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Law Free Online Course with Certification [2024]

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14th Jun, 2022
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Law Free Online Course with Certification [2024]

Free Online Law Courses with Certificates- Accelerate Your Career Today 

Law or the legal profession is not immune to deep-rooted and evolutionary changes. These include digitization, ever-evolving corporate and business frameworks, changing regulations, and the like. Up-skilling is thus vital for legal professionals who wish to learn new skills. They can also add to their competencies, and bulk up their resumes. Legal professionals should adopt a learning-focused mindset while adapting to business/industry-wide changes. 

Are you looking to brush up your legal skill-set and diversify into other areas of knowledge and specialization? You can try our free online law courses with certificates. Not only will they add to your resume, but they will also help you evolve into an industry-ready professional. 

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A Glance at Our Free Law Courses Online

You can choose from diverse free online law courses with free certificates at upGrad. Some of the top choices include the following: 

1. Law and Justice in a Globalizing World (2 Hours)

It is one of the top free online certificate courses for law students. This free course will help you build a global outlook and perspective. It will give you valuable insights into the foundations of justice and law. It also covers the ever-expanding phenomena of globalization. You will also learn about its impact on crime at a transnational level. Learn more about the issue of drug trafficking. Understand how global legal systems are responding to the same.

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Going global is a buzzword today, especially for lawyers and legal professionals. This course helps you learn more about global legal frameworks. You can also add newer inputs to your knowledge base. Our course can be a building block for a lucrative global career in the future.

2. Merger and Control Rights (2 Hours)

Another one of the best free law courses online, this will benefit corporate lawyers. It will help you understand Indian merger control regulations. You will also learn more about the two crucial negotiation clauses. These are ROFR (Right of First Refusal) and ROFO (Right of First Offer). Merger control is always necessary to prevent market volatility and monopolies. That happens through companies building sub-entities for the purpose. The Competition Act in India regulates all mergers and acquisitions. 

At the same time, this is a vital study area for corporate lawyers. This is because mergers and acquisitions are a preferred growth strategy for companies. They help companies grow revenues and profits and join operations. Companies can also streamline capacity and enhance market share and reach. They can get newer technologies and competitive/operational advantages.

They can also build new segments, markets and businesses, and so on. This free course will get you started on this vital aspect. Once interested, you can pursue this specialization further. If you still forage ahead in another legal avenue, it is good to have a certificate in this area under your belt. 

Study Law Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Check out our corporate & financial law, International business & finance, Property and technology law to fast-track your career.

3. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (2 Hours)

What ensures the sanctity of a new idea or creation or even invention? What makes sure that there are consequences for ripping off the same? IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) is the savior in such scenarios. Our free course opens new vistas for professionals. It delves into another branch of law that students may find fascinating. This course will teach you about IPR and its interfaces. These include compulsory licensing, copyright, trademark, and patents. You will also get a glimpse into relevant legal regulations and case laws.

IPR is a field with abundant opportunities for corporate lawyers. It exposes you to dynamic facets of the business world. You deal with inventors, artists, creative professionals, innovators, and startups. It is different from other conventional legal segments. This free course is an excellent option for helping you explore your interests in this arena. 

Why Choose Our Free Courses? 

Our free courses come with many benefits for learners. Here are some of the top reasons for choosing our free law courses online

  1. Beneficial Up-Skilling – Being a legal professional, you can upgrade your skills. It will boost your profile and market knowledge. It will also expose you to various facets of the legal profession. It could lead to new professional interests that you may consider pursuing down the line. 
  2. Staying Ahead of the Herd – With tremendous competition, it is hard to get noticed. These free courses help you stay ahead of your peers. You gain strategic knowledge, certification, and insights. 
  3. Building a great foundation – Our free courses help learners develop their initial foundations. You can create your base with these courses and then decide on pursuing them further.
  4. Top-class learning experiences – Get a taste of upGrad’s world-class learning experience. Start with a free course and learn at your own pace. Access the best content/material. Use the live discussion forum for asking questions and peer-to-peer interactions. 
  5. A Certificate that helps – upGrad free courses are not only about learning. They also get you certified in a bid to shore up your resume and career trajectory. Get a certificate upon completing the course.
  6. Free of Cost – Yes, you heard it right. These courses do not cost a penny to register. You do not have to share your debit or credit card details to enroll.
  7. Total Flexibility – We tailor courses for busy professionals without much time for learning. Our programs help you make the most of your spare time and can fit into your schedule. You only have to invest a few hours every week for these courses.
  8. Cutting-edge Course Design – We design our courses in partnership with leading industry experts. We also have a team of skilled instruction designers. We ensure that our modules help learners build robust academic foundations. This enables easier understanding for students. It also fosters the development of useful life skills for the future.
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It is not always that a free course is right up your alley. In fact, it could well be on an unrelated topic or one that is partly related to your field of study/specialization. Even in such cases, you will be a gainer. You will add knowledge of another domain to your profile. You will also gain exposure to newer possibilities and opportunities on the horizon. These courses will help you get down to the brass tacks and start learning again. You will also have no routines or academic pressures to bog you down. 

Want to continue learning after your free courses? If you want to grow your skills in a particular domain, you can always check out the regular programs at upGrad. We spend a lot of time on things that do not always add value to our lives. Investing a little amount in up-skilling can do wonders for your career and outlook alike. 

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Why choose upGrad? 

We are the biggest higher Ed-Tech company in South Asia, which is only the tip of the iceberg. We use cutting-edge technology and pedagogy with leading faculty and industry partners. This ensures the best global learning experiences for students. We are already in the Unicorn Club while being the #1 Startup in India as per the 2020 LinkedIn Top Startups. We’ve also been the Best Career Planning Platform at the Ed Tech x 11th Indian Education Awards 2021. 

Our mission is to keep accelerating career growth and success for professionals worldwide. We aim at helping them continue upgrading and up-skilling themselves. The end goal is to help them carve their niches in various professional fields. Our founders began their pioneering journey in 2015 with the same vision. They have helped transform online learning over the years. Our immersive and interactive experiences herald a new future of learning. 



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Do upGrad free courses give a certificate?

Yes, upGrad offers certificates of completion for free courses. You will get a valuable course certificate, adding to your CV/resume and informing recruiters about your competence in a particular area. It also builds your skill-sets and helps you gain crucial industry knowledge and insights simultaneously.

2Is upGrad free or paid?

You will find several paid and regular programs at upGrad at the UG and PG levels. These will help you build your academic and professional competence in diverse domains and spheres of learning. At the same time, there are several free courses available for learners. upGrad offers flexible learning options to busy professionals free of cost. Build your skills and gain knowledge of diverse subjects, from law, marketing, and data science to machine learning and human resources management, by investing only a few hours each week.

3Can I take law courses online?

Online law courses are steadily gaining traction worldwide, especially in India. More legal professionals and aspirants are open to trying online courses to brush up on their knowledge, build new skills, and explore new facets of the profession. Multiple certificate and diploma courses are available online, along with master’s and bachelor’s programs. You can check online law courses at platforms like upGrad. There are free courses available to build your foundation in several domains. You can also choose full-time programs for sustained career growth and development.

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