Why MBA After BMS? 3 Practical Reasons in 2021

In a highly competitive business environment, professionals who have niche skills are considered suitable for a job. Subsequently, jobs in the managerial sector require professionally competent graduates to complete administrative responsibilities with greater efficiency. Subsequently, an MBA after BMS job offers a good earning potential between 5 – 25 lakhs per annum, depending on the skills and work experience


Are you wondering how you can enjoy a lucrative career in management now that you completed your BMS degree? ? Pursue an MBA after BMS. It is a recipe for success. 

BMS- An Undergraduate Course

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a three-year degree course for 10+2 students who seek to make a career in the management domain. This undergraduate program is designed for learning the fundamentals of an organization’s operations and processes management.

MBA- A Postgraduate Course

An MBA program imparts business, financial, technical management, planning, and leadership skills. This postgraduate program offers students valuable business acumen, expands their professional network, and creates new job opportunities. Students can specialize in their preferred domain – Human Resource, Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Information Systems, Finance, Law, Taxes, and Technology.

Benefits of Studying MBA after BMS 

Doing an MBA after BMS is extremely beneficial. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate program that enables students to recognize the value of organizational leadership, teamwork, hierarchy, problem-solving skills, and target-focused behavior. It teaches students to analyze the root cause of a business challenge and how to resolve it with the help of available infrastructure strategically. Subsequently, an MBA equips students with skills and knowledge suitable for working in a corporate environment.      

The MBA program offers highly rewarding career potential for graduates seeking to boost their professional growth. An MBA often earns the highest salary in India. Students and professionals can pursue this postgraduate business management degree from top B-schools. Otherwise, they can enroll for part-time or long-distance learning programs like those offered by upGrad.  

GMAC annual survey (2019) report indicates:

A 90% demand for Indian MBA graduates across Asia, 85% across US-based companies, and 64% for European companies. Further, 52% of companies across the globe intend to increase the base salary by 10%.

No wonder an MBA is a perfect postgraduate educational program to enroll in if you seek a rewarding career in almost any sector.   

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Top 3 Reasons for Doing MBA after BMS

  1.  Career opportunities galore
  2.  Higher earning potential
  3.  Personal development and networking  

Scope of MBA after BMS

With an MBA degree, graduates can apply for management jobs in a reputed company or become entrepreneurs. This program imparts comprehensive knowledge and empowers students to charter their career or business graph. Subsequently, the earning potential of a BMS graduate post completing this specialized program increases manifold. They begin to offer deeper insights and competent solutions in business consultation, finance, or management.

An MBA program imparts leadership skills that enable BMS graduates to improve their cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and communication style. Further, B-schools offer you opportunities to build and strengthen your professional network for your career advancement. They offer events and on-campus recruitments that enable you to interact with executives, business managers, new entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, and recruiters.

Students can engage in professional responsibilities immediately upon completing the comprehensive MBA degree program. Since students obtain jobs in the management domain, the salary is lucrative compared to other study programs. Alternatively, an MBA student can run their own business.

Build and boost your career graph by doing  MBA after BMS from a premium institute like upGrad Education.

How Is upGrad Education Different from Other B-Schools?

The postgraduate MBA degree offered by upGrad Education focuses on the fact-based needs for qualified managers across the globe. Their training enables students and professionals to evolve into confident and forward-thinking leaders who can balance superior operational focus with excellent strategic thinking.  

upGrad offers two postgraduate management programs. They are: 

  1. MBA degree from Liverpool Business School
  2. PGP degree in Management from IMT Ghaziabad


  • Both degrees recognized by World Education Services (WES) – you can work abroad
  • Receive 1:1 mentorship from industry leaders
  • Learn and train with students from 15+ countries
  • Specialization offered in key functional domains – Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Analytics, Strategy & Leadership
  • Networking with peers offered at Offline BaseCamps

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Final Words

Are you now convinced that you need to pursue an MBA after BMS? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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