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7 Deep Learning Courses That Will Dominate In 2024

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19th Jun, 2023
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7 Deep Learning Courses That Will Dominate In 2024

With the growth of advanced technologies of Computer Science, more data is being generated. Meanwhile, the growth of the IT industry resulted in the high throughput user-end demand. So, finding patterns in the data and interpreting the information became a significant task.

That is how machine learning and data science came into the picture. With time, the amount of data kept on increasing, and the Data scientific technologies also got advanced. These days, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are being applied to almost all fields of application.

Starting from personalization and recommendation systems to ending with business analysis, Data scientific models can analyze data to predict its future. Nowadays, Deep learning (DL) models are also being applied to some interdisciplinary fields. In this high throughput era, Data science shows some most promising career growth ahead.

Hence, shaping up your deep learning skills can enhance the impact on these roles more. Here, we describe some of the most promising courses on Deep learning that upGrad brought to you, which indeed are going to be big hits in the upcoming days.

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What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is simply part of a wider family of machine learning (ML), or Data Scientific approaches. Deep Learning primarily focuses on dealing with artificial neural networks. It is an AI feature that mimics the human brain’s operations in the processing of data for object detection, speech recognition, language translation, and decision making. Advanced technology like Deep learning also helps in Blockchain tech and management and security concerns.

Preparing for Deep Learning

Deep learning is complex and requires intensive preparation before tackling a course. To excel in this field, not just joining deep learning courses, but stellar mathematics and programming skills, alongside a thorough understanding of statistics are crucial. Prior to embarking on a journey into deep learning, it is important to have the right components in place to ensure success. In this article, we will explore the most essential preparation for mastering deep learning and the best deep learning course to choose.

Prerequisites for Deep Learning:

Deep learning leverages concepts from linear algebra, calculus, and probability theory. While a thorough mastery of these subjects is not required, having a rudimentary awareness of the following topics can considerably improve your comprehension:

Matrices, vectors, matrix operations (multiplication, addition), dot products, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors are all examples of linear algebra.

Differentiation, integration, partial derivatives, and gradients are all topics in calculus.

Probability and Statistics: Basic probability theory, random variables, expectation, and basic statistical concepts (mean, variance).

It’s worth noting that many online resources and tutorials are available to refresh or learn these topics specifically in the context of deep learning.

Recommended Mathematics and Statistics Concepts

In addition to the prerequisites, a deeper understanding of certain mathematical and statistical concepts can enhance your grasp of deep learning. Consider exploring the following concepts:

Multivariable Calculus: Gradients, optimisation, and chain rule extensions to functions with multiple variables, each serving as a vital component in understanding complex, multivariable systems. 

Linear Regression: An examination of the mathematics that lie behind the least squares method and the ability to attain linear relationships between input and output variables. 

Probability Distributions: Gaussian distributions, Bernoulli distributions, and their role in modelling uncertainties and retrieving expectations from data.

Loss Functions: Mean Squared Error, Cross-Entropy, and the centrality of both metrics in evaluating and improving deep learning models. 

By taking the necessary time to come to terms with these intricate topics, you’ll be more equipped to make the most of deep learning algorithms and handle any challenges that might come along the way.

In-demand Machine Learning Skills

Programming Skills for Deep Learning

Proficiency in a programming language is crucial for implementing deep learning models and working with popular frameworks. Consider the following programming skills:

Python: A powerful yet simple language, Python is well-known for its huge tool library, which is widely utilised in the field of deep learning. To fully realise the language’s potential, you must first comprehend its syntax, data structures, and OOP principles. 

Deep Learning Architectures: As deep learning gains traction, it’s critical to be conversant with popular frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras. These frameworks offer strong tools for building, training, and deploying deep learning models.

Data Manipulation and Visualisation: Learn more about how to manipulate and visualise data using the NumPy and Pandas libraries. Learn how to use Matplotlib and Seaborn to create sophisticated visualisations from datasets and model outputs. 

Having a strong foundation in these programming skills will enable you gain deep learning specialization and to efficiently implement deep learning algorithms, experiment with different architectures, and analyze your results.

The Big Hits Among Deep Learning Courses for 2022

When it comes to learning about Data Science, upGrad comes up with the best quality platform to enhance your skills. Starting from their PG Diploma course to ending with the Master’s course, upGrad provided young learners with a handful of opportunities to excel in this field. Depending upon the specific requirement, you can choose between the best-suited course for you.

1. Master’s in Data Science | Integrated Master’s from IIIT-B & LJMU

This course may come up as the best choice for the learners in the upcoming days. This course is specifically designed for working professionals, and the good thing is the course is structured well enough to cover from basic to advanced levels. The Liverpool John Moores University designed this course with the project, mentorship, and career guidance. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and a burning desire to learn Deep Learning can jump into the pool.

Five specializations are there. Among which you have to choose one. The Deep Learning Specialization covers a bunch of concepts that indeed will make you proficient in developing DL models. This 18-month long course has already made more than twelve thousand young enthusiasts excel in Deep Learning.

Here is the link to the course.

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2. Data Science Certification – Post Graduate Diploma In Data Science

Being India’s first NASSCOM certified course, the PG Diploma in Data Science has led up to an enormous opportunity for young professionals. The Indian Institute of Information Technology has designed this course, including five specializations. Around 14 programming languages and tools are described throughout this course. This 12-month long degree can provide you with a handsome role in the industry of Data Science.

Even if you have no such previous coding experience, you can still go through this course. The program is well-structured and contains industrial projects to enable the students with real-life experiences. Indeed, all these specifications make this one of the most front-line opportunities to enter the Deep Learning world.

Here is the link to the course.

3. Advanced Certification In Machine Learning And Cloud With IIT Madras

Liverpool John Moores University, accompanied by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, has come up with another masterclass program on the upGrad platform. A bachelor’s degree and some basic understanding of any programming language such as Java, Python, CPP, C, or R will make you eligible to go through the course.

The course comprises Machine Learning and Cloud, Big Data management with Spark, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Experts have designed this 18-month long program with a bunch of assignments and case studies. 

Here is the link to the course.

4. PG Diploma In Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence With IIIT Bangalore

The year-long degree program contains a detailed description of Deep learning models, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Reinforcement Learning, and even Machine Learning models. This course is well structured and specifically designed for working professionals. With many case studies, assignments, and professional career guidance, this course can come up as one of the most significant ones in the coming days.

Here is the link to the course.

5. Post Graduate Diploma In Software Development

Full-stack development is another on-demand role in the IT industry. Hence, to excel in this field, one must acquire high-intensity training from experts. Along with interesting website development, this course teaches you to work on backend APIs too. A non-professional graduate can also go on learning the skills.

Here is the link to the course.

6. PG Certification In Cyber Security

If you want to become an expert in cybersecurity, data secrecy, or cryptography, this course is for you. With the advent of the Big Data era, more and more data are being generated. Hence,providing a secure platform for these data is very necessary. Indeed, this role will keep on gaining more and more weightage in the upcoming days. This 7-month long course is designed for professionals willing to excel in cybersecurity.

The course is designed with multiple projects and assignments, and potential career guidance. Indeed, this is going to be another significant program in the time ahead.

Here is the link to the course.

7. Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning

The course spans 7 months and comprises one case-based assignment and a module dedicated to deep learning where students are introduced to basic concepts like Perceptron Model and Neural Network, Graph Convolutional Networks like Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks along with their applications, and Language models for Text.  These deep learning models are currently state-of-the-art technology which have been at the forefront of pioneering advancements in the field of machine learning.

Popular AI and ML Blogs & Free Courses

IITD’s expert faculty helps students transform unstructured text data into language models that are capable of text data analytics. 

In addition to this, the course also comprises dedicated modules on Basics of Python, Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, Large Scale Machine Learning, and Data Streams.

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Wrapping Up

While tech professionals need to expand their horizons with soft skills such as communication, there is also a need to learn to speak the digital language from non-tech professionals. Today, domains such as AI, ML, Data Science, and Cloud Computing power every industry, and they should be easily made known by professionals in every domain.

As the industry grows with more and more advanced technologies, the job roles get to expand. Hence, a handful of opportunities are going to arise in this industry. So, these upGrad courses can open the door to the industry for you. Learn proficient skills to excel in Deep Learning roles. 


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