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Business Analytics Free Online Course with Certification [2024]

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21st Sep, 2023
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Business Analytics Free Online Course with Certification [2024]


In this article, you will learn more about Business Analytics Free Online Course with Certification.

  • Why Learn Business Analytics?
  • Getting a competitive edge with business analytics certification
  • Benefits of free business analyst courses for beginners
  • Skills you will Learn from free business analyst courses
  • Why choose the business analytics starter pack from upGrad?
  • What Will You Learn?

Read more to know each in detail.

Wondering how to become a business analyst in India? What if we told you that you could learn business analytics free and enter this sector? With our new upStart program, it is now possible to learn business analytics online for free. All you have to do is go to our upStart page, select the course you want to study, and register. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of learning business analytics course online. This course can help you understand this skill, and what its contents are. Let’s get started.

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Why Learn Business Analytics?

Using data as effectively as possible is the need of the hour for businesses. That’s why the demand for business analysts is continuously on the rise. They use data to generate insights through which they propose solutions to a business’s existing problems. Another reason why you should learn business analytics online free is because of the handsome pay this sector offers.

The average salary of a business analyst in India is INR 6 Lakh per year. With more experience, it can grow up to INR 10 Lakh per year too. Business analysts find roles in multiple sectors, including Finance, Technology, Automotives, etc. So why wait? Start learning our business analyst course for beginners free today.

Learning Business Analytics through a business analyst course provides enough insights into creating the initial framework for a project.  Completing a business analysis certification free lets you discover the business requisites and recognize the solutions to business concerns. The purpose of any business analysis course free of cost is to train students on how to spot business solutions for improvement without excessively worrying about funds.

Learn Business Analytics Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

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Getting a Competitive Edge with Business Analytics Certification

Business analytics combines the proficiency of two professionals to bridge the gap between IT and business sections- an IT professional and a business entity. As the job description utilizes tech skills to make crucial business decisions, the role of business analyst requires more than a simple bachelor’s or master’s degree. A certification course specializing in business analytics can add an edge to your resume, presenting you with better opportunities in the long run. 

Business analytics certification enables candidates to pursue an improved resume with tech and soft skills, working in alliance to bring you countless opportunities. On the other hand, a free business analyst course for beginners is also available on the leading education platform upGrad to prepare you for diverse company roles in the competitive market. Here are the various roles you can expect to pursue after completing the business analyst course free.

  • Data analyst: A data analyst manages an interdisciplinary role, enabling them to work through a tech background, processing unstructured data with data cleansing and modeling to reap insights valuable for business. These insights are further arranged using data visualization tools into consumable form to implement in business strategies and reap benefits.

A data analyst identifies growth opportunities, optimises, and improves an enterprise’s business processes. They learn these skills after pursuing either business analysis certification free or paid. Usually, they are tasked with an explicit business domain like customer service, supply chain management, or global trade practices. They are imparted with all fundamental aspects of these domains via the business analysis course free.

Generally, data analysts are competent to solve issues identical to those which a business analyst may target to solve. Moreover, they use identical skills in their approach. They have mastered these skills through a business analysis free course.

Completing a business analyst certification online free, data analysts are trained in some of the database tools like SQL and Excel. Also, a business analysis free course imparts the fundamentals of programming languages like Python and R. Hence, they can collect and evaluate new data sets.

Data analysts can develop and deploy dashboards to gather data-backed insights. Also, pursuing a business analyst course helps them interpret critical business data sets. This course is comprehensive enough to familiarise them with how to discern odds of growth and optimization.

Through business analyst certification online, data analysts can support business intelligence tactics using quantitative analysis. Furthermore, completing a business analyst certification online makes them competent to work on data-driven tactics that enhance decision-making and business processes.

  • Operations research analyst: Operations research analyst manages a responsible position of dealing with complex data for its clean assessment, evaluation, and implementation in business models, supply chains, and varying business operation models using complex analytical software. 

Operations research analysts use maths and science reasoning to derive organisational problem solutions. Various free business analyst courses for beginners are prevalent to make candidates expert enough at deriving solutions to different business problems.

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Most business analyst course online free have a dedicated section that teaches how to amass huge sets of raw data and evaluate it to design solutions. Operations research analysts can directly work for a company, or organisations may recruit them as contractors to inspect data linked to certain challenges.  Moreover, free business analyst courses for beginners teach them how to organise information to make it accessible to a specific audience in an organisation,

Operations research analysts translate raw data into logical ideas for teams or managers. The business analyst course online free teaches students how to analyse data and explain observations to managers or other professionals. So, they can offer better suggestions depending on the data.

Operations research analysts are also tasked with designing and employing statistical models to design predictions and suggestions. After completing a business analyst certification online free, they can create documents and reports narrating their analysis.

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  • Market research analyst: Market research analyst refers to a position that deals with data analysis acquired through market research to understand consumer behavior and competitor’s practices, helping a brand grow with market research-based insights.
  • Information security analyst: An information security analyst implement their analytical skills to oversee an organization’s digital presence, systems, networks, and overall security. They work through acquired data to search for flaws in the digital environment and protect it against potential risks.

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Benefits of free business analyst courses for beginners

By providing industry-relevant training, we hope to assist professionals and students in meeting the increasing demand for talent in the area of analytics. Our free business analyst courses for beginners will help you succeed in today’s highly analytical and data-driven economy.

  1.   The course can help you land a better job as a business analyst.
  2.   The course will improve your data interpretation and problem-solving abilities.
  3.   It teaches how to calculate business values.
  4.   It broadens one’s horizons and aids in data visualization.
  5.    It introduces students to data management, decision trees, and other business tools.
  6.   A business analyst’s professional life and growth are always dynamic. The job never gets boring and always keeps you on your toes.

Other great benefits of pursuing free business analyst courses for beginners:

  • Completing a business analyst course online unlocks job opportunities in Marketing, Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Analytics, IT, Computer Science, Marketing Research, and Commodity markets.
  • A business analyst course online provides practical knowledge of quantitative & statistical analysis, predictive & explanatory modelling, and fact-based analysis to facilitate decision making. So, business analysts can enhance their data interpretation and problem-solving efficiency.
  • The free business analysis certification includes learning about risk management and teaches ways to enhance business performance.
  • Multinational companies operate on ample data, and they are all scattered. This increases the data management’s difficulty. But a free business analysis certification teaches how to manage data effectively.
  • After pursuing one of the best business analyst courses free, business analysts become familiar with how businesses can explore new opportunities. So, it enhances the business’ performance and helps extend their services.
  • Many of the business analyst courses free include modules that teach how to avoid mistakes in case a service or product is not approved by the customers. So, business analytics can assess improvements required in a product and the actions to be performed to achieve that. This way, they can better know whether the service or product is effective or not.
  • The business analyst courses online provide understanding on assessing the customers’ previous feedback and trends. This not just strengthens your company’s customer base but also leaves a positive image of the company in the market.
  • After completing one of the free business analyst courses, you can understand the decision-making process about a particular model to implement for business performance improvement.

Skills You Will Learn from Free Business Analyst Courses:

Business Process Management:

It implies understanding the business processes and creating approaches to increase the workflows’ effectiveness. This skill is imparted in many business analyst courses online, and it makes business analysts capable of acclimatising to changing environments.

Requirements Analysis and Modelling:

Many free business analyst courses impart how to analyse the requirements collected from stakeholders and state & model the requirements to signify them appropriately.

Requirements Elicitation:

This skill is about deriving requirements from all vital stakeholders. After requirements are derived, it helps business analysts to authorise the results and manage collaboration between the stakeholders.

Requirements Documentation:

It is all about creating the essential documents as contracted in the business analysis & project plans. It helps business analysts accurately fill in the required information.

Stakeholder Relationship Management:

You can choose a business analyst online course that explains how to identify, collaborate with, and manage stakeholders who are interested in, influencing, and being influenced by the initiative at hand.

Business Analysis Tools and Techniques:

The free business analyst certification for beginners teaches how to use BA tools and techniques associated with requirements documentation, elicitation, and other facets of business analysis.

Software Development Life cycle Methodologies:

It is imperative to understand different software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies to closely understand the business analysis tasks, governance support, required deliverables, and requirements management. A reliable business analyst online course teaches SDLC methodologies so that business analysts can better help their organisation with business analysis.

Agile Business Analysis:

Agile-based SDLC methodologies make sure all stakeholders including the business analysts understand their responsibilities and acquire skills to efficiently perform their roles. The free business analyst certification for beginners includes Agile Business Analysis which helps business analysts efficiently perform their roles.

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Why Choose Business Analytics Starter Pack from upGrad?

You’re sure about becoming a business analyst but wonder whether you should learn a business analytics course online free through upGrad. So here are some reasons why you should learn business analytics for free through upGrad.

Earn an MBA from one of the Top 5 Institutes in India, without leaving your Job.

Top Data Science Skills to Learn

1 to 1 Industry Mentorship

You get to learn exclusively from a leading industry expert. You get dedicated attention, which helps in learning quickly and adequately.

Cutting Edge Content

upGrad creates some of the best online courses in partnership with premier institutes. The detailed and professionally curated content will enhance your learning experience substantially.  

Weekly Live Lectures

You’ll get live lectures per week during the duration of the course. The instructor will explain every topic in detail, and you’d be free to ask questions or share doubts. 

Free Certificate

After the completion of the business analytics free course, you’ll earn a certificate. It will enhance your resume considerably. 

What Will You Learn?

upGrad’s business analytics free course will help you learn all the necessary skills you need to get started in this field. Business analytics is a complicated sector that deters many people from entering it. Our course will give you all the tools you need to simplify this sector for yourself. 

The course material is suitable for students and professionals who want to learn about business analytics. It covers the fundamentals of this field so you can make progress comfortably. The course lasts for six weeks, and you would only have to invest 30 minutes every day during this period. 

It has the following sections:

  • Jargon Busting
  • Understanding the Business Problem and Formulating Hypothesis
  • Anatomy of Decisions
  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Analyzing Patterns and Storytelling
  • EDA (Excel)

This structure helps you learn all the necessary concepts step-by-step while removing your doubts. Let’s discuss each of these sections in detail:

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Jargon Busting

The first section of the business analyst course online will cover the technical terms business analysts use regularly. A common reason why people deter from pursuing a career in this field is the number of technical terms present in it. The jargon seems scary to many because it restricts their ability to understand what is actually being said in the study material. The terminology makes it difficult for new students to understand the concepts.

That’s why we begin our business analytics free online courses by demystifying the jargon. This section will make you familiar with the vocabulary of the data science field. It would help you in understanding the meaning behind the various technical terms. 

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Understanding the Business Problem & Hypothesis

A business problem is a short or long challenge a business faces. They might be preventing the company from achieving a particular goal or implementing a plan. They can even threaten the long term existence of the enterprise. 

Business analysts’ primary task is to identify the issues their organization is facing and propose solutions accordingly. So, to become a business analyst, you should know how to spot business problems and create hypotheses for them. A hypothesis is your proposed explanation for a specific occurrence. A hypothesis doesn’t have a predetermined outcome. 

Our course teaches you about what a business problem is, which is one of the building blocks of business analytics. By understanding the concept of business problems, you’d find it easier to identify them in real life and formulate solutions for them. The course teaches you the stepwise process of recognizing and understanding a business problem and the process of building a hypothesis around that issue.  

Explore our Business Analytics Programs from World's Top Universities

Anatomy of Decisions

Decision-making is a highly complicated subject. It is among the major sections of business analytics too. There are multiple steps in a business decision: collecting information, analyzing the data, identifying or developing alternatives, choosing an alternative, implementation, and following up on the same. 

This section will explore all of these steps of business decision-making. You’ll learn how you can utilize analytics and its tools and concepts to make better-informed decisions. The section will give you use cases of business problems where data science has been successful (and where it hasn’t) to help you understand the use of business analytics in decision making. 

Data Analysis in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool from Microsoft for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It has many tools and features that allow data handling and performing operations such as pivot tables, calculation, graphing methods, etc. For data science professionals, MS Excel is a must-have. 

You can use Excel to perform many business analysis operations, and this section will help you learn about the same. This section will explore different aspects of Excel you’d be using as a business analyst, from simple keyboard shortcuts to dedicated tools. Moreover, MS Excel boasts of having dedicated functions for performing analysis of available data. This section of our course will cover the basics of using Excel in business analysis. We’ll discuss the more advanced MS Excel implementations and its uses in business analysis in a later section of our business analytics free course. 

Analyzing Patterns and Storytelling

In this section, you’ll get to learn how business analysts recognize patterns in their data to analyze the same. Identifying patterns and generating insights from them is one of the vital sections of business analytics. However, pattern recognition and insight generation aren’t enough. You might have found something spectacular, but if you can’t convey it correctly, your effort would go in vain.

That’s why we’ll also explore storytelling in our business analytics free online courses. Mastering storytelling takes effort, and this section of our course will help you learn this vital skill. You’d know how to convey your thoughts and information in an exciting and useful manner. 

EDA (Excel)

It’s the final section of our business analyst course online, and it will cover another prominent area of data analysis, EDA. EDA stands for exploratory data analysis, and it focuses on analysing data to summarise its primary highlights through visual representations.

You’d learn how to use MS Excel to analyze, summarize, and display your findings through the right representations. Graphical representations are vital for business analytics professionals because they help them share their insights with non-technical audiences. 

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Roles and Responsibilities of Business Analysts

A business analyst course can teach you how to fulfill the following roles and responsibilities with precision:

Analyzing Data

A business analyst needs to analyze to understand the latest market trends and explore the best opportunities. An online free business analytics course teaches you how to leverage different tools and software like SQL and Excel for analyzing data. The analyzed data is applied in different places to perform a wide range of functions. Business analysts also collect and analyze data to look for areas of improvement and inform senior management about them. 

Conducting Research

A business analyst course free with a certificate also sheds light on how to perform research efficiently. Research skills are essential for studying the market and gathering crucial insights about it. Performing efficient research is also efficient for evaluating current market conditions and finding the best business opportunities. 

Collaborating with Others

A business analyst course free will teach you how to collaborate and communicate with different stakeholders. It will help ensure that everyone involved in the project understands the timeline and requirements. Business analysts are also responsible for conveying crucial information to stakeholders. 

Understanding Requirements

A business analyst needs to understand the goals and requirements of a project before starting it. A business analytics free course will teach you how to create a list of clear requirements. Additionally, business analysts need to ensure that the requirements of a project align with the goals and standards of a company.

Performing Tests

Business analysts are responsible for ensuring that a project is working seamlessly. A business analytics course free will teach how to ensure every step in a project aligns with industry norms. With this knowledge, business analysts should be able to test every step involved in the project and determine its current status. Moreover, these professionals need to prepare reports to showcase whether the project is delivering the desired outcomes.  

Creating Plans

One of the major duties of a business analyst is to create effective plans. A free business analyst certification teaches how to develop realistic plans to achieve the desired outcome. With professional training, business analysts learn how to consider different factors like project requirements and timelines while creating a plan. 

Top Career Paths After a Business Analyst Course

A business analyst free course will impart a wide range of skills that can help pursue the following job roles:

Quantitative Analyst

These professionals are responsible for evaluating financial markets and investment opportunities for companies. The tasks of a quantitative analyst revolve around data analysis, market research, financial modeling, risk management, and more. Quantitative analysts require a strong knowledge of statistical and mathematical methods along with programming skills. 

IT Analyst

A business analyst free certification course can also prepare you for the career of an IT analyst. These professionals help bridge the gap between the IT and business departments of an organization. The major duties of an IT analyst include solution designing, project management, and collecting data for project requirements. 

Data Analyst

You can also pursue the role of a data analyst after gaining a business analyst certification free. Data analysts collect data from different sources and inspect them for valuable insights. The primary duty of a data analyst is to transform large data sets into easily digestible information. 

How to Start

To learn a business analyst course online free, you only have to go to our upStart page, select our business analytics course, and register. The process is quick and easy to follow.

Once you register, you can start your learning journey through upGrad. By investing mere 30 minutes every day for a few weeks, you’d have developed a new professional skill. 

Sign up here today, and start learning. 

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us by dropping a comment below or through the Contact Us page. We’d love to help you out. 

If you are interested to learn more about business analytics, upGrad’s Job-ready Program in Business Analytics offers comprehensive training in analytics tools and techniques, equipping you with the skills needed to excel in the field.

What are business analyst courses used for?

A business analyst analyses a problem or a new step that a company or domain will take. They evaluate and document all possible outcomes, enabling companies to make valuable decisions. This, as a result, raises the effectiveness of management decisions.

 How will the business analyst course assist you?

Candidates who have successfully completed a business analyst course online will undoubtedly have an advantage over their competitors. It teaches excellent problem-solving abilities that can be applied to diverse business-related obstacles. If you are already a business analyst, several variations of the course will help you advance in your career.

Is it preferable to take the business analyst course online?

A business analyst course can be taken online or in person. If there are no nearby offline courses, online courses can be pursued with a flexible schedule. An online course is also preferable to other courses because it can be completed from the convenience of one’s workplace or home.

What qualifications are required for the position of a business analyst?

An undergraduate degree in computer science, business information systems, computing and systems development, or business management is required to apply for free business analyst courses for beginners.

Is it simple to learn business analytics?

Technically, a business analytics course online is not particularly difficult. You could teach it to almost anyone with a basic understanding of mathematics. Surfing through the detailed datasets created by data scientists, business analytics requires candidates to simply apply their learned skills to reaping valuable insights while keeping several factors in mind, which makes it a fairly manageable job role. 

Are Online Business Courses Beneficial?

A business analyst course online is the next best thing if you don’t have the time or money to pursue a graduate degree in business. After all, taking an online course from a well-known business school does not necessitate weeks or months of preparation for a standardized test. You can do it without quitting your job or making significant time sacrifices from your family. And it


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Rohit Sharma is the Program Director for the UpGrad-IIIT Bangalore, PG Diploma Data Analytics Program.
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Our Popular Business Analytics Course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are the essential features of this course?

Business analytics free online course by upGrad provides a number of features for free. This course is taught by the industry experts themselves and you can directly ask them your doubts. This course is created in partnership with premium institutes and provides you with top-notch content.

Apart from that, this course provides you with live weekly sessions to provide you ample time to practice the concepts. After the course completion, you will also get a course completion certificate certified by upGrad.

2What are the contents of this course?

This course is designed for 6 weeks and contains all the fundamental topics. The first section of this course is Jargon busting in which you will learn all the necessary terminologies of Business analytics. The course intends to familiarize the students with all the technical terms before diving deep into other fundamental concepts.

After that, the other sections are Understanding the Business Problem and Formulating Hypothesis, Anatomy of Decisions, Data Analysis in Excel, Analyzing Patterns and Storytelling, and EDA (Excel) respectively.

3Is it worth learning Business Analytics in 2024?

Business Analytics is one of the hottest and most trending domains of this decade. Business analysts are in high demand as they can use the data effectively which in turn helps the businesses to grow. Since there is a high demand for business analysts, they are paid handsomely as well.

The average salary of a fresher business analyst in India is 6 lakh INR per annum. But if you have experience in this field, you can earn upto 10 lakh INR per annum which is a pretty decent package.

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