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Top 10 HTML Project Ideas & Topics

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31st Oct, 2022
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Top 10 HTML Project Ideas & Topics

Candidates who have an interest in programming usually start with HTML projects. When you are new to the world of coding, most people prefer the easiest way – HTML and CSS. If you intend to start your front-end programming route, you have to begin with these two fundamental components. Then you can slowly hone your skills and create unique HTML practice projects. Showing these projects on your resume will impress your prospective employers and also make you more confident. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best HTML project topics and ideas for beginners, which you can include in your coding portfolio. But before that, you must have a basic idea of HTML and CSS. 

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What is HTML?

HTML is the foundation for web development. It is a markup language designed to create websites. However, HTML is not used alone, it is used with CSS for static website creation. With HTML you can create web pages by combining various elements like headers, graphics, paragraphs, hyperlinks, quotations, etc. 

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Since HTML is not a programming language, it does not have any dynamic features. HTML is mainly used in ascertaining the layout and organization of a webpage. Basic code is used for describing how each component of the website will appear. 

A web developer cannot do much with HTML alone. HTML will only show the data structure on the browser in a webpage. If you want to make the webpage look attractive and useful, you have to add CSS and JavaScript. In various HTML projects for beginners, you will see this combination. 

Top 10 topics and ideas for HTML CSS Projects for Beginners

If you have learned the basics of HTML and CSS, try creating HTML CSS projects for beginners and include them in your coding portfolio. 

Mentioned below are 10 ideas and topics for such HTML practice projects:

1. Create a Landing Page

By using HTML and CSS, you can successfully create a landing page. The most important thing about a landing page is that it must be attractive and for that, you must use your creative skills. Along with creativity, you must have a thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS. 

On the landing page, you can include features like a navigation menu, establishing columns, adding a header and footer, aligning objects, etc. How you use CSS in this project is an interesting thing. You must ensure there are no overlapping components in the design. Be mindful of all components like padding, spacing, margins, color schemes, boxes, menus, themes, etc., for creating an appealing landing page. 

2. A Webpage for a Meeting or Event

For HTML practice projects, try creating a website for promoting an event or a meeting. The first requisite is a ‘registration’ option for the attendees. The main page can have headers like the venue, the presenter, and the schedule of the event. 

The content for the website should include the purpose of the meeting/event and who will benefit from it. There should be details about the venue, the location, and the presenter. Make small sections on the page for better clarity and understanding. Add the footer and menu top. Since this is a somewhat formal website, keep the font style and color combination in mind. 

3. Creating a personal portfolio

When you want to present your work to clients or your prospective employers, do it through a personal portfolio. Use CSS and HTML for creating an amazing and unique portfolio, where you can showcase the projects you have completed. Include your social network handles, your name, and other relevant details in the portfolio. 

On this website, having a good navigation menu is compulsory. You can also use header area buttons including the links to other pages. Make sure that you have a well-built page for contact information and dedicated buttons for your social media profiles. 

4. A Website for Restaurant 

To build a website for a restaurant, you can use a CSS layout grid for aligning the beverages and food products on a page. You can add photos and prices of the dishes as well. For a restaurant website, it is very important to create the right feel with the choice of proper visual graphics, themes, color combinations, font styles, etc. 

People love to browse through food images of any restaurant. Include a photo gallery with sliding features for easy use. Linking to internal pages helps in quick and easy redirecting. Ensure that the website looks appealing so that people get attracted to the visuals.

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6. Technical Report

One of the best HTML projects for beginners is that of a technical report. Along with CSS and HTML, you must also have good knowledge of JavaScript for creating a technical documentation website. 

A good idea is to divide the web page into two parts – the left-hand side will contain the list of all the categories from top to bottom and the right side will have the details of the report on the concerned subject. On clicking on a subject on the left, you will have complete details of the subject on the right. These websites should have a professional look. Choose fonts, themes, and color combinations accordingly. 

7. Photography Website

For building a photography website, you must be highly proficient in CSS and HTML. In such websites, you can showcase your creative skills significantly. A photography website will be all about images and visual, and graphical representations. You can highlight certain prominent images.

In the footer provide the contact information of the photographer. You can also add links that will direct the viewer directly to the gallery. Since this is a photography website, lay more emphasis on components like color selection, margin, font style, font size, padding, button styling, and image size. 

8. A Tribute Page

One of the most common HTML projects that you can take up is that of a tribute page. There might be someone who inspires you a lot and you want to pay a tribute to the person. You will need working experience with CSS and HTML for creating this webpage. 

Generally, these are single-page websites with some photographs and a nice write-up on the person. You can use links, paragraphs, lists, and CSS images on the page. Keep a proper alignment of the various components so that the page looks neat and aesthetically pleasing. The page should not look cluttered so pay special attention to the color scheme, style, and typeface you use. 

9. A Survey Form

In the majority of HTML practice projects, you will see a survey form. There are different kinds of surveys conducted by companies and research organizations to understand varying patterns. And the forms also differ from one another depending on the survey kind. 

For creating a survey form, you have to be well versed with fundamental HTML tags. You will be able to include different kinds of checkboxes, dates, text fields, radio buttons, and other components in the form. Experts opine that if you can create a survey form well, you can easily build a functional website. 

10. Music Store Page

If you are a music enthusiast and a novice coder at the same time, creating a music store page will be a great idea. This is among the most popular HTML projects for beginners. For the website, you require a good background picture through which you can represent the website’s theme. In the header area, create distinct menus. You can include links, pictures, and buttons for easy navigation.

You can add various elements to the music store page like tabs for subscriptions, trial period offers, gift cards, etc. Try to create responsive music page. You can configure the viewport, use a grid, and media queries. 

11. Parallax Website

A parallax website is an excellent project for HTML beginners. For creating this website, you will need a thorough understanding of HTML fundamentals. This website has a fixed backdrop image and you can scroll the page to see different areas of the image. 

You have to divide the page into 3-4 sections. Right from choosing the appropriate background photo, to adjusting the padding and the margin – this project needs concentration. You can also use CSS for adding stylish elements to the page. 


Now you have a fair idea about some of the best HTML projects for beginners. But this is not the end. You can always try new ideas to broaden your horizon and enhance your skills. Try working on more interactive HTML projects and add various components to make it little complex. Try experimenting with various HTML tags. If you want to enhance your HTML abilities and knowledge, there is no better way to master HTML and CSS than working on real-life projects. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are the fundamental topics in HTML?

While doing HTML projects, you have to keep in mind the fundamental topics in HTML including: Class | id Basic syntax and elements Tables in HTML Adding stylesheets Meta tags

2Which are the places where I can practice HTML?

If you are looking to do HTML practice projects, try the following places: Coderbyte CSSBattle freeCodeCamp JavaScript30 CodePen Challenges Frontend Mentor

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