Average Computer Science Salary in India [For Freshers & Experienced]

Computer science is among the most popular sectors in India. Thanks to the various career opportunities this field offers, there’s a lot of demand for computer science professionals in our country. However, one of the most important aspects of a field is how much it pays. To help you determine whether this field is worth the effort, we have prepared the following article. 

This article will tell you the top computer science salary in India and the average computer science salary in India. It would ensure that you can get back to it later. Let’s get started!

What is the Average Computer Science Salary in India?

The average computer science salary in India is INR 18,06,881 per year. The starting pay for this skill is INR 4.85 Lakh per annum, which is quite impressive. As a computer scientist, you would have to generate research ideas and solutions for advanced computer science problems. Computer science is one of the most attractive fields and many people aspire to become computer scientists in India. 

Job Description for Computer Science Professionals

As a computer scientist, you would have to create and manage computer-based solutions that enhance an organization’s operations. Computer science professionals usually collaborate with different teams and individuals depending on their organization and work climate.

For example, you might have to create a database to track your company’s inventory. On the other hand, you might have to work on a predictive model that analyses the customer trends and generates insights to assist production management. 

Computer science is a broad field and has many branches so a lot of your job’s qualities would depend on the industry you work in. One of the most important skills for a computer science professional are communication skills as they have to collaborate with various teams and individuals. Strong communication skills would help you in understanding your project’s requirements better. 

Computer science professionals must have a lot of experience in data analysis and mathematics. You must be familiar with a few programming languages such as Python, SQL, XML, Java, etc. Computer science professionals work with a variety of organizations notably, IT companies, digital services providers, etc.

You would have to create plans, coordinate and achieve your research goals. Computer scientists write articles for journals and publications while performing research on their industry’s topics. 

There are multiple other factors that affect your computer science salary in India, which we have discussed extensively in the next section.

Factors Affecting Computer Science Salary in India

There are many factors that affect your computer science salary in India. You should keep these factors in mind while looking for a job or picking a career:

1. Location

Your location plays a huge role in determining your salary in this field. Some regions in the country offer a higher salary than the national average while some regions offer lower wages than the median. Computer science professionals in Noida earn around 33.4% more than the national median.

Another location that enjoys a higher than average pay for computer science professionals in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, which offers around 14.6% higher pay than the average. 

On the other hand, computer science professionals in Mumbai earn around 45% less than the national median. The professionals in New Delhi earn nearly the national average and are only 0.4% behind. As you can see, your location can affect your pay substantially. You should keep this point in mind while looking for computer science roles in your location. 

If you want a lucrative career in this sector, then it would benefit you to be located in Noida, Bangalore, or New Delhi. 


2. Employer

Apart from your location, your employer can affect your pay by a huge margin. Your employer would depend on the industry you choose to work in and probably your location. Different companies offer different work cultures and have varying demands from their computer science professionals. Most of the prominent employers in this field are in tech-related sectors such as IT Services, Web Services, Software Development, etc. 

Some of the most prominent employers in this field include Adobe, Capgemini, Trigent Software, etc. Adobe offers around INR 23 Lakh per annum to computer science professionals while Belzabar Software Design offers INR 10 Lakh per year. On the other hand, Capgemini offers INR 30,000 per month to computer science professionals.

 Clearly, choosing the right employer can help you a lot in getting the top computer science salary in India. However, you should keep in mind that the salary isn’t everything, a lot of other factors also play a role in choosing an employer. For example, the offered health benefits, work culture, and several other factors should be in your mind while selecting your employer. 


3. Skills

The tech sector is continually evolving and if there’s one industry that demands updating skills every year, it’s this one. As a computer science professional, you would have to learn the latest skills and be proficient in them to keep up with the industry’s demands. Technical skills can become obsolete over time so you must stay in touch with the industry trends and learn the in-demand skills. 

Computer science professionals that can program with Java earn around 12% more than the national average. Similarly, professionals with Software Development skills earn around 11% more than the median. Another notable skill that offers above-average pay is JavaScript. With JavaScript, you might earn around 5% more than the national median for this field. 

As you can see, having the right skills can enhance your chances of getting a higher-paying job in this sector substantially. Unlike your location, you have full control over your skills and you can learn more skills to enhance your CV. 


4. Experience

Finally, the most important factor for determining your computer science salary in India is your experience. As you gain more experience in this field, your pay increases accordingly. Freshers (less than a year’s experience) in computer science around INR 6 Lakh per year. Computer science professionals with one to four years of experience earn around INR 14 Lakh per annum. 

As you gain more experience, your pay would increase substantially at this stage. Computer scientists with five to nine years of professional experience earn INR 21 Lakh per annum on average. With further experience, your pay can reach the top computer science salary in India and go up to INR 30 lakh per annum.

Like most fields, experience plays a vital role in determining your pay. Also, with sufficient experience, you can pursue managerial and leadership roles in your industry. 


Popular Skills for Computer Science Professionals

Like most fields, computer science has certain skills that are more popular than others. If you’re looking to enter this field, you must have the most popular skills in your arsenal. It would help you in bagging lucrative roles with much ease. 

1. Software Development 

Software development is among the most popular skills for computer science professionals. Software development refers to creating, deploying, and testing software products. You must be familiar with multiple programming languages and several development tools to be proficient in this sector. Software development focuses on the entire development process of a software product starting from its conception to its bug fixing and release. 

2. Programming 

Computer science professionals must have strong programming skills. You must be able to use multiple programming languages as different languages offer different advantages. Python, Java, C, C++, Ruby, are some of the most programming languages. Your choice of programming language would depend a lot on your chosen field.

For example, if you choose to pursue a career in data science, you would need to learn Python and R. On the other hand, if you choose to pursue a career in web development you’d need to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. In any case, it’s crucial to be adept at using multiple programming languages as a computer science professional. 

3. Soft Skills

Soft skills, also known as vocation skills, are crucial for a computer science professional. You must be able to communicate properly with your team members and other teams to avoid any mishaps. Moreover, having strong soft skills will ensure that you can collaborate with other people easily. Computer science professionals work in teams and with other departments of an organization. So it’s vital for them to have soft skills.

The most important soft skills for computer science professionals include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Being investigative
  • Tech-savvy
  • Cooperative

How to Enter the Field?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science can help you enter this field easily. However, having a degree alone isn’t sufficient if you’re aiming to get a hefty paycheck. Like we discussed earlier, you must have a strong grasp of in-demand skills so you can keep up with the industry trends. You can learn the required skills by taking a computer science course

upGrad’s computer science course will help you learn the in-demand skills quickly and efficiently. You get to learn exclusively from industry mentors and get assistance in job placement to ensure you don’t face any hassles in starting your computer science career.

Another highlight of our computer science program is that it lets you pick a specialization from six options namely, Cyber Security, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain Development, and Full Stack Development.

This way, you can choose the specific industry you want to enter. This course gives you IIIT Bangalore alumni status and offers more than 30 projects and assignments so you can measure your progress easily and understand how well you understand the concepts. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree with 50% or equivalent marks to be eligible for this program. 

Some of the skills you get to learn in this program include Software development through Python and Java and offers more than 500 hours of content. It’s certainly a great way to kickstart your career in this field. You can learn more about our computer science program here. 


We hope that you found this article on computer science salary in India useful. From discussing the various factors that affect your salary in this field to discovering the top computer science salary in India, we uncovered a lot in this article. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please let us know by dropping below in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

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