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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2024

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17th Oct, 2022
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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2024

In this competitive world where everyone is running behind top notch job opportunities in terms of career growth and exposure and pay range, we’re sure you won’t want to feel left behind. They say money can’t buy happiness, but you certainly won’t be happy working in a low-paying job in this money-driven world, especially if you’re well qualified to have the required expertise and numerous years of experience. In this article, we have compiled a well-explained list of the ten highest-paying jobs worldwide.

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Top 10 Highest paying jobs in the world

1. Front-End Developer

Average yearly salary: $50K–$107K

Front-end developers produce CSS, HTML, and JavaScript software for different websites and mobile apps. Their main objective is to ensure that users can navigate a website with extreme ease and that the visual element is correct. This is a high-paying job opportunity that may also require some graphic designing or back-end related experience, for example, PHP, Ruby, Java, SQL. NET.

2. Java Developer

Average yearly salary: $50K–$103K

Java developers are responsible for integrating Java into different websites, programs, applications, or platforms by writing SQL or Java-based codes to give any website functionality. They are responsible for working on both back-end and front-end coding. They also need extensive knowledge of programming languages like Java or other popular programming languages.

3. Senior Product Marketing Manager

Average yearly salary: $62K–$133K

Product marketing managers are responsible for studying and assessing a product’s current market to expand the consumer base of their company. They Work on product positioning, and building profit roadmaps are the main tasks of this work-from-home role. In addition, a product marketing manager needs to work with various marketing metrics and streamline processes.

4. Vice President of Marketing

Average yearly salary: $91K–$208K

This senior-level job is exceptionally high-paying. These professionals are responsible for directing and overseeing all the marketing departments and ensuring that the prepared marketing strategies can meet the desired business goals. 

Main Responsibility:

  • They are required to Set team goals, monitor marketing campaigns, and even prepare metrics-related reports as a part of their everyday duties. 
  • Professionals with five or more years of experience are preferred for such roles.

5. Brand Manager

Brand managers are very dynamic and creative marketing officials. Their primary responsibility is to promote the brand in front of a vast audience. They must have strong faith in the success of the product they are targeting to sell. Brand managers must effectively create a positive impression on their customers.

Many reputed companies seek to hire brand managers who have completed their MBA degrees from the top B-schools. They prefer candidates with a strong ability for long-term strategic thinking, promotion, knowledge about interpretation of the market, and advertisement of the selling product. 

Main Responsibilities:

  • Working with sales teams, 
  • Working with CRM, operations, and advertising managers
  • innovation and exercising top-notch advertising skills,
  • establishing a cordial relationship with their customers.
  • Enhancing their brand’s value.

Average yearly salary: $71,719

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6. Customer Relationship Manager

A customer relationship manager’s primary role is to analyze detailed information concerning a company’s essential customers. Such knowledge of information aids them in knowing about consumer choices, behavior, and preferences. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Knowing the customer base well
  • Establishing a positive relationship with each customer
  • Working on customer retention strategies
  • Designing a plan to attract maximum customers for the business

Average yearly salary: $58,508

8. Sales Manager

Sales is probably the oldest marketing technique involving promoting and selling products. A sales manager is responsible for achieving a particular target set by the company to sell their product,  earning bonuses, working on a speedy schedule, and getting incentives. Therefore, a sales manager should have excellent communication skills, and they must be appealing to people.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Should be an excellent team player
  • should have excellent leadership qualities. 
  • Be outspoken and expressive
  • Create a positive mark in the company’s customer base. 
  • They are also required to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with shareholders in distribution and sales channels. 
  • They should be innovative and come up with consumer-friendly offers on behalf of the company to earn the trust of their audience.

Average yearly salary:   $62,891

9. Senior IT Project Manager

Senior IT project managers are hired based on their years of experience. In this aspect, the more the number of work experience years, the better pay one fetches. These people are responsible for overseeing projects based on information technology and monitoring their timelines. 

Main Responsibilities:

  • This job role typically requires technical skills, such as software, hardware, networking, or even security-related knowledge. 
  • To be hired for this high-paying job opportunity, one also needs to be skilled in data center management and communicate abilities with multiple departments.

Average yearly salary: $58K–$129K

10. Business Development Manager

This is a very high-paying job opportunity. In this role, the managers develop business plans, identify new clientele sources, manage accounts, and meet sales goals. 

Main Responsibilities:

  • On the whole, business development managers need to push up the company’s revenue. 
  • They are mandatorily required to be adept in selling skills. 
  • They are also responsible for maintaining client relations and improving business relationships.

Average yearly salary: $46K–$125K

11. Computer programmer

If working as freelancers, computer-based software programmers work with many clients, just like designers or writers. Even full-time computer programs earn well. 

Main Responsibilities

  • These programmers develop software and applications for computers and web or mobile-based applications.
  • They also suggest and give consultations by offering the best possible IT solutions for the needs of their clients.

Average yearly salary: $47,700 per year

Two other emerging high paying jobs 

1. Editors

Average yearly salary: $58,000 per year

Primary Responsibilities: Editors edit and remove errors from written content and even manuscripts prepared for various publications. Both full-time and Freelance editors work on journals, magazines, books, and newspapers, which gives them good work exposure and A high pay. Experienced editors work in different content genres, such as script and copy editing or even story editing. This is a very creative and diverse profile having lucrative pay.

2. Social media Managers

Average yearly salary: $65,259 per year

Primary Responsibilities: The role of Social media specialists is currently one of the most sought-after job profiles in this digital world. They create and publish engaging content and marketing leaps for their clients for advertising campaigns on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to build their online presence and increase their no. of followers.  Social media specialists engage customers, measure the social media metrics and even oversee the different creative aspects of keeping the brand’s social media page updated.

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The task of choosing your true calling of a career path can come across as a very daunting task for you as an aspirant. These days, many job options get listed as the highest paying jobs globally. A few amongst them also guarantee skyrocketing exposure growth trajectories. We have looked into all these aspects and provided you with a list of 10 job options and two more that ensure that you get job satisfaction and hefty pay as you choose them.  We hope the list gives you essential information on your area of interest.



Karan Raturi

Blog Author
Karan Raturi is the General Manager of upGrad North America. He has also led various finance, strategy, and operations teams at Wayfair, Kurt Salmon, and IBM.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is the highest prevailing salary in the USA, and which is the highest paying city?

The highest salaries in the USA can range from $2,50,000 to $3,68,000 as per payscale, indeed, and Glassdoor. San Francisco is the highest paying city in the USA.

2What is the highest paying European country?

Switzerland has proven to be the highest-paying European country. Estonia, on the other hand, pays the lowest. Britain is also one of the highest-paying European countries.

3Which is the happiest high paying job in the world?

The marketing manager, graphic designer, and other senior-level IT industry jobs have proven to be the happiest, highest-paying jobs.

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