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Top 3 DevOps Online Courses & Certifications [For Working Professionals]

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30th Nov, 2020
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Top 3 DevOps Online Courses & Certifications [For Working Professionals]

DevOps is being talked about a lot at the moment, and there are a number of jobs that DevOps is said to create. According to the popular website,, the average salary per month for a DevOps engineer is in the neighbourhood of 8 lakhs to 30 lakhs INR every year.

For this precise reason, if you are looking for increased pay or, in general, are looking for some really cool stuff, you should be learning DevOps through the best DevOps courses and best online DevOps courses.

Before we list our top picks for the best DevOps courses available out there in the market, we feel it is necessary to briefly discuss the phenomenal rise that DevOps has seen in recent times. 

DevOps is actually the amalgamation of two very different terms. Each of them being Dev for Development and Ops, which refers to operations. In combination, they give an approach that, when implemented on the entire organization’s scale, helps to make creating and deploying applications a simple task. DevOps actually allows the company to strengthen the bond between the Development and the operations team.

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Traditionally it was seen that first, the application would complete its development cycle, and then the operations team would have a look and determine the potential flaws. After this process, the application would then be sent back to the development team for further refinement.

This to and fro motion of the app would continue until the app is finally ready to be deployed. There would be a lot of valuable development time wasted in this futile exercise. 

But, with the help of DevOps, this situation gets wholly removed from the picture. This is just one of the problems which the integration of DevOps solves. For those of you who are wondering, no, it is not a tool per se, but it actually is a set of practices which really helps the application flourish. You could feel the quality difference between them with and without DevOps.

Since we have now established exactly how important DevOps is for any organization, we should now discuss the ways in which one could master the ways of DevOps. Sadly DevOps is not included in any formal degree courses, meaning you are either on your own or have to decide on your own.

We can help you with the latter because, after a lot of time spent in front of a screen in order to find the best DevOps courses, we have developed this list of the online DevOps courses.

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However, it is crucial for you to be your own judge because, in the end, it is you who has to study DevOps and make a successful career out of it. While it is true that we have tried to do our best in providing you with the best DevOps courses and in doing so, we had to fit the needs of a wide range of audiences.

So, to help you handpick the course that suits you the best, listed below are some tips and tricks.:

How to Choose a Course?

1. Instructors are very Important

It is rightfully said that a student is as good as its teacher. So, it is imperative that your first thought should be who is the person teaching the course when choosing a course. There are many things which you should look into when you are deciding your instructor.

Some of the most important ones include the way that they are teaching. Yes, it does not matter if you are learning from God himself. If you are not liking the way he is teaching, you would not be learning anything. 

For the best devops certification, next thing on your mind should be the pace of the teaching and the teacher’s speaking style. It is seen that understanding certain types of accents (of English) is very difficult for the non-natives and also if the pace is either too fast or too slow, both of which would prove to be detrimental for learning.

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2. Content of the Course is Important too

In the end, you are going to study the contents of the course, so the content that they would be delivering must be on point and relevant to the current day and age. There is no point in taking the right course from 2010 if everything that they have taught is either changed or revamped.

You should also take a look at the resources that they are making available to you. Yes, there are many courses out on the internet that offer more than just the content which you are paying for, and more often than not, they come in real handy.

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3. Matter over Money

This is a fairly common mistake in the realm of best DevOps courses online. People just tend to either go with the cheapest course that is available on the internet just because they don’t want to spend more on online courses. These are the people who then complain of the inferior quality, of course, in front of their peers.

We are not suggesting that you should instead buy the most expensive one. All we are trying to say is that instead of looking at money as your deciding variable, you should instead choose something like the value you are getting out for every paisa that you are paying for the course.

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Benefits of Choosing DevOps Courses

Combining the two effective sets of practices, development, and operations, in the form of DevOps has turned out to be effective for smooth business operations project development compared to traditional practices. But do you know how DevOps makes it possible? Let’s find out through the various benefits of choosing DevOps for any business. 

  • Reduced creation span: When divided into several organs, an elaborate task can stretch the entire creation time for diverse reasons. Development cycles tend to run longer in the presence of multiple teams passing around tasks. DevOps helps reduce time by compiling the entire development and operation process in one go, with faster execution and better results. 
  • Reduced development inconsistencies: Countless people working on a similar project away from each other can create chaos at all levels, inducing inconsistencies, conflicts, and frequent changes. DevOps proceeds to reduce working inefficiencies while allowing teams to fix inconsistencies within a limited span if ever found any. 
  • Rich teamwork: Collaboration is an imperative perk of DevOps practice nurturing a healthier office environment with collaborative work where performances can be gauged and improved with collective teamwork. 
  • Improved and efficient results: Collaborative environment with DevOps reduces frequent data transfer, maintaining a continuous delivery chain to assist, create, fix and deploy applications and software within a limited time. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: DevOps-certified teams execute efficient results within a limited time, reducing the need to appoint more entities for separate roles. As a result, reducing the financial burden on businesses to hire more staff. It’s a cost-effective operation method that is being incorporated widely into businesses. 

Best DevOps certification from leading education channels and online education portals like upGrad can drastically improve your skillset, sending exciting career opportunities your way. Remember to apply for the best DevOps certification in a renowned space for maximum visibility. Perceiving the future growth of DevOps is unstoppable; if you make it through, your career can skyrocket quickly.

If you change the way you think, it should give you a great deal of clarity, especially during the crucial time of decision making. With that knowledge out of the way we can now move to discuss what are our picks for the best DevOps courses:

In-Demand Software Development Skills

Best Online DevOps courses

1. DevOps Foundation (from LinkedIn learning)

You could be surprised by this addition to our entry, but yes, do not worry; LinkedIn does indeed provides courses. Their initiative LinkedIn learning is a platform where you can browse and buy courses like any other online learning solution.

One thing unique to this LinkedIn learning platform is that they allow every new user a full month free trial of the service. In that month, you can enrol in courses and complete them. Post that initial one month period, however, you will have to start paying monthly (or yearly depending on the plan that you choose) fees to be able to access the course.

The course in question is excellent as far we are concerned. We think that this course is a must take if you are utterly new to DevOps. You might feel the speed of the course to be a little daunting; however, once you get the hang of it, you will be done with this course in no time.

You also get a certificate at the end to certify your completion of the course, which then you could add to your resume in order to give it more strength. The teachers of this course are excellent. They begin from the ground up and help you understand by doing instead of just seeing. This fact alone impacts the learning experience very positively.

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2. PG certification in DevOps (Advanced Certificate Programme in DevOps offered by IIIT Bangalore in conjunction with upGrad)

If you want to cover just DevOps and you do not have 12 months, then you should take a look at this course, which is offered by IIIT Bangalore. This course contains a lot of information, but it is actually aimed at working professionals.

With this course, you get about 250+ hours of content. You also get their same assurance that if you do not get a job upon the completion of your course, you will get all of your money back. You will see that this course is also divided into smaller subsections, all of which span across weeks. You also get a dedicated student representative who would be with you throughout your journey.

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You will also be getting the status of an IIIT Bangalore alum. Although this course is designed for the ones who are working, the way that this course begins allows anyone to understand and follow along.

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There are many resources available on the internet which should help you master DevOps. We believe that we were able to give you the right tools which should allow you to build intuition surrounding the courses. This intuition we hope should be able to serve you in weeding out the bad courses from the good ones. We also hope that from the courses we have mentioned you were able to find some which suit you. 

With that being said, we wish you the best of luck in your DevOps endeavour. Also, you can comment down below with any queries, and we would be more than happy to be able to answer them. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is DevOps?

DevOps is best defined as a group of people working together to create, build, and produce secure applications at breakneck speed. Through automation, collaboration, continuous feedback, and iterative improvement, DevOps enables software developers (devs) and operations (ops) teams to accelerate delivery. A DevOps delivery process, derived from an Agile approach to software development, enhances the cross-functional approach of construction and shipping applications in a quicker and more adaptive manner. Adopting a DevOps development process means deciding to improve the flow and value delivery of your application by empowering a more collaborative environment throughout the development cycle.

2What does a DevOps Engineer do?

DevOps engineers reduce complexity by bridging the gap between actions required to quickly change an application and tasks to sustain its reliability. Development and IT operational processes teams may have different skills and goals. Developers want to add new features to an application, whereas operations teams want to keep an application stable after it is released. DevOps is all about process unification and automation, and its engineers play an important role in incorporating code, a significant factor in the development, and application management.

3Is there a career in DevOps?

DevOps encompasses system integration and deployment, allowing for the automation of multiple processes throughout the software development lifecycle. Their engineers have access to a wide range of technical solutions and can take advantage of tool capabilities. DevOps is a viable career path; in fact, it has potential to be the best choice for IT professionals in 2022 and beyond because it is in demand and many companies are adopting the DevOps culture. Many companies in India have adopted the DevOps culture, allowing them to reduce costs while improving software quality and software delivery. Continuous integration and continuous deployment or delivery assist companies in lowering costs, improving software quality, and delivering software to the market faster.