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Tableau Career Opportunities: What You Should Know in 2024?

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13th Sep, 2022
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Tableau Career Opportunities: What You Should Know in 2024?

Tableau career opportunities are blooming every day as tableau is the driving force behind the automated world. Automation requires a myriad of data analyses, and Tableau is providing the necessary data for it. Besides, the tableau is creating its own space in the areas of business intelligence and data analytics. 

Many organizations are moving towards Tableau, thereby creating many tableau career opportunities every day. By the end of the year 2024, a massive demand for data scientists and professionals in tableau will be created. So, if you are in a dilemma about a career in tableau, then you are in the right place. This blog is going to discuss all the tableau career opportunities and jobs.

Before looking into the tableau career opportunities, let’s see what Tableau is and why there is such a huge demand for professionals in Tableau.

What is Tableau?

It is essential to know why a career in Tableau is becoming so popular nowadays. The following real-time example will help you understand the importance of data analytics: We order food from a food delivery app like Swiggy or Zomato all the time. We are updated on every movement of our order. From the moment the order is placed until it is delivered, we can track the exact location of the delivery person. 

The same thing happens on an online shopping site when we place an order. Every minute real-time data is updated. This is possible with data analytics. We need powerful tools in data visualization to realize such complicated tasks.

Tableau is such a data visualization tool that helps us in realizing real-time data. It is very helpful in business intelligence as it assists in quick decision making. It is a simple and reliable tool that usually limits the intervention of IT staff. It is a great data visualization tool and 90% of organizations that rely on data visualization use Tableau. 

Tableau’s calculator builder allows the data to be looked at from a new perspective. The analysts are able to create new ways to look at the data easily and quickly. Additionally, it provides interactive data visualization.

It helps in creating one view for multiple data that increases the in-depth analysis. Tableau’s drag-and-drop feature is useful for creating new ideas. 

Also, tableau creates dashboards that create actionable insights. The data scientists use tableau for interactive storytelling along with strong dashboard reporting.

Tableau careers are increasing with each passing day, owing to how smoothly it facilitates operations. It is used for data blending, real-time analysis, etc.  One of the most important aspects of a tableau is that it does not require programming or other technical skills to operate. Data is central to every industry, and that makes tableau useful for almost every industry where data analysis is required.

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Why is the demand for a career in Tableau increasing?

The popularity of tableau career opportunities is increasing every day, and new opportunities are posted every 15 minutes. Google trends show a good rising trend for increasing tableau career and coaching. It is because a plethora of data is in the network, and the amount of unstructured data that is uploaded keeps multiplying day by day. 

The high demand for tableau is also because of how the organizations have become data-centric. The data demands to be analyzed quickly so that effective decision-making can take place. Organizations want to respond to the user’s demands more quickly than their competitors. The data helps in understanding what the users want; to do all of this process requires skilled professionals, and that contributes to tableau jobs seeing a high.

In 2020, we were generating 50% higher data than in 2010, a report by International Data Corporation (IDC).  Not only are we creating such humongous data, but we are also using them in business intelligence. To derive useful information from the available data, we need professionals. Handling sensitive data requires professional intelligence. This has created a huge demand for professionals in Tableau. 

Tableau is the simplest and easiest visualization tool that helps in handling these data. We have seen the demand for a career in tableau, but how rewarding is it? The following section will explain it.

How rewarding is a career in Tableau?

A career in Tableau is rewarding, even the simplest of jobs would earn $106,000 in a year and the maximum range reaches up to $158,000. The job offers a handsome salary in India, too, with an average salary of 500,000 INR. The trend of the salary of the professionals keeps increasing, just like the price and demand of the software itself. Knowledge in Tableau is the hot skill that is in demand. 

The organisations perceive the tableau professionals as one of the most critical aspects of the system. And they give good compensation to acquire and retain their talent.  

Tableau job opportunities, on average procure a salary of 5.5 LPA and on average, the salary may range from 4.0 LPA to 9.0 LPA (Source). The salary could be higher, contributed to various factors such as skill set, experience, the kind of company, upskilling history, responsibilities at work, location, and many other factors.

Since we know the average salary of a Tableau developer, let us see the different jobs that Tableau has to offer.

What are the different Tableau jobs?

If you are aspiring to be a part of an MNC, then the following are the different jobs you can choose from to start a career in Tableau:

  1. Consultant in Tableau
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Business Analyst

Tableau Consultant converts the raw data into easy-to-understand data where the key ideas can be identified. They are also responsible for designing interactive dashboards, reports and templates. And most importantly, they focus on data visualization, where the organizations make sense of the data easily without getting into complexities. 

Table Consultant is a highly rewarding field, where the average salary is 8.0 LPA, and the salary ranges from 3.7 LPA to 16.2 LPA (Source)

Important skills required from a tableau consultant are a strong hold on dashboards, visualizations, data cleaning, data modelling, etc.

Data Analyst is another in-demand job field, where the data analysts use techniques to analyze the data that produce reports based on which the actions can be taken.  The data analysts are required to procure the data from the primary and secondary sources, identify the pattern and trends,  and eventually interpret the results.

In order to be a skilled data analyst, it is important to be proficient in statistics, linear algebra, SQL, MATLAB, Linear algebra and calculus, etc. 

On average, a data analyst could procure a salary of 4.3 LPA, and the average salary ranges from 1.9 LPA to 11.3 LPA (Source).

Business Analyst, as the name suggests, works closely with the business stakeholders in order to identify the goals and objectives and accordingly use their technique and skills that improve business decision-making. 

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Business Analysis is considered one of the high-paying careers, and on average, the salary procured is 7.0 LPA, and the average salary ranges from 3.0 LPA to 15.0 LPA (Source). The procured salary could be higher owing to the experience, skill sets, location, etc.

The following are the jobs that are available in business intelligence:

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst
  2. Business Intelligence Developer
  3. Business Intelligence Manager

These are the various positions that one can apply in Tableau’s career opportunities. There is always flexibility in switching between the roles based on the required skill set. It is more than a programming language job role.

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What are the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau developer?

A tableau developer requires to work with other developers and marketing teams to produce BI reports. They also participate in feedback sessions to improve the performance of the existing systems. The job is a perfect career in tableau if the individual has good team skills, problem-solving skills, managerial skills, and time management. The main job role of a Tableau developer is to prepare visualizations and presentations of the systems. They are also required to infer the data to enhance business excellence. The business intelligence of a Tableau developer is a much-needed requirement. 

The Tableau developer is expected of very many responsibilities based on the organization and the business requirement. 

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Below is a list of responsibilities that are commonly expected from a Tableau professional:

  1. A tableau professional is expected to create technical solutions to business problems. They can deduce an innovative solution with the help of visualizations from Tableau.
  2. The professional is expected to have enough expertise to work with storage tools. Online analytical processing is where the developer protects the data of the organization within itself.
  3. They must write test queries and conduct unit tests to analyze the performances. This will be a continuous process throughout development.
  4. The professional should be capable of enhancing the systems as the organization grows and the data is massive.
  5. Documentation is also a process that is included in the responsibilities of the tableau developer. They have to create user guides, design notes, and other manuals for future reference.
  6. The developer is expected to have an entire life cycle development experience in the applications.
  7. The developer should have strong attention to the data to derive solutions from it.
  8. Strong command of the English language and communication skills to develop the documentation.
  9. Should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent and added to it knowledge in MicroStrategy and Data Architecture is preferred.
  10. Troubleshooting skills are also required, as they will be developing the software from the beginning until the end of their own. 

Although the above are included in the responsibilities of a developer, their primary objective will lie in developing innovative solutions for the technical glitches that arise in the business. These are the responsibilities of a developer, to excel in these roles, they will require base knowledge in a few software tools. 

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The important tool knowledge is discussed in the following section

Top Data Science Skills to Learn

What is the skill set required to excel in a career in tableau?

The following are the commonly used software tools by a tableau developer:

  1. Business intelligence software like Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI, etc
  2. SQL language tools like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  3. Data analysis tools like online analysis processing (OLAP) or ETL frameworks.

Knowledge of big data is most welcome for a career in tableau, and using Tableau for the analysis of big data is easy and straightforward. It is the most feasible solution for stakeholders. This is because of the huge Hadoop datasets that are available. 

Tableau can connect with you to any connectivity from a simple MS Excel file to cloud services. It can even connect you to third-party clouds like Amazon or salesforce. It has a web data connector API to access data directly from the cloud source. Tableau can also forecast data and thus take us to the depth of analysis. The process of forecasting Tableau is called smoothing.  In order to make a successful tableau career, one must acquire the relevant skill sets.

What are the Tableau career opportunities in India?

Many globally leading companies offer positions as Tableau professionals. There are ample opportunities, and top companies have open positions every day. The following is a list of companies that offer Tableau career opportunities in India:

  1. Hinduja Global Solutions
  2. Capgemini Technology Services
  3. Pathfinder Management Consulting India Limited
  4. Brickwork India Private Limited
  5. Facebook 
  6. Dell
  7. Applied Systems 
  8. General Motors 
  9. Sony Electronics 
  10. Verizon
  11. KPMG
  12. Deloitte
  13. Vodafone
  14. Accenture

There are many more tableau software jobs offered in the market, one must need to be prepared with robust skill sets in order to catch the opportunities. There is no limit to the number of opportunities available both nationally and internationally.

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Future of career in tableau

Gartner has predicted data visualization and business intelligence as leading technologies seven times in a row. A future as a tableau professional will be prospering, and many market leaders are already opening positions for Tableau developers and data analysts in south Asia. 

Many professionals have already understood the value of business intelligence and data visualization and have jumped onto the bandwagon. Data analysis and visualization are the future, and hence a bright career opportunity can be found in Tableau in just a tear or two. 

This blog has comprehensively analyzed all the different Tableau Career opportunities and how one can excel in a career in tableau. If you find big names in a trend, then you have a bright opportunity to start a career in tableau. We have discussed various job roles, salaries, career opportunities in India, Tableau certification, and job responsibilities to assist you in choosing a career in tableau.

Wrapping up

From all of the above-discussed topics, if you start a career in Tableau, it will be rewarding, and one could see a growing trend. Become a tableau professional and hop onto the bandwagon of future technologies.

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Rohit Sharma

Blog Author
Rohit Sharma is the Program Director for the UpGrad-IIIT Bangalore, PG Diploma Data Analytics Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Why is Power BI considered to be a tough competitor of Tableau?

Just like Tableau, Power BI is another BI giant that has been dominating the business intelligence tools industry since 2011. Below are some points that justify the reasons for its popularity and why it is a tough competitor of Tableau. Power BI works very efficiently in integration with services of Microsoft like Azure, Excel, and SQL at a very effective cost. It offers a simple and user-friendly UI that takes no time to start working with building reports. With Power BI, you get many amazing features like data discovery and data preparations in your pocket

2What are the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau developer?

The demand for the Tableau developers is significantly increasing and so are their responsibilities. Below are the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau developer. A Tableau Developer is supposed to work on business problems and come up with technical solutions. They can use the visualizations to get an innovative solution. The professional is expected to have enough expertise to work with storage tools. Online analytical processing is where the developer protects the data of the organization within itself. They are also responsible for writing queries and taking regular tests to analyze the solution and repeat the same process throughout the development. The developer is expected to have an entire life cycle of development experience in the applications. The data will obviously grow with the evolution of the company and hence the professional should be capable of enhancing the systems accordingly.

3How much does a Tableau professional earn on average?

Tableau professionals are in high demand and that is the reason they are paid handsomely. Even the simplest of jobs would earn $106,000 in a year and the maximum range reaches up to $158,000. Talking about India only, the average salary is around 500,000 INR per annum. This salary is not stationary, and it is evolving continuously since this technology is hot and very much in demand. A person with knowledge of Tableau can get many roles like data analyst, business analyst, and Tableau consultant. Further in Business Intelligence, one can get roles like Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, and Business Intelligence Manager all of which are highly paying roles.

4Is Tableau easy to learn?

It is a fast-evolving field. It is easy to learn, aids in data visualizations and is highly demanded by organizations.

5Does tableau need coding?

No, it does not require coding. Tableau is used for data visualization, making the data interactive and easy to comprehend using dashboards. It also does not require any technical knowledge or understanding of other tools.

6Is Tableau an in demand skill?

With data being a core of any organization today, the end for it to be analyzed correctly becomes important. Today's organizations pay huge attention to the data they have and the professionals who facilitate the process. Not only is tableau an in-demand skill, but also highly rewarding.

7How do you land a job in tableau?

The following steps could be followed in order to land a job in tableau- 1) Learn Tableau, 2) Practice it every day, 3) Build dashboards, 4) Publish dashboards, 5) Get Certified, 6) Gain other skills relevant to the job you want to apply, 7) Network, 8) Focus on developing soft skills too,

8Is tableau a valuable skill?

Tableau is a valuable skill that helps in making data more presentable using its visualization tools. It also helps in working with data easy and quicker which fastens the decision-making process. It is not only a valuable skill, but the tableau developers are compensated highly for their work.

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