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Top 5 Business Administration Jobs You Can Get After DBA

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25th Feb, 2023
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Top 5 Business Administration Jobs You Can Get After DBA

DBA, also known as a Doctor of Business Administration, is a degree specifically designed for individuals who want to pursue higher-level roles across various industries. Before we delve into the various career options available post-DBA degree, let’s look at what exactly it refers to and its advantages. 

Understanding DBA

To put it simply, a DBA is a professional degree that helps you open doors for personal and professional advancement in business. The typical duration of a DBA course is three years. It is quite rigorous and requires individuals to have relevant academic experience in order to qualify for this course. 

For the convenience of the applicants, the DBA degree is also available both online, offline, and in hybrid mode. According to research, as much as 85% of professional DBA graduates have claimed that this degree has helped them enormously in their career, either through a promotion or a career change. Thus, you can well imagine its demand in today’s competitive world. 

Advantages of Earning a DBA degree

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

DBA applicants are trained in transferable skills and leadership qualities that significantly increase their chances of reaching professional and personal goals. Furthermore, this degree offers an in-depth knowledge of the latest management techniques and research methods, giving that much-needed boost to your career. 

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You can go for a part-time DBA programme or an online DBA programme, especially if you are a working individual. Online and part-time DBA programs are extremely flexible and suit the hectic schedules of working professionals who aim to upskill while actively participating in their professional lives. 

Exciting Career Paths

A DBA degree allows you to explore various exciting career opportunities, from marketing brand managers and business unit accountants to high-profile positions in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, most of these roles come with lucrative and additional benefits, making it worthwhile!

Jobs You Can Get After DBA

Here is a list of some of the best jobs in business management you can opt for after earning your DBA degree. 

1. Business Consultant

The first one to make it to the list of 5 top business administration jobs is the role of a business consultant, which is also known as a management consultant or management analyst. To put it simply, a business consultant mainly has to supervise two significant areas- review of past plans and presenting future plans. Additional responsibilities of a consultant might also include making minute observations about the organisation and recommending the best practices based on the data they have collected. 

Eligibility Criteria

The person needs to possess relevant data analysis skills and maintain effective communication across all areas for their clients to make well-informed decisions. A DBA degree might be handy for this role if you wish to excel at both responsibilities.

Growth Opportunities

According to a recent estimate by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the business consultant role is expected to witness a 14% growth within 2020-2030. The average annual salary of business consultants in India is INR 9.2 lakhs.

2. Organisational Development Manager

Organisational Development Manager is yet another exciting career opportunity that you can check out after completing your DBA. The main responsibility of an organisational development manager is to train individuals or teams in the process of making developmental plans for the organisation they are working for. This includes selecting the necessary training opportunities that sync with the company’s objectives, assessing the staff development budget, and supervising the existing training programs.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for this role, you must have excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. You should be up-to-date with the latest multimedia management tools and methods. Candidates must also possess effective management skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office and other related software. 

Growth Opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the role of development managers is expected to grow by 11% between 2020 and 2030. The average annual salary of Organisational Development Managers in India is INR 8.3 lakhs.

3. Project Manager

The role of a Project Manager is the perfect career choice, especially for those who love to motivate others to work, learn and grow together. The responsibilities of a Project Manager include supervising the various company projects, collaborating with team members to ensure growth, setting goals and milestones, and assessing the projects at various stages. 

Eligibility Criteria

To get selected for the role of a Project Manager, you need to have excellent communication and time management skills. Furthermore, you are also required to have a minimum of 3 years of experience in any related role.

Growth Opportunities

According to research conducted by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the role of a project manager is expected to witness a 9% growth within the years 2020-2030. The average annual salary of Project Managers in India is estimated to be INR 12.5 lakhs.

4. C-Level Roles

Candidates with a Doctor in Business Administration degree and relevant experience are always the first choice for C-level roles, such as Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operations Officer. C-suite executives’ main responsibilities include overseeing a company’s major aspects, such as budgeting and project management. 

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for these positions, a few criteria must be met. Since both are fully technical roles, you need in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Therefore, if you wish to pursue this career, you might want to look out for DBA programmes that specialise in business intelligence.

Growth Opportunities

Currently, there is a huge demand for these positions in the business world, and it is expected to witness 8% growth within the years 2020-2030 with exceptionally lucrative opportunities.

5. Logistician

Another exciting career option that you can look out for after completing your DBA degree is the role of a logistician. A logistician is a person who oversees the full cycle of a product, starting from allocating the materials required for its manufacturing up to the stage when it finally reaches the customers. Furthermore, they are also required to perform troubleshooting tasks and come up with ideas that will effectively reduce the cost of a company while also improving efficiency. 

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for this role, you must have a degree in Supply Chain Management, Transport Management or any other related field. You should also have relevant work experience in logistics if you wish to land a higher-paying job.

Growth Opportunities

Out of all the job roles mentioned so far, logistician is the only one expected to witness a huge growth of as much as 30% within the years 2020-2030. The average annual salary of a logistician in India is estimated to be INR 4,5 lakhs.

Other Career Paths To Pursue

Apart from these five, you can pursue other business administration careers. Some of them include,


For those interested in flourishing in the academic field, teaching is the best profession. You get to pass on your knowledge and skills to the next generation of business leaders. Furthermore, you can also apply for part-time or adjacent faculty positions while simultaneously looking for work in other areas. 

The common responsibilities of a professor include managing a classroom, creating a syllabus, and designing assignments and lessons. The reason why DBA graduates are the perfect candidates for this role is that they have subject expertise as well as the determination and patience to narrate the intricacies of their specialised area of interest. 


With a DBA degree, you can experience the real-time application of current business trends and innovations. For this reason, many graduates choose to start their own businesses instead of working for others. A DBA degree equips students with all the necessary foundation skills that are required to create a successful business. 

Human Resource

The basic responsibilities of Human Resource managers include managing the employees of a particular company, conflict resolution, as well as overseeing the hiring process. They also collaborate with other teams to come up with various plans and strategies for creating various policies for the company and ensuring that all the employees fully understand them. DBA graduates are the perfect fit for this role since they have all the necessary advanced management skills to meet highly specialised HR needs. 

Average Offered Salaries Post DBA

Here are the average salary details for various careers post-DBA degree completion in India.

RolesAverage Salary (Per Annum)
Business ConsultantINR 9.2 lakhs
Organisational Development ManagerINR 8.3 lakhs
Project ManagerINR 12.5 lakhs
C-suite roles (CEO)INR 29.9 lakhs
LogisticianINR 4,5 lakhs
ProfessorINR 10.4 lakhs
EntrepreneurINR 8.25 lakhs
Human Resource DirectorINR 27.7 lakhs


The endless list of career opportunities post-DBA projects how valuable the degree can be to offer you an edge over other candidates. While DBA is said to be a rigorous course, the benefits post its completion are worth it. You can easily bag one of these careers by working your way through the required skills and credentials!

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a leading DBA course to add value to your resume, upGrad’s Doctor of Business Administration from Golden Gate University can be an excellent choice! The course comprises six concentrations, enabling candidates to opt for their field of choice. Each concentration is curated under the mentorship of industry professionals, assisting candidates in honing in-demand skills. 

You can also check out our free courses offered by upGrad in Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Technology. All of these courses have top-notch learning resources, weekly live lectures, industry assignments, and a certificate of course completion – all free of cost!



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is DBA worth it?

While DBA might not be as popular or well known as other degrees such as MBA or PhD, it is definitely worth your time. With DBA, you get to acquire a practical, hands-on experience on all the important challenges currently faced by the business world. It also provides you with an academic environment where you get to come up with innovative research-based solutions.

2Is a DBA better than a PhD?

PhD is perfect for those candidates who are more inclined towards the academic field or a career as a researcher in a research organisation. DBA, on the other hand, focuses more on the real-life problems faced by the business world and involves the application of theories and knowledge alongside research to address these problems.

3Can I pursue a DBA without an MBA degree?

Although most universities require their students to have an MBA degree and professional experience before applying for the DBA, it is not rigid. In fact, plenty of universities let their students apply for a DBA without an MBA degree, provided they have the necessary real-life experience.

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