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Top 10 Startup Companies in Mumbai To Look Out For in 2024

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14th Sep, 2023
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Top 10 Startup Companies in Mumbai To Look Out For in 2024

Welcome to the lively and ever-changing panorama of startups in Mumbai!

Serving as the pulsating heart of India’s entrepreneurial network, Mumbai fosters innovation, ingenuity, and boundless promise. With its rich history of economic prowess and cultural diversity, it has become a fertile field for entrepreneurs in various areas. These firms, ranging from banking and healthcare to e-commerce and sustainability, embody the city’s constant spirit of innovation. 

According to the data, Mumbai has 565 startups, accounting for around 16% of India’s vibrant startup community. This position cements Mumbai as the nation’s third most prolific startup ecosystem. Mumbai’s global status has declined by 8 points in the 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Index. However, its domestic dominance has remained steady, with the country consistently ranking third, a position it has held since 2022.

Top 10 Startup Companies in Mumbai

Each new day brings new chances for businesses to create their route in the ever-evolving market of startups, making it an ideal time for entrepreneurs to establish their presence. Investors are increasingly keeping a close eye on the startup business, looking for remarkable ideas that have the potential to become viable businesses. 

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Armed with innovative offerings, simplified procedures, and steadfast leadership, these growing enterprises stand as the architects of tomorrow’s possibilities, influencing what lies ahead. A perfect example of this impact can be found in a collection of Mumbai’s leading startup firms. 

So, let’s look at some of the Mumbai based startups that are performing successfully nowadays.

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Year of Foundation: 2011

Founded by: Gagan Maini, Subrat Pani, and Asif Ali

Industry: Fintech / Consumer Services

Product/Services: OneAssist provides a variety of comprehensive protection and help services designed to improve modern consumers’ security and convenience. Their products and services are divided into several categories: mobile protection, wallet protection, cyber fraud protection, travel Assistance and home protection.

OneAssist is one of the best fintech companies Mumbai. The major goal of OneAssist is to reduce the risks and difficulties associated with unexpected events such as the loss or theft of valued belongings such as smartphones and wallets or the compromising of sensitive personal information. The company provides a variety of subscription-based programs that address many parts of daily life, including mobile device protection, wallet protection, and even travel support.


Year of Foundation: 2015

Founded by: Vishal Agarwal

Industry: Marketing Technology / Customer Engage

Product/Services: LocoBuzz provides a wide range of services, including social media management for posting schedules, engagement metrics analysis, and real-time client response. 

LocoBuzz, founded in 2015, is a Mumbai-based firm that specialises in marketing technology, particularly emphasising customer interaction and experience development.

This start up company in Mumbai primarily offers an extensive collection of tools designed to help businesses connect, engage, and communicate with customers across several digital channels. The company uses data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation to provide various services that create meaningful brand-customer connections.


Year of Foundation: 2015

Founded by: Aurko Bhattacharya, Prasannaa Muralidharan, Uday Somayajula

Industry: Fintech / Digital Payments

Product/Services: It provides quick credit for online purchases, expediting the process and eliminating the need for advance payments.

ePayLater, founded in 2015, is a major participant in the financial sector, specialising in innovative digital payment solutions. ePayLater’s services provide users with an alternate means of payment for online purchases, increasing flexibility and convenience. 

The fundamental idea is to let clients conduct purchases and transactions without needing immediate payment. Instead, consumers can postpone the payment to a later date, resulting in a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ strategy that matches changing consumer expectations.


Year of Foundation: 2015

Founded by: Jash Choraria, Jeevika Tyagi, and Anish Jain

Industry: Location Intelligence / Technology

Product/Services: It offers location analytics for retailers, mall management solutions and foot traffic analysis.

Unifynd is one of the leading startup IT companies in Mumbai, established by Jash Choraria, that specialises in offering superior location information and technology solutions to merchants and malls. The company’s primary focus is on taking advantage of location data to provide innovative services that address the specific needs of these industries.


Year of Foundation: 2015

Founded by: Deepak Kothari, Vaibhav Lodha and Sanjeev Chandak,

Industry: Financial Technology (Fintech)

Product/Services: It offers digital payments, lending solutions, mobile payments, credit scoring and digital records.

Founded in 2015, ftcash is one of the major players in the fintech companies Mumbai. The organisation is committed to using technology to create new financial solutions, with a focus on micro-merchants and small enterprises.


Year of Foundation: 2016

Founded by: Varun Chopra and Raheel Shah

Industry: Education Financing / Fintech

Product/Services: Eduvanz specialises in customised education loans that include formal degrees, vocational courses, skill development, and certificates. 

Eduvanz is a significant participant in the nexus of education and money. The company works in the education financing industry, primarily providing financial solutions that allow people to pursue education and skill development.

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Year of Foundation: 2016

Founded by: Devanshi Kejriwal, and Dhvanil Sheth

Industry: Education / Learning and Development

Product/Services: Skillmatics specialises in providing a wide range of interactive educational games covering various areas such as maths, language arts, science, and general knowledge.

Skillmatics is a children’s educational company that develops interesting and creative learning solutions. Skillmatics has received praise for its work in developing educational tools that make learning enjoyable and successful.

Skillmatics’ commitment to delivering delightful educational experiences for children helps to foster a love of learning from an early age. The company aims to empower children with core skills crucial for their academic and personal progress by integrating play with education.


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Year of Foundation: 2016

Founded by: Bhupinder Singh, Former Co-founder of Deutsche Bank India

Industry: Financial Services / Fintech

Product/Services: They offer personal loans for education, medical expenses, consumer loans for gadgets and appliances, business loans, education loans promoting higher learning, and loans for two-wheelers and automobiles enhancing mobility.

Founded in 2016, InCred is a major participant in the financial services market, focusing on utilising technology and innovation to provide diverse financial solutions. InCred’s financial services approach merges technology, data analytics, and customer-centricity to create accessible and personalised solutions. 

InCred encourages individuals and businesses to realise their objectives and aspirations through many elements of personal and company finance while also contributing to financial inclusion and economic progress.


Year of Foundation: 2014

Founded by: Bhavin Turakhia

Industry: Communication and Collaboration / Technology

Product/Services: The platform promotes effective team collaboration by utilising real-time messaging, which includes one-on-one chats, group dialogues, and channels. 

Flock is an established supplier of business communication and collaboration technology. The company provides tools and platforms that assist teams in communicating, collaborating, and becoming more productive.

Flock seeks to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and encourage a more efficient work environment for enterprises across industries by delivering an integrated platform that integrates messaging, file sharing, and collaborative capabilities.


Year of Foundation: 2018

Founded by: Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal

Industry: Cryptocurrency / Fintech

Product/Services: The platform acts as a trading hub for various cryptocurrencies, including prominent options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and lesser-known altcoins

CoinDCX is one of the startups in Mumbai in the cryptocurrency and financial industries. The company operates as a cryptocurrency exchange platform, providing a range of services related to purchasing, selling, and trading multiple cryptocurrencies.

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To summarise, Mumbai is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, producing a varied spectrum of startup companies ready for considerable growth in 2023. These top ten startups in Mumbai embody the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem’s dynamic character, with each making strides in their respective fields. From fintech to education, communication to finance, these firms demonstrate Mumbai’s range of innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How were the top startup companies in Mumbai selected for this list?

The selection of the best Mumbai based startups for this list entailed a thorough examination of various critical aspects. These included startups with novel and ground-breaking solutions, distinctive value propositions, disruptive technologies, and imaginative business structures.

2How can these startup companies impact the local and global markets?

These startups can have a large influence on both domestic and global markets. They can catalyse economic growth and technological progress in local communities while inspiring similar projects globally through innovation, job creation, technology improvements, and industry disruption.

3How can someone stay updated with the progress and developments of these startup companies?

Consider monitoring startups' official websites and social media accounts, following news outlets and industry reports, subscribing to newsletters and podcasts, and connecting with them via professional platforms to stay up to date on the progress and developments of startups in Mumbai.

4Can these startup companies serve as inspiration or models for aspiring entrepreneurs?

These startups can serve as powerful sources of inspiration and role models for aspiring entrepreneurs. Their paths demonstrate the power of new ideas, perseverance, and excellent execution. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from previous successes, identify market gaps, develop compelling value propositions, and use technology for disruptive solutions.

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