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7 Top Django Projects on Github [For Beginners & Experienced]

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4th Sep, 2022
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7 Top Django Projects on Github [For Beginners & Experienced]

One of the best ways to learn a skill is to use it, and what better way to do this than to work on projects? So in this article, we’re sharing the top Django projects Github that you can take inspiration from to work on your projects.

We recommend completing multiple Django app Github projects to learn the different capabilities and functions of Django. We have shared Django app Github projects of various skill levels so you can choose one according to your expertise. Let’s get started. 

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What is Django?

Django is a Python web framework you can use to develop websites rapidly. It is open-source and facilitates the development of secure, pragmatic sites with exact designs. With Django, you can focus more on the development’s creative and technical aspects as the framework will handle the basics. This way, you get to speed up the development process and finish your projects much faster.

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If you want to become a Python web developer, you should learn Django. It will make your job much more comfortable. It has many extra features to handle the tedious web development sections, such as content administration, RSS feeds, user authentication, site maps, etc. Another area where Django excels is security. By incorporating it into your web development processes, you can avoid many security errors during development. 

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How Does Django Work?

Introduced by Lawrence Journal-World in 2003, Django was specifically designed to meet newspapers’ deadlines and web developers’ demands. Fast forward to the year 2022, the latest version of Django is 4.0.3. It follows the Model View Template (MVP) design pattern. 


The primary task of the model is to provide data from the database. In Django, a special technique named Object Relational Mapping is used, simplifying the process of working with the database. One of the most important advantages of using Django is that organizations no longer need to use SQL for extracting data. With the help of Django and ORM, communication with the database becomes much easier, and there is no longer the need to write complicated SQL statements. 


The primary function of the view is to take HTTP requests as arguments, import the necessary model/models and then find out the data that needs to be sent to the template. 


Django traditionally uses HTML code to describe the layout of a web page and uses tags to add logic. 

Why Django?

Some of the incredible benefits that have made Django hugely popular in this tech-driven world are as follows

  • Versatile

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Django is that it can be used to build any type of website, spanning content management systems, news sites, and social media sites. It also bears the additional feature of delivering content in any format like HTML, XML, and JSON.

  • Secure

Yet another key feature of Django is that it enables developers to avoid common security issues that can cause great damage to a website. This highly engineered framework protects any website automatically. One example to substantiate this statement might include Django provides a secure way to supervise all user accounts and passwords. Furthermore, Django also security against some common vulnerabilities, like clickjacking, cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting. 

  • Scalability

Last but not least, the component-based architecture of Django enables each part of the architecture to be easily modified or replaced according to the requirements. Because of this distinct separation among all the parts, it can easily scale for increased traffic by adding hardware as and when required. Instagram and Disqus are two of the most famous sites that have successfully scaled Django to meet their goals. 

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Top Django Projects Github

Django is a web framework, and so you must be familiar with the primary web development languages: HTML and CSS before working on the following Django projects Github. HTML is crucial for building a web page (and website) structure while CSS is required for styling a page. That’s why it’s necessary to be familiar with these languages to work on the following Django app examples GitHub projects. You should also be familiar with the basics of Django to implement it effectively on advanced Django projects and create leading Django application Github.

1. A Django Blog Project

One of the most popular Django project ideas is building a blog by using this framework. Blogs are simple in structure and usually have a page to show the posts and one page to show the blog (an about us page). Some blogs have a ‘Contact’ page, which lets visitors send a message through email to the blog’s author. Even though blogs seem simple, their development requires effort as you’ll have to create different web pages with different functions.

The blog admin should have the option of adding a new post, modifying an existing post, and deleting any past ones. Your blog platform should also allow the admin to add media (images, videos, etc.) to the blog to make the content more engaging. To make this project more challenging, you can add comment sections to the blog where visitors can write their thoughts on a blog post. You can also make the blog more advanced to integrate it with other tools to add more functionality to it and elevate the entire interface of this, making it one of the most advanced Django projects.

2. Open Source Job Portal

Another prominent project idea among Django developers is creating job portals. The platform should allow users to browse various jobs from different companies. The admin would have the facility of organizing those jobs, managing user accounts, etc. Recruiters would have the option of adding or removing job posts and share their posts on social media platforms.

To make this project more interesting, you can enable recruiters to use Google Maps for adding the location of the job. Users of the platform should create profiles and bookmark any job postings to review them later. You can add many functionalities to a job portal (connecting profiles with social media, letting users share job posts with other users). Here is an excellent open-source platform that you can take inspiration from for this project. 

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3. A File Sharing Web app in Django

As more companies focus on ‘work from home‘ policies, file sharing tools are becoming more popular. This is a great time to build a file sharing app of your own! You can use Django to create a platform where users can post files and share them with others. The platform should allow users to share documents, images, audio files, and videos.

Other users should be able to access the shared files of others for collaboration. You’ll have to make the platform secure, so one user doesn’t find an unshared file from another user. Here is a Django project on Github that you can take inspiration from for this task. 

4. A Fully Functional Polling App 

This is another exciting entry in our Django projects GitHub list. You can create a Django polling app that allows users to enter their votes and see the poll results. The admin of the platform should be able to add, edit, update, and delete polls. The admin should also have the feature of adding, modifying, and removing choices from polls. Users of the polling app should be able to vote on the polls. However, one user should only be allowed one vote per poll. You’d have to ensure that once a survey finishes, no user can enter a vote there. 

Polls have become quite popular recently as social media platforms have added polls as an integral part of their posts. From Instagram stories to YouTube community posts, you can find polls everywhere. It is an excellent project for beginners. You can take inspiration from this Django polling app on Github

5. An Advanced Django CMS 

PyEditorial is an open-source CMS packed with numerous features. It’s free and is a great way to see how you can use Django in web development. The CMS has a podcast section where the user can make and edit a podcast, a videocast section for creating and editing videocasts, and a blog section to create and edit blogs. Apart from those features, it also has a skill section to make and edit skills and a CONSTANCE section for managing Django settings (such as blog title). 

As your Django project, you can build a CMS with similar features. Have a podcast section where the admin can add audio files (podcasts) and descriptions, tags, and categories. Similarly, your CMS should have a videocast section for posting videos with similar pieces of information. CMS platforms are widely popular, and building one will help you become a more skilled web developer. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are some of the most popular CMS platforms. Almost all the websites on the net are based on one of them. So, building a CMS will surely be useful in becoming a proficient web developer. 

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6. Bookkeeping through Django

Django Ledger is a bookkeeping and financial analysis engine under development. It is based on Django, and its creators are focused on adding many features to it, such as:

  • Supporting account charts
  • Integrating bank accounts 
  • Having multiple templates
  • Support for QFX & OFX files
  • Support for self-contained ledgers

Apart from these features, the creators have many others in their minds to add to this Django example app GitHub. You can use Django to build a financial web app too. In this project, you can create a bookkeeping app based on Django, which lets users add their total transactions to keep track of their finances. You need to have some knowledge of ledgers and bookkeeping to work on this project. However, if you’re looking to use your technical skills in the financial sector, then this is the perfect project for you.

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7. Organize Tests and Quizzes

This is one of the most straightforward Django projects Github that can be used to create an easy Django application Github. It is a quiz website where users can take part in quizzes and tests. The developers have used Django and Bootstrap 4 to create this website. Using diverse Django example GitHub,  you can create a similar website that provides a simple interface for users to participate in quizzes. Quizzes on this project have the following features:

  • All the questions are MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Every user gets questions randomly (questions don’t appear in a set order)
  • If a user refreshes the page or goes back to the previous page, a new quiz question will appear on the screen 
  • If a user refreshes (or goes back), the site will count the problem as an attempt
  • One problem appears only once for every user 
  • After an answer’s submission, a message appears for the screen displaying if the answer was right or wrong. 

As you can see, the mechanics of this website’s quiz are quite simple. If you haven’t worked on a Django project before, you can start with replicating this project and build a Quizzing webpage of your own or creating a Django example app GitHub. The website administrator would have to add questions, answer, and modify both of them until published on the site. The administrator should also have the feature of filtering questions according to if they are published or not. 

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Learn More About Django and Python 

These were some of the most comprehensive and popular Django example GitHub. We hope that you liked our list of Django projects, Github. If you have any questions or suggestions on this article, please let us know through the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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