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8 Interesting Ethereum Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

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31st Aug, 2022
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8 Interesting Ethereum Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

Embarking on Ethereum project ideas for beginners is an exciting journey into the world of blockchain technology. As someone who has delved into Ethereum projects firsthand, I understand the allure and potential of this innovative platform. 

Ethereum opens up a realm of possibilities for developers, allowing them to create decentralized applications (dApps) that run on the blockchain. These projects not only showcase your technical skills but also offer practical insights into the decentralized ecosystem. 

In this guide, I’ll share a curated list of Ethereum project ideas tailored for beginners. These projects serve as excellent starting points to familiarize yourself with Ethereum’s capabilities while honing your development skills. 

Whether you’re a novice programmer or an experienced developer looking to explore blockchain technology, these Ethereum project ideas will ignite your creativity and pave the way for a rewarding journey into decentralized application development. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of Ethereum projects together. 

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Understanding Decentralized Applications or dApps?

dApps stand for digital applications or online programs that run based on blockchain or a peer-to-peer network. The network is those of computers and never just one single computer.

This means that dapps are not within the purview or control of any single authority. This is the reason why they are called decentralized. Mostly, these stand based on the Ethereum platform. These might be developed for reasons such as social media, gaming, or even finance. These are a few simple dapp ideas. Such simple dapp ideas find implementation across varied domains.

Ethereum is a leading computing platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized applications capable of controlling digital value. The code-writing and IT skills required for building and deploying Ethereum applications are quite different from your usual programming fundamentals.

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In the cryptocurrency space, such dApps run over blockchain networks in an open-source, public, and, decentralized environment. Most dapp ideas 2022 stand free from the control and further interferences from a single authority. For instance, a developer for dapp ideas 2022 can create an app on lines of Twitter and set it up on a blockchain for all users to publish messages. Even creators of the app cannot delete the message once posted.

In this article, we will suggest suitable Ethereum project ideas so that you can hit the ground running and keep up with the developer activities in the blockchain technology space. 

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Ethereum features

Ethereum’s architecture comprises a virtual machine that performs scripts using an internal node network. Another distinct feature is “ether,” the digital coin or token used to make payments by replacing third parties on the internet. Due to its free public accessibility and smart contract functionality, Ethereum has emerged as a popular choice among all industry players, from programmers to small and big businesses. 

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History and scope 

Ever since Vitalic Butterin introduced the idea of Ethereum in his white paper, the program has achieved several impressive advances. The project was finally completed in the year 2015 with the help of the Ethereum Switzerland foundation. Today, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a global community that includes Ethereum developers, innovators, block startups, and even some Fortune 500 companies. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, it will transform all aspects of traditional business and commerce. 

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DApps using Ethereum

Ethereum is a next-generation platform that supports Distributed Applications or DApps. You can design the following three types of DApps on this platform:

  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Gambling

Below, we have compiled some Ethereum project ideas covering each category. Replicating projects would not only boost your computing knowledge but also polish your practical skills. And as you immerse yourself in the real-world applicability of something that interests you, you can connect the dots better and design innovative solutions. So, read on and get inspired!  

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Why Ethereum-based Dapps Are Reliable?

The network for Ethereum is currently a dominator in the sphere of dApp development for several reasons. The ecosystem for Ethereum implements a development interface that minimizes programming timelines. It also helps to launch projects quickly. More so, Ethereum developer-based community has remarkably grown since its launch. Ethereum retains major network effects stemming from the global coalition of technologists. The latter remains committed to adjusting the network while actively developing resources for driving adoption. Additionally, the ability to adequately monetize dApp projects boosts others for partaking in the Ethereum ecosystem, even for solidity beginner projects.

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Ethereum Project Ideas & Topics

1. Distributed Exchange (DEX) for Ethereum ecosystem

DEX is a solution concerning the economy and finance domain. In Ethereum, tokens like ERC20 and ERC721 deliver the same functionality as bitcoins, allowing more sophisticated workability than fund-transfers. ERC20 tokens represent a single type of asset, such as investments or stocks in a company. On the other hand, collectable coins used in games are a typical example of ERC721 tokens, which represent a class of assets. 

A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange enables direct transactions using these tokens and eliminates third-party interference. The choice of DEX also depends on the type of tokens. While IDEX is suitable for ERC20, Opensea is a widely accepted marketplace for ER721 tokens. 

You can try developing your own exchange with the help of these references. Through the trading process, you will encounter some liquidity and compliance challenges. So, let us address these concerns beforehand. To attract more liquidity, stick to one niche or specialization in your exchange. And make sure that you comply with the existing financial regulations with regard to cryptocurrency exchanges. 

2. ERC721 Game

If video gaming is one of your passions, have a look at the game called CryptoKitties. This DApp lets you breed, buy, and sell virtual pet kittens, where each cat denotes an ERC721 token asset. We have explained the game’s working in the steps below.

  • Primary market: This is where the game creators sell virtual characters (such as kittens, animals, superheroes, etc.) and any other assets like cars and planets. 
  • Secondary market: It is the marketplace where the players trade their assets. 
  • Interaction between assets: Character assets like cats and superheroes can interact in numerous ways—for example, fighting and breeding. 
  • Asset interest: Some of the virtual assets like planets can generate interest similar to investments in bonds. In CrytoKitties, the 0xUniverse planets produce resources for a specified time.
  • Earning method: The developers of the game make money by charging for the primary market transactions. They can also earn transaction fees in the secondary marketplace, but they don’t enjoy a monopoly there.

Blockchain-based games have various advantages over non-blockchain alternatives. Firstly, digital items can be traded freely on third-party platforms like Opensea, and the makers of the game cannot freeze anyone’s assets. Additionally, the players can also choose to use their ERC721 tokens in another game modification, even if the creators decide to shut down the original version. 

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3. Online Casino

Ethereum is gaining visibility in the gambling space as well. In an online casino, players bet their Ether to earn more of this currency, similar to a traditional gambling facility. This kind of DApp makes money by charging a house fee from the users and has much less legal dictates as compared to DEX. It is also relatively uncomplicated to build. 

With this, we have covered one example each from decentralized finance, gaming, and gambling. You can find a multitude of other Ethereum project ideas from DApp Lists and Hackathons. Websites like Dapp radar and State of the Dapps compile statistics related to active users, transaction volume, etc. to inform you about the popularity of different DApps. In the next section, we have mentioned a few interesting applications that are currently under construction around the world.

4. Minecraft-like virtual real estate

Blockchain technology is adding innovative dimensions to leisure and recreational activities. The existence of the virtual world of Etheria backs this argument. It is a crypto-real estate where players can own tiles, grow them as blocks, and finally construct things with them. All the actions in this space take place through a decentralized blockchain, devoid of any central authority. 

5. KYC chain

The present-day digital arena faces increasing risks of financial frauds, theft, etc. Such crimes call for reliable ways to safeguard people’s identity. KYC-Chain is a banking solution that would allow users to share only the necessary information through “identity wallets.” The service employs Etherium to store the KYC documents in a decentralized database. And the data can be retrieved only by the trusted gatekeeper/authenticator and the users themselves. 

6. Credit access for small businesses

Small businesses in Kenya are set to benefit from a DApp that deploys smart contracts. The platform, known as 4G Capital, seeks to digitize the grassroots by connecting international donors with small enterprises and the self-employed sector. This concept could prove to be a game-changer for the African informal economy by introducing digital currency contributions and 100% unsecured debt funding. The 4G Capital project also empowers the base of the pyramid with services like micro-consulting and business training. 

7. A social network for artists

Even artists are riding the bandwagon of Ethereum due to the transparency it offers. A web platform called Ampliative Art is contributing to the creative community through its reciprocity-based model and alternative rewards. It provides artists an opportunity to exhibit their work and set up their own galleries. Both artists and users can earn rewards through tips, donations, shares, comments, and reviews. Your engagement within the community determines your rewards and reputation on the website.  

8. Crowdfunding

WeiFund is a crowdfunding platform being developed on the Ethereum ecosystem. Its user interface and experience is almost identical to conventional fundraising solutions like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc. The only difference is that WeiFund’s crowdfunding campaigns will collect and manage digital contributions in the Ether currency. 

You can use the above DApps to ask yourself how they are solving the problems in the blockchain ecosystem. You can then design your own system with the same functionalities. With the right tools and preparation, you will be all fit to begin your journey into a token-powered blockchain future!  

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Understanding The Diversification Of  An Ethereum-dApp Ecosystem

Along with a development kit, application template, and MetaMask integrations, EVM also secures the rank of Ethereum as this industry’s top dApp-construction system for solidity beginner projects and others. These tools combine to offer a highly developer-friendly experience.

This effectively attracts new project workers as well as larger communities. The network that results helps to accelerate product monetization since real people do interact with such dApps in meaningful ways. The same dynamic ensures that projects can develop and implement viable business models critical to viability that spans a longer term.

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The next steps

As the relevance and use of digital currency expand, Ethereum developers are expected to be in demand worldwide. Large-scale blockchain implementations will create lucrative positions and diverse job roles requiring varying competencies and technical skills. 

Moreover, with the growing number of internet-connected devices, the demand for skilled blockchain professionals and Etherium experts will also rise in the new-age technology fields of IoT and AI. Hence, there is a vast scope for experimentation and growth in this area. 

Existing networks such as TRON and EOS present significant disruptions as a counter to Ethereum’s dominance.  The network activity is leveraged on high-risk activity picks, though. Alternatives to the Ethereum- dApp frameworks could cause immense growth in DeFi, too, but that is a topic for another chapter.

An Ethereum project can be like a blockchain boot camp that helps you learn, explore, and practice. So, dive deeper into the above resources and move closer to your career goals by implementing Ethereum project ideas!

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Delving into Ethereum project ideas for beginners offers a gateway to the fascinating realm of blockchain technology. Through understanding decentralized applications (dApps) and exploring Ethereum’s features, we’ve laid the groundwork for embarking on innovative projects. Reflecting on Ethereum’s history and scope, it’s evident that the platform’s potential for decentralized application development is vast and promising.  

The reliability of Ethereum-based dApps further underscores their viability for real-world applications. With a curated list of project ideas and topics, beginners have a solid foundation to kickstart their journey into Ethereum development. As mid-career professionals, the next steps involve diving deeper into these projects, further honing skills, and embracing the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology. The journey into Ethereum project development promises to be both rewarding and enriching. 


Mayank Sahu

Blog Author
Mayank Sahu is the Program Marketing Manager with upGrad for all emerging technology vertical. His past experience is in analytics industry extensively in healthcare Domain. Mayank has completed his Graduation from IIT Delhi.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

11. What are the alternatives to Ethereum?

There are a few different alternatives to Ethereum, like a public blockchain, private blockchain, and hybrid blockchains. Public blockchains are open, public networks that anyone can join. The best known example of this is Bitcoin. Private blockchains are closed networks where only certain people or organizations can participate, such as Hyperledger fabric. Hybrid blockchains have features of both private and public blockchains. The most famous hybrid blockchain is the ICON blockchain.

22. How safe is Ethereum?

The Ethereum blockchain is very safe. This is because of the many features, including security protocols, decentralized consensus, and smart contracts. Additionally, the Ethereum blockchain is open source, which means that anyone can audit it. This enables the source to be monitored by the users and the community. Additionally, being open-source does not interfere with its security because the entire program is decentralized. Because of this feature, all the users and clients have to approve a particular decision.

33. What coins are built on Ethereum? How do they compare to bitcoins?

There are many different types of coins that are built on the Ethereum network. Some popular currencies made on Ethereum include OmiseGO, Augur, Golem, and Status. Bitcoin is the first crypto currency and it was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency, and verifies transactions using several nodes. It is unique because the amount of bitcoins is limited. OmiseGO is an Ethereum-based financial technology company that enables real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange. OmiseGO's OMG token was one of the top performers during the 2017 cryptocurrency boom, achieving a market capitalization of over US$1 billion in August. While Bitcoins are more famous and have a more extensive market base, OmiseGO has a smaller market share and is still rising, so the potential of earning is more.

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