[Infographic] Top 10 Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students


The three education streams that we have in India are Science, Commerce, and Arts. Students often find themselves in a challenging situation when choosing commerce, as they believe commerce can’t help them find financial security, but that’s not true. 

Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students 

1. Chartered Accountant

One of the most recognised and reputed jobs for commerce students is that of a chartered accountant. The average salary a chartered accountant gets is $200k to $220k. A CA is an attractive and scalable earning profession.

2. Investment Banker

An investment banker’s average pay is $160k to $180k. As an investment banker, your role will be to provide financial recommendations and advice. It opens the door for global opportunities, and you can get into corporate sector jobs as well.

3. Chartered Financial Analyst

The average pay of a chartered financial analyst is $140k to $160k. CFA is the highest position in an organisation, and a CFA needs to take care of wealth management, equity, fixed income analysis, and credit analysis.

4. Certified Public Accountant

As a certified public accountant, the responsibility will involve financial statement audits of all types. On average, as CPA earns $130k to $150k.

5. Actuary

An actuary is another popular commerce stream job and is considered to be a very respectable title. As an actuary, your responsibility will be to evaluate the risks involved in the insurance industry. The average pay is $110k to $130k.

6. Cost Accountant

Budget preparation and profit analyses are the roles and responsibilities of a cost accountant, and they get paid $100k to $130k, on average.

7. Professional Accountants

The average pay of a professional accountant is $200k to $220k. A professional accountant takes care of duties such as personal accounting, taxation, and analysis.

8. Retail Manager

As a retail manager, you will be responsible for supervising a retail outlet. You will plan marketing strategies to upscale your profits. The average pay is $80K to $100k.

9. Company Secretary

A company secretary is one of the top positions in any organisation, and a CA gets $80K to $100K, on average.

10. Personal Financial Advisor

The average income of a personal financial advisor is $80K to $100K. They help clients with their insurance, pensions, retirement savings, financial objectives, and more.

Job-Oriented Courses

It is clear that you need to go through a few courses if you wish to excel in the Commerce field and get one of the highest paying jobs in India for commerce students. Some of the courses in upGrad offers are:

  1. MBA from Golden Gate University
  2. Product Management Certification Program
  3. PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication


These are the top 10 highest paying commerce stream jobs in India – that will help you grow financially / that will be in demand. The commerce field has many areas which any student from the commerce field could explore. However, since most of these commerce stream jobs require high amounts of skill and immense ability to take on responsibilities, it is essential that a student brings relevant experience in the job.

That’s why to get one of the highest paying jobs in India for commerce students, it would be necessary to go through the right channels and go through the right courses. With upGrad, you can take the best courses and fulfil your dreams.

What are the challenges faced by commerce students?

The challenge with commerce has always been to compete with science. Earlier, students didn’t take up commerce as a subject due to their lack of understanding of the subject. Commerce is a vast subject that has now opened a gateway to plenty of opportunities. In any case, the challenge faced by commerce students in India, apart from the growing demand for science, medical, and engineering, includes a lack of training in commerce subjects in schools. Moreover, the commerce syllabus isn’t designed for a competitive examination, which is another reason it becomes a difficult choice for students. Moreover, the teacher-to-student ratio in schools for commerce is less followed by poor teaching techniques adapted by several schools.

What are the opportunities for a commerce student?

As a commerce graduate, there are tons of opportunities you can take up. Enrolling as a commerce specialist in a private institution or even a government agency could be an enlightening path, to begin with. Furthermore, the flexibility to pursue courses in various companies could be the next opportunity waiting for you. Financial services are the next option for a commerce graduate. Merchant brokers, financial consultants, budget consultants, and portfolio managers are some of the areas one can scour. Banks and insurance companies are the next for commerce students where they can put their skills directly into practice.

Why is studying commerce important?

Businesses need the extensive support of commerce education to expand their business activities. Studying commerce helps businesses to expand their support. Students who study commerce get a grasp of the skills and specialize in it. The skills can be used to solve high-end problems and to improve functional areas like industry and finance. The dynamic business environment needs commerce students equipped with core skills and the ability to tackle issues as they arise. With the ever-changing technology and trends, it is best to assume that the need for commerce students will grow in the future.

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