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Top 13 React Templates & Themes To Use in 2024

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24th Feb, 2023
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Top 13 React Templates & Themes To Use in 2024

Templates can be an excellent method to get started on projects and help you save considerable time on configuration activities and basic setup. Pre-existing templates save both time and cognitive ability since these tasks can no longer be seen, permitting you to concentrate entirely on coding.

Nowadays, there are numerous templates available on the internet. Among the most popular are React website templates. Free React templates, or even themes, are incredibly beneficial for web development in general and particularly for creating dynamic user interfaces. React js templates allow you to create thousands of features, including widgets, from scratch.

We adore the React library, particularly the React templates, for their versatility and cross-platform capability, as well as its vast range of customisable components such as tabs, headers, grids, lists, buttons, and numerous others. Frontend developers frequently reuse and work with all these components to expedite the development of their online projects.

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But how to choose the most suitable template? 

Let’s find out.

How Do I Choose a React Website Template?

Dashboards are crucial tools that unquestionably help any business function better. Keeping track of performance would be complex and chaotic without these dashboards. Excellent admin dashboard templates are available to meet your business needs in the best way possible. These dashboards are the ideal tools for managing and enhancing your company through visual displays. 

As a result, you learn important knowledge and promote prompt and precise decision-making. Many different admin templates are available online in free and paid variants. These are created utilising various online tools and technologies. ReactJS is one of the most well-liked tools. You need to check out these well-chosen React js templates if you decide to employ them for your business.

Numerous React website templates are available, and selecting the correct one can be difficult. It all depends on the type of website one needs to build. We have selected the top ten fundamental principles for you to consider before selecting the finest React website template:

  • Design quality
  • Documentation quality
  • Update frequency
  • Maintenance and Quality Support
  • Company experience
  • Code quality/code cleanliness 
  • Ease of installation
  • Variety of components
  • Clients
  • Price

List of React Free Templates and Themes

You can improve web applications with the help of this list of free React templates. Choose the option that best fits your tastes, and then proceed.

  • Atomize: Atomize is a React UI framework that enables designers and developers to collaborate and build uniform yet harmonious user experiences. Because of a perfect combination of tools such as style standards and configurable grids, Atomize is suitable for designing any responsive website.
  • Boss Lite: This is a stunning admin dashboard template built using React and Redux. This template has a fresh style with high-quality applications as well as a variety of colour options. It was designed which makes the project development for any project which are web-based, accessible and smooth, thanks to a modern workflow as well as a flexible Flexbox style.
  • Dev Blog: Known to be the top React template is Dev Blog, and it’s made for developers looking to quickly and easily establish a new professional blog about their side ideas. This website template’s front page features a social media icon, article thumbnails and a blog title using text as well as images. A single post page having attractive typography is also included in the template.
  • React Nice Resume: If you’re a developer or designer in general, React Nice Resume provides a beautiful theme to use and promote both you and your work. This resource includes a static hero portion with a detailed background, a timeline of professional experience, talent graphs, thumbnail displays for the most current projects, and an inquiry place with useful input forms.
  • Star Admin: This is a freeware React Native template with many crucial components that will help you realise any notion.This template may make data visualisation more manageable and contains a well-constructed dashboard having a range of nicely organised and segmented sections. It functions perfectly on all of the most recent and cutting-edge web browsers.
  • OAH-Admin: With Gatsby as its foundation, this React admin template is available for free and utilises oah-ui components and the elements package. This React template’s extremely organised and adjustable structure makes it possible for any individual to easily construct any kind of SaaS-based web-based application, dashboard, admin panel, etc., thanks to the plethora of well-developed UI accessories.
  •  Holly: This is a template for online platforms and makers of digital goods that want to begin accumulating email addresses when their primary product is being created. This straightforward template was created by Cruip in HTML, also, for this particular version, it was rewritten in React.
  • Caroline Admin Dashboard: To be the most practical, tidy, and well-designed template for any kind of website, this is indeed a Material Admin theme which is also retina-display compliant. The Caroline Dash template was developed for creating stunning goods using Google’s open-source material design for the web; it does not use Angular or sometimes Bootstrap frameworks.
  • Uiw: Uiw is a premium component available in the React library as well as the UI toolkit. This amazing resource is made using some of the most up-to-date design techniques and best practices. It has several pre-made as well as pre-designed components, such as forms, dividers, switchers, palettes, buttons, date pickers, time pickers, icons, etc.
  • Material: You may now work on the dashboard design using a free Reach template influenced by Google Material Design. Material is one of the top products on the market, boasting excellent ratings and thousands of downloads. Material utilises Bootstrap 4 and complies with all current web standards and guidelines. With that in mind, you can be sure that your admin panel will always run smoothly and also incorporate mobile gadgets.
  • Black: Black is the go-to option if you’re searching for a free Reach dashboard template with something like a black or dark style (thus the name). Everyone will find it simple to delve into the numbers and any additional information you choose to include with them. Black is visually appealing due to the choice of font, graphics, cards, and other specialities.
  • Light: Lightweight in both construction and design, Light is both. This no-cost React dashboard offers a pleasant environment that rapidly and easily accommodates various project goals. All of these things—different administrations, CMS, app back ends—work for Light. Thanks to the layouts, plugins, and readily available elements, you have many alternatives and opportunities to design the admin that suits your preferences. Light has some restrictions because it is a free template, but it can still give everyone a fun start on something new.
  • Paper: React enthusiasts who are also website owners or developers are recommended not to miss out on Paper. It may not be among the most well-liked templates out there, but it’s a solid substitute that will serve you well. You may rapidly construct an admin panel for your project by using a tasteful blend of colours, designs, and elements. Although Paper’s free edition does not contain support, it does have documentation. 

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Summing Up

You now have access to a collection of the most popular and quickly growing React component packages, every one of which is now implemented by a wide range of platforms. You can even have a look at the programmes that are most effective to suit your project. Therefore, before you continue with a React project, take some time to analyse frameworks that can help you stay focused on saving you a massive amount of time throughout web and even app development. Starting with templates is a wise move to hasten project development and boost productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1In React, can we utilise templates?

With Custom Templates, you may choose a template to base your project on while still using all of Create React App's features. Custom Templates usually have names in cra-template, but you only have to supply this information to the creation operation.

2How to change React app default scaffold?

It's really simple to change the Create React App default scaffold if you are unhappy with it. Make a folder called cra-template first. Execute yarn init -y or, if you prefer, npm init -y in the folder by performing a cd into it. This will produce a simple bundle. Make a template.json file containing the settings for your customised template.

3How do react templates function?

Set up one ReactJS app first. Create a Header component again for the admin template after including all the CSS as well as js files. Create one sidebar element. Create one piece of content.