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Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering: What to do after 12th?

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17th Dec, 2020
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Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering: What to do after 12th?

Not every 12th science student wants to become an engineer. Many students wish to pursue career options after 12th science other than engineering. To help you find the answer to this question, we have prepared this list of courses after 12th science other than engineering. For example, you can pursue a career in the education sector by doing a B.El.Ed degree or become a data scientist and help companies. 

Courses After 12th Science

This article will help you get familiar with all courses after 12th science other than engineering you can complete. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. B.Sc

BSc is one of the most popular choices among 12th science students. If you’re looking for a career in research or academics, you can pursue this course. Another prominent reason why students prefer this course is the various specializations it offers to them. As a science, you can pursue many BSc specializations according to your specific interests and career requirements. 

Some of the most prevalent BSc courses include:

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  • BSc IT
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Horticulture
  • BSc Agriculture
  • BSc Nautical Science
  • BSc Electronics
  • BSc Biotechnology
  • BSc Electronics and Communication
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc Forestry
  • BSc Hotel Management

Because of such a wide variety of options, BSc is an excellent choice for science students. It allows you to pursue careers outside the traditional sciences such as Hotel Management, Horticulture, and Forestry. 

Career Options After this Course

The roles you can pursue after completing BSc depend a lot on your specialization. For example, if you’ve completed BSc in Bioinformatics, then you can pursue careers in Biophysics and its academic fields. Similarly, if you completed a BSc IT course, you can pursue roles in Technical Support and IT Services. 

You can take higher courses in your specialization and pursue industry-specific studies. For example, if you take BSc maths, you can complete an MSc in maths and pursue a career in Actuarial Sciences. On the other hand, you can become a Mathematician with a specialized degree in mathematics. Learn more about career options after B.Sc.

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2. BBA

If you’re interested in management and want to pursue leadership roles in companies, you can get a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). BBA helps you learn about entrepreneurship, business management, their related concepts, and fundamentals. While doing the BBA course, you’ll learn about various business concepts such as marketing, human resources, finance, management, etc. A BBA course lasts for three years. 

Like the BSc degree, this course provides you with a ton of specialization options. BBA offers various specializations to its students:

  • BBA Business Administration
  • BBA Computer Application
  • BBA International Business
  • BBA Hospitality
  • BBA Entrepreneurship
  • BBA Human Resources
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Sports Management
  • BBA Tourism
  • BBA Human Resource Management
  • BBA Hospital and Healthcare
  • BBA Management
  • BBA Accounting
  • BBA in Retail

The 3-year course is designed to provide learning support to students looking to acquire industry-relevant skills and pursue jobs in companies like Infosys, Godrej, Wipro, and more. The curriculum comprises 720+ worth of live sessions, 3200+ learning hours, and 40+ courses and students stand to receive free training for industry certifications. 

At upGrad, we have mentored thousands of students from across the globe for different courses and careers. Checkout our degree courses offered by upGrad in association with top universities for motivated students like you looking for state-of-the-art BBA courses after completing their 12th.

Completed your BSc and wondering what’s next? Explore career options after BSc to discover the diverse paths your science degree can lead you to.

Career Options After This Course

After completing a BBA degree, you can pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration). An MBA allows you to pursue leadership roles in companies and organizations and teach you more advanced business and management concepts. MBA is a very popular choice among BBA graduates. With an MBA, you can get advanced knowledge of the specialization you took with your BBA degree. 

However, you can pursue a more specialized career and enter the tech sector through a PG diploma in Product Management. Product managers are among the highest-paid professionals in India and are in huge demand because of the agile methodology and thriving consumer demand. As a BBA graduate, you’ll find it easier to become a product manager. 

Another popular course among management students is the BBA + MBA integrated course. The integrated course allows students to get both of these degrees together. It lasts for five years. So if you’re planning to pursue an MBA, this might be the most suitable choice for you. Learn more about career options after BBA.

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3. LLB

Apart from conventional courses, science students have the option to pursue a career in law. You can pursue integrated law courses, which allow you to get a law degree along with one in your desired stream. Here are the popular options for integrated courses:

  • BBA + LLB
  • BCom + LLB
  • BSc + LLB

An LLB course covers the basics of Indian law, legal practices, and many other related concepts. LLB offers the following specializations:

  • International law
  • Criminal law
  • Business law
  • Civil and Private law
  • Legal Studies
  • Patent and Intellectual Property Law
  • Corporate law
  • Public law

Core subjects of an LLB course include tort law, human rights, tax laws, labor laws, contract law, equity and trusts, IPR, etc. It gives you the necessary foundation to pursue a career in law. You’d get to learn how the judiciary functions and how different laws of our constitution affect our lives. 

Just completed your 12th in science and curious about your future? Navigate through the career options after 12th science to find a path that aligns with your interests and aspirations.

Career Options After This Course

Doing an LLB opens up many opportunities for you. You can pursue litigation careers in various fields after doing this degree. You can get a job as an associate in a law firm and serve clients. On the other hand, you can pursue a career in public litigation and become a prosecutor for the Government.

Apart from those two options, you can become a legal advisor for a company or private organization. Companies require legal advisors to ensure they are following the necessary rules and regulations. Another popular choice among law students is the judiciary. You can sit in the state-level exams for judiciary services after completing your degree to pursue a career in this field. 

4. BHM

Not many students know this, but you can pursue a lucrative career in the hospitality sector after 12th science by taking the BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management). You’ll get to learn the fundamental skills required in the hospitality sector. You’ll get familiar with many basic concepts of this field, such as food preparation, beverage preparation, beverage service, housekeeping operations, front office operations, food service, etc. 

Apart from the fundamental concepts we discussed before, you get to study supplementary subjects such as Foreign languages, personality development, environment, and public health, entrepreneurship, etc. The BHM course lasts for four years.

Career Options After This Course

If clubs, hotels, or restaurants have always piqued your interest, then doing a BHM course would be perfect for you. After you complete this course, you can bag lucrative roles in clubs, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and other hospitality establishments. Popular career choices for BHM graduates are General Manager, Head Chef, Club Manager, and Sous Chef. 

5. CPL

This career option is specifically for 12th science students with Mathematics as a subject. After you complete your 12th exam, you can go for Commercial Pilot Training right away. It is quite an expensive program, but after finishing it and several other procedures and some training, you’d become a professional commercial pilot. 

Many people dream of becoming a pilot and for many reasons. This is a prestigious career and offers unique opportunities. The CPL course lasts for three years. Some of the famous institutes that provide commercial pilot training in India are:

  • Rajiv Gandhi National Flight Training Institute
  • Government Flying Club, Lucknow
  • Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety
  • Government Aviation Training Institute, Bhubaneswar
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Rae Bareli

Career Options After This Course

After you complete the CPL course, you’ll get the license to become a professional pilot. You can pursue a career as a pilot for airlines. This means you can become a pilot for prominent airlines, including SpiceJet, Air India, Vistara, IndiGo, and AirAsia.

They operate, manage, and handle all operational functions related to the aircraft. It is a lucrative role and is undoubtedly one of the best career options after 12th science other than engineering. 

Apart from airlines, you can work as a private pilot for businesses or celebrities. They are responsible for piloting the chartered planes of their clients. 

6. B.El.Ed

You can enter the education sector by taking the B.El.Ed course (Bachelor of Elementary Education). It is a four-year degree which trains students to teach in elementary schools. Elementary schools focus on students aged six to 12 years. B.El.Ed is a popular choice for students who want a career in the education sector.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of elementary education, courses in how kids learn things, child psychology, classrooms’ technologies, analyzing popular children literature, various teaching methods, etc. Apart from these concepts, you’ll learn how to analyze your students’ academic performance and communicate with them effectively. 

Career Options After This Course

Popular career choices for B.El.Ed students are Primary Teacher, Nursery Teacher, Elementary Teacher, and Career Counsellor. After you complete this course, you can pursue higher education courses, including M.El.Ed, B.Ed, M.Ed. B.El.Ed is quite popular among students because it is an integrated course and allows you to enter the education sector as a professional right away.

You can pursue teaching careers in private schools or appear for the CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) exam to get teaching roles in public schools. 

7. B.Com

After completing the 12th, you can get a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) degree. It is a three-year course that covers the basics of commerce, accounting, and related subjects. You’ll learn about financial accounting, economics, auditing, business management, corporate tax, and others.

As a science student, you might be unfamiliar with several of these concepts, and you might have to study them before starting your degree. However, it’s an excellent option for students who want a career in accounting and finance. Popular specializations in B.Com are:

  • Economics
  • Accounts and finance
  • Human resources
  • Taxation
  • Law

Career Options After This Course

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There are many career options for B.Com students. After doing a B.Com, you can get accountancy roles in companies and organizations. On the other hand, you can prepare for Chartered Accountancy and pursue a career in that field. You can pursue a position as a Company Secretary by completing its respective exams. You can read more about career options after B.Com on our blog. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing one’s career is one of their most significant decisions. It would be best if you kept in mind that your interest in the field matters a lot. If you’d like your job, working hard and making progress in it would be much more comfortable. So always keep your interests and priorities in mind while choosing a career. It would ensure that you make the right choice.

We hope you liked this list of career options after 12th science other than engineering. If you have any questions regarding this article or the topic, please let us know through the comment section. We’d love to hear from you and answer your queries. 


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