Top 10 Real-Time React Projects for Beginners

One of the leading open-source declarative JS libraries, React, simplifies creating highly responsive interfaces for websites and mobile applications. However, obtaining proficiency in creating projects with the help of reusable codes can get troubling with a lack of apt practice and repetitive mistakes. Merely learning the concepts does not suffice the broad trial and error process of learning. So, a React fresher can ensure thoroughness of the concepts by working on real-time React projects.

Kickstart by following basic, real-world projects allowing plenty of room for mistakes and repair. The learning process would go a lot smoother as a fresher starts understanding the system requirements, implementing them one at a time. Instead of a broad, extensive project, try more than one simple project containing diverse React features. 

Strengthen the base, to further take it up a notch-which is why we have created a comprehensive list of ten real-time React project ideas meant for freshers to practice their React implementation skills.

Calculator App

A calculator is the most basic application any computing device contains for essential calculations. Take your React development journey slow and start by creating a calculation app. To design a basic structure, assemble all the necessary components, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage calculations. 

You can create a basic setup to run all the components using the Create React App. Then, deploy additional support systems to back crashes or bugs in the program. 

E-commerce App

With the rise in online shopping trends, the most widely used applications are e-commerce apps. Include creating a small one in your list of React projects to give clients insight into your React skills and the client servicing aspect. The application does not have to be highly detailed yet start by adding the most significant features. Choose a niche and stick to assimilating features relevant to its smooth shopping experience. 

The Create React App is the best choice to generate a storefront for your shop. Instil programs like Snipkart or Netlify for a seamless checkout and paying experience.

Music Streaming App

Music streaming apps are yet another hit in the application genre, each delivering a new aspect to attract audiences. Take inspiration from apps such as Spotify, Shazam, or Pandora to inculcate distinct, simple features. 

Create the app using Create React App and include a checkout feature for purchasing songs, just like a simple e-commerce app using Netlify and Stripe. Use databases such as MongoDB with Mongoose ORM for neat data structuring. 

Photo Gallery App

Store a plethora of pictures in your own, simple photo gallery app using React, and import images for a compiled, assembled format. 

Use Create React app or Next.js for this project. Add image display neatly with the help of bootleg. Run React infinite scroll for smoothly scrolling through the app. Cloudinary API can help to upload new images and videos. Use Postgres along with Prisma ORM to establish a smooth database.  

Chat App

Chatting apps are a vital part of our lives, with more than one app being residents in our computing devices. Chat apps are compiled of simple features easy to mimic by React beginners to take inspiration and implement. A few additions, such as emoticons, can be used in your React-based project from features such as delivery report and active status.

Use Next.js or Create React App to structure your project and include npm package emoji mart for emoticon reactions. Then, locate the app on the web using Firebase tools.

Blogging App

Blogging is yet to go out of trend with its practical structuring and resourcefulness. Instead of preparing a detailed portfolio on a blogging website, create a stunning blogging app to present as a part of the portfolio. Allow features such as interactive pages to view content and share it.

Use Gatsby or Node.js to develop the blogging app. Include a content management system called Sanity or Cosmic js to manage input content. Finally, to compile it all, use Vercel to locate the site.

Social Media App

Take inspiration from one of the most prominent apps available on every smartphone. These include a combination of basic and complex features. This is an excellent project for React freshers to practice their React implementation skills. Start by choosing the most common and significant features of a social networking app and deploy it through React.

Instil Create React App for basic UI containing features such as post, direct messages, and the reaction feature. Ensure real-time data arrangement with AWS Amplify. Firebase function for individual notifications and Auth0 application for safe authentication with other apps.

Productivity App

Decreasing attention span is leading users to head to applications keeping them far from their computing device. These devices come under the category of productivity apps. It restricts users from accessing locked devices and assesses productivity hours with features like a stopwatch and alarm. 

React or React Native apps are capable of creating applications meant for different platforms. Use Create React app to run the new project. Incorporate several react npm packages such as Draggable, Codemirror, and Markdown for features such as writing codes, assembling lists, etc.

Forum App

Forums constitute a space where people head to diffuse their curiosity seeking answers from random strangers acquainted with the question. It incorporates multiple features such as chatting, liking, sharing, and saving answers, which you can include in your public forum application. 

Use Create React App to create frontend and back it up with Node API. You can employ Postgres with Prisma ORM to deliver a systematic and structured database.

Weather App

Weather application is a simple React project with minimal features containing the most basic aspects. Functions like temperature, humidity, and the five weather conditions are enough to design this basic application. 

Install React router to the application for adding routes that display all five weather conditions. Connect with a weather data-sharing platform to obtain weather forecast data and assimilate it into the app. A Graphics library such as VX can be used to add dramatic weather images to the application.

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These React projects are listed to help you strengthen your JS foundation. The transition from theory to skill demands countless practice hours, and such real-world practice React projects are the best way to get started with the journey towards proficiency. We hope these practices inspire you to work harder and start developing your application!

Is Reactjs suitable for freshers?

Reactjs is extensively used in all trending websites, from Google to Facebook. Fresher or not, understanding Reactjs is necessary to stay relevant to the current programming trends for better performance and overall smooth user experience. The Javascript library has its own set of challenges though the continuous practice is bound to deliver precision.

What is React used for?

React is used to create modern user interfaces, specifically dedicated to optimizing single-page applications. In simple terms, it is used for web pages constantly refreshing data on its UI. This Javascript library eliminates refreshing the whole page screen to process small changes - instead, it does the work without processing every single line.

Are Reactjs and React the same?

No, Reactjs is a Javascript library, while React comprises the entire framework. While the former is the heart of the latter, multiple differences showcase contrasting differences. For example, Reactjs can be executed on all platforms, but React is not platform-independent and requires extra alterations to run on varying platforms.

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