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Data Science Course Fees: The Roadmap to Your Analytics Career

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28th Feb, 2024
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Data Science Course Fees: The Roadmap to Your Analytics Career

A data science course syllabus covers several basic and advanced concepts of statistics, data analytics, machine learning, and programming languages. With years of professional experience, I feel that such a course teaches how to interpret large datasets, identify patterns and create predictive models. Moreover, data analytics is a rapidly growing field with untapped potential. From what I understand, professionals who are interested in long-term careers see data science as an important field of study. But before pursuing such programs, you should also know important details, such as the cost of data science courses. However, you must also know important details, like data science course fees, before pursuing such programs. Let me highlight some more relevant aspects associated with data science below.  

I think that in today’s age, many companies value data-driven technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. So, there is a growing demand for qualified and highly skilled data scientists.  Data science is also one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. It is projected to be worth $36 billion and employ 3.5 million people by 2025. The data science industry is further expected to grow by 10% per year and create more jobs than any other industry.  

As a result, the skills of data scientists are evolving at a faster pace because of the increasing demand for such professionals across industries and organizations. That is why Data Science certifications and courses have become popular over time. The fees for data science course types are also minimal and affordable than other certifications.   

Skills Required for Data Science  

Data scientists uncover several insights that are often used in business decisions. This further helps drive profitability and innovation. However, these professionals must also possess certain skills to be an expert in their respective field. These include:  

  • Programming Skills: All data scientists must know about certain programming languages to sort, analyze, and manage data. The most common ones include Python and R. 
  • Statistics and Probability: The professionals need to learn these two elements to write the highest quality machine-learning models and algorithms. It enables them to interpret and organize data. 
  • Database Management: Data wrangling is an important process of cleaning and sorting complex data algorithms. It requires the knowledge of efficient data management that every data scientist must possess.  
  • Machine Learning and Cloud Computing: Incorporating these techniques will always help professionals improve themselves because they will be able to gather and synthesize data more efficiently. 

Data Science Course Fees Offered by Indian Colleges 

The data science course fees vary from one college to another in India based on various factors. Let me highlight some of the data science course duration and fees across such institutions in detail.  

IIT Data Science Course Fees:  

Many IITs are now introducing unique data science courses in their curriculum for the academic year 2024. The table I curated below lists upcoming IIT data science course fees online and offline. It includes important courses, like the Post Graduate Certificate in Data science & AI from IIITB 

Course Name and College Duration Fees 
Post Graduate Certificate in Data Science & AI from IIITB  13 months ₹1,80,000 
BS Degree in Data Science & Applications from IIT Madras 3-6 years ₹ 1,24,000 
Diploma in Data Science from IIT Madras 8 months ₹ 1,25,000 
MSc in Data Science and Management from IIT Indore 2 years ₹ 12,00,000 
BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from IIT Patna 4 years ₹ 8,48,000 

 IIM Data Science Course Fees: 

I have further curated a table including the course fee for data science and its duration in IIM. These courses are offered across different IIM institutes in the country.   

Data Science Courses and College Duration Fees 
IIM Calcutta – Advanced Programme in Data Sciences  3 months ₹ 4,80,000 
IIM Indore – MSc in Data Science and Management 2 years ₹ 12,00,000 
IIM Kozhikode – Professional Certificate Program in Data Science for Business Decision-Making  8 months ₹ 1,65,000 
IIM Lucknow – Executive Programme in Data Science  9 months ₹ 4,00,000 

Undergraduate Program in Data Science Fees and Duration:  

Check out the top 10 undergraduate programs in data science according to the AIM report. The eligibility for these courses includes a background knowledge in mathematics, statistics, engineering, or economics.  

Course and College Name Duration Fees 
BS in Data Science and Engineering from IISER Bhopal 5 years ₹ 4,36,000 
BTech Data Science from VIT Vellore 4 years ₹ 1,98,000 
Bachelor of Data Science from SPJSGM Mumbai 3 years ₹ 15,50,000 
BSc in Computer Science – Data Science from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar 3 years ₹ 49,800 
BSc in Data Science from Navrachana University, Vadodara 3 years ₹ 3,42,000 
BSc (Hons) in Data Science from AMET University, Chennai 3 years ₹ 3,00,000 
BSc in Data Science from SSPU Pune 3 years ₹ 2,10,000 

Postgraduate Program in Data Science Certification Course Fees 

I have added a table that features the top postgraduate programs in data science like the Doctor of Business Administration in Emerging Technologies from GGU. These programs, like the Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Business Analytics from Loyola College, have been evaluated based on different parameters, like Student Enrollment, Program Structure, Certification Value or Accreditation, Return on Investment, Admission Criteria, and Data Science Course Fees and Duration  

Course Duration Fees 
Doctor of Business Administration in Emerging Technologies from GGU  3 years ₹ 24,90,012 
Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Business Analytics from Loyola  12 months  ₹ 1,53,000 
Post Graduate Program in Data Science with AI-ML from Praxis Business School 9 months ₹ 6,05,300 
PGCP in Leadership through Data Science from TAPMI Manipal 11 months ₹ 6,00,000 
Executive PGP in Data Science from upGrad 1 year ₹ 4,39748.82 
PGDM – Big Data Analytics from GIM Goa 2 years ₹ 19,40,000 
MBA Business Analytics NMIMS Mumbai 2 years ₹ 4,75,000 


Data Science Course Fees Offered by Abroad Colleges 

Several international institutions offer data science courses to Indian students at affordable rates. I have curated a list of such abroad colleges where you will find data science online course fees, duration, and other details.   

College Tuition Fees Top Courses Duration 

University of Cambridge, Cambridge 






M.Phil Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence 



11 Months 

Imperial College London, England 





M.Sc Business Analytics 




1 Year 

University of California, Berkeley, California 





Master of Analytics 



1 Year 


Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut  





M.S Statistics and Data Science 



2 Years 

University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA 







M.S Analytics 


.2 Years 

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 





M.S Engineering – Data Science 



2 Years 

Columbia University, New York City, New York 






M.S Data Science 



1 Year 

University of California, Los Angeles, California 





M.S Business Analytics 



15 Months 

University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada 





M.S Applied Computing – Data Science  




16 Months 

University College London, London 





M.Sc Business Analytics 



1 Year 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan  





M.S Data Science 




1 Year 

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh 





M.S Artificial Intelligence and Innovation 


2 Years 


Data Science Course Syllabus  

The data science course syllabus varies from one college to another in India and other countries. I have curated a detailed syllabus below for all beginners.  

Particulars Details 
Data Science Course Duration 3 months to 3 years or more 
Course Mode Offline or Online 
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 Science with Maths, Physics, and Computer Science 
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of statistics, computer science, and mathematics 
Key Subjects 
  • Probability & Statistics 
  • Programming in Python 
  • R Programming 
  • MySQL 
  • Mathematics 
  • Data Analytics 
Jobs Available Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Strategist, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Project Manager, etc.  
Courses B.Tech in Data Science, MSc. in Data Science, B. Tech in Data Science and Engineering, BSc. in Data Science, BCA in Data Science, and more. 


Data Science Jobs and Salary  

You will find several data science jobs across organizations and industries. These jobs are divided into various designations for a better hierarchy in different companies. From my experience, I can say that your job position always depends on the number of years you have worked in the industry. Now, let me shed some light on the salary of data scientists in present times.  

The average salary of a Data Scientist in India is ₹13,50,000 per year. Let me explain this to you in the form of a table:  

Metric Average Value 
Annual Salary (Data Scientist) ₹13,50,000 
Additional Cash Compensation ₹1,50,000 
Range ₹1,00,000 – ₹2,50,000 

Why Choose a Data Science Course?  

According to me, data science is a lucrative, in-demand, and securely growing field. If you are still in the exploratory phase of pursuing a career or education in data science, I recommend weighing these top three reasons to get into the field.  

  • You can work towards automating processes that were earlier manual with data science and analytics. 
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 36% growth in data science occupations through 2031. It means data science remains a career on the rise.  
  • Data has replaced oil as the most valuable resource worldwide. This could easily rank as a reason to pursue a career or education in data science. 

Additional Expenses for Data Science Courses 

You must be aware of potential extra costs beyond the course fees when enrolling in a data science course. The following critical supplementary expenses are my recommendation for you to keep in mind if you are interested in knowing about the additional data science course fees.

  • Learning Materials and Books: Digital resources are always a part of several data science courses. But I have also seen certain providers who do not provide one. For that, you might need to incur the additional costs associated with purchasing specific textbooks or reference materials to understand some other concepts. 
  • Software Licenses for Data Analysis Tools: Data analysis is all about using specialized software and tools. It means you may have to purchase or subscribe to specific software licenses.  
  • Hardware Requirements: Data analysis can prove to be a demanding part of your computer’s resources. For me, it becomes a reality when you start dealing with extensive datasets or other complex models. 


Data science is an advanced field that keeps on evolving. By now, you already understand data science course fees and other important details. Therefore, I suggest that the professionals should keep in touch with data science developments and latest technologies. Students may also seek data science certifications, conferences, or professional certifications to further enhance their knowledge of data science principles and methods. Similarly, you can try applying for an executive post-graduate program in business analytics from Loyola or another prestigious college.  

upGrad offers several courses that empower you to make data-driven decisions and enhance your data literacy. Students can become data science experts and use data to make a real impact with the right resources and commitment. Information must be gathered about the data science course fee to choose the program that best suits you. 


Harish K

Blog Author

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