Salary of BA Graduates: Various Specialization & Job Roles [2022]

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree that forms the foundation of your professional career. It is the minimum requirement criteria for most jobs around the globe. Earning a bachelor’s degree from a reputed institution can open up endless possibilities for you, especially if it’s a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The Bachelor of Arts degree is a comprehensive undergraduate degree that includes a vast range of subjects under its wings. Naturally, the job possibilities after completing a BA course are both diverse and varied.

After class 12, students are mostly confused regarding their future career decisions like what stream they should choose and what subjects they should take. For students who possess a natural knack for arts and critical thinking, a Bachelor of Arts is the ideal way to go. This is because BA degrees are designed to instill and sharpen critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills while building a solid foundation in Humanities. 

A Bachelor of Arts degree is a three-year college degree that covers a broad range of Humanities specializations. The subjects include Language Studies (English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, etc.), History, Archaeology, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Work, Economics, Anthropology, Linguistics, Hospitality, Rural Studies, Journalism, Religion, and Communications. 

The best aspect of choosing to pursue a BA course is learning how to critically analyze ideas, theories, and concepts and communicate them logically. 

BA Salary in India: Specialization Streams

According to PayScale, the average salary of BA graduates in India is ₹436,168 LPA. However, it should be noted that the salary of any stream, including a BA degree specialization, depends on multiple factors, including the job profile, company size, base location, and the educational qualifications, skill set, and experience of a candidate. 

Let’s take a look at the salary scale of some of the most popular BA specializations in India:

1. English

English is a prevalent choice for a BA degree as it has vast applications across different industries. English graduates can find job opportunities in both government and private sectors based on their expertise, knowledge, and skills.

Some of the most popular jobs for English graduates are Asst. Lecturer, Content Writer, Newspaper Editor, Translator, Public Relations Executive, Call Centre Executive, Bank Clerk, English Tutor, TV Anchor, Journalist, Script Writer, SEO Specialist, etc.

The average salary of a BA English graduate in India is ₹413,822 LPA.

2. History

After obtaining a BA History degree, graduates can work in archaeology/survey/tourism departments, archives centers, historical parks, museums, research institutes, restoration & preservation centers, etc. As a History graduate, you can become a Historian, Archaeologist, Archivist, Museum Curator, Asst. Lecturer, History Teacher, Academic Librarian, and Conservation Officer, among other things.

The average salary of a BA History graduate in India is ₹2-4 LPA.

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3. Geography

Geography graduates can choose to work for public/private sector firms, agricultural and economic organizations, and research institutes, depending on their interests and specialization field. A Bachelor’s degree in Geography is excellent for building a career in travel and tourism.

You can become a Geography Teacher/Lecturer, Geographer, Climatologist, Urban & Regional Planner, Survey Officer, Geospatial Analyst, Cartographer, etc.

The average salary of a BA Economics graduate in India is ₹2,51,567 LPA.

4. Economics

Economics graduates can look for employment opportunities in economic research institutions, statistical research firms, banks/credit unions, trading agencies, stock exchanges, and financial services & insurance firms. The highest paying job profiles for Economics graduates are Economist, Market Analyst, Budget Analyst, Economic Writer, Economic/Finance Consultant, Teacher/Asst. Lecturer, Credit Analyst, etc.

The average salary of a BA Geography graduate in India is ₹7,00,000 LPA.

5. Political Science

With a Political Science degree, you can find employment opportunities in journalism, law, politics, social service, and education. Most importantly, you can choose to pursue a career in the Indian Civil Services such as IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and IFS (Indian Foreign Services).

Some of the top job roles in Political Science are Journalist, Political Consultant, Public Relations Specialist, Public Policy Analyst, Political Commentator, Customs Officer, Public Opinion Analyst, Diplomat, and Politician. 

The average salary of a BA Political Science graduate in India is ₹456,814 LPA.

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6. Sociology

Sociology graduates can enter numerous fields and career lines. From public sector agencies and welfare organizations to large corporations and MNCs, Sociology skills are in high demand across industries.

As a Sociology graduate, you can find employment in education, rural & child welfare, criminology & criminal justice departments, management consultancies, marketing agencies, hospitals/medical aid institutions, and NGOs. Some of the top roles for BA Sociology graduates are Teacher/Asst. Lecturer, PR/Advertising Executive, HR Executive, Social Worker, and Journalist.

The average salary of a BA Sociology graduate in India is ₹6,90,000 LPA.

7. Psychology

The demand for Psychology graduates is steadily rising globally, thanks to increasing awareness about psychological and mental illnesses. The highest demand for Psychology majors arises from healthcare institutions, hospitals, mental health centers, social health service centers, rehabilitation centers, youth guidance centers, and schools.

BA Psychology graduates can opt for job roles like Counselor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, and Clinical Social Worker, to name a few. 

The average salary of a BA Psychology graduate in India is ₹401,036 LPA.

8. Anthropology

Anthropology is a one-of-a-kind field that can lead to many promising career opportunities in educational institutions, tourism/heritage departments, urban planning centers, community development centers, criminal investigation departments, environmental organizations, government agencies & PSUs (public sector undertaking), and NGOs. With an Anthropology degree, you can become an Anthropologist, Researcher, Teacher/Asst. Lecturer, Museum Curator, Archivist, and Field Investigator. 

The average salary of a BA Anthropology graduate in India is ₹925,000 LPA.

9. Linguistics

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, you can take a shot at some of the most versatile and unique career options. Linguistics graduates can take up roles in teaching, publishing, editing, computer programming, proofreading, speech, and language therapy.

Computational Linguist, Linguistics Professor, Translator, Forensic Linguist, Technical Writer, Lexicographer, Speech Therapist, and Dictionary Compiler are some of the most popular Linguistics roles. 

The average salary of a BA Linguistics graduate in India is ₹6,00,000 LPA.

10. Journalism

Journalism graduates usually bag jobs in media houses, publishing houses, news agencies, advertising agencies, TV channels, radio stations, digital marketing companies, and broadcasting corporations.

The most popular and well-paying journalism job profiles include TV Reporter, Columnist, News Editor, Business Editor, Screen Writer, Content Writer, Photojournalist, Correspondent, and Investigative Journalist. 

The average salary of a BA Journalism graduate in India is ₹3,61,472 LPA.


To conclude, the salary of BA graduates ranges between ₹4-5 LPA. Bachelor of Arts is a fantastic choice as a career option since you have so many opportunities to pursue. BA graduates enjoy a plethora of choices – from academia and research institutions to working in established government agencies. The key to building a successful career with a BA degree is to choose a specialization that aligns with your interests and career aspirations. 


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