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10 Most Asked Nursing Interview Questions & Answers in US [2024]

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13th Apr, 2023
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10 Most Asked Nursing Interview Questions & Answers in US [2024]

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world. Following its significance in the medical profession, more and more people are aiming toward a career in nursing. Reports show that there will be a growth of 6% in the employment of nurses from 2021 to 2031. Becoming a competent nurse is a complex job that demands proficiency and balance in emotional skills like compassion, resilience, and empathy to deliver the best treatment and care to patients. 

While the nursing profession comes with tough challenges, it has equally fulfilling rewards. A good nurse must have excellent socio-emotional and technical skills to handle patients, doctors, and patient parties. If you can care for a patient in the worst times with steady hands and a calm mind, you are suitable for the profession. 

To become a nurse, you must sit for nursing exams, clear training sessions, and crack the interview. Nursing interviews can be extremely challenging, but you can surely tackle them with a little guidance. Nursing interviews usually test your skills and knowledge in different areas like crisis management, patient care, professional behavior, patient education, clinical decision-making, and so on. 

Here we will discuss some of the most commonly asked nursing interview questions to help your ace your interviews!

10 Most Commonly Asked Staff Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

Interestingly, there is no textbook standard for nursing interviews. Therefore, most nursing questions and answers for interviews are from real-life incidents. It is best to rehearse some questions to have complete confidence during the interview.

Let us look at some of these student nursing interview questions and answers to offer you a glance at you can approach such questions.

1. Do you find nursing to be a rewarding career? Explain. 

There is no doubt that nursing is an exceptionally rewarding and gratifying career. Nurses are responsible for taking care of their patients and paving the way for quick recovery. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your patient get well and return home in good health. Apart from this, nursing is undoubtedly a financially gratifying career, not to mention other perks and retirement benefits that add to its appeal. 

2. What would you do to handle a difficult patient?

One of the most commonly asked BSc nursing interview questions is related to patient handling. Nurses often need to handle difficult patients. The first step in managing such patients is to make them comfortable and at ease. You need great patience to understand such patients and act accordingly. You must ensure that these patients get the best care from you – they must eat, take their medicines and sleep properly. 

The answer can further be elaborated using a personal experience highlighting your efficiency in dealing with difficult patients. 

3. Suppose there is an outbreak of any disease leading to a great crisis. How will you handle such a situation?

Disease outbreaks are not uncommon leading to extreme crises. As a nurse, you should be able to address such cases successfully. Adaptability and teamwork are the main qualities that are required at these times. You can also mention if you have participated in awareness drives of such diseases. Tell the interviewer about your knowledge of nursing procedures, ability to collaborate and cooperate, and attention to detail in these cases. 

4. What is the best way to handle patients struggling with pain management?

If you go through nursing interview questions, you will often find this question. Empathy is your primary tool to handle the patient as a nurse while interacting with patients suffering from immense pain. It is not always possible to give patients strong anesthetic drugs or painkillers to tame severe pain. In such a situation, you need to stay by the patient’s side and help by providing other pain relief measures like massages, balms, oils, or even exercises. 

5. Do you possess any professional affiliations?

Out of 10 nursing interviews, you will get this question in almost seven interviews. Having professional affiliations is a sign that you are looking for suitable opportunities to advance your skills. You can talk about the extra certifications which are already mentioned in your resume in detail. These certifications can be from various organizations where you have worked or about different medical courses in specialized areas. Such professional affiliations strengthen your resume and set you apart from other nursing candidates. 

6. What do you do when your replacement is suddenly absent?

This is not an unusual or uncommon situation; you must have the right ways of dealing with it and incorporate the same in your answer. Elaborate how the first thing that you should do is contact your replacement and know the exact situation. If the replacement is genuinely unable to come, talk to the senior nurse or the doctor and make a substitute arrangement. This shows your commitment to your work and duties. You must stay back till a substitute arrives. If no one is found, you might have to extend your shift. 

7. What is the most challenging aspect of this nursing job, according to you?

While preparing nursing interview questions and answers, make sure that you keep this question in mind. Through this question, the interviewer tries to find out your personal challenges. Never mention extra shifts, odd working hours, too much work stress, etc. Instead, tell them how much it hurts you to see people in pain. In some cases, there is no way to relieve patients from their pain and suffering. 

You can also tell how hard it is to see people break down after losing a loved one. On the other hand, there is immense happiness and satisfaction when a patient successfully recovers and returns home. Direct your answers to job challenges and not personal challenges. 

8. What is the right way to address queries from a patient’s friends and family?

As a nurse, you often come across the patient’s friends and family who ask questions about their loved one’s health. Some may have many queries, and it might not always be possible to answer all the questions as you have to attend to the patient. You must try to provide accurate and crisp information in the kindest way possible as they are concerned about their loved one. At the same time, you must set boundaries so that your patient gets the needed attention and care. Maintaining this balance to perfection is the key. 

9. What are your ideas for effective family and patient education?

A nurse knows that each patient is unique with individual learning styles. Patient education focuses on the needs of the patient and the family. As a nurse, you have to understand and adapt their learning style. You must also identify the needs of the patient. Try including the family in the treatment process, as they might be the primary caretakers of the patient at home. Make them feel important and let them know how they can help in the treatment process. This approach emphasizes that you are flexible and willing to adapt to the patient’s requirements. 

10. Why do you think we should choose you for this role?

This is one of the most common staff nurse interview questions and answers you might encounter during your interview. While answering this question, highlight what you bring to the role that makes you different from others. Mention how you constantly strive to upskill yourself by taking short courses, studying case studies, or reading medical journals and nursing books. You can also refer to past experiences where you confidently handled difficult situations. While answering this question, draw on your expertise and strong areas. 


These above-mentioned student nursing interview questions and answers give you a fair idea about the interviewer’s perspective while conducting a nursing interview. When preparing for the interview, ensure you are well-familiar with the job role and description. You must not forget to do some thorough research on the institution that is hiring to understand what they need exactly. If you feel nervous, try performing some mock interviews to fuel your confidence. 

Follow these guidelines to get hired as a staff nurse soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is the reason for the increasing demand for nurses?

With more and more people reaching their senior years, the demand for nurses is expected to increase significantly. A nurse ensures that older adults have the best access to medical care for treating chronic and general medical conditions; therefore, more people are stepping into nursing.

2Which field in nursing has the highest demand?

Some fields of nursing are in great demand: Critical Care Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, Informatics Nurse, General Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife, and Legal Nurse Consultant.

3What do you mean by the 6 C’s in nursing?

In nursing, the 6 C’s refer to the values they stand for. They include - Compassion, Communication, Care, Competence, Commitment, and Courage.

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