The Complete Guide on How to Build Successful Sales Funnels: A Gifographic

Every business needs to have proper sales funnel to effectively guide potential customers through the conversion process. This will involve the entire process of attracting your target audience, engaging them, and then turning them into paying customers. While the process sounds fairly simple, the actual execution is much more challenging.
Here are some tips to help you develop a sales funnel that works.

It Starts with Knowing Your Audience

If you want your sales funnel to be a success, you need to have a clear understanding of your audience. This will help you discover the best ways to attract them and deliver your message to them, where they’re most likely to take notice of it. You’ll also be able to understand how to frame your message in a way that would appeal to them.
So you’ll need to find out:

    • Their interests


    • Their dislikes


    • Their pain points


  • Their most frequented social media channels

Once you’ve gained a better understanding of your target customers, you can take the time to create different buyer personas. You can create personas based on how certain customers will use the product and what would motivate them to buy the product.
Even among your customers, you may have different reasons for using and buying the product you’re selling. So it’s important to understand these differences and accordingly personalize your content and marketing strategies for each of them.
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Attract and Engage Your Target Audience

Using the information you’ve gathered about your audience, you should now be able to come up with a plan to attract them to your website and then engage them with your content.
First of all, you can drive relevant traffic to your site using the following options:

    • PPC campaigns targeting relevant people


    • SEO campaigns to optimize your site for search and enhance its visibility in relevant searches


    • Influencer marketing to attract an audience through real people


  • Guest posting to attract a relevant audience through quality content
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Additionally, you can amp up your content strategy and deliver high-quality content to your site visitors in order to engage them. By showcasing quality content that highlights the benefits of your product or services, you may be able to drive plenty of conversions.
Make sure people can easily complete their purchases so they don’t leave the sales funnel without converting. Interested to learn more about the various steps involved in creating successful sales funnel, check out this intriguing gifographic!

The Complete Guide on How to Build Successful Sales Funnel UpGrad Blog

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