BCA Scope in India & Abroad in 2022 [Future of BCA Degree Holder]

Bachelor’s in Computer Application, short for BCA, is an undergraduate course in computer applications. The demand for IT professionals is constantly increasing, both in India and abroad, making BCA one of the more sought after courses in the technical domain.

The duration of this course is three years, and it includes all essential subjects around computer applications like databases, data structure, programming paradigms, and networking. Further, the program allows the students to work on real-life projects using the skills and knowledge acquired to solidify their learnings. 

Through this article, we’ll explain to you the scope and career prospects after completing a BCA degree. We’ll look at the various industries and companies actively hiring BCA graduates, along with the different job roles BCA freshers can look for. But before that, let’s look at the benefits of doing a BCA degree after your 12th standard. 

Note: The career paths and job roles mentioned in this article are based on the assumption that you continue in the IT sector after BCA. There are various other paths that can be taken as well, like exploring fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain development, data science, machine learning, and even digital marketing! 

Benefits of doing a BCA degree

If you want to get the flavour of working with IT tools and technologies, the BCA degree is a good starting point. It will allow you to explore theoretical aspects like data structures and algorithms and practical aspects like competitive programming and application development. You will get a chance to dive deeper into the interests of your choice. Some key benefits of pursuing a BCA degree after your 12th are: 

  • Get accustomed to working with all major programming languages, like C++, Java, Python. Once you have mastered any of these languages, you will find it easier to acquire concepts of any new language. 
  • Understand the nuances of computer applications by exploring data structures, databases, algorithms, discrete mathematics, operating systems, etc. 
  • Develop the skills required to work on industry projects across various domains – from database management to app development to networking. 
  • Collaborate with industry professionals and experts in the IT field and learn hands-on skills while pursuing the BCA degree. 
  • Set a solid foundation for your career in the IT world.  

BCA Scope in India and Abroad

After completing your BCA, you are eligible for various entry-level jobs in the IT sector. You can also go for higher studies and pursue an MCA, which will open even more doors to success for you. The BCA degree is an efficient enabler that sets you up for a bright career in terms of jobs. 

Here are some industries where you can look for a job post your BCA degree: 

  • Tech consultancies
  • Bank and investment firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Government institutions
  • Software development companies
  • Security companies
  • Network management companies
  • BPOs
  • Website / Web app designing and development agencies
  • Game designing firms
  • Graphic design agencies

Since the skills imparted during the BCA journey are highly diverse and sharp, the scope after BCA remains bright. Apart from working in either of the industries mentioned above, you can also freelance or develop your application/software. 

This demand of BCA graduates is not restricted to just India but is equally present abroad as well. Companies like Infosys, Oracle, IBM, and many other MNCs run recruitment drives for fresh BCA graduates with relevant technical skills. Further, government organisations like NIC, Indian Air Force, Navy, and Army, also recruit computer professionals for their respective IT departments. 

Here are some job roles you can expect after completing your BCA course: 

  • Systems Engineer: Top companies like Wipro, HP, Infosys, TCS hire System Engineers to build, test, deploy, and evaluate software and systems used in the organisation. 
  • Programmer: Programmers work for different software firms and write code in high-level or low-level languages depending on the company’s requirements. High-level languages could include C, C++, Java, and so on, while low-level could include COBOL, Assembly, etc. 
  • Web Developer: Web developers work with either product companies or web development agencies and build websites or web applications. This requires working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Here, you can either work as a front-end developer or a backend developer. Later, when you have gained experience, you can expand and work as a full-stack web developer, handling web apps’ front- and back-ends. 
  • Server Administrator: Server administrators are generally required in financial institutes, schools, or large organisations. As a server admin, you will be responsible for setting up, maintaining, and scaling (when needed) the organisation’s server while ensuring nothing goes wrong. Since servers are crucial for any organisation, this is a job full of serious responsibilities.
  • Software / Application Developer: Companies of different sizes, belonging to various industries, are almost always looking for professional software or application developers. In this role, you will be developing desktop or mobile applications using different tools and languages, including Java, PHP, C++, etc. As a software developer, you will be responsible for the end-to-end software lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and maintenance. 
  • Network Administrator: Network admins are essential for the day-to-day functioning of organisational networks. This includes communication systems like LAN, MAN, WAN, intranets, network segments. Since these are highly crucial systems for the functioning of an organisation, the role of a network administrator is pretty specialised. You will need to know all the networking and network engineering concepts to do good in this role.  

Several companies hire year after year for the posts mentioned above. Some of those prestigious companies (including both India and abroad) include: 

  • TCS
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Cognizant
  • Syntel
  • HCL
  • NIIT
  • Wipro
  • Dell
  • Accenture
  • Capgemini
  • Microsoft

There is no shortage of opportunities for BCA graduates, and the scope is limitless, both in India and abroad. This includes the private sector, public sector, and government jobs. If you wish to stay in academics and study further, MCA is a good option. There are various state-level and national-level MCA entrance exams that you can look out for. Many international universities also accept students for MCA, so you might want to check that out.

Other than MCA, there are a few different study routes, too, that you can take post-MCA, including:

  • MBA
  • Information Security Management
  • Masters in Information Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Machine Learning and AI

In Conclusion

The IT sector is one of the most prominent employment providers for BCA graduates, and it will continue to remain so in the upcoming years. As the requirement for IT professionals increases, the scope for BCA graduates will also increase.

Since the BCA programs are focused on the most critical computer science aspects – databases, data structures, programming languages, operating systems, networking, software engineering – the demand for BCA graduates is present across all verticals. BCA is perfect for students who do not shy away from working hard and are dedicated to their goals. 

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