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Bachelor’s Computer Application Resume for Freshers: Tips and Tricks

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12th Aug, 2021
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Bachelor’s Computer Application Resume for Freshers: Tips and Tricks

Your resume is the first impression you make before potential recruiters. Certainly, the better your first impression, the better would be your chances of getting selected. Recruiters analyse resumes thoroughly to pick the candidates that show the most promise. That’s why you should know how to write an attractive and eye-catching resume. 

The following guide will teach you what information you must add to your BCA student resume, how you can make it more attractive, and what’s the best way to build a powerful BCA resume. 

Basic Components of a BCA Resume

To build your BCA student resume, you must know the fundamental aspects of one. All of the following sections are necessary and help you stand out as a professional who understands the industry standard. 

As a fresher, it’s essential to stand out among your peers. Not only does it help you become a sought-after candidate, but it also helps you understand your professional expertise better and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. 

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Note: While adding the following components to your CV, make sure that you enter your career objective first. Also, remember to add your passport size picture and keep the language professional. 

1. Your Career Objective

The career objective on your resume is the top paragraph that highlights your relevant skills. It explains your career aspirations for joining an organisation. Your career objective should be according to the company and the job you’re applying for. It should show how you can help the company and yourself by getting the role. 

2. Your Soft Skills

In this section of your BCA resume, you’ll have to add your soft skills. Soft skills play a massive role in the current day and age. Some popular soft skills include confidence, leadership, teamwork, communication, time management, organisation, and analytical skills. Your soft skills will help you become a preferred candidate, making it easier for you to bag high-paying roles. 

3. Your Technical Skills

Here, you’ll have to add your technical proficiencies. This includes the programming languages you can code in, the operating systems you can work with, and other technologies you can use. Java, MS Office, Tableau, database systems, etc., are examples of the various tech skills you can enter here. 

4. Your Qualifications

This section is for adding your qualifications. Mention your 10th, 12th, and degree in this section with the name of the institutes. Also, be sure to add the percentage you scored in the respective course. 

5. Your Certifications

If you’ve completed any additional certification courses, you’ll add them in this section. For example, it helps you expand your credentials and allows recruiters to know that you’re well-acquainted with the skills you have mentioned. 

6. Your Achievements

This section of a resume for BCA freshers is for showcasing the extracurricular highlights of your academic life. Participating in seminars, receiving awards, completing projects are some of the things you can mention in this section. 

7. Your Personal Profile

One of the most important sections of your resume is your profile. You’ll add your contact information and your date of birth here. 

Tips for Writing a BCA Student Resume

Here are some points to keep in mind while writing your BCA student resume: 

1. Keep it role-specific

You should modify your resume according to the role you’re applying for. Read the job description properly to understand what the recruiter wants from a candidate. Your career objective should reflect the recruiters’ wants and match their requirements. That’s why it’s best to read and analyse the job description whenever applying for a new role.

2. Stay honest

Lying in the resume is a cardinal sin. You shouldn’t add false details. Be 100% honest in your resume. Keep this point in mind while mentioning the soft skills in your resume too. Interviewers use different methods to verify if a candidate was honest in their resume. Hence, you should only mention details that are true and add experiences that you’ve had. 

3. Add your social media accounts

Your social media accounts can help you greatly in bagging your favourite roles. Digital resumes have become quite popular, and it’s pretty easy to add links to your social media accounts in your contact information. However, make sure that your profiles don’t include any indecent content for it can leave a bad impression on your potential recruiters. On the other hand, having proper and well-maintained social media profiles can help you stand out easily and make your task quite easier. 

4. Build a Portfolio

As a fresher, you should work on projects that require you to use various hard and soft skills. Working on such projects will help you expand your portfolio. Freshers don’t have a lot of professional experience. However, they still need to showcase professionalism and a strong command of their skills and expertise. Having an impressive portfolio will help you greatly. That’s why we recommend joining courses that offer multiple case studies or projects. 

How to Build an Attractive Resume for BCA Freshers?

The best way to build a robust and attractive resume is by enhancing your skills and qualifications. You should add the in-demand skills of the industry in your CV and work on projects so you can showcase how you have applied your skills in real life. Your qualifications, achievements, and knowledge of the relevant subjects will help you exponentially in bagging your dream roles. 

It offers flexible learning so you can learn from anywhere at your own comfort and safety. and gives you additional certifications (GOI’s Start-Up India Learning Program and Business Analytics). 

The certifications will help you enhance your resume and add new skills to the same. Moreover, the program offers a 6-month internship opportunity that allows you to showcase your familiarity with the industry’s inner workings and familiarity with the professional settings. 

The program has 450+ hours of content and 100+ live sessions. You’ll earn 120 credits during the course. Another prominent highlight of CU’s BCA program is it has 30+ case studies and projects. They will help you test your knowledge of the subjects you study during the program and understand how you can apply those concepts in real-world scenarios. 

Some of the top subjects you’ll learn during the course are data structures, database systems, calculus, and algorithms. You only need to have a 10+2 from a recognised board to be eligible for this program. After completing the course, you can apply for various tech roles, including systems administrator, junior web developer, software engineer, business development roles, and junior programmer. 

More About the Course: 

The Bachelor of Computer Applications course has three specialisation tracks to choose from:

  • Job Track
  • Self-employment track
  • Competitive Exam track

Each of these tracks has specific benefits. For example, the Job Track offers you a 6-month long internship and soft skills guidance. You’ll also receive aptitude coaching with interview preparation guidance. The program will also provide you with resume building support so you can build a suitable CV for your dream roles. The Job Track also offers access to our Job Portal with 5000+ openings every month and personalised career advice from industry mentors. 

The Self-employment Track gives you access to a 6-months live business project. You’ll receive a certification from the Government of India’s Start-Up India Learning Program and gain access to upGrad’s Entrepreneurship Program. Joining our Entrepreneurship Program will allow you to network and learn from industry veterans. 

The Competitive Exam Track allows you to prepare for the exam while getting a degree at an additional cost. You’ll get career assistance up to three years after graduating from the course and receive free aptitude and soft skills training & personalised mentorship after completing the first year. 

You can pick the track according to your career goals and aspirations. Apart from these advantages, the program also offers live doubt solving sessions. You’ll have access to a Q&A forum where you can get timely doubt resolution through teaching assistance and peers. Plus, mentors offer personalised feedback on the case studies and projects you complete. It will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

The program also features live sessions four times a week with a teaching assistant to resolve doubts effectively. 


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You now have all the knowledge you need to write an attractive resume for BCA freshers. While writing the resume, start with a calm and composed mindset, and things will continue to flow naturally. 

Check out upGrad’s degree courses offered by top universities. Outcome Oriented Curriculum. 300+ Hiring Partners & No Cost EMI.  


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 What are the skills for a BCA student?

The most notable skills for BCA professionals are analytical abilities, communication, strategic research, problem-solving, and the ability to deal with pressure.

2 What should a fresher resume have?

A fresher resume should have the career objective, personal details, qualification information, details on your past achievements, and your contact information.

3 What should I write in the career objective of my BCA resume?

You should write the career objective according to the requirements of the job you’re applying for. It should also denote your eagerness to learn and grow as a professional.

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