CTO Salary: Average Chief Technology Salary in India

A Chief Technology Officer or CTO is an individual who oversees technologies and relevant policies that an organisation can adhere to in the current timeline. A CTO has a sound knowledge of business that would bind technology and commerce for the organisation’s welfare. 

Other than being IT business strategists, CTOs are also responsible for developing, managing, implementing and evaluating the valuable technical resources of the organisation. They examine the short-term and the long-term needs for the organisation’s growth and development. 

The demand for CTOs in organisations is substantially rising with the dynamic technological factors, as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an 11% growth in employment for CTOs among other computer systems managers within a period of 2020 to 2030. 

In this article, let’s learn about the CTO salary in India, including their roles, responsibilities, and ways to get upscaled. 

Understanding the Role of CTO

Role of CTO


As mentioned above, CTOs are responsible for keeping an organisation up to date with technological insights and upgrading the company’s infrastructure. They are the lead technologist for a company and always look for top tech trends that help businesses to grow. 

A CTO has tons of responsibilities to play other than providing technological solutions to the company. They have significant leadership roles to play as well that make the business grow. These may include: 

  • Managing the company’s contemporary tech situations. 
  • Serving as an outward face for the company. 
  • Being aware of the newest technologies. 
  • Working with executives on a budget for implementing the newest solutions and problem-solving. 
  • Considering the company’s direction and goals. 
  • Developing and overseeing important technologies for clients. 
  • Keeping an eye on competitors and ensuring programs exceed customer expectations. 

CTO Job Roles and Salaries 

CTO job roles are segregated into different aspects. Let’s read those. 

1. Infrastructure Overseer

The CTO oversees the company’s data, maintenance and security alongside the network implemented by the company. The Infrastructure Overseer also manages the company’s technological roadmap. 

2. Strategic Planner 

This particular CTO envisions technology usage in the company. The CTO helps in determining the technical strategies for the organisation. They use these strategies to further the profit cause of the company, ensuring its success. 

3. Consumer Liaison 

The CTO in this role acts as a liaison between the customers and the business. They undertake customer relations responsibilities to get a grasp of the target market. This would facilitate them to deliver IT projects to the market. 

Factors Affecting the CTO Salary in India 

Since the job role is composed of various intricate roles and responsibilities, a lot of variations occur that affect the salary trends of CTOs in India. Here are some factors that bifurcated the salary trends of Chief Technical Officer salary in India. 

  • Experience: This is the most crucial factor determining the CTO salary in India. If you have more than five years of experience as a CTO, you will be given the upper hand in the company. 
Experience Average Annual Salary
Early Career INR 9.0 LPA
Mid Career INR 19.8 LPA
Experienced INR 39.3 LPA
  • Location: The location also has an important impact on determining the salary of a CTO in India. The CTO salaries in Silicon Valley are considerably higher than in other major tech hubs of the country. For example, a CTO from Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune would earn much more than a CTO in Kolkata. 
Location Average Annual Salary
Bangalore INR 50.0 LPA
Mumbai INR 34.0 LPA
New Delhi INR 20.0 LPA
Pune INR 28.0 LPA
Kolkata INR 15.3 LPA
  • Skill Sets: Finally, skill sets are one of the most important factors that bifurcate the salary of a CTO. If you are an expert in cloud computing and other cutting edges of technology, then you are entitled to earn more than others. 
Skills Average Annual Salary
Software Architecture INR 40.0 LPA
Big Data Analytics INR 34.0 LPA
Software Development INR 37.0 LPA
IT Security and Infrastructure  INR 33.0 LPA

CTO Salary in Other Countries 

The demand for CTOs is equally high all over the world. Here we have listed out the CTO salaries all over the world that would help you upgrade your career. 

Country  Average Annual Salary 
USA  USD 275,503
UK  GBP 83,756 
Australia  AUD 188,749
Canada  CAD 154,888
Japan  JPY 12,072,290
Germany  EUR 121.514
France  EUR 108,722
South Korea  KRW 105,418,386
UAE  AED 364,674
New Zealand  NZD 169,986

How to upskill to become a CTO? 

To become a CTO, other than getting a bachelor’s degree, there are other important certifications one can look into to upskill. 

Let’s explore some of these!

Certified Associate in Project Management: The CAPM course by the Project Management Institute of India would help you to manage IT teams within an organisation. This is a very vital certificate programme one can opt for to upscale their career. To take up this course, the aspirant has to pass a 150-question exam to gain the credentials. The certificate is valid for five years, and candidates are required to renew it post that. 

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT: The CGEIT demonstrates the ability to apply IT principles and governance practices in a workplace. This degree requires five or more years of work experience with at least a year of experience in managing frameworks. This certificate also consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. Registration can be done through the ISACA site. 

Certified Information Security Manager: The CISM course is also offered by ISACA. This course helps validate your ability to manage and develop the enterprise’s information and security program. To be enrolled in this course, you must undergo a 200 multiple choice questionnaire relating to information security management. You need to have five or more years of experience in the information security field to qualify for this exam. 

Certified Information Systems Security Professional: The CISSP certification ideally deals with aspiring CTOs who aim to work in the cyber security industry. The certification demonstrates your capability in implementing and managing the most upgraded cyber security programmes available. One must have a minimum of five years of experience working in the technical security field, which would make them qualified to take this course and receive the CISSP certificate. 


Like other jobs in the IT industry, the CTO also has to rise their way through achieving a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology and later gain certain leadership skills to upscale themselves. Many CTOs also pursue an MBA degree to reflect the significance of IT in terms of strategic corporate planning and achieving business goals. Since CTO comes under some of the most reputed higher professions, significant knowledge through higher education, certification and work experience is demanded to succeed in the role of a CTO.

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Are CTO and CIO the same?

No, they are not the same. CTOs generally consider using technology to improve a company's customer experiences. On the other hand, CIOs generally look inward to develop and improve the company's operations and procedures.

What is an essential aspect of becoming a CTO?

One of the essential traits required when becoming a CTO is impeccable interpersonal and team management skills. They must consider the team to be more dynamic and optimise their systems.

What is the average salary of a CTO in India per month?

CTO, being one of the most sought-after roles, extends an equally prominent salary figure. The monthly salary for a CTO in India can range from INR 3 LPA to 5 LPA, depending on a wide range of factors such as experience, skills, company and many more.

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