Career Options After MA: What To Do After MA?

“What to do after MA?”

Every Master of Art (MA) graduate faces this question when they are near the end of their postgraduate degree. If you’re facing this confusion, then you’re in luck because this article will help you remove the same. You’ll learn the best career options after MA, which get you lucrative pay and growth opportunities.

From law to data science, we have discussed plenty of Courses after MA. So, let’s begin:

Career Options After  MA

1. Lawyer

A great career prospect for MA graduates in the law. If you have excellent observation and oration skills, becoming a lawyer can be an excellent option. As an MA graduate, you only need an additional law degree to become a lawyer. There are many specializations in law, and you can choose one according to your preferences and knowledge. 

The median pay of this field

The average salary of a lawyer in India is INR 4.68 Lakh per annum. With experience, this number can go up to INR 40 lakh per annum, so it’s a lucrative field. However, you should note that your pay depends on multiple factors such as your location, employer, specialization, etc. 

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

What you’ll do in this field

As a lawyer, you’ll have to consult your clients on legal matters. Lawyers are also known as attorneys. You would have to represent your clients in court, if needed, and help them with the case.

Lawyers have to advance their client’s cases through written documents and oral arguments. Due to the unique nature of their role, they should have strong oratory and investigative skills. It would be best if you had a firm grasp on your field’s laws as a lawyer. 

Minimum Eligibility

You must have a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree to become a lawyer. As a MA graduate, you’re eligible to pursue a law degree. After you complete the LLB degree, you’ll receive the necessary certification to practice law. An LLB degree will cover the basics of law and various branches of law such as criminal law, civil law, evidence law, intellectual property, etc. 

2. Manager

If you’ve always wished to become a leader, then you should pursue a career in management. Companies look for management graduates to handle their teams and departments. Management professionals are in high demand, and as the number of companies increases, the need for managers will rise accordingly. 

What you’ll do in this field

As a manager, you’ll be responsible for a particular section of your organization. Managers are accountable for their team’s performance and results. They have to tackle business problems their organization faces, so they need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. As they are responsible for their team’s performance, they chart out plans and goals to help them achieve the same. 

The median pay of this field

The median pay of a general manager in India is INR 20 Lakh per annum. Beginners in this field earn an average salary of INR 5.17 Lakh per annum; with experience, however, you can increase your pay exponentially in this field. Experienced professionals in this field earn around INR 50 Lakh per annum. Your location, experience, and expertise are the most important factors in determining your pay in this field. As you can see, management is among the best career options after MA. 

Minimum Eligibility

To become a management professional, you’ll need to take a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Prominent institutes that offer MBA programs include the Indian Institute of Management, Xavier School of Management, etc. You can join a Global MBA program from upGrad and earn an internationally recognized degree. 

3. Digital Marketer

There’s a common misconception that you can’t enter the tech sector if you don’t have a B.Tech or BCA degree. It’s a myth. You can become a proficient tech professional as an MA graduate by entering the digital marketing sector. 

What you’ll do in this field

As a digital marketer, you’ll be responsible for handling the online presence of your client. Digital marketers promote their clients on the internet through social media, ad campaigns, content marketing, and various other strategies. They usually work with a team of specialists to perform these tasks. Digital marketers should be experts at search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media management, and many related skills. 

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The median pay of this field

The average pay of a digital marketer in India is INR 8 Lakh per annum. The income of a digital marketing manager ranges from INR 4 Lakh to INR 18 Lakh per year. Apart from digital marketing manager, you can pursue many other roles in this field according to your interests, such as content marketer, SEO specialist, PPC (pay per click) specialist, etc. Learn more about digital marketing salary in 2020.

Minimum Eligibility

To become a digital marketing professional, you should be proficient in online marketing and related skills (SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, etc.). You can take a digital marketing PG course to learn these skills. A PG certification will help recruiters know that you’re a skilled digital marketing professional, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular courses after MA. 

4. Journalist

Journalism is a field of creativity and courage. It’s an excellent sector for passionate people who want a career to explore their interests.

What you’ll do in this field

A journalist is responsible for researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and filing news stories, articles, and features; journalists usually work with newspapers, magazines, television news channels, and online publications. You should have strong written and oral skills and exceptional interpersonal skills for this role. 

The median pay of this field

The average salary of a journalist in India is INR 3.5 Lakh per year. Beginners in this field earn around INR 1.02 Lakh per annum, whereas professionals with experience earn up to INR 9.5 Lakh per annum. Note that your pay depends on your location, experience, and expertise. 

Minimum Eligibility

You should have a bachelor’s degree minimum to pursue a career in this field. Specializing in Journalism and Mass Communication can be pretty helpful. However, you can take a PG course in journalism to learn the required skills for this role. 

5. Data Scientist (PG Certification)

Data science is among the fastest-growing sectors in India. The data we generate every day is quite valuable, and companies recognize this fact. Moreover, companies have tons of data they can use to enhance their results. A great answer to the “What to do after MA?” question is data scientist. As an MA graduate, you can pursue a role in this field and start a lucrative career. 

What you’ll do in this field

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing large quantities of data to help their company generate valuable insights. They use machine learning algorithms and related technologies to find patterns in their data.

Apart from machine learning, they are also proficient in programming, data extraction, loading, wrangling, exploration, and visualization. Data scientists generate insights that can help their company in tackling complex business problems. They work with data engineers and analysts in teams; that’s why strong communication skills are a crucial part of this role. 

The median pay of this field

The average salary of a data scientist in India is INR 8.13 Lakh per year. Beginners in this field earn around INR 3.4 Lakh per annum, whereas experienced data scientists can earn up to INR 20 Lakh per annum. It’s undoubtedly one of the best career options after MA.

Minimum Eligibility

Along with an MA degree, you’ll need certification in data science. That’s because recruiters look for skilled professionals who can showcase their expertise. You should be proficient in statistics, mathematics, and the related technologies to pursue a career in this field. Having a specialization in Statistics or Economics would undoubtedly be helpful. Data science is one of the best courses after MA. Learn more about career in data science.

6. Insurance Executive

If you’re a people person and want a career that allows you to solve unique problems, pursuing a career in the insurance sector might be the right choice for you. The insurance sector in India was expected to reach $280 billion by 2020, so you can understand how massive it is. The demand for Insurance professionals is significantly high. 

What you’ll do in this field

As an Insurance executive, you’ll be responsible for the sales of your companies’ insurance plans and products. You’ll have to generate leads, follow-through, and create sales. It’s an exceptional career choice for those who have a knack for sales and persuasion. 

The median pay of this field

The median pay in this sector is INR 2.5 Lakh per annum. With experience, your income can increase exponentially. Like many sales-focused sectors, it stresses a lot on incentives. Your pay can increase up to INR 10 Lakh per annum in this role. 

Minimum Eligibility

You should have a bachelor’s degree minimum to pursue a career in this field. As an MA graduate, you’re eligible to pursue a career as an insurance executive. You can take a course in Insurance to further your chances of getting a lucrative role in this field. Taking a course will help you learn various skills related to this role and become a skilled professional. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of the most lucrative courses after MA, you should be able to make a better-informed decision. Remember to keep your interests in mind while picking the right career because it’s the most important factor. If you don’t like your job working in it will be quite challenging. 

We hope that you found this article on career options after MA useful. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please let us know through the comments. We’d love to hear from you. 

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