[Infographic] Top 8 Technology Trends For 2022

technology trends

Technology is evolving every day and at a rapid pace. Being at the forefront of human evolution and with continual research and development, professionals always look for better and cutting-edge technology to hone their skills and maximise their earning potential.

If you want to make the most of your time, these are the top technology trends for 2022 that you should look out for.

Top Technology Trends for 2022

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is already the buzzword, and it continues to grow in 2022. AI or Artificial Intelligence is getting used to doing tasks such as weather forecast, speech recognition, pattern recognition, diagnosis, and more. It is said that AI will grow up to a $190 billion industry by 2025.

The main roles include Machine Learning Engineering, Data Scientist, Computer Vision Developer, Business Intelligence Developer, and Data Analyst.

2. Data Science

It is predicted that organisations with better amiability to reach data will continue to thrive in the modern age. Many profiles, fields, and concepts are emerging, for example:

Data Scientist, Data Architect, Business Intelligence Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst. 

3. Internet of Things

In a broader sense, the Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses everything that is connected to the internet. Modern-day businesses are now employing IoT to connect multiple devices within premises.

Some of the leading roles include:

IoT Software Engineer, System Design Engineer, IoT Product Manager, IoT Research Developer, and IoT Solution Architect. 

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is considered to be the heart of technology in this modern day. It drives a new-age solution for the financial sector and cryptocurrencies to secure online transactions.

The main roles are Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Quality Engineer, Blockchain Legal Consultant or Attorney, and Blockchain Engineer.

5. Robotics Process Automation

Robotics process automation provides you with automation solutions to complete repetitive and mundane tasks precisely and adequately.

The primary roles involve RPA Developer, RPA Business Analyst, RPA Consultant, RPA Solution Architect, and RPA Project Manager.

6. Virtual Reality

With the augmentation of virtual reality, companies can now bring together a computer environment to match their real-time environment.

The main roles are Content Producer, AR and VR Content Writers, Product Management, Software Engineer, UI and UX Design, and Quality Assurance. 

7. Edge Computing

With edge computing, enterprises are now able to solve the problems at the earliest. There is a massive demand for edge computing professionals in the market.

8. Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Apps are considered to use multiple modern technologies, such as AI, machine learning, data analysis, natural language, and robotics. Some of the top intelligent apps you might already know are Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.


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