16 Exciting Javascript Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2021]

The degrees of separation between our material world and our virtual world is progressively narrowing down and the two often get enmeshed in one another. To give an example, imagine being away from home and craving your mothers’ famous recipes and egging yourself to recreate them in your kitchen? Now, a bit of guidance from the expert would do you good, wouldn’t it? This is where web-based video calling emerges as the saving grace.

Irrespective of your physical distance, you can see, hear, speak with each other from either side of the screen in real-time. This is just one of the many boons of technology that we have been blessed with. As software development advances, we are able to transcend several stopgaps of our daily lives and lead a more empowered and globally connected life. For all these little joys of life, we have our developers and their programming languages to thank. 

Software development greatly relies on intricate codes that enable the applications and webpages to perform the set tasks. One might say development in the coding languages have bolstered the functionality of the webpages and applications to a large extent. From markup languages, we have arrived at a high level interpreted programming language.

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This development has facilitated innumerable technological innovations ranging from cloud computing to artificial intelligence. Javascript is one such language, which in the current context is regarded as the bedrock of all cutting edge technological innovations. 

What is Javascript? How is it different from HTML?

As a  proto-typed language that has multiple object-oriented features, Javascript has diversified the landscape of coding to a great extent and bolstered the process of application development and operations significantly.  JavaScript consists of functions that facilitate the performance of specified tasks through certain blocks of codes.  Many perceive Javascript as an upgraded version of HTML. However,  JavaScript and HTML have some basic differences. 

  • While JavaScript is a high level interpreted programming language that helps in scripting codes, HTML is essentially a markup language. 
  • HTML endows a website with a basic content structure, JavaScript helps in enhancing and styling the content. 
  • JavaScript elements are more interactive and scalable than HTML. 
  • The HTML codes are displayable on a browser whereas JavaScript codes are readable only by the servers.

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What is the utility served by Javascript?

Javascript’s widespread popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is a highly intuitive and dynamic scripting language, enabling the developers to perform high level tasks using custom functions, animations and a lot more. This is a unique feature of JavaScript which enables users to substitute the in-built functions. JavaScript’s functions are not just limited to displaying custom messages but also deals with adding and modifying the existing events. 

JavaScript also is popular among the developers for the properties to enhance the HTML animations. The animations in JavaScript are done upon the container elements. The programming codes on the element invokes gradual changes which in turn are executed with the help of a timer. 

As one of the important programming languages to learn, JS has already attuned to respond to automation, Javascript facilitates a great deal of innovation while developing interactive applications. In that context, developers can optimise Javascript projects to cover different domains of customer utility. From lifestyle to finance management, Javascript projects can upgrade different facets of our lives. We have curated a list of feasible Javascript practice projects which can be developed further, across domains and cater to a diverse customer base. 

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Some of the plausible Javascript Project Ideas

1. Gaming

Javascript embeds a wide array of intuitive features which is one of the key ingredients of gaming development. From mouseovers where hovering the mouse on an icon can initiate an action to encrypted mazes, game developers find coding for games with Javascript a lot more enthralling experience when compared to the HTML and CSSS combination.

Javascript can also enhance the degree of automation as well as visual effects by introducing 3d and 4 d effects to the games. The range of games that can be developed using Javascript will vary from simple online pong games to complicated Mario type games. The important Components of video game design that makes a game better and creative.

2. Secure Transactions

Automation and machine learning have revolutionized our traditional methods of banking. Today, we can transfer any amount of money to anywhere in the world within a span of seconds through a simple mouse-click. All this has been realized through advanced and sleek payment gateways.

However, the risk of fraud continues to loom large. This is where Javascript codes can be employed to provide that additional layer of security. Using Javascript frameworks, especially the AngularJS framework, developers can ensure that transactions are secure and authenticated only by the rightful users. Learn more on angularJS for web development.

This same principle may be applied to even privacy issues over data usage. Authenticating web logins through unique code sent to emails or phones is yet another focus area where a Javascript practice project is likely to be in huge demand. 

3. Online quizzes

Whether it be just for the gags or some serious attempt to get an insight into a topic that has been clouding our mind for a while, online quizzes are something we all indulge in at some point or the other. 

With Javascript projects, these quizzes can be made a lot more intuitive. Several Javascript frameworks are well aligned with artificial intelligence. So for quizzes like personality tests or relationship tests, designing quizzes using interactive elements of Javascript will resonate well with the audience. 

4. Finance Management

 Those of us who had rejoiced after our last math exams realized soon enough that math and its tentacles will never quite leave our side. Be it at the grocer’s or at the end of a dinner with friends, calculations inevitably find their way to torment us.

Javascript can easily program a cost divider application that can automatically split costs and divide our expenses without you having to wrack your brains. Applications like splits can act as a prototype for such Javascript practice projects and thereon, more features and utility can be added to such applications. 

5. Visual Storytelling

Audiobooks and podcasts are increasingly becoming popular among the busy netizens who, despite wanting to be in touch with stories, end up not having the time to look up from their laptop screens. Javascript can optimize this phenomenon to help people make the best of both worlds.

Content lies in great storytelling so visualization of stories on our screens which we are otherwise unable to read can go a long way in connecting us back to those old habits. Children can not only read the stories but also see them unfold on screens. Javascript’ automation features can be leveraged to develop these projects which are surely going to be a huge hit. 

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6. Adaptive social media interface

Advent of social media has transformed our modes of communication in such a way that emoticons have emerged as a new “lingua franca”. We no longer need to rely on words to show our “love”, “like” or “care” on Facebook posts. Visual demonstration of emotions can enhance the quality of electronic communications to a great extent. Here again, Javascript coding can innovate Facebook and WhatsApp reacts and emoticons and render a different dimension to our virtual conversations. 

7. Navigation and Maps

Digital maps have revolutionized our short term as well as long term travels.  Introducing enhanced dynamic elements in navigation apps is a foolproof formula for success. Why this makes for an ideal Javascript practice project is because the Javascript ecosystem brings in a comprehensive framework that will cover both your frontend and backend needs.

So the developers need not go back and forth with the user and server-side coding but manage the whole functioning of the applications in a singular framework.  The plethora of libraries that are available in Javascript makes it ripe for more innovations. Literally, one can mold a virtual travel companion using Javascript.

8. Communication applications

Today, at the forefront of technological development lies IT and one of the biggest boons of IT has been the myriad communication means which connect people from various remote corners of the world together. From WhatsApp to Google Duo, customers are flooded with means to stay in touch with their loved ones at every step of the way. But there’s always room for improvement.

Up until recently, WhatsApp had limitations on the number of people who can be on call at one go. Similarly, while there’s already a lot available, there’s always some or the other communications needs of the customers that seem to be missing. Leveraging this lacuna, one may consider developing a real time chatting application using Javascript. Javascript has the largest source libraries and tools among all the other frameworks and consequently, using one platform can cover both front end and back end requisites of the project. 

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9. Online Business management app

One Javascript project which is sure to be a hit is an aggregator application.  Javascript framework can furnish every aspect of scripting an aggregator app. Accordingly, one area to explore would be the business management domain. Gone are the days when the head would be expected to scutter from site to site to manage the business.

Multiple applications can cover the day to day business activities and can be managed remotely. Javascript may be utilized to integrate these features, ranging from financial needs to operational challenges, into a single application. This can be further animated using HTML and CSSS and be designed to serve a larger audience. 

10. Building offline functionality

As our dependencies on web applications for our daily activities increase so does our need for greater internet bandwidth.  Every minute aspect of our lives, from communications to shopping, from travels to banking have become web based these days. But, we all know the inconsistencies in network coverage which often affects our use of web applications.

Javascript inbuilt libraries and nodes can be manipulated to cache the files of the web applications so that they can be used even where the network is unavailable or is sparse. This can be made possible using Javascript where the performance of your applications will no longer be dependent on the availability of the network.

Google’s workbox, encapsulating this principle, has had a strong run. Developing similar applications can widen the customer reach and enhance the functionality of the applications to a large extent. 

11. Animation in Web design

Any scripting language’s mainstay revolves around upgrading the webpage designs and Javascript provides the ideal platform for innovating and incorporating dynamic and interactive elements on it. Be it adding animation on the page or on the application or enabling intuitive design elements on a given webpage, portfolio websites have been one of the most popular Javascript practice projects.

This can be taken a notch up by including DOM elements on the page so that the users get to witness unique animation even when the page is loading or while scrolling down the page. 

12. Weather Checker

Javascript framework can trace GPS elements to utmost accuracy and also detect weather conditions. For heightened accuracy and real time weather mapping, Javascript can be a good choice for application developers. Pairing postal codes to detect the weather as well as provide forecasts are features that developers can look towards building using the Javascript source nodes. 

13. Classroom management system

As the world recalibrates towards a more virtual living by orienting a larger share of their daily activities to the digital space, the need for customized applications have been on the rise. In this context, developers can turn to Javascripts’ diverse libraries for solutions.

Using Node JS or any other appropriate framework, one can prepare a virtual register for students which will comprise everything about the student, from attendance to scores and tracking submissions. Teachers would no longer be dependent on hearsay or physical presence to supervise a student’s classroom progress. 

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14. Banking

We had earlier discussed the boons of a finance management application through Javascript. On similar lines, for retail customers who often have to grapple with multiple bank accounts, payments, credits, beneficiaries etc. and it all gets rather confusing. Imagine a singular platform, akin to an e-wallet but only a direct online banking platform that caters to all your banking needs at the click of a mouse! Javascript can provide a comprehensive banking solution for everyone. 

15. Downloading and Streaming platforms

Besides web application, Javascript can also be used to develop plugins that can assist in smooth file streaming and downloading. Imagine a Youtube video or a song on Wynk that you need on your computer system but aren’t able to get access. Such Javascript downloading mechanisms, subject to compliance restrictions, can widen the users access and use of online content to a large extent. Users can seamlessly download any desired object from a page using these plugins. 

16. Web Assistant

For those whose job entails a significant amount of research, scraping through keywords and painfully browsing through the overwhelming number of both relevant and irrelevant suggestions can be a real task.

To ease out the web search woes, one can develop a bot or a virtual assistant that can streamline the web searches, assist in page scraping and even perform additional tasks like summarising pages, bookmarking relevant sections and keep a track of all the appropriate databases. The functionality can be increased and customised according to the feasibility but this is certainly one Javascript project that has a huge potential.  


We hope you found our list useful. Practice makes anything perfect. So, get your hands dirty on these javascript project ideas.

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