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Top 10 Apps To Learn Ethical Hacking in 2024 [Criteria, Advantages & Disadvantages]

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5th Jun, 2023
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Top 10 Apps To Learn Ethical Hacking in 2024 [Criteria, Advantages & Disadvantages]


From defending the system against cybercriminals to maintaining the privacy of sensitive data, ethical hacking is necessary to protect governmental and corporate networks.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Apps

The benefits of ethical hacking apps are listed below:

  • Ethical hacking apps help in taking preventive action against unlawful hackers
  • The apps help develop a robust system preventing unethical penetration by hackers
  • Such apps enhance the security of financial establishments
  • Ethical hacking apps are also used in identifying and closing gaping holes in the network or computer system

Criteria for Selecting the Best Ethical Hacking Apps

Select the best app for ethical hacking with the criteria listed below:

  • A user-friendly interface with powerful tools and technologies on offer
  • A database maintaining a log of all actions
  • A provision of paid and free tools for ethical hacking
  • A website teaching strategies powered by extensive research on cybersecurity
  • A platform conducting mock tests for learners to assess their skills

Top 10 Ethical Hacking Apps for 2024

Here is a detailed review of the top ten ethical hacking apps of 2024:

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Acunetix scans complex web apps by mimicking a hacker. The features of Acunetix are:

  • Acunetix can scan every variant of XSS, SQL Injection, and more than 4500 additional bugs.
  • The scanner of Acunetix boasts high speed and scalability.
  • The scanner can detect more than 1200 vulnerabilities in WordPress websites.


Intruder is known for its array of ethical hacking tools. The key features of Intruder are:

  • It can perform more than 10,000 security check sessions in web applications.
  • The scanner of Intruder can check for missing patches, application flaws, and configuration weaknesses.
  • Integrating it with Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS connectors is easy.


Nessus is a cross-platform, closed-source security scanner. The features of Nessus are:

  • It can thwart dictionary attacks and DoS attacks.
  • The vulnerability scanner of Nessus is freely accessible.


Ettercap is an ethical hacking tool for performing passive and active dissection operations on web applications. The main features of Ettercap are:

  • Ettercap can sniff switched LAN connections between hosts to detect ARP poisoning.
  • The app can also sniff SSH connections operating in full duplex mode.
  • Ettercap is capable of sniffing HTTP-SSL-secured data over a proxy connection.

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is designed for scanning IP ports and addresses. The primary features of Angry IP Scanner are:

  • It can scan both local networks and the web.
  • The scanning report can be obtained in any format.
  • The command-line interface of the scanner is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.


Invicti can automatically detect XSS, SQL injection, and other web vulnerabilities. The crucial features of Invicti are:

  • Invicti employs Proof-based scanning technology to detect URL rewrite rules and 404 errors.
  • The REST API of Invicti can be seamlessly integrated with bug-tracking systems.
  • The fully scalable tool of Invicti can scan over a thousand web apps in 24 hours.


AndroRAT is designed to detect vulnerabilities in Java Android applications. The features of AndroRAT are:

  • AndroRAT is lightweight and operates in the background.
  • The app remains undetected by anti-virus scanning tools.
  • It can access browsers of target devices to run security checks.

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SQLMap can automatically detect SQL injection in database servers. The key features of SQLMap are:

  • SQLMap supports Boolean-based, out-of-bound, error-based, time-based blind, stacked queries, and UNION query-based SQL injection techniques.
  • It has a powerful detection engine that detects and exploits SQL injection flaws.


Business organisations use WebInspect to perform routine security checks. The main features of WebInspect are:

  • The app enables real-time visualisation of scanned reports.
  • The synchronised crawl technique of WebInspect enables the testing of software applications.
  • WebInspect allows the detection of bugs in web programmes dynamically.

Traceroute NG

Traceroute NG helps in analysing the network path. The key features of Traceroute NG are:

  • Traceroute NG enables ICMP and TCP analysis of network paths.
  • The tool supports both IPV6 and IP4.
  • It is used for continuous network probing.

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Advantages of Learning Ethical Hacking Through Mobile Apps

The advantages of learning ethical hacking through mobile and web apps are listed below:

  • Mobile apps offer courses curated for beginners.
  • The ethical hacking course for beginners in mobile apps provides certificates to the learner.
  • Most apps come with a community forum to discuss questions and doubts.
  • Apps make learning fun by allowing learners to play ethical hacking games.
  • Moreover, mobile apps offer the flexibility to learn from anywhere, anytime.

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Top 5 Free Ethical Hacking Apps for Beginners

Did you know that you can learn ethical hacking for free? Check out the top five apps designed to teach ethical hacking for beginners:

Ethical Hacking University App

Learn ethical hacking from scratch from the Ethical Hacking University App. The app offers an ethical hacking full course that teaches you techniques for securing corporate networks and protecting your systems against unlawful hackers.

Geek App- Ethical Hacking Cer

Enrol in the free ethical hacking course online at Geek App. Learn about the latest cyber security technologies and stay abreast of global cyber security news through this app.


The ethical hacking course for beginners at HackerX is designed for all. Complete learning all the modules and become a certified expert in cyber security.

Kali Linux NetHunter

The ethical hacking toolkit of Kali Linux’s, NetHunter, is perfect for beginners. This ethical hacking app offers aspiring ethical hackers free cybersecurity and IT training. The app is highly recommended for its insightful ethical hacking course online.

Hacking Tutorials

The Hacking Tutorials app covers methodologies of hacking, android hacking techniques, and other cybersecurity topics.

Top 5 Paid Ethical Hacking Apps for Advanced Learners

The following list of ethical hacking apps is well-suited for learners who already know the basics of ethical hacking:

Rainbow Crack

Rainbow Crack teaches you to crack passwords and gain access to devices. An ethical hacker can learn to break hashes by using the rainbow table functionality of Rainbow Crack. It uses the time-memory tradeoff method to crack passcodes and hack devices ethically.


Network Mapper discovers hosts and servers on a network and creates network maps to maintain cybersecurity. Nmap is script-extensible, making it highly effective in detecting network vulnerabilities.


Kismet is one of the most recommended software tools for white hat hacking. Ethical hackers can use Kismet to identify network vulnerabilities to collect and detect hidden network data.


Netsparker is known for its technique of mimicking the working pattern of hackers. The app detects web API vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Metasploit Pro

Even though Metasploit Framework is an open-source application, the commercial version of the software, Metasploit Pro, is a paid app for ethical hacking. It is excellent for detecting network vulnerabilities through penetration testing.

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Best Ethical Hacking Apps for Practising on Virtual Labs

You can learn from any ethical hacking course online and then practise the skills at the virtual labs listed below:


Master the techniques of web app hacking, reverse engineering, penetration testing, and network vulnerability detection at PentesterLab. Practise hard and sit for the assessment examinations to obtain certificates from PentesterLab.


HackThisSite provides advanced learners with flawed systems to assess their ethical hacking skills. This virtual lab also provides penetration testing tools to test the expertise of ethical hackers.

Web Security Academy Labs

Practise the cutting-edge techniques of exploiting web vulnerabilities and fuzzing at Web Security Academy Labs. Web Security Academy Labs also links several resources for beginners to learn ethical hacking from scratch.

Juice Shop

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Hone your ethical hacking skills by playing games at OWASP Juice Shop, a replica website of a flawed e-commerce site. The games aim to detect and fix security breaches and bugs in the e-commerce site.

Root Me

At Root Me, you will find over a hundred ethical hacking challenges covering the ethical hacking full course. Develop your skill of cyber defence by protecting the system and network against mock attacks at Root Me.

If you seek to build a career in ethical hacking, enrol in the Master of Science in Computer Science from LJMU to learn about ethical hacking tools and technologies.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

From strengthening an organisation’s cybersecurity to protecting the governance of a nation, ethical hacking is crucial for safety. Build a prestigious career in ethical hacking by pursuing online courses on ethical hacking for beginners. Enrol in the Executive PG Programme in Full Stack Development from IIITB to improve your career prospect as a white hat hacker.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

11. Which ethical hacking tools are included in Kali Linux?

Kali Linux offers a bundle of ethical hacking tools that include Metasploit Framework, Armitage, Burp Suite, Hashcat, SQLMap, Nmap, Wireshark, Aircrack-ng, and John the Ripper.

22. Can children learn ethical hacking?

Parents can encourage their kids to learn the ropes of ethical hacking through fun games by signing up for courses offered by various ethical hacking apps.

33. What career opportunities does an ethical hacker have?

Ethical hackers can apply for jobs as forensics investigators, network security administrators, application security executives, web security administrators, and more.