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MBA in HR – Syllabus , Subjects and Courses

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2nd Jun, 2021
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MBA in HR – Syllabus , Subjects and Courses

The MBA from Liverpool Business School with Specialisation in HR  is one of the most coveted degrees for graduates today.  upGrad offers this world-class MBA program to equip gen-next global leaders with leadership skills, global reach, and a competitive edge in career enhancement. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to help learners acquire marketing skills through world-class content provided by Harvard Business publishing.

Through this MBA program, upGrad offers candidates the opportunity to visit the Liverpool Business School in an all-expenses covered one-week immersion program. 

Graduates who possess an MBA degree are given top priority in companies, consultancies, and other business organisations. Let’s take a close look at the course syllabus of the MBA HR program. 

MBA HR Syllabus – Learning Format

  • Industry-relevant curriculum: The curriculum is structured and designed by industry experts and top faculty members of IMT and LBS.
  • Format structured for practical learning: Industry projects and simulations from Harvard Business Publications enables simple understanding of concepts through practical applications. 
  • Live and Recorded sessions: To ensure comprehensive learning, students can also access recorded lectures apart from the online learning sessions.
  • Global Exposure: To better understand international business, students receive lectures from renowned instructors coupled with case studies from global companies.
  • Forum for discussion: For timely clarifications from peers and teaching faculties, discussion forums are conducted.
  • Re-learning concepts: All students have access to the program three years post-completion to stay in touch with the concepts.

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Structure of MBA HR Syllabus

  • All candidates become part of an 11-month Post Graduation Program in Management at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad. 
  • Upon completing this PG program, they are provided training in Research Methodology at Liverpool Business School for two months. 
  • Finally, they are provided practical knowledge through industry projects that span four months at Liverpool Business School.
  • There’s a complimentary 1-week immersion program in the UK that includes interaction with the LBS faculty on-campus, campus visits, academic and non-academic on-campus sessions, and ample opportunities to create a global network.

Learning Path in HR specialisation

  • The course starts with an introduction to the basics of management. This provides a strong foundation in management which is crucial for HR.
  • Familiarising laws and ethics of business. 
  • Going into detail on advanced topics like Workforce Management, Planning & recruitment, training & development, employee engagement, and retention. 
  • Education through practical application that includes simulations from Harvard Business Publishing (HBP). 
  • Studying real-life situations and using HRM techniques through HBP case studies on Amazon and Honda.
  • Practical learning through Industry projects. 

Program Curriculum

The course for HR specialisation includes organisational behaviour, human resources, and business law & ethics. 

  1. Organisational Behavior – This is focused on building strong teams and organisations by analysing the behaviour of the individuals, dynamics of the group, and culture of the organisation. The aim is to positively impact the attitude of the team, inspire them, and increase productivity. 
  2. HR for Non-HR Managers – Utilizing impactful human resource management (HRM) techniques to create a strong team and maintain them as a line manager. 
  3. Business Law and Ethics – Analyze and apply various business laws (in adherence to the best practices) effectively to establish and maintain a successful business in India. 


The elective track includes workforce planning and recruitment, training & development, and employee engagement & retention. 

  • Workforce planning and Recruitment – This includes job analysing, forecasting the workforce, and sourcing talented employees to build a productive team. 
  • Training and Development – This is like workforce planning and recruitment which involves employee selection and recruitment through job analysis and workforce forecasting.
  • Employee Engagement and Retention – Engaging with employees and creating a connection by taking care of their health and safety, rewarding designs, and retention ideas.  

Industry Project

The duration of the industry project is four months, and this provides an opportunity to specialise in any one of the following domains: 

  1. BFSI – Reducing attrition rates in credit card sales personnel.
  2. FMCG – Devising strategies to improve brand recognition in coveted business schools. 
  3. E-Commerce – Ensuring strong engagement of delivery personnel to improve their retention. 
  4. Automotive and Manufacturing – Developing strategies for effective mediation between companies and their unions.

Besides these specialisations, the course includes real-life business case studies and simulations powered by HBR, an immersive and knowledgeable experience. Students also receive one-on-one mentorship with industry experts to stay updated with the current developments and requirements in the industry. 

Who can Benefit from Specialising in HR?

  • Enthusiastic and self-driven HR professionals employed as HR managers and Directors in Talent Acquisition, Employee engagement, and other related areas in various industries, keen on specialising in the core HR domains like Workforce planning, Recruitment training, and employee retention, etc. 
  • Professionals working in senior positions in non-finance sectors (IT, ITES, Consulting, Manufacturing and Services), requiring Human Resources skills and multi-functional skills to catapult to the role of a CXO.
  • Professionals working in basic management fields aspiring to pursue a career in Human Resources (HR).

Best Features of the Program

  • MBA degree from Liverpool Business School at just one-tenth of the cost.
  • Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Management from IMT Ghaziabad
  • An all-paid 1-week immersion program at Liverpool Campus.
  • Dual Alumni status from two prestigious institutions – LBS and IMT.
  • Recognised by the World Education System (WES), which puts students in a better position to find work opportunities abroad. 
  • Real-life business case studies and simulations from Harvard Business Publishing. 
  • One to one mentorship from renowned leaders from the industry through live sessions.
  • Complete placement support. 

To Conclude

The whole program is carefully designed and structured to make learning meaningful. The concepts are connected to the real world through live sessions with industry experts and projects. 

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The bottom line – upGrad’s MBA Liverpool Business program offers a wholesome learning experience with 360-degree placement support by organising frequent recruitment drives in major cities in India. A dedicated mentor is provided to track weekly application targets. 

upGrad also supports company-specific preparation by generating interview resources relevant to the desired company to ensure aspirants walk away with their dream job.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill out an application now!


Kamal Jacob

Blog Author
Kamal is an experienced Online marketing consultant with a high degree of expertise in SEO, Web Analytics, Content/Technical planning and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Which are the highest paying HR companies?

Human resource management entails hiring, training, orienting, and evaluating a company's employees. Looking after their benefits, remuneration, salary settlement, training, maintaining employee performance, and ensuring that everything is happening according to business policies are all responsibilities of HR. Those who pursue an MBA in HR can expect companies like Page Group, Amazon, Reliance, Google etc to offer lucrative remuneration.

2Skills required to pursue MBA in HR?

Students interested in registering in Masters’ programs should possess a certain set of abilities in order to succeed in this field of study. Human Resource needs to develop good business relations with others, recruit employees, and contribute to the success of the organization. The most sought-after skills are as follows: excellent communication skill, supervising the work, ability to plan and execute programs, good decision-making skills in critical times, leadership or guidance skills. There are no pre-required skills, these skills can be developed over time during the course.

3Which is the best online MBA in HR programs?

An online MBA can be beneficial for professionals if you graduate from a top school. MBA from Liverpool Business school is one of the coveted degrees. It has an industry-relevant curriculum, practical learning, global exposure, and forum discussion. It is 11 months post-graduation with an industry project giving corporate exposure. UpGrad offers various post-graduation courses, Global MBA is one of the popular and in-demand courses. HR management and analytics from IIM Kozhikode, Human resource management from LIBA.

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