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Top Online Programming Courses in 2024 To Upskill Your Career

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22nd Oct, 2022
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Top Online Programming Courses in 2024 To Upskill Your Career

At least knowing one programming language is essential in today’s day and age, particularly when working in the IT industry. If you have managed to enter the workforce, keep upgrading your skillset by learning new programming languages. There is a common myth that programming languages are only used to build applications and websites, but many other professions also use these.

Top Online Programming Courses  

We have compiled the best courses you can find about programming. All of these are online courses from top universities. Skim through them one by one and select the course which aligns with your career path. The ideal way is first learning about the career that you want to pursue and then selecting a course. 

1. Master Of Science In Computer Science at Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University provides one of the best programs in computer science with a top-notch curriculum. This course includes six specialisations in full-stack development, cloud computing, cyber security, big data, blockchain development, and DevOps. 

The full-stack development specialisation, which focuses on programming, includes capstone projects, software architecture and development, backend development, user interfaces, frontend development, and pre-requisites. The programming languages and tools you will learn in this course are valuable, such as Java, JS, Spring, Hyperledger, React, and Ethereum. 

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Learn with people from 15+ different countries with over 500 hours of course material. The university has paired with over 300+ hiring partners, which increases your placement opportunities. The course has other perks, including placement assurance, mentorship and guidance by industry experts, boot camps for people with no background in tech, and support for any queries that students may have. 

2. Executive PGP in Software Development at IIIT Bangalore 

IIIT Bangalore has introduced revolutionary programs for software development with multiple specialisations. All of them offer placement support and mentorship for 13 months. Here’s a detailed explanation of three specialisations:

This holistic program teaches computer science fundamentals, including software development processes, backend APIs, rich and interactive web UI, and building robust and reliable websites. The most sorted online programming course for IT professionals and freshers who want to transition into full-stack, backend, frontend, or UI developers. As the course proceeds, your understanding of programming languages and tools such as Java, spring, hibernate, react, mong DB and amazon web services will deepen. 

Cyber security becomes crucial as the entire world turns towards the internet for carrying out transactions and storing their valuable data, making it one of the most useful fields in today’s age. This specialisation program is designed to teach you all the vital cyber security concepts, such as network security, cryptography, application security, and data secrecy. After completing this course, you can work with multiple cyber security experts, engineers, or analysts. Other lucrative options include software developer, application security engineer, and network security engineer. In addition, the curriculum teaches you languages like python, Java, AWS, and more. 

3. PG Certification in Software Engineering

This certification course from upGrad is perfect for people looking for an entry-level job in the field to evaluate and decide whether they want to do something long-term. This course only lasts for a short duration of 5 months but covers an extensive amount of material where you get to learn HTML5, DSA, OODAP, Java, CSS3, NoSQL Databases, Spring Boot, Microservices, and Cloud-Native. The program includes career guidance, over 500 hours of online learning, portfolio building, and access to community forums. 

4. Advanced Certificate Programmes at IIIT Bangalore

If you are a working professional who wants to add a new skill set to your arsenal, like cyber security, then don’t miss out on this course. This program lasts for 7.5 months but packs valuable languages in the industry such as Python, Java, AWS, etc. The syllabus covers capstone projects, ethical hacking, network security, and applied cryptography. Along with this, you also get placement support, access to the job opportunities portal, and resume building activities. 

This is an advanced course about Big Data, where you will learn how to analyse and interpret it. IIIT Bangalore has created this course for people who want to switch careers or expand their knowledge about Big Data. At the end of the period, you will know how to use languages like Python, Hadoop, Spark, and more. The course material includes an introduction to python, Big Data, AWS setup, ETL and Data Ingestion, Apache, and a Capstone project. 

An organisation uses DevOps to increase their ability in delivering services and applications at high velocity using a combination of practices, tools and cultural philosophies. IIIT Bangalore’s DevOps program will help you build continuous interaction, deployment, and agile methodology skills. The curriculum includes languages like Python, AWS, Maven, and Gradle. The course content is around 250 hours, where topics like DevOps essentials, CICD pipeline, DevOps advanced concepts, and system provisioning is covered. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to get a firm grasp of DevOps to advance their career. 

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The courses mentioned above are our top picks for professionals and students who wish to learn programming from the comfort of their homes. Some of these courses do not require any prior knowledge about computer science, making it great for people who want to start careers in a new field. On the other hand, some of these courses are also designed exclusively for working professionals. The only thing you need is determination and the willingness to learn a new skill. 

Featured Program for you: Advanced Certificate Programme in Blockchain from IIITB


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Q. What are programming languages?

A. Programming languages are computer languages that programmers use to develop softwares, scripts, and other sets of commands and instructions executable by the users. After they write the source code using the relevant syntax, these codes are compiled into machine language which can be understood by computers. Upon these instructions, the machine performs certain operations that reflect upon business functionalities. Some popular programming languages are C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML, and others. In today’s world, having knowledge of at least one programming language is a big asset and adds to one’s qualifications, especially if one is seeking to work in the Artificial Intelligence industry or any other sector with high reliability on computer mechanisms.

2Q. What is cybersecurity?

A. Cybersecurity means defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from attacks which could be malicious in nature. Cybersecurity is a vast concept and refers to a variety of contexts. It can be categorized into a few common types such as network security, application security, operational security, and others. With the increase in cyberthreats, it is becoming more and more important to protect data from being breached and to adapt more effective cybersecurity practices so that one can be prepared against cyberthreats, cyberattacks, and cyberterrorism.

3Q. Is a PG degree in software engineering worth it?

A. Having a Master’s degree in software engineering leads you towards a faster career progression, helps you earn a higher salary than an individual with a Bachelor’s degree, and gives you an improved understanding of the area so that you can apply your knowledge and expertise in your work and prove to be an asset for your team. Plus, the salaries of software engineers is touching INR 7 LPA on an average. Spending on a PG degree in software engineering is an investment which ultimately results in a big return; so yes, it is worth it.

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