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Cloud Support Engineer Salary in India: For Freshers & Experienced [2024]

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31st Jan, 2024
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Cloud Support Engineer Salary in India: For Freshers & Experienced [2024]

The evolution of technology created new needs, and one of these was online storage. People and organizations both need the space to store documents and a safe place for collaboration and communication. The result was a Cloud, which is now a common feature, and no organization is immune to its usage and requirement. But, the cloud needs to function smoothly and efficiently, and that is done by the Cloud Support Engineer, which is evident in the rising number of Amazon cloud support associate salary and other related roles.

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What is Cloud and a Cloud Support Engineer?

Cloud is an online space offered by a company or service to individuals or companies. It is hosted on a server on a remote corner and is controlled by the company offering service. An engineer is dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure and backend operations of the cloud. They are responsible for ensuring that customers and architecture function smoothly at all times. 

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So, what would it be like to become a Cloud Support engineer at the present time? What are the opportunities? How much could you earn? What will be your role? Let’s find out.

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What makes Cloud Computing Popular? 

The use of the cloud is a popular technology. Almost every corporation moved its services to the cloud to boost business growth.

Let us look at the significant benefits of cloud computing here.

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Back up and restore data

Once the information is in the cloud, using the cloud to back up and restore the data is simpler.

Improved collaboration

Through shared storage in the cloud, cloud applications enable teams to more simply and quickly share information.

Low maintenance cost

Organizations can save money on hardware and software upkeep thanks to cloud computing.


We can simply access all data in the cloud via mobile thanks to cloud computing.

Unlimited storage capacity

The cloud provides significant storage space for centrally storing all of our vital data, including documents, photographs, audio, and video.

Data security

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is data security. Data is processed and kept safe thanks to the cloud’s various cutting-edge security measures.

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The Demand for Cloud Engineers in India

The recent surge in the cloud computing field has led to a lot of openings for cloud support engineers. Skilled employees with great knowledge about handling and managing cloud services are required by top firms. A simple LinkedIn search shows more than 7000 results.


On, you can find more than 60000 related jobs to cloud support engineers. And many companies now depend on the cloud for their operations. This number is most likely to go up in the near future.


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The Average Salary of Cloud Engineer in India

A cloud support engineer is at the forefront of cloud technology. They are responsible for cloud services to manage their mission-critical applications. Since they are responsible for handling and maintaining various cloud computing systems, and they are offered the best salaries possible. Amazon cloud support associate salary for freshers might be a bit lower than what an experienced cloud engineer or associate will reap.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a Cloud Support Engineer in India is close to Rs 7,09,000 per annum. While experts say that Amazon cloud support associate salary can get significantly higher with sufficient experience and skillset.


Factors Affecting the Cloud Engineer Salary in India

The three main factors affecting Cloud Engineer Salary and Amazon cloud support associate salary for freshers in India are:

  • Company – The bigger the company, the bigger would be the cloud that they use, manage, and offer to their customer base. Hence, most engineers are always eager to get hired by bigger brands. 
  • Experience – Your experience plays a big role in the salary you can expect. People with more years of experience will get a higher salary. So, you may start small, but in a few years, you can start earning the highest salary. For instance, working under brand names such as Amazon, the Amazon cloud support engineer salary is bound to grow higher as much as you obtain experience.
  • Location – The location of the company will have a direct impact on the Cloud Engineer role. Remember one thing, the bigger the city, the higher is the cost of living. 

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Salary of Cloud Engineer: Based on Company

The company plays a large role in the salary of a Cloud Engineer. For example, you could be earning a lot more working at Amazon Web Services than working in Accenture. The salary for a cloud support engineer in Amazon is more than Rs 14,00,000 per annum. Similarly, the figure is close to Rs 12,00,000 for Microsoft and IBM. But getting into these tech giants is not easy, and you need to be highly skilled with problem-solving abilities. Other big contenders for cloud services are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Clouds. However, Amazon cloud support engineer salary still remains an aim for many candidates to obtain following the brand’s extended popularity.


Salary of Cloud Engineer: Based on Experience

Your salary will also depend on the skill sets and experience you have. An entry-level engineer can earn close to Rs 7,00,000 per annum. With an experience of more than 5 years, you could be earning close to Rs 15,00,000 per annum. When the experience reaches 10 years, your salary could be upwards of Rs 25,00,000 per annum. So it all depends on your experience! As the technology changes and evolves, make sure to adopt the new changes, so you don’t lag behind.


Salary of Cloud Engineer: Based on Location

You can earn a bit more working in the IT hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune as a lot of big companies have their base set up here. For example, the average salary for the role in Bangalore is slightly above the national average, standing at Rs 7,90,000 per annum. This is mainly because top companies like Amazon and Microsoft have their office here.


One of the biggest players in the cloud computing market, Amazon, has set up its largest base in Hyderabad. Its Amazon Web Services, or better known as AWS, is one of the highly used cloud services in the world. Many skilled support engineers to handle its enormous base and demands. As is obvious, and if Amazon hires you in Hyderabad, you could be earning the highest Cloud Engineer Salary in India. Working with Amazon ensures the AWS cloud support associate salary remains one of the highest offered in the market.

What are the skills and another requirement to become a Cloud Support Engineer?

The first requirement is education – a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Let us look at some of the skill sets you will need to get the best job. 

  • Expertise in cloud technology, cloud computing domain and impacts, and cloud services models
  • Develop programming skills along with the understanding of different computer hardware. Also, learn about Networking, Routing, and Computer security to manage things efficiently
  • Communication skills to manage queries of various stakeholders
  • Monitoring the level of security right now and putting preemptive measures in place are essential in cloud computing. A bonus in this sector is knowing cybersecurity, especially if you wish to work as a cloud security engineer
  • Integration of networks and cloud services is essential. Therefore, understanding the foundations of cloud technology and networking devices is crucial to making cloud computing simple for end users.

As a result, AWS cloud support associate salary and salaries for other related roles tend to rise once you obtain the mentioned industry-relevant skills and experience.

Roles and Responsibilities of Cloud Engineer

Cloud support engineers can play dual roles in the industry. They are both developers as well as administrators. Companies expect you to have good knowledge of a scripting language like Python or Ruby and shell scripting to achieve OS-level tasks. 

Some of the key responsibilities of a cloud engineer are:

  • Assessing system to identify potential weaknesses or problems
  • Addressing customer issues with robust applications 
  • Recovering data that has been lost or compromised when there is a problem with the cloud
  • Building effective solutions and providing expertise in one or many of the cloud and virtualization products like AWS or CloudStack
  • Identifying and using appropriate support appropriate cloud services on the cloud
  • Identifying potential problems in the application’s performance and manage network-related workloads, including DNS and firewalls
  • Maintaining for general health and maintenance of cloud service offerings 
  • Providing written designs and documentation regarding proposed or actual cloud deployments
  • Ensuring that data storage and processing operations are carried out effectively and in compliance with the company’s security policies and industry best practices for cloud security
  • Determining, examining, and fixing infrastructure weaknesses and application deployment problems

Reasons to become a Cloud Engineer?

Let us look at some of the amazing reasons to become a Cloud Engineer: 

In-demand field

Cloud has reduced costs as they can easily host their services on the cloud. Professionals are required to monitor and handle their services effectively without any bottleneck. It has created a lot of new job opportunities in recent times. Major companies in India and abroad require skilled cloud engineers to assist in their operations.

Future Scope

The future of Cloud Computing is robust and going strong. In October 2019, Google announced a Quantum Breakthrough that could revolutionize cloud computing. Services like Google Stadia, Netflix are becoming more popular day by day. As the cloud services grow and become more complex, specialist support engineers will be needed to maintain the scalability of the services.

Highly Paid

Keeping the demands in mind, the money offered to a Cloud Support engineer is also bound to increase. Since the current number is pretty high, the future numbers will be like a dream for a well-skilled worker.

Customer Satisfaction

Cloud Support engineers actively work with customers. They build an effective solution to resolve issues. 

Leading IT firms for cloud engineers

Microsoft Azure

Azure is the second-most reputable and widely used cloud service provider, with roughly 22 percent worldwide market share. Data resilience, big data insights, reliable data retention, centralized data management, flexibility, and other features are just a few of Azure’s characteristics. These features were all created by outstanding cloud experts from around the world. Azure facilitates data centers in 140 countries, among the most global compared to other cloud providers.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Amazon Web Services is the most widely used and accepted cloud service worldwide, with a market dominance of 32 percent. It asserts to provide 175 fully functional cloud services from data centers spread across the globe. Its hundreds of features, which include database, analytics, management services, change management, adherence, and security, are used by small- to large-scale startups, governmental agencies and organizations, well-established companies, and major firms. Probably why AWS cloud support associate salary India remains significantly higher than usually offered under other brand names.

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According to Glassdoor, the AWS cloud support engineer salary India is around ₹14,80,343/yr. While as compared to AWS cloud support engineer salary India, obtaining opportunities in a similar role overseas is bound to offer you a more lucrative option.

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For nearly two decades, the services offered by the cloud has changed the way. It has created a host of opportunities for people with the right skill sets and expertise. The high in demand profession is expected to have many cloud services and applications in the future. It is the best time to become a Cloud support engineer.

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Pavan Vadapalli

Blog Author
Director of Engineering @ upGrad. Motivated to leverage technology to solve problems. Seasoned leader for startups and fast moving orgs. Working on solving problems of scale and long term technology strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What kind of services are provided by the Cloud?

Cloud is a technology developed to manage operations, scale resources up and down, store, and deploy applications. It is also known as serverless computing. The Cloud Service Providers govern the servers and other infrastructure, and the end-user can entirely focus on the business logic. Load balancing, security, virtual machines, and compute engines for processing and storage are some services provided by the Cloud. The services provided can be divided into three types: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). IaaS provides infrastructure like servers, networks, and storage. PaaS provides platforms, tools, frameworks, and middleware to build applications. SaaS includes software and applications for the end-user to use.

2What are the topics to focus on while preparing for a Cloud Support Engineer interview?

To ace an interview, having an overview of the job role, important topics to focus on while preparing for a job interview, and strong fundamentals are required. A Cloud Support Engineer should be good at SQL, networks, security, and operating systems. Also, they should have soft skills that help them communicate with other engineers and customers. In networking, context switching, sockets, memory models, deadlocks in operating systems, DHCP, OSPF, routing, LAN, etc., are some of the concepts to focus on. Database objects, multimedia database interfaces, and indexing are the database concepts you should be aware of. During the interviews, good knowledge of data structures and algorithms will serve as an added advantage.

3 How does knowledge of Operating Systems help while operating with Cloud?

Cloud-based systems work on the concept of virtual machines. In virtual machines, various levels of abstraction exist based on the applications. This includes abstraction at the hardware level, OS level, application level, etc. A guest OS is used in virtualisation, and every virtual machine shares the same lower levels. In this case, selecting the type of Guest OS compatible with the application is essential. Also, concepts like context switching and CPU scheduling help one understand load balancing and allow them to manage their VMs efficiently to generate maximum throughput with minimal utilization of resources. Hence, knowledge of operating systems is essential.

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