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BCA Scope in India & Abroad in 2024 [Future of BCA Degree Holder]

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17th Aug, 2022
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BCA Scope in India & Abroad in 2024 [Future of BCA Degree Holder]

As we witness a global shift towards a computer-centric world, it’s safe to assert that BCA holds great promise for the future of one’s career. Bachelor’s in computer application, or BCA for short, is an undergraduate program focused on computer applications. The ever-growing demand for IT professionals, both in India and internationally, positions BCA as one of the most sought-after courses in the technical Domain. 

The program spans three years and covers essential subjects such as databases, data structures, programming paradigms, and networking. Moreover, it empowers students to engage in real-life projects, allowing them to apply their skills and knowledge practically.   

In this article, I’ll shed light on the scope and career prospects awaiting those who complete a BCA degree. We’ll delve into the various industries and companies actively recruiting BCA graduates and the diverse job roles that BCA freshers can explore. But before we delve into that, let’s examine the benefits of pursuing a BCA degree after completing your 12th standard.

Note: The career paths and job roles mentioned in this article are based on the assumption that you continue in the IT sector after BCA. There are various other paths that can be taken as well, like exploring fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain development, data science, machine learning, and even digital marketing! 

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Benefits of doing a BCA degree

If you want to get the flavour of working with IT tools and technologies, the BCA degree is a good starting point. It will allow you to explore theoretical aspects like data structures and algorithms and practical aspects like competitive programming and application development. You will get a chance to dive deeper into the interests of your choice. Some key benefits of pursuing a BCA degree after your 12th are: 

  • Get accustomed to working with all major programming languages, like C++, Java, Python. Once you have mastered any of these languages, you will find it easier to acquire concepts of any new language. 
  • Understand the nuances of computer applications by exploring data structures, databases, algorithms, discrete mathematics, operating systems, etc. 
  • Develop the skills required to work on industry projects across various domains – from database management to app development to networking. 
  • Collaborate with industry professionals and experts in the IT field and learn hands-on skills while pursuing the BCA degree. 
  • Set a solid foundation for your career in the IT world.  

Is BCA worth it at present?

A person with a degree in BCA is eligible for diverse IT jobs, and it is well known that IT is one of the blooming industries all across the globe. Especially in a developing country like India, the opportunities in the IT world are endless. The degree itself is sufficient to make one eligible for most government and private sector jobs; answering your question is BCA worth it. However, one can opt for MCA or MBA for higher ranks and opportunities. 

One of the main reasons behind the thought that BCA is good for future of an individual is that the course equips the IT graduates with expansive knowledge and flexibility to transit into one of the most talked about industries right now, like cyber security, blockchain, digital marketing, business administration, data science, etc. 

Scope of BCA in terms of job availability

There is a vast scope of BCA pursuers in terms of job availability. BCA graduates can choose from a large variety of IT-based jobs that are highly valued. Below are some job roles that a BCA graduate can look into. These are the top BCA opportunities in India and abroad. 

  1. Web Developer: The job role involves candidates working as technicians creating and maintaining websites. This is one of the best-suited job roles for a BCA graduate as they can implement their knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and PHP in their projects. 
  2. Software Developer Trainee: Although an entry-level job, the growth prospects are enormous for a software developer trainee. A software developer trainee creates and maintains software applications while upskilling themselves with experience. It is one of the best options to get hands-on experience in programming languages. 
  3. Software Tester: A software tester takes the responsibility of designing and implementing software test processes, ensuring that the software is functioning in the intended manner. They also collect feedback from the end users and make changes accordingly. 
  4. Network Administrator: A network administrator’s duties revolve around the hardware and software parts of a computer. They primarily set up new upgrades for old and new networks, identify bugs and resolve them and give solutions to any problem that may affect the functionality of the computer network. 
  5. Web Designer: A web designer plans, creates, and maintains internet websites with the help of coding. Their work includes combining texts with sounds, graphics, and video to make a website pleasing to the viewers and efficient for visitors to navigate. They may create a website from scratch or update an already existing one; hence the work is never-ending. 
  6. Computer programmer: A computer programmer writes, modifies, and tests codes that impact the functionality of computer software or application. They collaborate with software developers and convert their designs into instructions, which a computer can later follow.
  7. System Analyst: A system analyst is responsible for designing new computer systems and frameworks, troubleshooting technical problems, planning risk mitigation policies, and ensuring the performance consistency of the systems. They primarily act as the link between a company’s IT and managerial departments. 
  8. System Engineer: The responsibilities of a system engineer include overseeing the engineering, business, and management aspects of a system. They determine and resolve problems within a system and often design new systems and upgrade the hardware as well. 

BCA Scope in India and Abroad

The BCA opportunities in India and abroad are both quite wide-ranging. After completing your BCA, you are eligible for various entry-level jobs in the IT sector. You can also go for higher studies and pursue an MCA, which will open even more doors to success for you. The BCA degree is an efficient enabler that sets you up for a bright career in terms of jobs. 

Here are some industries where you can look for a job post your BCA degree: 

  • Tech consultancies
  • Bank and investment firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Government institutions
  • Software development companies
  • Security companies
  • Network management companies
  • BPOs
  • Website / Web app designing and development agencies
  • Game designing firms
  • Graphic design agencies

Since the skills imparted during the BCA journey are highly diverse and sharp, the scope after BCA remains bright. Apart from working in either of the industries mentioned above, you can also freelance or develop your application/software. 

This demand of BCA graduates is not restricted to just India but is equally present abroad as well. Companies like Infosys, Oracle, IBM, and many other MNCs run recruitment drives for fresh BCA graduates with relevant technical skills. Further, government organisations like NIC, Indian Air Force, Navy, and Army, also recruit computer professionals for their respective IT departments. 

Here are some job roles you can expect after completing your BCA course: 

  • Systems Engineer: Top companies like Wipro, HP, Infosys, TCS hire System Engineers to build, test, deploy, and evaluate software and systems used in the organisation. 
  • Programmer: Programmers work for different software firms and write code in high-level or low-level languages depending on the company’s requirements. High-level languages could include C, C++, Java, and so on, while low-level could include COBOL, Assembly, etc. 
  • Web Developer: Web developers work with either product companies or web development agencies and build websites or web applications. This requires working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Here, you can either work as a front-end developer or a backend developer. Later, when you have gained experience, you can expand and work as a full-stack web developer, handling web apps’ front- and back-ends. 
  • Server Administrator: Server administrators are generally required in financial institutes, schools, or large organisations. As a server admin, you will be responsible for setting up, maintaining, and scaling (when needed) the organisation’s server while ensuring nothing goes wrong. Since servers are crucial for any organisation, this is a job full of serious responsibilities.
  • Software / Application Developer: Companies of different sizes, belonging to various industries, are almost always looking for professional software or application developers. In this role, you will be developing desktop or mobile applications using different tools and languages, including Java, PHP, C++, etc. As a software developer, you will be responsible for the end-to-end software lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and maintenance. 
  • Network Administrator: Network admins are essential for the day-to-day functioning of organisational networks. This includes communication systems like LAN, MAN, WAN, intranets, network segments. Since these are highly crucial systems for the functioning of an organisation, the role of a network administrator is pretty specialised. You will need to know all the networking and network engineering concepts to do good in this role.  

Several companies hire year after year for the posts mentioned above. Some of those prestigious companies (including both India and abroad) include: 

  • TCS
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Cognizant
  • Syntel
  • HCL
  • NIIT
  • Wipro
  • Dell
  • Accenture
  • Capgemini
  • Microsoft

There is no shortage of opportunities for BCA graduates, and the scope is limitless, both in India and abroad. This includes the private sector, public sector, and government jobs. If you wish to stay in academics and study further, MCA is a good option. There are various state-level and national-level MCA entrance exams that you can look out for. Many international universities also accept students for MCA, so you might want to check that out.

Other than MCA, there are a few different study routes, too, that you can take post-MCA, including:

  • MBA
  • Information Security Management
  • Masters in Information Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Machine Learning and AI

Where to obtain a BCA degree in India?

There are ample institutions to enroll in for a BCA degree in India. Bangalore being the silicon valley of India nurtures some of the greatest BCA colleges like Christ Univerisity Bangalore, Presidency College, AMC Banglore, etc. Apart from these, some of the other great places to get a BCA degree in India include, SRM Institute of Science and Technology at Chennai, SICSR Pune, VIT Vellore, IMS Noida, Chandigarh University, Graphic Era University Dehradun, ITM Gwalior, etc.

Where to get a BCA degree abroad?

Top BCA colleges abroad include Dalhousie University, Canada; York University Canada; University of Texas, USA; Stanford University, USA; Columbia University, USA; Duke University, USA; University of Oxford, UK; University of Cambridge, UK; Kings College London; Australian National University; University of Melbourne, Australia; University of Canterbury, New Zealand; University of Auckland, New Zealand, etc. 

Comparison of BCA jobs in foreign countries salary Vs India

Even though there are many BCA opportunities in India, BCA salary in abroad may seem more lucrative in comparison. The reason is BCA jobs in foreign countries salary is based rather on the applicant’s skills than their working experience. Below is a brief comparison of BCA salary in abroad and India. 

Job Roles India (INR/ annum)US (USD/ annum)UK (GBP/ annum)Canada (CAD/ annum)
Web Developer328,66660,84426,31854,665
Web Designer285,82652,37423,66049,707
Software Tester308,05356,46824,87451,690
System Engineer392,27876,93730,43974,539
Computer Programmer 487,20366,29330,50560,379

Higher Studies After BCA Degree

After obtaining a BCA degree, the journey doesn’t have to stop there. I can attest from personal experience that pursuing higher studies after completing your BCA can significantly enhance your career prospects. It opens doors to more specialized roles and higher earning potential. 

One common path is to pursue a master’s in computer applications (MCA). This postgraduate program delves deeper into computer science and equips you with advanced programming, software development, and system administration skills. An MCA degree can propel you into managerial positions and make you eligible for roles in top IT companies. 

Another option to consider is an MBA in Information Technology or IT Management. This program combines business acumen with IT expertise, preparing you for leadership roles where you can bridge the gap between technology and business objectives.   

In conclusion, explore these higher study options to further your career after completing your BCA degree. Each path offers unique advantages and can steer your career in exciting directions.

In Conclusion

The IT sector has consistently proven to be a goldmine for BCA graduates, and this trend is poised to continue in the foreseeable future. The ever-growing need for IT professionals ensures a promising scope for BCA graduates. 

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BCA programs provide a solid foundation in essential computer science disciplines, including databases, data structures, programming languages, operating systems, networking, and software engineering. This comprehensive knowledge base makes BCA graduates highly sought-after in various industries and verticals. 

Based on my journey, BCA is an excellent choice for individuals willing to put in hard work and dedication to achieve their career goals. It equips you with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic world of IT, offering numerous opportunities for professional growth and success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are the skills required to do a BCA degree?

Since BCA stands for Bachelors in Computer Applications, knowledge of various computer-related topics is a must. Hardware, Digital Computer Fundamentals, Interpersonal Communication, Software Engineering, Java Programming Lab, Object-Oriented Programming, Unix Programming, and many more topics are covered under a BCA. In order to stay ahead of the course curriculum, you should also keep an eye on the developments in the computer application industry. It would be best if you kept a close watch on information technology and computer application industry news and developments. You can better adjust to market fluctuations if you do this.

2How can we do BCA after completing the 12th?

Either merit-based or entrance-based admissions are applied in the BCA admissions process. The BCA Eligibility Requirement for BCA Admission is 50% in a 10+2 or comparable exam with computer science or application as a core subject or supplementary course. The student's cumulative grade point average in Class 12 in any field (Arts, Science, or Commerce) with English and mathematics as core subjects must be at least 50%. Some institutions admit students who finished their high school education without taking Math or English as compulsory subjects. The minimum age requirement for BCA is 17-18 years. There is no maximum age limit for admission to a BCA program.

3Which are the most famous exams for BCA?

The registration period for BCA Admissions 2023 typically runs from March to May, while some universities open registration earlier. BCA entrance examinations that you may have to take are IPU-CET, CUET, BUMAT, AIMA UGAT, and others. Symbiosis International University and Delhi University administer the SET and CUET exams. Indraprastha University conducts the IPU-CET, while Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University conducts the BUMAT. AIMA conducts the AIMA UGAT for a number of graduate programs, including BCA. Universities like GGSIPU hold their own entrance exams for admission to BCA programs.


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