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Top 6 HR Tools You Should Know in 2024

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16th Oct, 2022
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Top 6 HR Tools You Should Know in 2024

Introduction: What is a Human Resource Management System?

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a form of HR tool software that includes diverse company projects and systems into one software that ensures a smooth flow of human resources and business management data in one platform, meeting the organisation’s needs. 

In an ever-increasing complex business world, it is essential that all the company data, including employee information, be accommodated in one place. Hence, many companies have shifted to a Human Resource Management Software system connecting all the human resources data with information technology through HR tools. 

HRMS can be used for multiple purposes, from payroll processing, leave approvals, employee satisfaction tracking, and career progression tracking performance reviews. 

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Why should one use HRM tools?

To begin with, HRM tools can help increase a small business or a start-up professionally. The tools often help the organisations build up their productivity and growth. HRMS has severely helped increase the transparency of knowledge in modern HR departments. The data is accessible to all employees and managers except in the hands of the HR department only. 

In addition, HRMS comes in with built-in security measures to ensure the maximum safety of all data stored, including sensitive company and employee personal data. HRMS also allows more work flexibility, and better employee experience, which saves much time.

The best HR tools in 2022

Here are some of the best HRM tools one can choose for their organisations that are bound to provide satisfactory results: 

1. Freshteam

The Freshteam software is a hit with companies for its easy hiring, onboarding and time of processes and HR workflow in a centralised manner. The pros include applicant tracking, which helps interview and hire top the cream of the crop candidates from a pool of applications. In addition, it has excellent onboarding features connecting all employees faster and organising their data better. The Freshteam HR tool can effectively track and manage time-off reports. 

2. BambooHR

The BambooHR HRM tool is known to significantly reduce massive paperwork by shifting most of the vital HR work online, especially for the onboarding process. This makes BambooHR one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use software tools. It includes a varied range of employee enhancements, benefits and other job-related information that can be easily tracked.

3. Gusto

The Gusto software comes in handy while a new startup company is starting its business. This HR tool helps set up a new business with modernised and balanced payroll benefits and human resources for employees while simultaneously protecting the business from compliance mistakes. In this way, a company can also save itself from lawsuits or false cases.

4. Deputy

The Deputy HR tool is a go-to use for many larger organisations. It facilitates seamless usage of complete integration, including payroll processing, POS, HR system, workforce management, auto-scheduling software, employee onboarding, leave management software and fair workweek compliance, making the company work easy. 

5. kredily

kredily streamlines the HR workflow to create a smooth workspace while increasing productivity and efficiency. It also helps to constantly track employee performance, optimising new start-ups and increasing their business prospects. Interestingly, this is a free payroll tool.

6. GreytHR

This tool is designed to provide cost-effective HRMS to companies. It is India’s first fully integrated HR tool offering cloud-based payroll and HR solutions. It is great for employees since they can access all their personal data and other sensitive information in one click, thereby increasing employee satisfaction. What is more, GreytHR includes vacation management software with an integrated attendance management system and employee self-service facilities. 

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Summary: Learn from the best HRM degrees

For anyone interested in pursuing the use of HRM tools and their proper implementation for the smooth working of the company, it is essential to have a working knowledge of the HRMS and its components. We understand it is challenging for many professionals to devote their time to a time-consuming degree, so upGrad’s online Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management course is a perfect fit for working people.

This 11-month degree demands 8-9 hours every week. With 300+ hours of learning, candidates will learn about HR management, industrial development, personnel development, HR analytics, reward management and certification from LIBA, India’s #3 college, according to NIRF. 

Here is why the program is ideal for you:

  1. Wholly online, designed for working professionals
  2. 300+ hours of learning
  3. 30+ hours of live sessions
  4. 8+ case studies and assignments
  5. 360-degree assistance 
  6. Weekly doubt clearing sessions
  7. Practical hands-on capstone projects
  8. LIBA Alumni status
  9. Interview preparation
  10. Career mentorship session (1:1)
  11. No-cost EMI options are available, starting from 4.450/- a month
  12. Gaining theoretical as well as practical knowledge with a brilliant curriculum

Here is an insight into the syllabus of the Executive PG Programme: 

  1. Intra and Interpersonal Dynamics- 4 weeks
  2. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)- 3 weeks
  3. Industrial Relations- 2 weeks
  4. Counselling Skills- 3 weeks
  5. Performance and Reward Management- 4 weeks
  6. HR Analytics- 3 weeks
  7. Labor Laws- 2 weeks
  8. Training and Development- 2 weeks
  9. Business Communication- 2 weeks
  10. Interview Skills- 2 weeks
  11. Problem Solving skills- 2 weeks
  12. Capstone Project- 5 weeks 

Sign up today to learn more! 




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are the benefits of an HRMS?

Some of the benefits of a Human Resource Management (HRM) System include managing employees in an efficient and structured manner according to the company goals, improved and transparent access to any company information, reduction of unnecessary data reports and lagging processes, improved employee satisfaction, and easy access appraisal processes.

2What is the size of companies that usually require an integrated HRMS?

Ideally, the number varies with the choice of the HRM tools that one is using. There are differently set up HRMS for different organisations as per their requirements. The functions and price planning of the software do vary to a great extent in relation to the company size.

3What are some of the basic functions of HRMS?

One of the main functions of the Human Resource Management Software is to see that there is adequate employee performance per the employer or organisation’s goals. Some of the basic functions of the HRMS include payroll processing, disbursement, recruitment and onboarding, training and development, workforce planning, policy settings and maintenance, to mention a few.

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