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Human Resource Management Subjects & Syllabus

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14th Sep, 2022
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Human Resource Management Subjects & Syllabus

As the name suggests, Human Resource Management means managing every employee’s concerns in an organization or company. People working in the HR Management are responsible for ensuring that the organization’s general goal, vision, and values are communicated and give an overarching reason for employees to desire to work for them. These factors must inspire employees and make them feel motivated from time to time.

What are your responsibilities after you enter the Human Resource department?

The HR department in an organization ensures that the rights of all the people working there are protected and that all work is performed effectively. HR managers play an essential part in the recruiting process and take ownership of it in a fully integrated talent management system.

Employee and community outreach are also aspects that come under Human Resource Management. HRs are frequently mentors and part of employee teams that deal with employee engagement initiatives, festive gatherings, etc. They are responsible for staff engagement, interpersonal bonding, employee relationship management, ethical culture, and unity among levels.

Who should enter Human Resource Management?

Are you someone who enjoys collaborating with people and ensuring that they have what they need to succeed? Do you enjoy motivating people and brainstorming methods to make their job or lives easier? Then a degree in Human Resource Management could be ideal for you.

A Bachelor’s degree in HR management or a similar discipline, such as business management, is usually required for anyone intending to enter this profession. A Master’s degree in business administration, human resources, or labor relations may be needed for advanced workplaces. Although a special certification isn’t generally required to pursue a career in HRM, learning HR subjects professionally can help candidates stand out, and certain companies need it.

Human Resource Management Subjects & Syllabus

Human Resource Management or MBA in HR is a speciality aimed to generate HR specialists who can manage an organization’s personnel. Every company has its values, beliefs, conventions, working language, processes, and methodologies. The HR Department of any company or organization is in charge of cultivating the company’s culture among workers and acquiring and keeping the finest employees. HR experts are one of the most important contributors to a company’s development and survival.

MBA in Human Resources provides skills and training in these areas, allowing a professional or a group of professionals to secure the best possible outcomes for workers and companies. It is one of the most in-demand degrees these days, as every company needs qualified personnel to handle this critical function. After obtaining an MBA in HR, one can apply for various positions that pay well.

Usually, there are four semesters or terms in this course at every recognized university. The Human Resource Management syllabus involves leadership, values, employment planning, recruiting and selecting employees, training and compensating them, and evaluating their performance. It holds the power of majorly influencing the corporate culture and norms.

The course content assists students in learning more about human resources and their relevance, as well as how they function. This curriculum covers a broad range of topics for the student to understand the material and achieve a high score to advance in their career. The major goal of Human Resource Management is to familiarize students with HRM fundamentals. The topics covered in this course include a wide range of HR subjects and functions.

The MBA in Human Resource Management subjects list may be divided into two categories: core and optional. Internships, industrial training, field study, and workshops are all important components of this programme. Students can select optional classes depending on their interests, future job ambitions, or educational objectives.

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Core Subjects

  • Legislation on Labor Relations and Industrial Relations
  • Environment of Business
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • HR Audit and Human Capital Management
  • Planning and Development of Human Resources
  • Information System for Human Resources

Each semester includes certain optional classes in addition to core subjects. Students can select electives from a variety of alternatives supplied by their university. Below mentioned are some of the elective subjects.

Elective Subjects

  • Advertising Management
  • Training and Development
  • International Human Resource Management 
  • Advanced Manpower Planning 
  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Human Resource Management in Service Sector
  • HR Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions

Is Human Resource Management worth it?

HR managers will be in high demand as businesses continue to expand their operations and comply with the federal government’s quickly growing employment legislation. As a result, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of human resources managers would expand at a pace of 13 per cent, resulting in the creation of 13,600 new positions by 2022. A bachelor’s degree can also be utilized as a stepping stone to graduate school, leading to even better work opportunities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management employment is expected to expand at a rate of 9% over the next ten years, a rate higher than the average for all occupations. Training and development specialists, labor relations experts, management analysts, human resources managers, and pay and benefits managers are all typical jobs in this industry.

If you’re ready to further your HR career, look for a recognized college that offers the courses you’ll need to earn your master’s in human resources. You can also look up for online courses if you want to complete your certification or diploma from the comfort of your home. upGrad provides various HR Certifications that you might opt for if you want to build a career in Human Resource Management. 

Check out Professional Certificate Programme in HR Management and Analytics course by IIM Kozhikode in association with upGrad. Understand the latest trends of the industry, apply analytics and get the best training on human resource management from the faculty of IIM Kozhikode. You will also receive a certificate from IIM Kozhikode at the end of the course which will open a door of numerous opportunities for you.

What exactly is Human Resource Management?



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is it mandatory for an HR manager to know about the labor laws?

If an employee has a complaint, the first person he or she should contact is an HR representative. Employees and HR workers work closely together. They must provide a safe working environment for their staff. The respective State's Factories Act, Shops and Commercial Establishments Act(s) normally contain laws about establishment registration, working hours, overtime, leave, privilege leave, notice pay, working conditions for women employees, etc. To guarantee that all workers are safe at work, HR must know the numerous labor rules and ensure that everyone observes them in the workplace.

2Is working in the HR department stressful?

HR may be a stressful field to work in, with tight deadlines, long work hours, and a high work volume. Furthermore, dealing with every employees' grievances can sometimes be overwhelming. The biggest challenge for HR is keeping up with the management rules while also maintaining labor laws. Also, for motivating the employees from time to time, one needs to be motivated himself, which sometimes becomes a little stressful. But with a healthy work-life balance, one can work without stress if he or she is interested in the HR field.

3How much does an HR manager earn in India?

The salary of an HR manager depends upon the company he is working for, the job location and also the skills and experience he or she possesses. In India, an HR manager makes 6,95,501 INR per annum on an average.

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