Internship: The road to a promising tech career

We at UpGrad have always stressed on simplifying the convoluted routes of great careers for India’s talented youth. Now, we are launching our new “internship guarantee” initiative for recent graduates.
According to Aspiring Minds’ National Employability Report 2017, currently, only 5% of engineering graduates are employable in software companies. These software companies can be subdivided into two major types – IT services outsourcing firms (TCS, Infosys, HCL, etc.) or the technology product companies (Uber, Flipkart, Paytm and many more).
Historically, Indian software talent has found jobs in IT services firms. But with the recent churn happening due to geopolitical factors and automation, these jobs are drying out. Instead, there is a growing demand for full-stack developers in technology product companies.  
But a majority of Indian engineering colleges have failed to equip their students with a product-centric thinking and the creativity required to become good full-stack developers. Graduates from these colleges then join the labour force doing jobs that don’t help them realise their true potential.
Why Companies are Looking to Hire Full Stack Developers

This is why we have decided to provide an internship guarantee initiative to help recent graduates to get into cutting edge, full-stack development internships at product companies.

Here are some of the many benefits associated with getting an internship in tech product companies:

Learning by doing

Internships are different compared to learning by self. Without even taking accountability for the success or failure of a project, one can understand the complete life cycle of the product from design development, as well as deployment and maintenance. During an internship, you could get the opportunity to work with the best minds and get hands-on experience of working on the latest technologies such as Python, Django, Spring, Reactjs, Nodejs, etc.

Edge over competition

Getting hands-on full-stack development experience itself is a big benefit. It’s one thing to learn the concepts of full-stack development, it’s another (way more important) to actually do some coding. Employers value experience and the more experience you have in this field, the better are the chances of them hiring you.

Right signaling

Managing to land an internship is proof to yourself that you are on the right path – you get rewarded for your efforts and gain recognition. It boosts your confidence. Besides that, you get a deep insight of how a company is actually run, the workflow, the customer interaction, your interaction with your team leader and manager; equipping you with a lot of practical knowledge, very early, sometimes before your career has even begun!

Training ground for jobs

Hiring a new full-stack development resource from scratch is a time-consuming process. Working as an intern, helps recruiters to assess an individual over a longer period, enabling better-informed hiring from both sides.

Fresh perspective

Internships can benefit not only the intern but also the organisation. Interns bring a fresh and unbiased perspective. Young interns are generally tech-savvy and enthusiastic about solving tough problems.

Finishing touch

Last but not the least, you can work on improving your skills as a developer, while working as an intern. You learn about the life cycle of a program, what it takes to create one from scratch, to maintain and upgrade another, etc. One of the major takeaways of doing an internship in a growing start-up is that you learn things at a very fast pace. You learn to collaborate with teams and develop products end-to-end.
How to Succeed in Your First Software Development Job

More than 1000 software development internships are available in India at any point of time. The path to a full-stack job is easier via an internship. Around two-thirds of these interns go on to get a job in software development firms.
Then why do we see graduates still looking out for jobs and not applying for these internships? The answer lies in the skill-set gap. The skills which are required for the candidate to succeed in the internship selection process are not the same as those which Indian colleges focus on equipping students with.
Internship UpGrad Blog
This is where IIIT Bangalore & UpGrad’s comprehensive PG Diploma in Software Development Program can be a differentiator for your career. We will not only teach you the fundamentals of full-stack development and conceptual topics like algorithms and data structures but also give you real and live project experience on industry-relevant problems, before you are ready for the internship selections.
How to Become a Full Stack Developer

How can I apply for UpGrad’s Internship Initiative?

Internship UpGrad Blog
Register now for your free career counselling session and our senior program manager – Mr. Utkarsh Prasad (IIM – Bangalore, IIT – Kharagpur) will directly get in touch with you to counsel and guide you through the process.

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