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Top 25 Ethical Hacking Forums To Learn in 2024

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13th May, 2023
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Top 25 Ethical Hacking Forums To Learn in 2024

Introduction to Ethical Hacking Forums

Cybersecurity experts, ethical hackers, and enthusiasts can connect in online communities called ethical hacking forums to share knowledge, work together, and discuss various ethical hacking and cybersecurity topics. These forums are excellent resources for people looking to study and develop their talents ethically and from the comfort of their own space.

Discussions about hacking methodology, tools, vulnerabilities, and strategies take place in these forums. They exchange real-world scenarios and experiences, case studies, and best practices, adding to the community’s collective knowledge. Individuals can improve their cybersecurity knowledge, keep up with the newest trends, and hone their ethical hacking abilities by participating in these talks.

Members can ask for advice, ask questions, and get help from more seasoned professionals on ethical hacker forums. This encourages a community of learners where newcomers can pick up helpful tips and feedback on their work. Additionally, these forums frequently provide tutorials, guidelines, and instructional materials tailored to people with various skill levels, making them valuable and accessible for both amateurs and seasoned professionals.

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Benefits of Joining an Ethical Hacking Forum

There are many advantages to joining an ethical hacking community for those interested in cybersecurity:

  • Learning and skill development: Ethical hacking forums offer many tools, lessons, and educational materials to assist users in enhancing their knowledge and expertise in ethical hacking. They can stay current with market trends by learning about the most recent hacking methods, vulnerabilities, and tools.
  • Collaboration and networking: These forums offer an opportunity to meet and network with people who share your interests, including seasoned professionals and other enthusiasts. Members can work together on projects, exchange knowledge, and ask for advice, promoting professional and personal growth.
  • Ethical points: Responsible and legal hacking techniques are emphasised in ethical hacking forums. Members learn about privacy rights, ethical issues, and the value of protecting systems and data. This helps spread awareness about advancing a moral approach to cybersecurity.

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Top 25 Ethical Hacking Forums to Join

Here is a list of 25 well-known forums dedicated to ethical hacking, along with a synopsis of what each one is good for:

1. The Hacker News

It is a news source covering technology, cybersecurity, and hacking subjects. 

Benefit: Keep up with the most recent information regarding vulnerabilities and cybersecurity trends.

2. HackRead

HackRead is a website with conversations about ethical hacking, articles about cybersecurity, and news. 

Benefit: Access to news, discussions, and publications about cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

3. MalwareTips

A forum dedicated to cybersecurity topics and malware analysis and eradication. 

Benefit: Participate in cybersecurity conversations and learn about malware analysis and removal strategies.

4. WebHostingTalk

WebHostingTalk is a forum with conversations on a range of web hosting and security issues, including cybersecurity and hacking. 

Benefit: Participate in cybersecurity, web hosting, and hacking debates.

5. Root-me

Root-me offers courses, challenges, and a community for developing and using hacking abilities.

Benefit: Platform to obtain educational resources and practice hacking skills through challenges.

6. Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges are held on the website CTF365 to hone cybersecurity skills. 

Benefit: Through realistic CTF challenges, improve practical hacking skills.

7. CyberEthical

CyberEthical organisations provide forums, information, and discussions about ethical hacking, cybersecurity, and privacy. 

Benefit: Community that focuses on cybersecurity and ethical hacking issues.

8. Kali Linux Forums

Forums for Kali Linux is a discussion board for Kali Linux, a well-liked distro for ethical hacking and penetration testing. 

Benefit: Engage in conversation with the Kali Linux community, seek advice on issues on Kali, and share your knowledge.

9. The New Order

The New Order is one of the dark web hacking forums covering cybersecurity, programming and hacking subjects.

Benefit: Wide-ranging discussions on various cybersecurity and hacking issues.

10. InfoSec Research

InfoSec Research is a platform for information security research, talks, and collaboration.

Benefit: Researcher collaboration, discussion of findings, and resource-sharing platform.

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11. Darknet Forums

Darknet Forums is an online symposium discussing cybersecurity issues like data breaches and ethical hacking. 

Benefits: Learn hacking methods, resources, and tools, both legal and illicit.

12. Cyberpunk

CyberPunk is a community-driven forum focusing on hacking, privacy, and technology debates. 

Benefit: Take part in conversations about hacking, privacy, and technology.

13. SecuriTeam

SecuriTeam offers news, articles, and warnings on vulnerabilities, exploits, and ethical hacking. 

Benefit: Discussions about security-related topics and access to current vulnerability information.

14. Exploit Database

Exploit Database is a thorough database of security studies, exploits, and vulnerabilities. 

Benefit: Researchers and students can benefit from having access to a sizable library of vulnerabilities and exploits.

15. Wargames

This site conducts cybersecurity challenges and tournaments to improve practical skills. 

Benefit: Possibilities to put hacking talents to the test and develop them through real-world difficulties.

16. The Hacks Behind Cracks

A forum dedicated to software protection strategies, cracking, and reverse engineering.

Benefits: Resources and discussions for anyone interested in software security and reverse engineering.

17. HackForums

Hack Forums is a lively community with various hacking forums, talks, tools, and subjects.

Benefit: Access to a sizable and vibrant community for knowledge exchange.

18. HackThisSite

HackThisSite provides challenges, tutorials, and a welcoming community for those with a knack for ethical hacking. 

Benefit: Real-world experience gained through obstacles and advice from professionals.

19. Null Byte

Null Byte is a forum featuring tutorials, how-tos, and cybersecurity and ethical hacking conversations. 

Benefit: Vast beginner and advanced user materials and an active community.

20. Evilzone

With a vibrant community, Evilzone focuses on hacking, programming, and technological debates. 

Benefit: A variety of conversations on hacking and tech-related subjects.

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21. Reddit

The Reddit community is devoted to questions, conversations, and resources related to cybersecurity. 

Benefit: Quick access to conversations and professional guidance on particular subjects.

22. Offensive Security

With a focus on penetration testing and ethical hacking, Offensive Security provides forums, training, and certifications. 

Benefit: Official assistance and materials provided by the team behind the well-known Kali Linux distribution.

23. CyberSecurityTalk

CyberSecurityTalk is a community-driven forum discussing various aspects of ethical hacking, cybersecurity news, and tools. 

Benefit: Access to a community that is encouraging and focuses on cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

24. The Ethical Hacker Network

The Ethical Hacker Network offers forums, publications, and resources for those working in IT, ethical hacking and network security.

Benefit: Possibilities for networking and a forum for exchanging ideas with and learning from subject-matter experts.

25. SecurityTube

This website features forums, video courses, and tools for learning cybersecurity and ethical hacking. 

Benefit: A helpful community and video lessons for hands-on learning.

The 25 hacking websites list above can come in handy for anyone venturing into hacking, programming, and cybersecurity. Apart from the websites above, you can also pursue an ethical hacking career from upGrad. With its Master of Science in Computer Science from LJMU course, you can reap the benefits of pursuing an in-demand career.

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Best Practices for Participating in Ethical Hacking Forums

It’s crucial to adhere to best practices when interacting in ethical hacking forums to guarantee a satisfying and worthwhile experience. Following are some pointers to bear in mind:

  • Be respectful: Show professionalism and respect to other forum users. Avoid making personal remarks, using offensive language, or harassing others. Keep in mind that everyone is there to gain and share knowledge.
  • Make a meaningful contribution: Include useful and pertinent information when starting a discussion or replying to one. Share knowledge, encounters, and resources with the community. Do not publish spam or unrelated stuff.
  • Ask for guidance, not solutions: If you have a specific query or issue, do not immediately look for solutions. Instead, ask for guidance. Since ethical hacking forums aim to promote learning and collaboration, it is preferable to be familiar with the underlying theories and methods and learn to implement them.

Remember that forums for ethical hacking are designed to be places for collaboration and education. From the hacking community websites, you can help create a supportive and happy atmosphere for yourself and other forum users by adhering to these best practices.


Ethical hacking forums offer helpful tools, information, and a welcoming environment for those looking to learn ethical hacking from the hacker community. Participating in these forums can help advance cybersecurity knowledge by picking up useful skills, staying current on trends, and interacting with like-minded people.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Do companies like Google hire ethical hackers?

Yes, Google confirmed paying millions to ethical hackers to keep the internet safe.

2What is an ethical hacker's salary?

Ethical hackers are paid according to their experience. An ethical hacker with experience can expect a salary of around INR 7,15,000 annually.

3Can a teenager learn ethical hacking?

Yes, the FunTech Cyber Security forum holds classes for kids aged between 12-16.