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Top 10 Hackathon Project Ideas & Topics
What is a Hackathon? Companies organize hackathon events to allow tech enthusiasts to participate in software or hardware-related challenges that they must solve within a fixed period (usually two days or more).  The main goal behind hosting such events is to get a fresh set of innovative ideas and, in the process, also find prototypes of products that hold great potential and are production-worthy. It is also a way to discover skilled talent for their teams. How can Participating in Hackathons help you? Hackathons are undoubtedly great learning and innovation opportunities. It gives you the required exposure for handling real-world scenarios. Before you step into employment, academic life prepares you for industry life with hands-on projects that help you gain the necessary skills.  Hackathons give you hands-on experience and an extensive idea about how the industry functions. It boosts your confidence level as a professional. Companies need talented individuals, and with your innovative hackathon examples, you can prove you are worthy. It may just prove to be your big break.  Learn Software Development Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs or Masters Programs to fast-track your career. HealthTech Hackathon Project Ideas Demand for healthcare is perpetual and always at an all-time high. There is still potential for automating daily health operative processes with technology with technological innovation.  The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have revolutionized modern health tech. But, there is always room for innovation and betterment.  Here are a few health-tech hackathon topics: Virtual health assistant: You can develop a device to help people with acute medical conditions monitor their vitals and health parameters regularly for a healthier life.  It should come with features to monitor conditions like diabetes. Plus, it should include medication reminders and SOS alerts to notify family members or emergency contacts in case of health deterioration.  Remote patient examination: This is another great concept where you can make a mobile app that gives doctors the ability to gain real-time access and monitor the vital signs of a patient from anywhere around the globe. Doctors should be able to determine the patient’s condition and decide if they require hospitalization. It can also help out with general medical assistance or first aid. Popular Courses & Articles on Software Engineering Popular Programs Executive PG Program in Software Development - IIIT B Blockchain Certificate Program - PURDUE Cybersecurity Certificate Program - PURDUE MSC in Computer Science - IIIT B Other Popular Articles Cloud Engineer Salary in the US AWS Solution Architect Salary in US Backend Developer Salary in the US Front End Developer Salary in US Web developer Salary in USA Scrum Master Interview Questions How to Start a Career in Cyber Security Career Options in the US for Engineering Students .wpdt-fs-000020 { font-size: 20px !important;} ConsumerTech Hackathon Ideas Smartphones, smart homes, drones, etc., are consumer tech devices that make great platforms for implementing AI and ML-based solutions. Below is a list of the best hackathon ideas related to consumer tech: Automate homes and offices: A completely autonomous facility running on smart energy is a brilliant intelligent home solution, but for an office. It will be completely AI-based, using deep learning to recognize behavioral patterns at home or office for better management of energy consumption, thereby lowering operating costs. There can be a feature that can help track employee attendance with the help of CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition similar to fingerprint scanners and RFID. Autonomous Drones: Another brilliant hackathon examples is an AI-powered camera drone programmed with object tracking data via GPS, proximity, and motion sensors. This autonomous drone will not need a human pilot and can help people take professional photos and videos on vacation, which is ideal for solo traveling. AutoTech Hackathon Ideas Technology has taken the automobile industry places. Many brands are investing heavily in hybrid technologies that improve the vehicle’s performance and reduce its environmental impact. Here are some excellent auto tech hackathon topics:- Find parking spots: You can create a smartphone app that detects if any parking spots are available in a designated area. This can help drivers concentrate on their driving and reduce fuel consumption by quickly finding a parking spot. You can also include features like speed cameras and speed limit warnings. Pedestrian safety: This is another brilliant hackathon idea where you can create a working prototype to help passenger vehicles reduce their speed or halt the car once it detects pedestrians. It can be equipped with proximity, infrared and motion sensors, and AI and GPS to detect pedestrians to reduce the speed depending on the vehicle’s location.  Other Great Hackathon Ideas Develop a Creative Blog: This best hackathon ideas falls among the most popular ones. Although it is a similar idea, you can customize it in your creative way. You can build a smart and dynamic website to show your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS skills. You can also use advanced tools like React.js, Angular, and Node.js. You can share valuable knowledge and make sure it is search-friendly, user-friendly, and well-indexed. Gamification: Gamification is another project ideas for hackathon in high demand today. It has helped people from every industry accomplish complicated tasks but has also helped in successfully keeping audiences engaged. This can be a complex hackathon ideas for company, but it can be a winning concept if you are skilled in HTML5 and JavaScript. To successfully create a gamification project, first, have a comprehensive understanding of the problem and research to gain domain knowledge before developing interactive games for solving the hackathon problem given to you. Stock Market with Active Tips for Beginners: Investing in the stock market is a great way to make money if you know how to. Not everyone fully understands the stock market and how it exactly works. Advice from everyone does not help, and you need a live trading app that shows you in real-time the current prices and enables you to determine what to buy or sell. Here is where the hackathon idea comes into being. You can also add features to this app where it recommends buy-sell tips with targets on the same screen.  Smart Butler: We have seen this concept in movies and read about them in fiction. A smart robot programmed to do simple domestic tasks at home is a nifty futuristic idea. With technology advancing steadily, the future is just a minute away, and presenting this hackathon concept is a great attempt to materialize that idea. You can easily create a smart butler robot utilizing concepts like the IoT, AI, ML, natural language processing, and deep learning. Tips to Win a Hackathon Participating in a project ideas for hackathon can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but winning one requires careful planning, creativity, teamwork, and technical skills. So, for best results, here are some valuable tips that will help you succeed in a hackathon topics. 1. Understand the Rules Read the hackathon guidelines thoroughly so that it will help you to decide which project to choose. Familiarize yourself with judging criteria and expectations. 2. Build a Skilled Team Form a team with diverse coding, design, and communication skills. Collaborate effectively, ensuring everyone’s strengths are utilized perfectly. 3. Grasp the Theme Understand the hackathon ideas for company theme and brainstorm ideas within its context. Choose a unique concept that aligns with the theme and solves a problem. 4. Plan Wisely Create a clear roadmap with tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. Focus on the core features first, that means, polish your additional functionalities later if time allows. 5. Prototype Early Develop a basic prototype quickly to validate your project idea. Use this prototype to find out  potential challenges and refine your concept. 6. User-Centric Approach Prioritize user experience (UX) in your design and functionality. Gather feedback from potential users and iteratively improve your project based on their input. 7. Utilize Resources Leverage existing tools, frameworks, and libraries to save time. Explore open-source resources for additional functionalities and enhancements. 8. Incorporate Emerging Tech Integrate cutting-edge technologies like AI, blockchain, or IoT for innovation. Ensure these technologies serve a practical purpose in your project. 9. Practice Presentation Prepare a clear, concise, and engaging pitch. Create a live demo or prototype to showcase your project’s functionality. 10. Test Rigorously Thoroughly test your project for bugs and errors. Conduct user acceptance testing with real users to refine your project further. 11. Accept Feedback Be open to judges’ feedback and be willing to adapt your project. Embrace criticism as an opportunity for improvement. 12. Stay Positive and Focused Maintain a positive attitude even when facing challenges. Stay focused on your goals and adapt to changing circumstances. 13. Document Your Work Maintain detailed documentation, including code and design decisions. Use version control systems for efficient collaboration within your team. 14. Engage Socially Network with other participants, mentors, and organizers. Participate in discussions and seek advice from experienced hackers. Following these simple and actionable tips can easily boost your chances of winning the hackathon ideas for company. But remember to stay innovative, work collaboratively, and present your ideas passionately to leave a lasting impression on the judges to get your dream job. Conclusion We can already conclude by saying that participating in best hackathon ideas can motivate you to come up with innovative ideas and work on the go, making you industry-ready. It will prepare you to handle real-life situations. If you want to take your career a step further, you can consider enrolling yourself in the top-tier Professional Certificate Program in Data Science for Business Decision Making program from upGrad.
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by Kamal Jacob

19 Oct 2023

Top 5 Law Books to Read to Increase Your Skills [US]
Law students have to read through tons of books through the years to become successful attorneys. It helps improve their skill set and enhances their impromptu problem-solving skills, which will come in handy in court. It has been found that law students spend more than 18.6 hours a week reading for class. American Bar Association says that attorneys spend 17% of their workday doing legal research, proving legal books to be of utmost importance for the profession. However, the question still arises, how to do conclusive legal research? For that, lawyers and law students must read certain books to clarify their basics and enhance their skills. This will prepare them for diverse cases and scenarios, approaching them in the future accordingly.  Here we have listed down some best law books online and offline that you can read to upgrade your skill set in the field of law.  Legal Project Management Books  Legal Project Management plays a vital role in law. This specifically focuses on defining, planning, managing lawyers, and acting as legal managers. In Legal Project Management, lawyers often have to adapt to different roles as project managers or be a part of a project team that will further help them with their clients. Using project management tools and techniques for client matters helps the legal services team to deliver improved products that will be cost-effective with reduced risks and optimal client communication. Aspiring lawyers hoping to pursue a career in Legal Project Management must know about legal Project management to inherit the skills further and improve their careers. If you want to dig deeper into the world of legal Project management, you should read Susan Raridon Lambeth and David A. Rueff’s “The Power of Legal Project Management: A Practical Handbook.” It is one of the best law books online. You can get a more accessible understanding with a keen practical knowledge of legal project management at your workplace. Corporate lawyers, consultants, and different software vendors from more than 30 firms have given their insights in this book that will come in handy to you in the future. This book is fit for both aspiring lawyers and professional lawyers as well.  Books On Corporate Law  Business law books are sometimes considered a dense topic. There are many books available that are related to this topic. If you want to understand corporate law from its vantage point, this book is an excellent option. Even though it is primarily devised for law students, it will still cater to your needs for practice. In corporate law, you must be well-versed with the company’s governing bodies while understanding the laws embedded in the American Bar Association regarding the topic and abide by them.  “The Anatomy of Corporate Law: A Comparative and Functional Insights,” by Reinier Kraakman et al., gives a holistic approach to different fields of interpretations in corporate law. The third edition has finally included more global economies like Brazil, India, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. This book is an excellent choice if you want to practice law abroad.  Best Law Books For Time Management  Time management is a crucial characteristic. Be it in the field of law or any other aspect; time management plays a vital role. Time management comes in handy when you are trying to boost productivity in the office or figure out a way to log off from work early.  Lawyers and law students are generally not known for their time management skills. They typically do not possess a healthy work-life balance. The book by Shaw McNalis and Mark Powers, “Time Management For Attorneys: A Lawyer’s Guide To Decreasing Stress, Eliminating Interruptions & Getting Home on Time,” helps to address the issues by providing actionable advice on how to manage time in the legal profession. You will learn to optimize your daily schedule and tips to eliminate any disruptions. This book is appropriate for both students as well as professional lawyers.  Law Books about Landmark Rulings  Being a lawyer, you should always keep in mind the landmark ruling cases that have changed legal history. There are amazing books based on landmark rulings that will provide you with a clear insight into the law. “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History Of How Our Government Segregated America” by Richard Rothstein gives a detailed account of the USA’s history of segregation. The writing is both powerful and informative. It provides a holistic approach to the different landmark rulings by the United States Supreme Court. It is not meant for light reading, but it does shed light on the role of the US government in keeping America segregated. You will learn a great deal about American history and the discrimination that was seen in federal laws. Books on Criminal Laws  Criminal laws deal with the study of crimes and criminal behaviors. It focuses on the concepts of the penalties one might be paying for committing a particular crime, whether cash or kind. Criminology, on the other hand, deals with totally different aspects. It deals with criminals in general and their behavior. The assessment could only be made after studying the individual and knowing the reasons for their criminal behaviors.  The roots of criminal laws trace back more than 200 years ago. It was one of the primal sources of justice and penal systems before any other topic came into being. It laid the groundwork for generations which is now made easier with different sophisticated tools and methods. Criminal laws have been evolving daily with modern statistics, case studies, typologies, and predictive analytics. Joshua Dressler, an eminent faculty of Ohio State University, wrote “Understanding Criminal Law,” which breaks down the concepts of substantive criminal law. It upholds the Model Penal Code’s fundamentals and specific legal theories of punishment and proportionality. The latest edition incorporates accomplice liability and other vital aspects of criminal law.  Conclusion  Law students must go through many reading materials to build a proper career. Even after becoming a lawyer, reading material helps keep track of contemporary cases and verdicts. The above books talk about the main components of the law that students generally read. You can look for different topics and look for the best law books online.  If you are interested in doing a master’s in law to strengthen your legal skills further, check out Upgrad’s Master of Laws- International Business and Finance Laws course. It is a law degree offered by Golden Gate University, accredited by the American Bar Association. The course is specifically curated with crucial legal concepts for working professionals to pursue a degree while continuing practice. The program duration is for 12 months. Do check out the website right away!  Learn Law Courses from the World’s top Universities. Earn an LLM Degree to fast-track your career. You can also check out our free courses offered by upGrad in Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Technology. All of these courses have top-notch learning resources, weekly live lectures, industry assignments, and a certificate of course completion – all free of cost!  
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by upGrad

26 Apr 2023

10 Most Asked Nursing Interview Questions & Answers in US [2024]
Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world. Following its significance in the medical profession, more and more people are aiming toward a career in nursing. Reports show that there will be a growth of 6% in the employment of nurses from 2021 to 2031. Becoming a competent nurse is a complex job that demands proficiency and balance in emotional skills like compassion, resilience, and empathy to deliver the best treatment and care to patients.  While the nursing profession comes with tough challenges, it has equally fulfilling rewards. A good nurse must have excellent socio-emotional and technical skills to handle patients, doctors, and patient parties. If you can care for a patient in the worst times with steady hands and a calm mind, you are suitable for the profession.  To become a nurse, you must sit for nursing exams, clear training sessions, and crack the interview. Nursing interviews can be extremely challenging, but you can surely tackle them with a little guidance. Nursing interviews usually test your skills and knowledge in different areas like crisis management, patient care, professional behavior, patient education, clinical decision-making, and so on.  Here we will discuss some of the most commonly asked nursing interview questions to help your ace your interviews! 10 Most Commonly Asked Staff Nurse Interview Questions and Answers Interestingly, there is no textbook standard for nursing interviews. Therefore, most nursing questions and answers for interviews are from real-life incidents. It is best to rehearse some questions to have complete confidence during the interview. Let us look at some of these student nursing interview questions and answers to offer you a glance at you can approach such questions. 1. Do you find nursing to be a rewarding career? Explain.  There is no doubt that nursing is an exceptionally rewarding and gratifying career. Nurses are responsible for taking care of their patients and paving the way for quick recovery. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your patient get well and return home in good health. Apart from this, nursing is undoubtedly a financially gratifying career, not to mention other perks and retirement benefits that add to its appeal.  2. What would you do to handle a difficult patient? One of the most commonly asked BSc nursing interview questions is related to patient handling. Nurses often need to handle difficult patients. The first step in managing such patients is to make them comfortable and at ease. You need great patience to understand such patients and act accordingly. You must ensure that these patients get the best care from you – they must eat, take their medicines and sleep properly.  The answer can further be elaborated using a personal experience highlighting your efficiency in dealing with difficult patients.  3. Suppose there is an outbreak of any disease leading to a great crisis. How will you handle such a situation? Disease outbreaks are not uncommon leading to extreme crises. As a nurse, you should be able to address such cases successfully. Adaptability and teamwork are the main qualities that are required at these times. You can also mention if you have participated in awareness drives of such diseases. Tell the interviewer about your knowledge of nursing procedures, ability to collaborate and cooperate, and attention to detail in these cases.  4. What is the best way to handle patients struggling with pain management? If you go through nursing interview questions, you will often find this question. Empathy is your primary tool to handle the patient as a nurse while interacting with patients suffering from immense pain. It is not always possible to give patients strong anesthetic drugs or painkillers to tame severe pain. In such a situation, you need to stay by the patient’s side and help by providing other pain relief measures like massages, balms, oils, or even exercises.  5. Do you possess any professional affiliations? Out of 10 nursing interviews, you will get this question in almost seven interviews. Having professional affiliations is a sign that you are looking for suitable opportunities to advance your skills. You can talk about the extra certifications which are already mentioned in your resume in detail. These certifications can be from various organizations where you have worked or about different medical courses in specialized areas. Such professional affiliations strengthen your resume and set you apart from other nursing candidates.  6. What do you do when your replacement is suddenly absent? This is not an unusual or uncommon situation; you must have the right ways of dealing with it and incorporate the same in your answer. Elaborate how the first thing that you should do is contact your replacement and know the exact situation. If the replacement is genuinely unable to come, talk to the senior nurse or the doctor and make a substitute arrangement. This shows your commitment to your work and duties. You must stay back till a substitute arrives. If no one is found, you might have to extend your shift.  7. What is the most challenging aspect of this nursing job, according to you? While preparing nursing interview questions and answers, make sure that you keep this question in mind. Through this question, the interviewer tries to find out your personal challenges. Never mention extra shifts, odd working hours, too much work stress, etc. Instead, tell them how much it hurts you to see people in pain. In some cases, there is no way to relieve patients from their pain and suffering.  You can also tell how hard it is to see people break down after losing a loved one. On the other hand, there is immense happiness and satisfaction when a patient successfully recovers and returns home. Direct your answers to job challenges and not personal challenges.  8. What is the right way to address queries from a patient’s friends and family? As a nurse, you often come across the patient’s friends and family who ask questions about their loved one’s health. Some may have many queries, and it might not always be possible to answer all the questions as you have to attend to the patient. You must try to provide accurate and crisp information in the kindest way possible as they are concerned about their loved one. At the same time, you must set boundaries so that your patient gets the needed attention and care. Maintaining this balance to perfection is the key.  9. What are your ideas for effective family and patient education? A nurse knows that each patient is unique with individual learning styles. Patient education focuses on the needs of the patient and the family. As a nurse, you have to understand and adapt their learning style. You must also identify the needs of the patient. Try including the family in the treatment process, as they might be the primary caretakers of the patient at home. Make them feel important and let them know how they can help in the treatment process. This approach emphasizes that you are flexible and willing to adapt to the patient’s requirements.  10. Why do you think we should choose you for this role? This is one of the most common staff nurse interview questions and answers you might encounter during your interview. While answering this question, highlight what you bring to the role that makes you different from others. Mention how you constantly strive to upskill yourself by taking short courses, studying case studies, or reading medical journals and nursing books. You can also refer to past experiences where you confidently handled difficult situations. While answering this question, draw on your expertise and strong areas.  Conclusion These above-mentioned student nursing interview questions and answers give you a fair idea about the interviewer’s perspective while conducting a nursing interview. When preparing for the interview, ensure you are well-familiar with the job role and description. You must not forget to do some thorough research on the institution that is hiring to understand what they need exactly. If you feel nervous, try performing some mock interviews to fuel your confidence.  Follow these guidelines to get hired as a staff nurse soon! upGrad’s Master of Business Administration from Golden Gate University for an enhanced career in nursing When planning to upgrade your skills and certification, there is nothing better than an MBA degree. upGrad offers a Master of Business Administration from the renowned Golden Gate University (GGU). One of the oldest universities in California, Golden Gate University provides this early MBA degree specifically designed for working professionals. This 15-month US-recognized MBA program offers 70% scholarships for 5,000 students. This program will give you 24×7 student support and interactive and live sessions with GGU faculty, alums, and professionals.  You can also check out our free courses offered by upGrad in Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Technology. All of these courses have top-notch learning resources, weekly live lectures, industry assignments, and a certificate of course completion – all free of cost!
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by upGrad

13 Apr 2023

How to answer for Reason for Job Change in Interview
Changing jobs can be a complicated process. A survey shows more than 65% of US residents are actively changing and seeking new job opportunities in the market. But with a positive attitude, we must recognize the fact that change is healthy! While giving an interview with your potential employer, one thing to be certain about is to never disparage your previous company, regardless of the cause for change in employment, which could range from poor management to a terrible supervisor. When you appear for a new interview, you may be required to answer the question, ‘What was the reason for a job change?’. Preparing for such questions beforehand will help you get a clear answer and help the employer understand your aspirations.  In this article, we will discuss how you can answer this question with some positive replies to make you a better candidate than the rest. Check out upGrad’s MBA Courses Top reasons for job change  Looking for a better learning opportunity. If you work for a company for a very long time, you might feel like your learning opportunities are limited. Say you were at your company for 3 years; it is more than enough to gather all the knowledge you can from your seniors and colleagues. If you are still knowledge hungry and feel your opportunities are confined, it is one of the top reasons for job change. What to say: I am looking for better opportunities due to the increased expenses and inflation. Develop your skills further. You can use this reason as justification if your present position isn’t paying you what you’d anticipate. The process of developing new skills never stops. You will acquire new abilities when you switch jobs because every organization has a unique working process. A person who works for several different businesses will have more abilities and expertise than someone who just works for one. What to say: I want to raise my skill level, and I believe that this is the finest option to do so. Looking for growth. You can use the fact that you aren’t getting promoted at work as justification for changing jobs. If you are not experiencing professional growth in your current position, it is best to move on. What to say: I have stayed at the current company for a while now and am looking for opportunities to help me grow in my field and gain more finesse. Explore our MBA Programs in The US Master of Business Administration (MBA) Liverpool Business School Executive MBA From SSBM MBA course from Deakin Business School .wpdt-tc-F44336 { color: #F44336 !important;} Wanting to pursue new challenges. Over a significant amount of time working at the same place of employment, all of your responsibilities and duties become part of the routine. As a result, even while there isn’t much more to learn in your current role, you can feel as though you are prepared for a tougher challenge. It’s a regular component of career growth, especially if you’re motivated to learn new skills and broaden your horizons. What to say: My current job is not challenging me enough. I want to work in a place that will constantly challenge my knowledge and help me grow as an individual and a professional. Lack of motivation. Even though you were initially enthusiastic about a new opportunity, you’ll probably become tired of it eventually. A great way to renew or maintain your love for your career is by finding a new job in a similar or completely new role. However, the beliefs and mission of your future place of employment must coincide with your own, as your present company might not offer you meaningful employment. What to say: My current employment does not motivate me to work with the same energy that it did when I just joined. I am looking for a company with interesting projects and opportunities for motivated work life. I think this is a great opportunity to do that. Explore our Popular US Management Courses Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management Professional Certificate Programme in HR Management and Analytics Master of Science in Project Management Require more input. While some people like an authoritarian work environment, others flourish in a more inclusive one. Many people quit their careers when employees are unsure how their supervisors view their progress and effort. For you to improve your performance, your firm must offer frequent feedback. Make every effort to land a job with frequent performance reviews which will be a massive factor in your growth and promotion.  What to say: Unfortunately, at my current employment, I don’t receive any support or interest for my ideas; thus, I’m looking for a new position where I can get that support from the management. Hope to work in a new setting. The work environment differs in every company. This broad category may include private cubicles, open floor plans, and closed offices. Workplace comfort is crucial for many employees when searching for a new career. While some prefer a relaxed and casual environment, others prefer a more professional workspace.  What to say: I have stayed at this company for a very long and have tried everything I can. I want to join a new work setting with great learning opportunities and interesting clients. Better work-life balance. Personal life is as vital as professional life, and it is a fact that many people face problems in balancing their work and personal life. Maintaining a balance means making time for family and friends as easily as you give importance to your work. Your boss may require you to work after hours at your current job; if this is an obstacle in your personal life, it is a valid reason to find a new job. This is a great ‘reason for job change’ answer. What to say: Since there is no set schedule at my current employment, I have to work various shifts, which is terrible for my health, mental and physical. Therefore, I’m seeking a job with set hours or, at the very least, a set shift. Looking to become more self-reliant. Your current boss may sometimes micromanage you, trying to keep track of all your movements. You could consider requesting more discretion and flexibility in your new employment space to eliminate this sensation. To increase productivity, a good manager puts their employees’ faith in them and gives them the freedom to solve problems independently. What to say: I have been guided and managed by my superiors for most of my career. Now it is time for me to get little assistance and grow as an individual by giving refreshing ideas. More security. Most companies, especially start-ups, can face cutbacks in budget or resources, which makes it difficult to feel a sense of security in any position in the company. To see your company go through any financial struggle is difficult because it puts your employment in jeopardy as well. This is a great ‘reason for job change’ answer. What to say: Job security is vital to me, and I feel that working for [business name] will give me that assurance. Clear future vision. A meaningful job depends on working for an organization with a clear objective. If the goals and missions of your present employment are unclear, you may go elsewhere to find a company with clearer values and vision. With this knowledge, you can better understand how you contribute to the business’s overall success. What to say: While my current employment provides excellent benefits, the company’s future vision is not clear, and I don’t understand my future in the company. Your business shows growth and has a clear vision which aligns with my goals and is a great opportunity for me. Promotion is not possible. This might justify a career change if, despite your efforts and experience, you are not receiving any promotions. However, you must outline the amount of effort you put into the job and your primary duties so that it is clear that you are not incompetent for the job. What to say: Since my current employment does not offer the opportunity for advancement, which I have been seeking for a very long time, I am currently looking for a new position that fits my expertise and skill set. The company’s values have changed. The firm outlines its rights and duties when a new employee is hired. You may discover after some time that you are no longer doing the same work as you once did. It’s possible that some of your benefits have been reduced, or you could be doing work for which you did not apply. This is the best answer for reason for job change in interview. What to say: When I joined my current job, my company’s values were very different at the time I joined, and I am looking for a new opportunity for me. Our Top US Management Articles How to Create Customer Value Proposition to Accelerate Growth? Business Development Manager Salary Scope of Management in US Lateral Thinking and How to Develop it as a Skill Management Consultant Salary in United States Top Highest Paying Marketing Career Options in the US How to Cultivating an Adaptive Mindset Qualities Employers Look for at the Time of Hiring What is Risk Management Strategies? Top Strategies to Follow Conclusion There may be several factors to consider while changing jobs. Maybe you want to leave a toxic workplace or work for a firm with more specific goals. You can approach this the right way if you use the above-mentioned advice.  At UpGrad, you can explore various courses which will help you enhance your career. You can advance by taking several courses designed specifically for working professionals, such as ‘MBA (Global) | Deakin Business School’ and ‘‘Professional Certificate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics’ which are provided in collaboration with top institutions.
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by Karan Raturi

04 Jan 2023

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Houston
Introduction Houston is a metropolitan region that has experienced a rapid economic and demographic expansion in recent years. This city has also seen significant job development as more individuals relocate here from other regions of the country. If you are a resident of Houston or if you plan on settling in Houston, this list of the highest paying jobs in Houston will serve as a very helpful guide for you. 1. Chief Executive Officer A company’s highest-ranking official is the chief executive officer (CEO). CEOs are frequently in charge of growing the company, increasing profitability, and, in the case of public corporations, increasing share prices. CEOs oversee a company’s entire operations. In Houston, TX, the average Chief Executive Officer salary is $818,332 and is one of the top paying jobs in Houston. Responsibilities Setting and carrying out organizational strategy Putting together the Senior Leadership Team. Decisions on Capital Allocation Effective Communication with all stakeholders of the company.  Qualifications  Earn a bachelor’s degree in business, commerce, economics, or the industry you want to work in. 3 years of full-time education is normally required. Consider furthering your education with a master’s degree in a relevant field, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA). 2. Business Administrator In Houston, the employment outlook for someone in the business administration or management sector appears quite positive. In Houston, Texas, the typical Bachelor of Business Administration earns $72,812 and is one best paying jobs in Houston. Responsibilities: Make plans to streamline and improve business processes. Reorganize or employ workers to increase operations. Handle corporate finances and budget planning with the assistance of finance and accounting executives. Qualifications A bachelor’s degree in business administration is all you need to be a business administrator. Some work experience and internships will be an added advantage. 3. Materials Engineer  Engineers that specialize in materials design and atomic-level research. Materials engineers research and develop the materials that experts utilize to build a wide range of products. The average salary of a materials engineer is  $93,780 per annum. Responsibilities  Creating, changing, analyzing, and testing materials. Providing guidance, making plans, and organizing inspections, upkeep, and repairs. Monitoring the procedures for operational quality control. Qualifications  ​​Materials engineers often require a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering or a related engineering field. 4. Marketing and Sales Manager  Marketing and sales are other high-paying industries in Houston, particularly for individuals in management positions. If you want to work in business but prefer a more creative function, there are sure to be several well-paying marketing opportunities in this city. A sales and marketing manager’s annual income in Houston, TX, is $53,586, and one of the high paying jobs in Houston Texas. Explore our MBA Programs in The US Master of Business Administration (MBA) Liverpool Business School Executive MBA From SSBM MBA course from Deakin Business School .wpdt-tc-F44336 { color: #F44336 !important;} Responsibilities  Introducing new items to the market and promoting the company’s current brands. Yearly budget planning, spending scheduling, and ensuring that the sales force reaches its targets and goals. Creating reports by gathering, researching, and summarizing market data and trends. Qualifications  It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, math, or a related field. Three to five years of marketing or sales expertise are necessary. 5. IT Professionals  Another fast-growing, high-paying business in Houston is information technology (or IT). They also safeguard the security and confidentiality of shared information, train employees on new software, and oversee the work of other information technology specialists inside an organization. The average income for an Information Technology Manager in Houston, TX, is $133,690. Check Out Upgrad’s MBA’s Courses Responsibilities  Analyzing technical issues and finding relevant IT solutions. Identifying, assessing, and reacting to user demands for computer-based system selection, construction, assessment, and administration. Qualifications  A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Management and Information Systems (MIS), or a closely related discipline, is required. Technical certificates in information systems may be helpful as well. 6. Financial Managers ​​The financial stability of a company is under the control of financial management. They create financial reports, manage investment activities, and make long-term financial plans for their firm. In Houston, TX, the typical Finance Manager’s pay is $127,232. Responsibilities  Creating reliable financial reports and data. Creating cash flow statements Profit forecasting. Budgeting. Managing the possibility of financial loss. Qualifications A bachelor’s degree in an area such as accounting, finance, or business administration is normally required to become a financial manager. A master’s degree in a similar profession can give the additional knowledge and abilities needed to rise to leadership positions. 7. Full Stack Developer A Full Stack Developer is a comparatively recent position that combines the talents and tasks previously known as a web designer and web developer. In Houston, the average annual income for a full stack developer is $102,677. Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer: Creating the front-end website architecture. Creating user interactions on web pages and back-end website apps Creating effective servers and databases. Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in software development or a certificate in computer science with a concentration on software development. Additionally, certificate courses in full stack development could boost your career. 8. Data Scientists Data scientists decide which questions their team should ask and how to answer them using data. They frequently create prediction models to aid in thinking and predicting. In Houston, the average annual compensation for a data scientist is $104,460. Responsibilities of a Data Scientist To get insights, look for patterns and trends in datasets. Create data models and algorithms to predict outcomes. Improve the quality of data or product offerings by utilizing machine learning techniques. In data analysis, use data tools such as Python, R, SAS, or SQL. Qualifications To work as a data scientist, you must have an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in a related subject, such as computer science, information management, mathematics, or statistics. A certificate course will be a good option for gaining experience in the field of data science. 9. Lawyers Individuals and corporations can seek legal counsel from lawyers. They counsel their clients as they negotiate court procedures, perform research on each case, and persuade judges and juries by interpreting legislative purposes. In Houston, the average annual compensation for a lawyer is $51,726. Responsibilities of a lawyer: Monitor legal risk in paperwork and provide recommendations on appropriate risk assumptions. Natural and legal individuals must interpret laws, judgments, and regulations. Gather evidence and do legal study. Before documents are executed, ensure that all necessary approvals have been obtained. Qualifications A bachelor’s degree in law is a mandatory requirement to be a lawyer. You can additionally pursue a master’s degree as well. 10. Public Relations Manager A public relations manager (PR Manager) is a media and public relations professional in charge of planning and supervising the development of content that will preserve or improve their employer’s or client’s public image. In Houston, the average annual income for a public relations manager is $56,889. Responsibilities: Coordination of all public relations operations. Creating a marketing communications strategy, goals, budget, and techniques. Creating a media relations plan to obtain high-level placements in print, television, and internet media. Qualifications You can pursue a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree for a job in public relations. After graduating, you can pursue a two-year master’s degree in public relations or a one-year post-graduate certificate or diploma in the field. 11. Blockchain Developer Blockchain developers are in charge of building and improving blockchain protocols, designing the architecture of blockchain systems, and creating smart contracts and web apps utilizing blockchain technology. Responsibilities  Identifying the necessity for blockchain and its roles inside the enterprise. Putting in place security measures to combat various sorts of cybercrime. Cryptography techniques are used to guard against hackers and other cyber assaults. Qualifications: Many blockchain developers start with degrees in computer science or information technology. You can consider pursuing certificate courses on blockchain development. 12. Therapist Therapists are frequently attributed to psychologists, but they may also refer to professionals who provide various services, such as social workers, counselors, life coaches, and many more. Houston’s standard hourly wage for therapists is $36.40. Responsibilities  Diagnoses and cures conditions affecting the mind. Individualized treatment plans are created based on the patient’s needs and situations. Interacts with patients regularly to provide counseling and therapy and, if required, to alter treatment programs. Carries out regular evaluations of patient development. Qualifications To become a therapist, one will probably require at least a bachelor’s degree; however, most registered therapists must also have master’s degrees. 13. Reservoir engineer Reservoir engineers gauge the quantity of gas or oil that may be retrieved from deposits located at the subterranean, sometimes referred to as reservoirs. They research the reservoir’s properties to ascertain which extraction mechanism will provide the maximum amount of oil or gas. In Houston, Texas, a reservoir engineer makes an average pay of $123,911. Digital Marketing Free courses in US Influencer marketing free course Introduction to advertising free course Influencer marketing right free course SEO basics free course SEM basics free course Email marketing free course Social media marketing introduction free course How to leverage user generated content free course Content marketing free course Fundamentals of marketing free course Brand marketing masterclass free course Responsibilities Forecasting oil and gas output from both new and current hydrocarbon resources using cutting-edge numerical simulation techniques. Collaborating with other technical experts to establish strategies for the development of oil and gas accumulations that are commercially feasible. Qualifications A bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, geology, a related subject of study, and at least two years of oil and gas sector experience, ideally with reservoir engineering hands-on training, are requirements for a reservoir engineer. 14. Chemical Engineer Chemical engineers use principles from chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to solve issues related to the production or use of chemicals, fuel, food, medicines, and various other goods. Chemical engineers in Houston make an average of $82,643 a year. Responsibilities Ensuring adherence to the laws on health, safety, and the environment. Conducting research into improved manufacturing processes Designing and planning equipment layout Qualifications Chemical engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field. A software architect establishes technical standards and makes high-level design decisions. This might involve using tools, software coding standards, or platforms. 15. Software architect Software architects make high-level design decisions and also create technical standards. This might involve using tools, software coding standards, or platforms. In Houston, a software architect makes an average yearly pay of $133,143. Responsibilities Gathering early non-functional requirements. Assessing the functional requirements that a business analyst has recorded. Choosing a tech stack and deployment strategies. Qualifications A master’s degree in computer science and a solid understanding of various programming tools and development platforms. Conclusion The above list will benefit you if you are confused about choosing the right career path after completing school. Considering upGrad for the certificate courses on a few of these high-paying jobs can be an added advantage for your career. Do check out upGrad’s Masters Of Business Administration course as well to excel in your career. upGrad extends various programs suitable to elevate your career in places like NYC!
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14 Dec 2022

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in NYC
New York City has now become the hub of employment in 2022. As per the research data made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), candidates can find extensive job opportunities spread across the busy city of New York. If you hope to bag a lucrative career in NYC, keep reading for distinctive job opportunities which will cater to your needs of sustaining life in New York City.  New York City is known to be the melting pot of people from different educational backgrounds who come to this city looking for lucrative job opportunities. Be it in the world of finance, media, information technology, or management. It provides you with extensive work opportunities to kickstart your career and enhance it on the way. Keep reading to know more about the highest paying jobs in NYC, which are capable of offering your career the boost it deserves! Best Paying Jobs In NYC The city of dreams, NYC, is known to cater well to the dreams of fresh graduates who hope to pursue generic and out-of-the-box professions with its versatility. Among various such options, we have listed the highest paying jobs in NYC. Information Technology  According to the data received by BLS, the Information Technology sector of NYC is known to provide diverse lucrative job opportunities for fresh graduates. Be it a software engineer, or a data scientist; the jobs have been a highly contributing factor to the city. It has been surveyed that 10% of the employees in the software engineering role make an average salary of $99,270 million annually. The field is lucrative, and if you have a sound knowledge of information technology, this field can help you earn a substantial salary.  Advertising And Promotion Managers  Advertising and promotion are important professions in the field of business administration. If you have a degree in marketing or advertising, this job is a perfect option for you. Advertisement helps create and promote adequate brand awareness and enables easy management of the company’s advertising programs and campaigns. Promotional managers help create a campaign for a new product or service, which as a result, creates a component of identifiable information among the consumers and the brand. The average salary per BLS’s censor is $133,380, and there are almost more than 607,800 jobs available right now in this profession. If you are a business administration graduate, this is an appropriate career opportunity for you.  Natural Sciences Manager Natural sciences provide lucrative job opportunities for individuals who have just finished their life sciences degree and want to dedicate their lives to research and development. The job profile requires candidates to have a sharp eye for details and an inclination towards research-based roles. As per the census processed by BLS, being a natural sciences manager is one of the best paying jobs in NYC. To continue with their research, science managers must be enthusiastic, analytical, confident, and optimistic. You should be able to persuade people to invest in your science program and be reflective about the program you are interested in. Per the BLS, a natural science manager gets an average salary of $137,900 a year and more than 5,000 job opportunities in this field.  Check Out Upgrad’s MBA’s Courses Athletes  Becoming an athlete is considered to be an elite profession and is also thought to be a part of national interest. It is one of the top paying jobs in NYC. Thousands of people dream of being full-time athletes, but only a few can successfully do so. One has to go through several odds to become a full-time athlete. This particular profession requires no specific degree, but physical agility, a flair for the respective sport, and determination to extend your physical boundaries through persistence are essential to have the role. The average salary in this profession is $77,300. Family Physicians  Family physicians or primary care physicians are one of the most common jobs in NYC. It is a high-paying job, and if you have a medical degree with impeccable behavioral and social skills, this is the right career opportunity for you. Family physicians help in disease prevention, providing care to the whole family, and chalking out a health care plan exclusive for every family. The average salary of a Family physician is about $235,930 annually. It is one of the highest paying jobs in NYC.  Nurses And Anesthesiologists  The main role of nurses is to provide utmost care to the patient alongside having a soothing attitude which will be beneficial during any ailment. This career opportunity is appropriate for you if you have just finished a nursing degree alongside passing the NCLEX-RN exam. You need to obtain an RN license to pursue it legally after finishing your undergraduate program. The average salary of a nurse and anesthesiologist is around $82,750, with more than 1000 vacancies in this field.  Financial Managers  To function in a business environment, an organization should have the adequate financial stability to help them prevail in the global market. This particular career opportunity will be perfect for you if you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or economics. You should be detail-oriented and analytical to look after and prepare audits and spreadsheets of an organization’s financial statements. The job role entails advising senior managers to increase profit proximities. It also ensures to work in a team with brand advisors and provides them a budget to work. The average salary of a financial advisor is $153,460, with more than 56,000 job opportunities in this field.  Psychiatrist  Psychiatrists help treat patients by making a keen diagnosis of chronic or temporary mental health problems. To become a psychiatrist, you need to have impeccable communication skills and a high emotional intelligence quotient to understand your patients’ problems and offer the best course of treatment to them. The average salary of a psychiatrist in NYC is around $249,760.  OB-GYN  OB-GYN or Obstetrician and Gynecologists profession covers the areas of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Gynecologists also deal with female reproductive systems like menopause, menstruation, hormonal imbalance, etc. Eligibility of this job requires the candidate to finish their medical degree or a four-year residency program, sit on the board, and achieve their license to practice. The average salary is $296,210, according to BLS. Working as a medical practitioner in NYC is bound to bring you attractive opportunities.  Dentists  If you have just graduated from medical school and got your license from an accredited dental school, this job is perfect for you. The job is one of the highest paying jobs in NYC. It deals with an individual’s teeth and gum health, and dentists also help provide preventive care for one’s oral health. The dentist has to be well-versed in communication skills with qualities of problem-solving skills, persuasion, and of course, a detailed proficiency in dental practice. The average salary of a dentist is around $167,160. Lawyers  Being a lawyer is one of the most reputed and top paying jobs in NYC. You can join a law firm as a civil or criminal lawyer who will deal with cases of intellectual property rights, contracts, corporate laws, and criminal suits like murder, sexual harassment, etc. To be a lawyer, you need to have impeccable communication skills and the art of persuasion, which will help the jury and the judge to rest your case. The average salary of a lawyer is around $148,030.  Conclusion  New York City buzzes with a plethora of job opportunities. If you are a fresh graduate and want to get on with your life, coming to New York City will be one of the best decisions you can take. You can check out upGrad’s Masters of Laws In International Business and Finance Laws course to enrich yourself with international laws for exciting opportunities in NYC. A 70% scholarship will also be provided to meritorious students with a keen interest in higher studies. Do check out upGrad’s Masters Of Business Administration course as well to excel in your career.  upGrad extends various programs suitable to elevate your career in places like NYC!
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13 Dec 2022

Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs for Science Students in The USA
Many people are shifting towards science as an area of study for a career in one of the most developed countries. The USA offers innumerable opportunities to students pursuing science subjects to match their intellect with the nation’s future. The right degree or certificate can work wonders for the learner in you. You can even start as an entrepreneur and offer one of the best-paying science jobs to deserving candidates worldwide. However, we have a list encouraging you to ride the tide yourself first. We aim to cover the occupational duties, workplace management, and average salaries of some of the highest-paying jobs in science. Learn Software Development Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs or Masters Programs to fast-track your career. Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Science Let’s look at some of the highest-paying job posts for science students. Clinical Researcher Suppose you are opting for medical science, in which case you can focus on healthcare. As a result, you can corner healthcare and make necessary amendments to improve it by conducting thorough research. You can build a career in neuroscience, immunochemistry, and cancer research, to name a few. Your research will aid in inventing new medications for an extensive list of conditions. Research is a fundamental part of any development and requires mindful participants. Other specialized researchers study various subjects such as atmospheric research, electrochemistry, quantum theory, and computer science. Your work site can differ from a medical laboratory to a college or university. Average Base Salary: USD 107,312 per annum  Nuclear Engineer A Nuclear Engineer focuses on the science around fission. As the title depicts, it includes designing and creating nuclear weapons and, occasionally, medical diagnostic equipment. While this may seem like two contrasting fields, this field is not for the faint-hearted. If radiation and nuclear energy sound like a lullaby to your ears, this might be the right option to choose. Nuclear Engineers utilize their skills and render medical as well as industrial uses for materials generally considered radioactive.  A nuclear technician can handle equipment such as spectrometers and radiation detectors while analyzing the level of radiation in the air, water, and soil. Average Base Salary: USD 89,285 per annum Genome Analyst Genomics is an area under the purview of Genetics and involves the study of an organism’s genome. It is an extensive study of DNA sequences to understand diseases through genetic mapping. The genomic analysis focuses on identifying, comparing, and measuring genomic features. These include structural variation, DNA sequence, gene expression, and other related areas on a genomic scale. If you are a Genome Analyst, you will be in charge of data analysis of various mutations responsible for causing genetic disorders within an organism. A genome analyst measures the probability of a disease finding its way to more organisms and carefully studies it. As a Genome Analyst, you can expect to pull a few good strings to benefit most living organisms.  Average Base Salary: USD 56,204 USD per annum Microbiologist If studying various life forms and processes seem like an appealing way to spend time, you can go for this specification. The role of a Clinical Microbiologist is to assess a patient’s results and test for disease-causing organisms. Some Microbiologists also decided to work on patents, which saw recognition in the 1980s with the US declaring patenting of newly formed organisms legal. Some well-known branches of microbiology are Bacteriology, Mycology, Immunology, Parasitology, Phycology, and Nematology.  Average Base Salary: USD 55,887 per annum Biochemist Biochemists study the chemical properties of organisms and implement various findings into meaningful sanctions. Like any other applied field of science, biochemistry deals with equipment used to study living organisms and determine how a specific hormone or nutrient is affected. While basic research teaches you about the mutation of genes and evolution, applied research focuses on more theoretical approaches, which you can then use to develop diagnostic tests, treatments, and medications for diseases. As a biochemist, you can pen research papers, technical reports, and even credit presentations to your name. Average Base Salary: USD 68,092 per annum Just completed your 12th in science and curious about your future? Navigate through the career options after 12th science to find a path that aligns with your interests and aspirations. Astronomer Astronomy offers a scientific and reasonable explanation of all things planets and stars. As an astronomer, your job is to research the properties, compositions, and movements of particles and objects from outer space and record the details upon which you can analyze the data gathered. If you have gotten an opportunity to glance at the night sky through a telescope, you would know the complexity of this subject. Not only do you get to fathom the workings of the universe, but you also get to play an active part in its discovery. You can choose to go theoretical or conduct your applied research, putting your findings into work by creating new technologies and processes. Like any other field of study, this subject also requires you to understand the basics of researching, i.e., developing theories, performing experiments, handling a control group, and gathering data to analyze it. Average Base Salary: USD 982,635 per annum Biotechnologist A course in Biotechnology may be the right fit for you if you are looking forward to acquiring the highest paying jobs in science fields. Biotechnology, as the name suggests, is based on biology and implements biomolecular and cellular processes to develop innovative technologies and products to improve the health of this planet. Modern biotechnology recognizes five branches – human, industrial, environmental, animal and plant. Your work as a biotechnologist is to create a pinnacle of valuable products and processes to benefit ecology. Biotechnology was used to create bread and cheese about 6,000 years ago when humans attempted to utilize the molecular nature of living organisms. The industry boomed during the 1960s and 1970s when a pharmaceutical company led by a certain Genentech made its way to the top of pioneering technologies. Gradually, others followed suit and several biotechnologies emerged. Average Base Salary: USD 90,973 per annum Data Scientist If you are looking for the highest-paying data science jobs, you can be a data scientist. Data Science deals with the study of volumes of data which is done using creative tools and techniques. It offers you generous compensation and rewards your time. As a data scientist, your role is to find patterns that have been previously unseen and extract meaningful information to be able to make business decisions for your company or clients. You may have also encountered numerous online ads about the wonders of a data science degree or certification. It would help to find a leading institute to bag the highest-paying data science jobs. It is also the most significant industry for entrepreneurs since they see potential in the subject. Thus, the highest-paying data science jobs can land you in the company of your dreams. Average Base Salary: USD 95,579 per annum Blockchain Developer Let’s start with the basics of blockchain. Blockchain is a database used to store and assemble essential information. Traditional databases are usually capable of arranging information into tables made of rows and columns. This aids computers in recognizing information faster. On the other hand, if you take blockchains into account, you will observe that it stores information in clusters or blocks. Each of these blocks only has a limited amount of storage capacity. Once the block has reached its maximum capacity, it closes up and forms a connection with the preceding block, thereby creating a chain. It is regarded as one of the highest-paying science jobs and is fulfilling in every way. You can choose to be a Core Blockchain Developer or a Blockchain Software Developer if you believe in making the right approach in terms of decision-making. Average Base Salary: USD 113,000 per annum Technical Writer Although less known as a scientific discipline job, it sure requires the temper of someone eagerly interested in the technical setting. What is more to that, you ask? A Technical Writer is an all-rounder who holds the perfect key to any lock. A topic that needs a vast understanding and is passive can use a writer hell-bent on preserving the true essence of seamless writing in keeping with the facts and figures. A Technical Writer conducts their research in engineering, computer science, technology, and medicine. Thus, it is simply one of the best-paying science jobs.  As a writer of scientific grit, you are expected to do your bit of research and layout reports and publications on topics of technicality within the genre of science. One of the best advantages of such posts is a remote working location which frees you of commuting and relocating responsibilities.  Average Base Salary: USD 101,470 per annum Conclusion Before you are deemed industry-efficient, you must take post-secondary science subjects as your area of study. You can opt for any higher degree available at a recognized portal or institution. A reliable way of acquiring a degree in science is through online sites that boast the highest engagement and have links with reputed names in the industry and academia. You can choose Data Science and Blockchain Developer courses online depending on your requirements. After all, these high-paying science jobs are only a complement to your effort and zealous nature. At upGrad, we offer specialized courses to help students like you kick start their career in the field of their choosing and reach the very top. Our Executive PG Program in Software Development from IIIT Bangalore, which is designed to help you understand everything about the field – theoretically and practically – from industry experts. To add to that, you get upGrad 360° Career Support.
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11 Dec 2022

Top 10 Highest Paying IT Certifications Online in 2024
Upskilling is exceptionally important for candidates when it comes to the IT sector. Not just for obtaining better opportunities but to keep up with the dynamic field which evolved within the blink of an eye. Updates tech skills allow candidates to expand their horizons and seek challenging and more lucrative opportunities. Multiple tech skills will make you a very valuable candidate for jobs since your role diversifies. IT companies are actively seeking talented individuals with a diversified tech-related skill set. The best way to ensure you bag such opportunities is by assisting yourself with leading certifications that extend your dynamic skills while strengthening your resume. Certifications such as Data Science and Blockchain Certification are gaining immense popularity; therefore, we bring you many leading and high-paying IT certifications. Here are the ten highest paying IT certifications that can significantly boost your career! Learn Software Development Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs or Masters Programs to fast-track your career. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner  The AWS-certified cloud practitioner certification is one of the most profitable IT certification programs you can sign up for. As the name suggests, it is an AWS (Amazon Web Services) venture by the company Amazon. This certification exam is readily available, but you have to fulfill some criteria to take the exam successfully. Firstly, you must have the fundamental knowledge of the AWS platform and be exposed to the AWS cloud for at least six months or more. The basics of tech tools and AWS features are imperative to apply for the certification. The exam is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test, which follows two question formats- the multiple choice and the multiple responses. The official AWS website extends all the details about this certification and a guide for exams to get you started! Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)  You must have heard about this program even if you are not very closely related to the tech world. Ethical hackers are an asset to the tech industry as they evaluate the security and safety guards of all online business ventures and ensure there are no loopholes in the security system of a company’s website that can be breached or compromised. You can join an ethical hacking course and also sit for a certification exam through which you can become a professional Ethical Hacker. Recruiters value CEH certification, so candidates can look forward to lucrative job opportunities after accomplishing this.  Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Another sought-after IT certification is the CISM or Certified Information Security Manager program. Since there is a huge demand for multitalented IT professionals in the industry, this certification can hike up your worth as an IT professional in the market. The certification promises more lucrative job offers and opportunities to work with reputable industry names. Completing CISM certification entails responsibilities dealing with security protocols to protect and strengthen the entire IT framework of any organization.  AWS Certified Solutions Architect This is also an AWS associate certification program. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate is a very popular and coveted certification program for IT professionals. You should get this certification if you want to learn more about designing and implementing many distributed systems on the AWS platform. If you have experience designing efficient distributed systems on the AWS platform for one or more years, you can apply for this certification program. The format is the same as the previous one, as it also has multiple choice and multiple solutions questions. You can learn more about this certification on the AWS website.  Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification program is a very practical and sought-after certification. You should get this certification if you want to be certified as an architect on the GCP or Google Cloud Platform. This IT certification will enable you to become indispensable to your company as the importance of this certification has been constantly on the rise since its initiation in 2017. Cloud skills are in high demand in the IT sector, and candidates will need a deep understanding of the Google Cloud technology solutions in order to earn this certification. Check out more details on the website. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) This certification program is one of the most highly valued IT certification programs by ISACA. Response, Identification, Mitigation, and Assessment are the key skill areas that this program tests you on. The program is highly regarded when it comes to focusing on and evaluating IT risks. You need at least three years of experience in the IT risk management sector to apply for this certification. Obtaining a CRISC certification will greatly increase your value as an IT professional. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) The CISSP, or the Certified Information’s Systems Security Professional, is one of the world’s most premium and coveted expert-level professional IT certifications. It is a comprehensive IT security and cybersecurity certification. If you want to be a certified expert on security related to access management, risk management, development, and operations, then this certification course is perfect for you. This cybersecurity certification will open up a doorway for countless opportunities, making you an invaluable asset to any IT company. Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer    The booming popularity of this certification has led it to become one of the most coveted certifications in any IT-related field. The Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification assesses your skills in designing data processing systems and building operating machine learning models. If you are a data professional good at designing ML algorithms and helping make better business decisions based on visualizing and transforming data properly, you must go for this certification! The certification is capable of raising your worth as an IT data analyst and engineer across nationwide and worldwide companies.  Project Management Professional (PMP) Although not as prominently sought-after certification, PMP is still pretty popular among IT companies as a requirement for candidates applying. The average pay for this certification has also increased. This is probably the most coveted Project Management certificate and is created and managed by the PMI or Project Management Institute. Applying for this certification course would require you to complete 35 hours or more of related training. You will also need 4500 hours of experience working in the project management field. The certification will show your employer that you are a competent project management professional who can clearly manage all aspects of a project, including teams, budget, and goals. The certification program test is pretty hard, and you might need years of experience even to take the exam. But once you clear it, your worth as an IT professional will skyrocket.  Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)  The CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) accreditation acknowledges and validates your risk management and cybersecurity skills. Based on this certificate, companies will hire you to maintain and secure their critical assets. This is one of the oldest certification programs, which is why it’s also very valuable and respectable. The CISA exam tests your skills as an IT auditor in many domains. After this certification program, you can get a job as an IT auditor or in other related professional fields.  Conclusion  The IT sector is one of the most competitive job markets in the world. Upskilling means you increase your value in the eyes of your employer. This is the only way to get ahead of your competition and ensure a good salary based on your skill set. These accreditations will only evaluate your existing skills and acknowledge you as an expert in the field. You can also search for training courses related to these certifications on upGrad to feel more confident in your skills.  At upGrad, we offer specialized courses to help students like you kick start their career in the field of their choosing and reach the very top. Our Executive PG Program in Software Development from IIIT Bangalore, which is designed to help you understand everything about the field – theoretically and practically – from industry experts. To add to that, you get upGrad 360° Career Support.
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10 Dec 2022

Top 10 Best Jobs in IT without Programming
Coding is one of the top skills in this digital age. However, while it is handy in the IT industry, some of the highest paying IT jobs don’t require exponential coding or programming language skills.  Of course, most IT roles require basic programming knowledge, but many supporting and supervisory positions do not require any programming skills.  Top IT jobs for non-techies As a non-techie, you can opt for many, not coding-related roles that suit your abilities and interests.  Let us look at some of the best jobs in IT that don’t require any programming knowledge. 1. IT Project Manager In a tech project, there are multiple areas requiring supervision and management. The role of IT project managers is to manage as well as monitor the progress of the project from the start to its finish. IT project managers need management skills more than programming skills. However, they must have a basic understanding of the technical operations. IT managers should also have excellent communication skills for conveying the crucial and specialized areas of the project to the client. It is one of the best non-technical highest paying IT jobs. 2. IT Support Specialist IT support specialists build the setup amongst the clients and the customers. They have to learn how to use new software and equipment and troubleshoot errors. They mainly work with technical equipment and programs that do not require coding.  This role involves handling both technical aspects and customer support. You need to have the basic skills required for detecting and solving project issues. Besides having specialized data restoration skills, you should have good time management and communication skills. Learn Software Development Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs or Masters Programs to fast-track your career. 3. User Experience (UX) Designer Apart from just looking good, websites, software, and applications should also provide a good user experience. UX itself stands for “user experience” and how users interact with a product. UX designers need to follow the basic standards to ensure that consumers can use their products smoothly and access the required information. Their primary role is to conduct in-depth research to understand user needs and pain points and cater to their requirements accordingly. While UX design does not require programming skills, UX designers should have extensive knowledge of working with Adobe Creative Suite applications. They should be creative, research-minded, and have exponential problem-solving skills to create designs that the target audience will seemingly love. 4. Software Quality Tester The role of a software quality tester (SQTs) is to guarantee that a software product is of the best quality before it is publicly launched. It is pretty similar to quality assurance, but SQTs number customer scenarios to “break” the software to detect anomalies and enhance the product quality. Knowledge about coding and programming is not required in this field.  5. SEO Specialist SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and the role of an SEO specialist also falls under the umbrella of the technical field. Although it is often linked to digital marketing, it also has its technical side that deals with growth rankings in search engines where the algorithms are constantly changing. SEO experts collaborate with web designers and developers to ensure that the best SEO practices are carried out.  SEO specialists must conduct keyword research, work with content teams to prioritize SEO in content creation, improve search engine rankings via page copy optimization and track and evaluate website analytics and PPC campaigns. Popular Courses & Articles on Software Engineering Popular Programs Executive PG Program in Software Development - IIIT B Blockchain Certificate Program - PURDUE Cybersecurity Certificate Program - PURDUE MSC in Computer Science - IIIT B Other Popular Articles Cloud Engineer Salary in the US AWS Solution Architect Salary in US Backend Developer Salary in the US Front End Developer Salary in US Web developer Salary in USA Scrum Master Interview Questions How to Start a Career in Cyber Security Career Options in the US for Engineering Students .wpdt-fs-000020 { font-size: 20px !important;} 6. Data analyst Data Analyst professions are primarily involved in analyzing vast amounts of raw data from companies, detecting trends, and transforming their findings into actionable business insights.  Coding and programming knowledge is not necessary for data analysts, but they should have strong mathematics, analytics, and statistics base. They also need to collect and organize massive datasets with their data mining and processing skills. With unprecedented data flow created through rapid digitization, data analyst’s potential as top IT jobs in demand for future is emerging.   7. Network Administrator The primary role of a network administrator is to set up, configure, and maintain the software and the hardware systems keeping the company’s equipment linked. This position indeed requires an impressive level of technical expertise and knowledge. However, advanced coding or programming knowledge is not necessary. It is also one of the high-paying IT jobs because they serve a crucial role in ensuring that the company stays operational. 8. Growth hacker Growth hackers are responsible for developing and evaluating strategies for increasing the number of customers and clients a business has. They are often hired by start-up companies, where they are required to study market trends, internet traffic, client behavior, and other metrics needed for the growth of the business. Growth hackers must regularly monitor their methods to attain success or consider other possible alternatives. 9. Technical writer Technical writers for technical content and copy like user manuals, resource guides, white papers, and industry publications. They should have extensive knowledge about the industry, a unique writing style, and a good grasp of spelling and grammar. As a technical writer, you can work for an organization or freelance. 10. Business analyst Business analysts help businesses implement more effective and cost-saving strategies. They must research its systems, products, processes, and services to help recommend sound technological solutions. They are also responsible for determining what elements and resources are required to complete a project.  Conclusion As we end this article, we can conclude that you don’t have to be a complete tech head to be a part of this tech-driven industry. If you are passionate about the technological age of digital advancement, you can always opt for the roles mentioned above to still be a part of where your primary interest lies.  However, it is essential to start right, and with the right qualifications, you can easily see your career unfold in your field of interest. Professional Certificate Program in Data Science for Business Decision Making.program from upGrad is a great place to begin. 
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07 Nov 2022

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