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Skills Needed to Become a Blockchain Developer

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29th Sep, 2022
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Skills Needed to Become a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain development is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Companies are looking for blockchain developers to make new implementations, advance their current systems, and get ahead in the industry. 

That’s why it’s the best time to become a blockchain developer.

Blockchain developer skills are a combination of hard skills and soft skills from an abstract point of view. Thinking, how to become a blockchain developer, to start this journey, you should first learn the necessary blockchain developer skills you must have. In this article, we’ll discuss the same. So, let’s get started:

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What Is Blockchain Development?

Before delving into the different skills required for being a blockchain developer, let’s first clarify all your doubts regarding what is blockchain development? Well, blockchain development refers to a unique process wherein unchangeable DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is created, which is responsible for securely recording transactions and tracking assets. They may be physical assets such as money or other physical assets and can also be non-physical assets such as copyrights. 

Blockchain development carries several advantages for various industries worldwide. Infact, in this technology-driven world, more and more industries are turning to blockchain technology to ensure a secure, accurate mode of sharing information. Blockchain network provides their users with a transparent delivery and shortage, which might include tasks such as tracking orders, accounts, or any other data. Some of the various sectors where blockchain technology is being used vigorously are healthcare, finance, supply chain, and real estate, among others. Thus, you can well imagine that there has been a significant increase in the demand for blockchain developers all around the world. 

Advantages of Implementing Blockchain Solutions

There are a series of benefits a company can derive by implementing this technology in their business. Some of them include

  • Increased Transparency- One of the biggest benefits of using blockchain solutions for your business is that it enables a transparent view of the overall history of every transaction that is stored within the distributed ledger to all the members of the network. 
  • Boosts Speed And Efficiency- Outdated manual methods can cost a lot of precious time in managing transactional data. However, with the help of blockchain, you can automate and simplify the process, thus not only reducing time wastage but also ensuring that everyone is working from the same up-to-date ledger.
  • Significantly reducing the risk of fraud- With the help of blockchain, you can have direct access to a complete audit trail, which will further help you to understand the asset’s history. 
  • Decreased costs- You no longer need the help of third-party intermediaries since blockchain takes care of all the tasks. It results in a significant reduction of unnecessary spending and enables faster growth. 

With that said, let’s take a look at the various roles and responsibilities of blockchain developers, and the skills required to be a blockchain developer. 

A Brief Look at Blockchain Developers

Today blockchain applications transforming the world of technology. Blockchain developers handle the entire life cycle of a blockchain application. This means you’ll be responsible for the research as well as the execution of the application. 

They create the architecture of the system, make smart contracts, and optimize the protocols. As you must’ve guessed by now, they handle a lot of responsibilities, and that’s why they need to learn many blockchain skills to answer all the challenges in blockchain development. 

There are other professionals, too, who help a blockchain developer in their tasks, such as a blockchain engineer. 

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Types of Blockchain Developers

Blockchain developers are of two kinds:

  • Blockchain software developer
  • Core blockchain developer

They both are involved in blockchain development but have different responsibilities. We’ll take a look at them to get a brief idea of what they do.

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Blockchain Software

Blockchain software developers build applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol. Their apps run on the blockchain too. You can compare them with web developers, who use the products of a web architect (protocol and design) to develop web applications. 

Blockchain software developers create Dapps or decentralized applications. They are responsible for the front-end as well as back-end development of Dapps. They also supervise the stack that runs the Dapps. 

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Core Blockchain

These developers focus on the architecture development of a blockchain system. They design their consensus protocol and make most of the vital decisions related to blockchain. They supervise the network and design the architecture of the same. Core blockchain developers are responsible for the security of their blockchain network as well. 

Roles And Responsibilities Of Block Chain Developers

Below are some of the basic roles and responsibilities of a block chain developer. 

  • Optimizing blockchain applications with the help of the latest technologies and tools.
  • Cooperating with managers to find out the actual need for blockchain technology and envisaged functionalities.
  • Staying up to date with the latest innovations in blockchain technology and cryptography methods.
  • Sharing the various use of blockchain technology with sales personnel for a digitized and secure mode of payment.
  • Protecting digital transaction data against threats such as information hacks or cyber attacks with the help of cryptology techniques.
  • Using programming languages to create application features and interfaces. 

Top Blockchain Developer Skills 

As you must’ve noticed, blockchain developers have many responsibilities. To handle those responsibilities well, they need to possess a few skills as well. There are certain blockchain developer skills one need to develop and master in order to become a successful. Here are the primary blockchain developer skills you should have to face and manage blockchain development. 


Cryptography is the study of protocols that prevent unwanted parties from accessing your data. There are many essential concepts in cryptography you should be familiar with as you’ll need them during blockchain development.

For example, public-key cryptography is a crucial topic of blockchain. It forms the basis for the transactions we make through cryptocurrencies.

To make transactions of cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to have a wallet and the key to that wallet. That key proves your ownership of the wallet, that’s why it’s essential. Save transactions of cryptocurrencies take place through encryption and decryption of public and private keys. 

Another essential concept of Cryptography is cryptographic hashing. Hashing refers to producing an output of a specific length from an input of any length. The hash function could have information with 20 characters or 200 characters, but its output would only be of the length you’ve chosen. 

Certainly, cryptography is vital for the proper workings of blockchain technology. You should learn about it and its various aspects, including the topics we’ve discussed here. With its knowledge, you’ll be able to keep your blockchain data safe. 

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Smart Contracts

Since the day Ethereum entered the market, smart contracts have become a popular term in the blockchain industry. Almost every blockchain solution wants to use smart contracts for their benefit. So you can see how powerful this technology is. 

Smart contracts let two parties exchange goods or services without needing an intermediary. You can compare smart contracts with a vending machine. You put in the payment, choose the product you want, get the product along with the remaining change. There isn’t a third party involved in this transaction as it’s just you and the vending machine. 

Smart contracts finish only when the involved parties fulfill both of their conditions. It’s so effective because blockchain is decentralized. This means hundreds of users monitor your smart contract, and because they work on an IF-Then basis, there’s a possibility of error. 

You can use smart contracts in many areas of different industries, such as law, construction, and many others. It can remove the middlemen from contracts and help in saving money and resources. 

To become a blockchain developer, you should make yourself familiar with smart contracts. It is one of the essential blockchain developer skills. Multiple languages specifically focus on smart contract development, such as Chaincode and Viper. 

Data Structures

You’ll need to have extensive knowledge of data structures to become a blockchain developer. That’s because blockchain developers work with various data structures regularly as they have to build networks and implement them. 

The entire blockchain network is made up of data structures, as even a block is a type of data structure. A block clusters transactions for the public ledger because so it is a container data structure, whereas the public ledger is the blockchain. 

A block also contains a header, and the former is around 10,000x larger than the latter. As you can see, data structures are the fundamental concept of blockchain. You’ll need to master this topic to understand blockchain technology effectively. 

Learning about data structures will ensure that you know the basics of blockchain. Having a strong foundation helps you in understanding the advanced concepts more quickly. We’ve already mentioned cryptography; you’ll be using both of these technologies to build reliable, useful, and secure solutions. 

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Blockchain Architecture

To become a blockchain developer, you should be familiar with blockchain architecture. You should know what a ledger means in blockchain, what is consensus, and how smart contracts work. 

Blockchain architecture has three kinds; they are:

  • Consortium architecture

The consortium architecture isn’t wholly decentralized. Here, the members of a group have full authority. In these cases, the group is made up of multiple organizations. The Energy Web Foundation is a stellar example of such blockchain architecture types.

  • Private architecture

In a private blockchain architecture, only a few people are part of the system. It’s a popular application within organizations. Sawtooth and Fabric are famous examples of such architecture. Another essential quality of such architecture is that they are not decentralized.

  • Public architecture

Public architecture is the most decentralized type of blockchain architecture. Here, you can become a part of the network by mining or by making transactions. The most famous example of public blockchain architecture is Bitcoin, which you must’ve heard of by now. 

You should read the whitepaper of bitcoin on blockchain to become familiar with this topic. It requires a little effort, but be sure that it’s worth it because you’ll get familiar with all the fundamentals and the advanced concepts altogether. 

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Web Development

As a blockchain developer, you’ll be developing web apps in most cases. Learning web development will make you acquainted with all of its aspects, and you can use this knowledge to create robust web apps that use blockchain technology.

You’ll have to learn web design, development, and programming of apps, all of which will help you in developing better Dapps. Web development is crucial because most organizations require blockchain developers to create apps that people with no or minimal knowledge of blockchain could use. Having a vast experience of design will help you considerably in this purpose. 

Languages You Must Know

Blockchain development is vast. Apart from the topics we’ve discussed, you should also consider learning a few programming languages. A common question among beginners is, ‘What languages should I learn to become a blockchain developer?’ 

The following are the main languages you should learn as a part of your blockchain skills:


Java is popular among blockchain developers because of many qualities. It’s easy to learn, but it’s capable of developing many complex solutions. NEM, a popular cryptocurrency is based on Java. Java has more than 9 million developers as a part of its community. Moreover, it’s been present in the industry since 1995. Even though Java is old, it is still crucial so mastering data is important for blockchain development. 


C++ is a popular language among blockchain developers. You can perform a lot of tasks related to the blockchain with its help. The creators used C++ to create bitcoin core, so it’s certainly a must-have for any aspiring blockchain developer. 


Python is among the most popular programming languages on the planet. It’s versatile, and its various libraries enable you to use it for both front-end as well as back-end development. That’s why you should make yourself familiar with Python as well. 

Python has a significant community of more than 4 million developers. Such a thriving and supportive community can help you out with many problems and doubts. 

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You can also learn JavaScript, Ruby, and C#, along with the languages we’ve mentioned above. Ability to learn and work on multiple languages is one of the important blockchain developer skills. 

Learn Blockchain Developer Skills

Becoming a blockchain developer and get into blockchain development is quite easy. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can browse through our blog. 

We hope you liked our article on top blockchain developer skills. What do you think of blockchain skills? Out of the skills we’ve mentioned above, which one would you learn first? There is a rise in careers in blockchain development and blockchain has tremendously changed the very face of the technology industry forever. If you’re interested to become a blockchain developer and build smart contracts and chaincodes, checkout IIIT-B & upGrad’s Advanced Certificate Programme in Blockchain.


Mayank Sahu

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Mayank Sahu is the Program Marketing Manager with upGrad for all emerging technology vertical. His past experience is in analytics industry extensively in healthcare Domain. Mayank has completed his Graduation from IIT Delhi.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 How long does it take to become a blockchain developer?

The time it takes to become a blockchain developer may vary depending on your level of experience and expertise. If you are a beginner, you will need training or education to develop the necessary skill set. It all depends on whether you want to master it or learn the basics. With this in mind, you will likely need to invest at least a few months (if not longer) in becoming proficient in blockchain development. But if you want to become a master, it may take you as much as three years to internalize all the knowledge.

2 Is it possible to become a blockchain developer without a formal degree?

It is possible to become a blockchain developer without a formal degree. Many resources are available online to teach you the basics of blockchain development. Learning the required skills will enable you to become a developer, but already being adept with the programming languages will save you a lot of time. It is essential to note that blockchain development is a complex field, and it may be challenging to learn everything you need on your own. While it is not completely necessary, a formal degree in computer science or a related field may help you become a successful blockchain developer.

3Is learning Blockchain worth it?

Blockchain has infinite potential. It is a relatively new field, so the awareness is still spreading. With this field's high potential and growth rate, more and more job opportunities are rising. Many well-known companies hire blockchain developers. Learning these skills right now is the best choice you can make. When the market completely internalizes blockchain, you will already be ahead of the competition.

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