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15 Exciting Python Django Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

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1st Sep, 2022
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15 Exciting Python Django Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]


Django, with its core rooted in Python, is one of the most widely used frameworks to develop web applications. It is easy to use and does not take weeks to master. 

The Internet is a world in itself, and websites are the building blocks that hold the network together. With billions of apps and sites forming the Internet, it is vital to know how to create these and, in a way, not too time-consuming. In modern lingo, ‘time is money’. And that is exactly why one needs to be faster while developing web-based applications. However, it is easier said than done. 

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It can be quite a task to write the codes, research relevant information, and learn some new things, which can take months for you to develop something you actually feel satisfied with. With Django, however, a large portion of your stress is slashed. With extensive documentation that is easy to understand and implement, Django is a breeze to work with. It is one of the most powerful Python frameworks available, and once you get the hang of it, you will be bowled over by how quick and easy it is. 

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Python Django Project Ideas

If you are new to Django, you might be wondering about all the things you can start building with this framework. Even if you are a seasoned user, you might find yourself at the edge, trying to decide what projects to initiate next. To help you choose from a wide range of options, we created an extensive list of all popular Python Django project ideas that you can start with immediately. 

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1. Automated Emailing System

 Automated emails are fabulous for people who have way too many clients to cater to but do not have enough time to email everyone personally. In fact, it will be safe to say that automated emails never go out of style simply because the world still depends upon electronic mails to communicate officially.

Hence, building an automated emailing system can be quite a good job on your end. You could do it for yourself and save the cost of having to pay for newsletter templates to send to your clients, or you could build such a system, add some interesting features to it and make a startup out of it! 

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2. Login page for account creation

 Most websites and applications today use a login system. Users are asked to create their own accounts on a website to save the progress of their use. Given how useful this has proven to be in terms of security and privacy preservation, you can try it out, too, especially if you have a website.

Building a login page with Django is not a difficult task even for a beginner. With hundreds of tutorials on the Internet and brilliant documentation to refer to, you can create such a feature for yourself or for your clients in record time! Moreover, users feel safer with their own private accounts, which can be a great turnaround for your’s or your client’s business. 

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3. Counting calories using Python

Calories are one of the most concerning topics for the majority today. With so much junk being sold everywhere, more and more people are inclined towards a healthier diet while trying to stay focused on a fixed amount of calorie consumption every day. With the magic of Django and Python, you can build something that can not only get you good money but also help such people stay true to their diet plans.

Building a calorie counter is not cumbersome as one of the Python Django project ideas. You could ask a user to enter their desired diet plan and a list of whatever they ate that day. The app can then tell them if they exceeded or consumed the appropriate amounts of calories needed. You could also ask for their height, weight, and age and predict their ideal calorie intake. 

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4. Chatting applications using Python and Django

Chatting applications are some of the most used commodities on the Internet. And you might as well make one of your own. Using Python and Django, this should not be of great difficulty, especially if you have prior knowledge. However, it can be a little off the hook if you are a beginner. But it does not hurt to try.

Besides, being able to build such an application and integrating it with some killer business proposition can make you the next big unicorn entrepreneur! So, why not! Just a tip, though; as a beginner, make sure you go through the source code of other similarly structured applications to understand the things you must include in your creation. This will give you a heads up. 

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5. A library system

A library management system is one of the most interesting Python Django project ideas to materialize and build. But there is a catch here: you need a thorough understanding of the database management system too. Since a library is all about the storage of books, coupled with a few more important features like borrowing and returning, the system is bound to contain a few pretty tough anomalies that you must be meticulous in taking care of.

If you are a beginner, it would be wise to take up such a project only after trying your hands on the easier ones. However, if you think you have acquired the knowledge required for this, forge ahead! 

6. Automated social media posting

Social media posts play a vital role in the majority of active users on a platform. Networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram reward consistent posting with an increase in organic reach. Hence, people who want to be more visible on these platforms tend to post five or six times a day.

But this can get cumbersome and interfere largely with their ‘offline’ schedules. Therefore, most people look for something automated to take care of their social media posting spree. Being able to build such a thing using Python and Django is not an easy task. But being able to do so can not only give you some practice but also give you a pathway to turn into a coveted product. 

7. A to-do scheduler application on Django

A to-do scheduler is yet another mind-blowing project idea for all Django and Python enthusiasts. A to-do scheduler is comparatively easier to design, thanks to Django, and it’s an adaptive framework. Given the necessity for time management in almost all areas of life, the scheduler can become an overnight hit with the busy bees with some great, lucrative features. Since this Python Django project idea does not require expertise on your end and can still put you on the map, it is a great place to begin. 

8. A digital dictionary 

Another project with considerable difficulty and obstacles, a digital dictionary, can be a great application if designed well. Much like the library management system, you will be required to build a repository of words. For this, you will need a thorough understanding of Django and Python and database management systems. Needless to say, this project is not for the beginners who are only looking to experiment.

This one is more suited for the seasoned developers who are looking to do something that is out of the box and can give them an edge over their competitors. To design such a system, make sure to revise and review the important concepts of Django, Python, and database management. 

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9. Resume building application

One of the most sought after applications on the Internet is a resume-builder. With COVID 19, rendering layoffs all over the world, people are looking for such apps more than ever. Everyone wants software that will produce the best resume for them. And you can come to their rescue armed with Django and Python.

However, building such an application is not an easy task. You will have to make accurate suggestions based on a candidate’s profession, career choices, experience, industry, etc. Of course, you can always include templates which a user can choose from. But a resume application is incomplete if one does not get suggestions to build their perfect resume from scratch. 

10. A note-keeping application

Note-keeping applications are not really groundbreaking when it comes to choosing them for a project. They simply exist in the background to help a person keep track. In fact, not many people use these daily. However, building such an application can give you lots of practice, especially if you are a beginner.

It can be one of your first projects, as this is a lot easier to build as compared to some other projects stated above. You can also collect some valuable feedback by asking your friends and family to use it. Practicing on such Python Django project ideas can help you scale up your skills to build something way more difficult and vital. 

11. An e-commerce website

An e-commerce website is probably one of the toughest websites to build on the Internet. This is exactly why you will also be paid handsomely for delivering such a project. Needless to say, Django and Python make it way easier, and that is good news. However, it is best if you are a beginner if you do not start with something this cumbersome soon. Take your time to hone your skills on easier projects and gradually work up to something this complex. 

12. A social network

This, again, is for the seasoned developers. Building a social networking site can be difficult even with Django and Python, given how many other things you will be required to integrate with such a project. However, for the seasoned ones here, this is a very challenging project to take up. Such Python Django project ideas are known to shape a developer and their careers. Hence, it is always advised to take it up and work yourself through the process. 

13. News curation using Python

 News applications are some of the most popular ones on the Internet because people do not have much time to read a physical newspaper. Building a news curation website or app can be quite lucrative money-wise. The best part is, Django and Python make this project a breeze! It is a good place to start for all the beginners and can also lay the founding stone for your startup.

You can definitely make it a little more complicated by using Data Science to predict which newspapers or magazines a user is more likely to read based on their reading history in the past few days. This will make it all the more likable. 

14. Content management application

If you are looking to start a content management company, such a system can prove to be immensely helpful. However, this would be complicated since you require extensive knowledge of database management systems. Content management, in itself, can be a hard nut to crack due to the large volume of data that needs to be handled and delivered to the right clients at the right time, not to mention the track keeping system to ensure payments are on time. It is advised to take up such a project only if you are a seasoned developer. 

15. Video conferencing website or application

A video conferencing application is yet another difficult project meant for the seasoned coders. Applications like Zoom and Google Meet have set a high standard with their interface and features. These can serve as great specimens for your project. Building such an application is sure to establish you as a celebrated developer in the community. Moreover, you can create a company around such an application and turn it into a lucrative product for your clients. 

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Some Other Great Project Ideas for Django and Python Enthusiasts

The list of fifteen Python Django project ideas stated above consists of websites and applications for all levels of expertise in Django and Python. There is something for everyone, especially for beginners who find it harder to commit to one project at a time. 

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However, if you are one of those who are looking for a few more ideas, here is a bonus list! This one is mostly for the seasoned developers who have thorough knowledge about Django, Python, and other associated coding structures. It is advised that you take up one of these projects professionally only after successfully building something similar sometime in the past. Some of these can get quite complicated and might end you up in a pickle, which is definitely an undesirable circumstance. 

  1. Payment gateway for a website
  2. Expense tracking application
  3. Text to HTML conversion application
  4. Online class management system
  5. Web crawling application


Django and Python are the two most powerful languages of the computer. With something new emerging every day, you must keep up with your competitors. There is no better way to do this than to keep upgrading your skills. There are tons of tutorials that give you a heads up in such cases. upGrad is one such excellent platform that provides tutorials and certificate courses for your desired areas.

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Rohit Sharma is the Program Director for the UpGrad-IIIT Bangalore, PG Diploma Data Analytics Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is Django?

Django is a high-level web framework created with the help of Python that promotes rapid development and simple, practical design. Django allows you to make better web apps faster with much less code. It is an open and free platform titled after jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, who lived in the 1930s. Django serves as a bridge in between database schema and the database engine, and it integrates MySQL, Oracle, and SQL databases. Django's Django-nonrel branch also supports NoSQL databases. It also facilitates multilingual internet sites because of its built-in internationalization system, which assists you in creating a website that can handle numerous languages.

2What are the features of Django?

Django comes with a lot of features. To begin with, it is SEO-friendly and highly speedy. This aids developers in designing websites that rank higher in search engines and provide a better user experience. Django is also a full-featured framework that includes authentication, content administration, and feeds, among other things. It is exceptionally safe, allowing developers to avoid common security problems like cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, clickjacking, and so on. Django is also highly scalable, which helps satisfy even the highest traffic needs, and it is incredibly customizable, allowing developers to create any type of website.

3What are the advantages of Django?

Django offers a wide range of advantages. Django's stack is loosely connected with tight cohesion, and Django apps utilize relatively little code. It enables speedy website creation and adheres to the DRY principle, which states that one notion or piece of data should only exist in one place. Django provides consistency at both the low and high levels, and its behaviors are expressly described rather than simply assumed. Django does not run SQL queries very often, and the platform optimizes them internally. Django also has a lot of flexibility when it comes to URLs and can quickly dive into raw SQL when needed.