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The Best Online MBA Programs Without GMAT Requirements

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21st Feb, 2020
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The Best Online MBA Programs Without GMAT Requirements


Initiated from the year 1954, the GMAT acts as a tool for universities to assess a candidate’s overall academic performance and their eligibility to perform well in the business courses and programs. The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) evaluates the applicant’s skills and knowledge in the following fields- Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning, analytical writing.

Many institutes across the globe use this tool as an elemental assessor for admission to their major graduate programs. A lengthy examination with an arduous preparation process, this exam is now not a mandatory requirement for all admission processes.

Why Online MBA?

Online MBA programs are of great value for the students proceeding for growth opportunities in the business sector. It is not feasible for every aspirant to pursue a full-time MBA program from their choice of university and online MBA has list of benefits you should know about and how online classes can replace campus education. Pursuing internal certifications in the field has associated added benefits to the candidate. Today, organizations value the international certifications of candidates applying for managerial job profiles. 

The courses from universities internationally, like UK or Australia, are explicitly designed to teach the academic know-how and training on business strategies.

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Distinct accounts associated with students, pursuing an online MBA course are:

  • The flexibility offered in the course hours proves to be a power for students who are working full-time elsewhere and continuing their academics online. They can juggle work and their job responsibilities, tight schedules as well as family commitments to fit in the course timing to learn the business administration modules.
  • Another reason to opt for an online course is the financial and location constraints to fit in the course fee structure or not having to move entirely to a new destination.  The online courses have validities and accreditations from the international organizations to provide value foundation and preparation for the degree for which they’ve opted.

Why are GMAT scores not required now?

Several schools and programs that offer MBA certifications from international institutes today are doing away with their eligibility criteria of GMAT’s minimum-score requirement for their graduate programs. The primary aim of the GMAT scores is to evaluate the student’s eligibility to perform in the school program.

However, this does not help the schools to assess the candidate’s intangible qualities like management or teamwork outlining and operation. Many online programs now require alternative eligibility criteria in work experience years and advanced degrees. This change helps in an overall better evaluation of the candidate’s skill in development.

Best Online MBA Programs

As mentioned earlier, not every institute today has the GMAT criteria for admission, made mandatory. Following are the best online MBA programs from international universities, that do not require your GMAT scores for evaluating your performance.

The workplace future today is the compliant working culture situated remotely and suits perfectly with the online MBA programs. You can efficiently work on the curriculum provided and follow the course structure adjusting your schedule at your home’s comfort. 

The following programs are offered for students aiming for a higher professional reach and career-growth plan:

1. LJMU – UK (Liverpool Business School)

Internationally affiliated and recognized universities offer the fully-online MBA degrees. Offering educational learning on knowledge and skills for international business, these present an additional reputation distinction factor for the candidate, thus influencing the employer’s take on their profile. Read more about the benefits of doing MBA from UK universities.

From the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is this online program offered for students having numerous aspects.

The program details are as follows:

  • Duration of the course

20 months (12 months Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMTG) + 8 months LJMU)

  • Syllabus (in addition to IMT syllabus)

In addition to the IMT syllabus, there will be a 2-3 months course plan on strategy, business plans etc. and a 3-4 months of capstone project (in different industries) that can be used as a specialization.

  • Best suited for

Professionals with work experience less than 7 years

  • Career outcomes

An outlook for transition in career plan and growth into managerial role positions.

  • Accreditation

AACSB accredited

Top 5% of B-schools worldwide

  • Offerings

Dual certificate, MBA Degree from LJMU and PGP certificate from IMT-G

  • Alumni status

From IMT-G and LJMU

  • Eligibility criteria

2 years of work experience ( 1 years of work-experience eligible if he completes his 2 years by the time he enters the LJMU portion of degree).

  • Immersion program

The students get to choose between one of the immersion programs that are offered twice a year in this program structure. This is included in the fee (5N-6day).

2. Deakin University – Australia (Deakin Business School)

International programs offering MBA certifications render an effective combination for both the parties- the institute and the students. The programs administer online sessions, interactive projects, and ongoing networking events. The program will help build your foundation with more significant awareness and understanding of the varied features of international business. Read more about the benefits of doing MBA from australian universities.

Deakin University in Victoria brings this online MBA program, with the following features:

  • Duration of the course

24 months (12 months Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMTG) + 12 months Deakin)

  • Syllabus (in addition to IMT syllabus)

A detailed curriculum from the IMT syllabus, and additional courses on strategy, leadership, design thinking, finance, capstone project for 6 weeks.

  • Best suited for

Professionals with work experience greater than 7 years

  • Career outcomes

The program is befitted for executives and managers, looking for career enhancement opportunities in terms of leadership roles — a scope for development in career extension into additional responsibilities and abilities.

  • Accreditation

AACSB and EQUIS accredited, in top 1% of the B-schools worldwide

Online MBA is ranked #1 in Victoria and #24 in the world

Online MBA is top 2% in the world

Deakin’s MBA was nominated among the world’s top 20 online MBA programs in the prestigious QS University Rankings – and is number 1 in Australia. The program also holds a QS international five-star rating for quality.

  • Offerings

Dual certificate, MBA Degree from Deakin and PGP certificate from IMT-G

  • Alumni status

From IMT-G and Deakin (270k+ members)

  • Eligibility criteria

3 years of work experience (2 years of work-experience eligible if he completes his 3 years by the time, he enters the Deakin portion of degree)

  • Immersion program

The student can opt for an immersion program at their own costs and there will be arrangements done for the 1 week of activities there.


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The job you’re seeking for or the position you’re aiming at has a direct weight surrounding your overall profile. Pursuing an international MBA from such globally recognized and affiliated universities will help in learning the perspectives of business (global) management and administration in theory and practice.

These certifications are one such crucial weighing factor that will help showcase and build your knowledge and skills acquired from these programs on a bigger scale.

If you are keen on upgrading your career, check out Deakin Business School and upGrad’s Global MBA Program. The program has been designed to stand at par with the best on-campus MBA programs across the globe.

Learn MBA Courses from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.


Dilip Guru

Blog Author
He is a Growth Hacker, Digital Marketer & Blogger. He loves solving problems of scale and long term digital strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Which is the best online MBA program without a GMAT requirement?

The best MBA program without GMAT requirement should be a promising package of many things. It should comprise a sturdy and relevant curriculum. It should give you a direction to your future by assisting you in your career. It should also provide the requisite skill sets and access to business leaders and industry experts paving a path for a goldmine of networking. You can consider upGrad’s MBA course in collaboration with Liverpool, offering specialisations like strategy and leadership, marketing, finance, operations, HR, etc. You can also look at upGrad’s 2 year online course offered by Deakin Business School with a focus on product management.

2What is GMAT and do MBA institutes need it?

GMAT is a standardized exam used by many MBA programs that applies specifically to graduate-level business schools. It includes analytical writing, integrated, quantitative, and verbal reasoning. The subjects in GMAT are crucial in each and every domain. Hence you can benefit from improving your verbal skills and writing skills. It determines a person’s basic ability to tackle problems. It also gives institutes the academic performance of students thereby becoming a trusted indicator. GMAT assures students of doors opening if the scores are high.

3What are the benefits of applying without GMAT?

GMAT cannot predict how well you can perform as a business manager after graduation. And it certainly cannot gauge your interpersonal or networking skills. It cannot measure any of your abilities and abilities required to succeed in the business world. So pursuing a non-GMAT-based MBA degree is a good idea for students who do not prefer taking the GMAT. Many non-GMAT MBA programs are giving students the chance to reach their dream careers. This is because they understand that it is a way to reduce hurdles that discourage prospective students from applying.

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