3 Compelling C++ Projects in Github [For Beginners in 2022]

C++ Projects Github

C++ is the successor to an already popular language of C. C++ was created with the sole purpose to improve upon the flaws of C and add another object-oriented layer to the language.

Since then, it has become one of the most popular languages and is used in the development of almost anything. Even modern-day languages use some sort of C++ wrapper in their execution.

There are many reasons to learn such an ancient language, even in today’s day and age. One of them is definitely the speed of execution of any program written in C++. Languages like Java, Python, and even JavaScript cannot rival C++ in its execution time. 

However, with all the benefits on the offer, there is one glaring downside to using C++. That would be the complexity involved in writing even the easiest of the code. Stuff like memory management comes baked into the programming languages like Java or Python, but in C++, you would have to manually cater to any memory that your program would use during the course of its execution.

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So, if you want to learn C++ and you are a complete beginner, you would need to have a mentor’s hand at all times and lots of practice. 

There are many ways to learn and master C++. But none is as coveted as contributing to open source. Open source is becoming increasingly popular these days because it encourages bonding and coming together as a community to cater to any programming problem; however complex it might be. 

If you are thinking about contributing to open source, there is no better website than GitHub. It is often hailed as the Facebook for developers, and rightfully so. You are bound to find projects of all sorts on GitHub.

Even the codebases of some languages itself like Flutter or React.js. One quick search on GitHub would lead you to find many results. You could easily go into each of the projects and look for the issues under the issues tab.

If you find something which is up to your speed, all you need to do is comment on the issue and get that issue assigned to you, and then you can go on and work on the projects. 

Weeding out projects through such a massive catalog is also a problem that is commonplace in developers, especially beginners. To help you in your endeavor, we have prepared a list of the best c++ projects in Github.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best c++ projects in Github in no particular order.

Top 3 C++ Projects in GitHub

1. Redpanda

According to the readme file of this project, Redpanda is a streaming platform aimed at handling mission critical workloads. Their aim is to build out a streaming engine that works in real-time, meaning you would be able to see anything and everything that is happening as and when it happens.

This streaming platform would be used to stream modern applications all the way from a big enterprise developing their next new thing to even a solo indie dev tying out code on their laptop on a chilly Saturday evening. They are trying to go beyond the Kafka protocol in order to reach the future of streaming.

Redpanda would be inline with WASM transformations and the geo-replicated hierarchical storage. It would be serving as the platform which would scale as you do. To support even the smallest of the projects to even those that take up space, which equals the storage capacity of 100 modern-day computers, it would be accessible from all across the planet.

You will find the code of conduct for this particular project on the readme file under the community section. You also get a quick getting started guide. With the help of a few lines of code, you can get this on your machine and get it to work. In their own language, they say that building Redpanda should not be difficult on any computer because they use code libraries which are already present on any modern day computing device.

The users are also recommended to use the pre-built releases, which are vetted and tested for its correctness. For developers, there are about 18 issues that are currently opened on the website. You can pick up anyone and start coding.

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2. Telegram

Telegram is a very popular messaging app that is on its way to question WhatsApp’s throne in this space. It is very different from other apps that offer the same functionality. For once, it’s speed.

Telegram is fairly lightweight, meaning you would be able to send and receive messages in a heartbeat, which is much faster than even the likes of WhatsApp. They also encourage developers to build out their own version of this app. They allow their official repo to be available for anyone as they have hosted it on GitHub for anyone to see and fork into their own project.

They just don’t allow developers to use their logo and their name is Telegram. If you are forking this project, there are certain things which you would have to take into consideration, especially when it comes to security, which also you would find linked in the readme section of their page.

There is also a huge and comprehensive compilation guide, which you can definitely look up and see how you would develop your own version of this app. You can also find a list of all the manuals of their APIs and how you would be able to use them in your own projects. There are about 157 PRs or Pull Requests on this project, meaning there has been a significant amount of community contribution made to this project.

About 5.5 thousand people have already forked this project, meaning they have used this code as their base to develop their own versions of Telegram. You will also see that there are no issues available on this project tab.

This could be a bummer for the ones looking to contribute to this project but also a good thing meaning if you are trying to build upon whatever work is already done, you should not be facing any issues.

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3. Microsoft’s ONNX runtime

One might be surprised to see Microsoft’s name on this list considering the solid no open-source policy of their past. However, we are happy to report that under the leadership of Satya Nadella, they have really been doing some amazing open-source work lately.

They have even acquired GitHub and really have been pushing open-source. This project is one of the many under their MIT license of code, which you will find hosted on GitHub—talking a bit about ONNX. In our research, we found that ONNX is a cross-platform or a platform-independent training accelerator that would help hasten the process of training and building of Deep Learning and Machine Learning projects.

ONNX is compatible with many popular frameworks which people use in their machine and deep learning projects like PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, and even scikit-learn. There are many apparent benefits to why you would want to incorporate this into your daily routine. Some of them include reduced training time and the cost associated with some really big models.

You can also use this framework to train in Python and still be able to deploy it in any language. You can also make it run on various environments and various operating systems, and finally, it boasts of improving the performance of any and every Machine learning Model.

There is a lot of valuable information that you would find in their Readme, which is on their page, like how to get started with this project, the compatibility, and other important stuff. There is also comprehensive documentation available on this page in which you will get all the information about how and what you can do with the help of this framework.

If you happen to use PyTorch for your Deep Learning needs, then you will see a starter code that should help you in getting started very easily. There are also about 159 issues that are available for the developers to take and solve. You will see that it needs a lot of refinement and quality of life improvements.

You can have the pleasure of working with the team of Microsoft on this runtime if you choose to pick up any one of those 159 issues. You can also collaborate with the people who are already working on these issues and have a nice community coding experience. There have been about 832 forks of this project.

Meaning all of those 832 people have either contributed to this project already or are planning to contribute their code or have implemented the code of this project for their own tasks and projects. There are about 70 Pull requests (PRs) that are already opened on this project, meaning that some of those 159 issues might already have been solved (it takes about 14 days for a PR to mature and thus can be integrated into the existing project).

This could be a great c++ project GitHub to work on if you happen to like C++, Machine, and Deep Learning.


We hope you will have an excellent learning opportunity in executing these C++ projects. If you are interested to learn more and need mentorship from industry experts, check out upGrad & IIIT Banglore’s Executive PG Program in Full-Stack Software Development.

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