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Why Learn Product Management From upGrad

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31st Jul, 2018
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Why Learn Product Management From upGrad

While the demand for software developers and data scientists continue to hold the baton on the business and IT world, there is emerging a new wizard of the business world – Product Manager. It is true that relevant data backed by data science technology and tools are the foundation for developing innovative products, but these alone are insufficient for marketing and product management, that is, reaching the product to the target audience.

As more and more companies have come to realise this gap between product creation and product management and marketing, they are placing increasing emphasis on hiring talented product managers who can take charge of the entire product management operations.

Today, product management has emerged as one of the highest paying jobs in the industry. While the 2017 Salary Report of Hired maintains that product management is the highest paid job position in the tech industry across the US and Australia, a SEEK report states that at present, product management jobs come with an average salary of over $100,000!

Do you know what this means, people?
It means that there’s never been a better time to start off a career in Product Management. Product management jobs give you the opportunity not only to collaborate with teams and talented minds across an organisation, but they also allow you to create pioneering products in the process. If you are someone who’s passionate about building innovative products that can take customer satisfaction to the next level, then UpGrad’s Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management is just what you need to kickstart your career in Product Management.

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Don’t believe us? We’ll give you 3 reasons why you should learn Product Management with us!


1. Get Mentored By Seasoned Product Managers – The Best In The Industry!

We believe in educating students at the hands of only the best mentors, and hence, we’ve brought together a panel of seasoned industry experts and instructors who can introduce students to the world of product management. Moreover, they can also arm students with the practical knowledge required to take on the world after they graduate.

Our instructor panel includes renowned industry experts such as Anshumani Ruddra (Chief Product Officer- Cuemath) Anish Tripathi (VP, Design) of, Mangesh Dalvi (Sr. Manager, Product Management) of Amazon, Suchir Agarwal (Product Manager) of Amazon, Ankur Sharma (Sr. Director of Product) Goibibo and Vishwesh Jirgale (Principal Engineering Manager – R&D) of Microsoft, to name a few.

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2. Learn From Practical Application

As we mentioned above, at UpGrad, we believe in encouraging students to learn through practical experience. So, we first introduce them to our well-curated collection of industry case-studies and then assign projects to them to solve. By applying theoretical knowledge imparted to them by our instructors, students are required to solve industry projects including Goibibo Booking Platform, Zomato Technology Platform, Furlenco Customer Loyalty Product, and Market Size Estimation for a hyperlocal company. Solving such industry projects will give them enough knowledge about how things work in the industry and what approach they should take to tackle specific business issues.
Furthermore, during this course, students also learn to work with tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Balsamiq, and Invision.

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3. Avail One-on-One Mentoring & Career Support

During the five months of the course, students can take full advantage of learning from trained professionals and industry experts by interacting with them during the learning sessions. Apart from training and mentorship, our industry experts and instructors also provide helpful feedback to students on each of their industry assignments. This feedback is extremely crucial as it will help students assess their strengths and weaknesses.

upGrad’s Exclusive Product Management Webinar for you –

How to craft GTM Strategy for a Product?

We extend a helping hand even after the course is over. Our dedicated career support team helps students build their resume and search for job roles that’ll suit the areas of interest and specialisation of each individual student. Not just that, our career support team also helps students prepare for Product Manager interviews and apply for promising job profiles in Product Manager. What’s more is that, upon completion of UpGrad’s Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management, students will receive a certificate from UpGrad displaying their core skills and performance across the various parallels of Product Management.
Though the course commences on August 2018, we’ll conduct an exclusive Preparatory Sessions for students where you will get started with your Product Management learning experience and understand the skills required to become a Product Manager.

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Arjun Mathur

Blog Author
Arjun is Program marketing manager at UpGrad for the Software development program. Prior to UpGrad, he was a part of the French ride-sharing unicorn "BlaBlaCar" in India. He is a B.Tech in Computers Science from IIT Delhi and loves writing about technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How to get a job as a product manager?

There are several approaches one can take if they wish to pursue a career as a product manager. The most important requirement is that one should have an excellent understanding of technology through a graduate degree in computer science or an engineering degree. Next, one must also have sufficient work experience or professional post graduate degrees such as an MBA so that they can understand business management functions. If one lacks either of these skills, they can easily upgrade themselves by pursuing courses related to technologies such as wireframing, Scrum framework, Agile methodology, etc. or business management courses. Yet another approach is to complete certification courses in product management from reputed institutes.

2Is it necessary to have an MBA degree to get product management jobs?

It is not necessary to have an MBA degree to get a job as a product manager. Many recruiters also prefer candidates who have an excellent understanding of the way technology works, and sufficient work experience in a particular industry so that they understand how the core business operates for product management roles. That being said, MBA graduates are often given an edge over other applicants, particularly for roles in junior or mid management since they have the skills needed to manage a product completely, and can manage the responsibility for driving the product within the target market.

3How to switch to product management from sales?

If you have experience working in sales, then you would already have an excellent insight into various important aspects such as how to sell a product or service, what is the best strategy to follow for different types of customers, what kind of products are being offered by competitors, how different types of customers respond to different variants and their buying patterns and so on. However, to enter product management, you would also need to have a technical background so that you can understand how the product is being developed, and how it can be improved over time. This can be easily obtained by pursuing relevant courses after which you can look for product management roles.

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