Top 7 Exciting Project ideas in C For Beginners [2021]

They say change is the only constant feature of human lives. While this holds true in almost every walk of life, when it comes to the technological landscape, this idiom seems to be all-encompassing. From floppy disks to USB drives, from mackintosh to Macbook Air, our gadgets, our digital bandwidth has undergone a major overhaul.

The backbone of all these advances lies in the nature of the programming language and how the scope of these languages have updated from being simple mark-up languages to a multi-framework scripting language that creates dynamic web pages. Simultaneously, our usages and dependencies on web applications have also increased.

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What makes C programming so popular?

As an all purpose programming language, C programming has a diverse range of usability. It entails upgraded attributes of Unix which has transformed the scripting of softwares for operating systems, databases and compilers among others. It is essentially the boon of C programming that Graphical User Interfaces and Integrated Development Environments have become a lived reality and enjoys the widespread application. 

With the advent of C programming, memory allocation and optimisation became a lot easier. Developers gained a significant rise in the bandwidth to develop more high performing web applications using C programming. Naturally, the gamut of c projects are rather divergent.

Originally conceived as source code for Unix, C programming evolved into a standalone programming language which then resulted in most of the modern operating systems that are widely used these days like windows and iOs. The pivotal role that C programming has played in software development has earned it the title of “mother of all programming languages”.

Additionally, C programming is highly extendable and portable so a wide range of libraries can be stored which in turn enhance the functionalities of the various web applications that are scripted using C programming. The libraries of functions of C programming make it amenable to the implementation of numerous data types and other functions like loops, arrays, structures etc. 

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Which industries commonly use C projects?

In today’s increasingly automated technological landscape, C projects have had an all encompassing utility. Chances are high that from the minute you wake up till when you head to bed, you’ve had a tryst with C programming at every step of the way. If you’re a smartphone user, the algorithm of your phone is likely to have its base on C programming. So right from the alarm clock that you wake up to to the last WhatApp message that you check before dozing off, it can all be traced back to C programming. 

Similarly, major computers operating systems be it Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac have their kernels scripted in C programming. So chances are high that the PC that you work on also has its root in C language. Moving onto databases that actually form the rubrics for most customer applications, like Oracle, MySQL and several others, were designed in C and it wouldn’t be completely wrong to claim that almost every application that we use has one or the other imprint of C programming. 

Further, our contemporary lifestyle makes us dependent on a whole host of smart gadgets. The technology that drives these smart gadgets is the internet of things which to are programmed in C language. From sensor technology to artificial intelligence, C projects are everywhere. 

We will be discussing some unique project ideas in C here which developers, both established and aspiring, can consider building upon. Some of these projects already have their prototypes in practice and these can be looked upon as upgraded innovations while the others are novel ideas with a lot of merit to be developed into a workable project. 

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Top C Project Ideas For Beginners

1. Ticketing and Reservation system

Our older generations will vouch for how tedious long distance travel would be prior to the digital era. Not only would the journey be long but also getting access to the modes of transport used to be rather painstaking. Long queues at the booking centers, which too would be situated fairly away from usual residential areas, a limited number of seats and the highly inefficient and painstakingly slow ticketing process would dampen the spirits of traveling.

With e-ticketing systems, access to air, rail, and bus journeys have not only increased considerably but also people can easily book tickets on their own without having to depend on middle persons and agents. As increasing numbers of booking platforms emerge with more tech savvy features, we have C programming to thank. The source code in C can be adopted to a seamless booking process for not only air, rail or bus tickets but also car rentals.

In fact, using the same codes and libraries, developers may also consider developing e-booking platforms for hotel bookings, restaurant tables and so much more. Strings and arrays in C programming are extremely helpful to ease out the booking window for both web and mobile phone users.

Further, if the developers strip external file storage from the source code, then the user data will also be erased once the ticket has been booked. This eliminates the fear of a data privacy breach for the users. 

2. Movies and In-House Entertainment

From those rare and far between black and white television sets, we have progressed to sleek, paper-thin plasma television sets. Our theatre going experience has also rapidly changed from low resolution single screens to 3D and IMAX screens. What used to be the content of sci-fi films only a few years ago is a living reality now.

Here again, the scope of innovation emanates from advanced programming languages like C. The entertainment industry, especially gadgets, lays down a lot of potential for the development of exciting project ideas in C. Another avenue of innovation in C projects is the gaming industry. A huge number of video games and virtual reality games have their kernels programmed in C.

To further explore the prospect of C projects in this domain, developers can work on projects that are energy efficient and more responsive to user impulses. ASMR is an upcoming attribute of modern lifestyles. Integrating ASMR elements in theater and television reels as well as web entertainment systems using C language can go a long way in transforming the entertainment landscape.  

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3. Virtual workspace

From browsers to cloud interfaces, the potential project ideas in C can be dug out anywhere. For instance, both the Google file system as well as Google Chromium Browser or Chrome as we know it had their source codes in C programming. It further incorporated more advanced features to develop a virtual shared working space like Google Suite.

Developers may think on these similar lines to come up with C based source codes for a more interactive and responsive virtual workspace. With Google Drive, we have managed to optimize our system memory spaces to store and access larger files, hence a C project which works on similar lines, including more dynamic sharing options, integrates device optimization and also provides notification of unauthorized use, thus ensuring the security of online data will be immensely desirable.

Additionally, with remote work becoming increasingly popular, online presentation platforms, and web applications, scripted in C language is going to be in demand in the upcoming days. 

4. Healthcare industry

With the rampant development in the diagnostics and healthcare facilities, the need for more sophistication and precision in life supporting devices and machines across different fields of healthcare has risen substantially. A large chunk of these healthcare devices runs on microcontroller technology and here again, we are dependent on C programming.

With this ever evolving field of medical research and treatment, the demand for advanced devices continues to be on the rise. Accordingly, developers can rely on c projects to upgrade the integrated microcontroller technology to take our healthcare systems a notch higher. These may include better and more accurate diagnostic equipment or more invasive, microsurgery facilities, the scope of innovation in this domain is quite expansive. 

5. Online bank management system

This is a rather ingenious project idea in C which can save up a lot of hassles of regular visits to the bank for your account related activities. C programming can be the basis of drawing up an authenticated virtual account, which will enable the users to manage their respective bank accounts from the comforts of their homes.

Be it transactions, regulating EMIs and other payments, managing existing accounts, or linking up new accounts, the online bank accounts would give the users the power to monitor and manage their banking system anywhere and everywhere, without being dependent on inefficient bureaucracy and overcrowded banks.

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6. Office management system

As office goers, nobody likes to be chaperoned and schooled, However, for efficient management of office and workload, it is imperative for the leadership to keep track of the workers and their activities. It might not be feasible and certainly not desirable to physically hover around one’s desks to keep track of one’s activities or have every single employee sign in and out as and when they enter and leave work.

Hence an automated, centralized employee record management is one of the most novel project ideas in C which developers can work on. This will not only record the progress of the employee, but it can also provide two-way access between the employer and an employee to track payments, leaves, due raises, submissions, etc. This will not only be time saving but also facilitate better transparency and accountability within the office environment. 

7. Academic outputs

Our academic environment has evolved largely From the days of chalk and board, we’ve arrived at smart computers that are being handled by children from a rather tender age. Keeping pace with these changes, our learning methodologies also need to be re-envisioned. No longer will students appreciate or gain from rote learning and memorization of pages after pages.

In this digital era, visual and graphical demonstration of knowledge has the best impact. So C programming strings and libraries can be utilized to digitize and animate the lessons so that teaching becomes fun and impactful.

For instance, remember those grammar classes where we have to memorize synonyms and construct sentences with them? In their contemporary avatar, the string hash function can be used to enable one to move the cursor over a word and a whole host of graphics, synonyms, meanings come up. So not only does the student learn the usage of the word in the context of the reading but also its inherent meaning and grammatical properties. 

The boon of C programming is manifold and across different industries. It is really up to the developers to think out of the box and cull out the best possible utility of the plethora of C functions and libraries to come up with extraordinary projects in C. 


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