How to Increase Your Exposure And Revenue with Video Marketing

There are many forms of marketing a business can invest in – TV adverts, radio, flyers, banner ads, and billboards to name a few. One particular type of marketing that is becoming increasingly popular on the internet and digital media is video marketing.
This type of marketing provides something visual that a customer can easily digest. It is a well-known fact that we remember a greater portion of what we see, as opposed to what we read or hear. Statistics also show video marketing in a favourable light – 76% of businesses state that video marketing has helped them increase sales, whilst 97% of marketers have said video has helped improve their customers understanding of their products and/or services.
Businesses use video marketing in a variety of different ways. Fashion companies, for example, may produce videos of models wearing their clothes. Online electronics retailers like Newegg, on the other hand, usually make review videos about the latest gadget available for sale on their website, so shoppers have a better idea of what they’re purchasing. Car manufacturers, on the other hand, could produce videos of their vehicles performing on tracks or displaying various features. Video allows for a huge degree of creativity. Marketers can let the imagination run wild and develop some truly epic marketing campaigns that would not be possible through other mediums.

This infographic by 16Best provides some insight into the world of video marketing for your benefit:

Many companies are making use of video marketing and it is becoming an integral part of a typical marketing campaign. Although video marketing is still taking off in certain industries such as food & leisure, healthcare, and professional services, it is positively thriving in other areas such as media, manufacturing, and communications.

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Video Marketing: The Next Digital Frontier

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What is the difference between moment marketing and topical marketing?

Although similar, moment marketing differs from topical marketing. Moment marketing is the ability to create a buzz with an ad at the moment of an ongoing event or viral trend. For brands, it helps them to get included in the ongoing conversation and bring relevance. Whereas, topical advertising is about taking advantage of current news or event and building an ad campaign laced with the brand identity to piggyback on the trending subject. The objective is to garner short-lived yet productive relevance in the market. For example, Amul Topicals.

Is moment marketing effective for businesses to increase visibility?

For brands and businesses, moment marketing is a unique way to connect with its customers by cashing on the ongoing viral trend. The other key benefits include: Publishing creatives around the viral trend helps to position the brand cleverly and provides an edge to stand out and be memorable. Your brand automatically becomes a part of different social media newsfeed and Google trends, thus driving up organic traffic to the website. Higher brand recall that results in a higher follow back to your products and services. Can engage in wordplay and health banter with the audience and other brands, thus resulting in higher visibility of your brand across social media platforms.

What are things you need to take care of in moment marketing?

As moment marketing gaining traction among brands and is used as an effective marketing tool, you need to take care of the following things while doing it: Moment marketing should be done while staying within the ethical boundary. Your campaign shouldn’t hurt anyone’s sentiment or break the law. The campaign should be responsible and respectful for every party involved. You should only indulge in campaigns that are relevant to your brand or your brand gets benefitted. Don’t try to fit yourself into every trend, as it is negative for your brand’s identity. Your ad campaign should look original within the realm of the viral trend and stay true to the brand’s core value

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