can easily create an eCommerce app with Django, almost similar to a blog app. However, designing eCommerce applications for large-scale companies requires more than just Django to deal with enormous databases.


Creating Django projects is the best way to develop skills and showcase your deep learning and expertise in web development. Therefore, learning about the Django framework is a great way for web development enthusiasts to have practical, hands-on experience in this area. Django projects can prepare you for more complex frameworks like PHP and Python, which are crucial for entering the professional field.

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Is Django good for large-scale projects?

Django is up-to-date, mature, and supports a large ecosystem for modern projects to run with efficiency, be it small or big. Large-scale projects can easily leverage the Django framework to run their platform efficiently.

Is Django good for small-scale projects?

Django might come in handy for specific uses, but it might not be useful in developing complex small-scale projects. Small projects with limited features and requirements are unsuitable for Django as the framework works alongside mature projects with detailed coding and large bandwidth.

Is PHP better than Django?

Django is actively developed; however, most developers these days are slowly moving towards Python. PHP is still in use for many websites and might even benefit you in multiple ways. Django is great for beginners as it provides a wholesome idea about web development from the very beginning and is more suited for the learning phase.

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